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@EuphoriaMindset @FilmUpdates See no lies here ☺️ @ruexzendaya Still waiting for that MJ selfie 😭 @7wariorlittle 😭😭😭 @RUEDEESHA Zswaggers 😭😭I am not ashamed to admit that I don’t like working. If that makes me look lazy then fine. I’ll be that. I do it ca…
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @dayavitz It’s for the ppl on TikTok who keep screaming season 2 is coming out in dec 😭 @iveevergotten He’s in euphoria???! Omg I thought he was just Zendaya’s ex OMGGi need more moots rt/reply/like if you stan - zendaya - mcu - loona - euphoria - hunter schafer - sitcoms
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @avaatua No @huntersdaya It’s been so long 😭 @PopCrave Hot couple @ItsZaeOk It’s worthy but I’m still so sad for Abel after hours deserved 😔 @qLxke_ How do u feel about him maybe being quicksilver do u think they should’ve brought back Aaron? @qLxke_ Isn’t Evan peters suppose to be in it? Anyone know what his role is? @emarixnax @dness648 @sIutanna The way I saw the originals first and still fell for this 😭 @BrandonEWarren @DiscussingFilm It’s worth it @knowleskravitz Rue & Jules >>>>> @civiIswar Smh buy it @Zendaya @euphoriaHBO IM READYPart 1: Rue
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @SpiderMan_MCU_ ZENDAYA is in it ☺️ @PopCrave @nytimes Zendaya should be #1 she’s rising ☺️ @glactafenty @PopCrave @nytimes Omg legit was bout to say this @JosephAvens @PopCrave @nytimes No they didn’t
pee after sex so you don’t get a HDMI
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @Tom95smith @FilmUpdates me when I lie @FilmUpdates We won’t be watching ☺️ @euphorixhbo Why u posting this man 😭 @trixphoria Like they are just THOSE girls look at them omg @trixphoria Ummm I didn’t not know this I’m a fake fan 😭 I love them @qLxke_ I hope not to me that movie is serving as wanda’s chance to shine only reason I’m excited for it @7wariorlittle @Melloyoung1 I take back any time I said I have taste 💔 @Melloyoung1 ppl who don’t like pickles are WEIRD . @dness648 @sIutanna It’s photoshopped we all got played 😭 @civiIswar IM SO MAD 😭 @qLxke_ Same it’s the only reason imma be watching love and thunder @erikaxotwod_ @theweeknd As he should be tfCollaboratively planning a performance for weeks to not being invited? In my opinion zero nominations = you’re not invited!
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @qLxke_ I hope so but I doubt it 😭 @qLxke_ Ok this is a L 😭adults be needing therapy and instead they have children
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @qLxke_ W @steveseuphoria Grand army on Netflix ☺️ @steveseuphoria @blytheurrea How have u not heard of queens gambit 😭 it’s AMAZING u she’d def watch @7wariorlittle Oh 😭 yeah it’s gon get crazy @7wariorlittle What episode u on @HeroicViewer @7wariorlittle A DIGIMON FANCAM 😍 @7wariorlittle Neither 😐 @theweeknd END THEMThe Grammys remain corrupt. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency...
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨
@cruelwrrlds @GRNDESDEVILS @PopCraveMusic @theweeknd Good for dua I never said I didn’t like her??? But after hours does deserve aoty @cruelwrrlds @GRNDESDEVILS @PopCraveMusic @theweeknd We all know he was robbed it literally makes no sense stop lying to urself @winieistired @versaceghostin @itskeyon @dayacephasjones It will be eligible @itskeyon @dayacephasjones Malcolm & Marie is releasing in time for oscars eligibility!! @itskeyon ZENDAYA @Trashyy05 Ummmmm 😭✋🏾 @Trashyy05 The taste of a 5 year old @PopCrave She even got nominated and not Abel?!!!!Saying it since the #GRAMMYs won’t… The Weeknd created an entire sonic and visual masterpiece and absolutely ran 2…
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @madegoke_ @skreetcat @luxbyuns U said “the quality of music matters” and I replied saying clearly it does not sinc… @madegoke_ @skreetcat @luxbyuns Yummy literally got nominated for best solo performance so ur logic makes no sense… @itskeyon WHY IS THE WEEKND NOT NOMINATED @PopCrave @theweeknd WTF IS THIS HE MADE ALBUM OF THE YEAR I AM NOT OK @REDACTEDSpider LIESSNot Chloe x Halle about to ousting Elsa & Anna with their song 😫
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨I don’t think people realize how much halle’s life will change once the little mermaid comes out....she’s gonna be…
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @sadbalxo I’m so ready she deserves it 😭 that soundtrack is gon be EVERYTHING @avaatua Idk why this funny to me 😭 @itskeyon SAME AHAHAHA @steveseuphoria OMG TASTEEEE ☺️ @LondonArilieber @shawnye__ @amandaoee_ @ItsZaeOk The OG seasons before Nick ruined it 😭aight let’s decide once and for all, what the worst year of high school, (rt after voting)
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @Zay_noP @7wariorlittle Sophomore year for me was HELL @7wariorlittle This why I don’t go on TikTok no more 😭
@xGothamTitanx @adansatekh @oghomi2 @DiscussingFilm Why is it so hard for u to comprehend that they had to sugar co… @KDCrouse @bramani6_ @DiscussingFilm That’s why they’re progressing to do more series because there’s not enough ro… @avaatua Gonna try to erase this from my brain 😭 @7wariorlittle It rly is 😭Imma be at 99 followers foreverr 😭 @IHaveLove4Z Stopppp 😭 @nanihaniii @Reversed_1 @sarahlugor No but fr u should see the whole video 🤭 @sarahlugor This TRAUMATIZED me as a child 😭✋🏾 @FilmUpdates What is this about @sadbalxo Imma watch the show just for her 😭 @7wariorlittle It’s giving off not genuine vibes! I don’t be believing ppl on TikTok no more‘THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT’s is Netflix's biggest scripted limited series to date. 62 million households watched the seri…
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @DiscussingFilm @netflix It’s SOO good ☺️what’s the most boring social media platform?? (rt after voting)
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @BtzPaper @GalacticX4 @VibesCake @walt_latham @marisaonfilm Facts it’s very much a watered down iron man jr take on Spider-Man @PopCrave @MileyCyrus Adore you, wrecking ball, we can’t stop, Malibu, prisoner, midnight sky, D.R.E.A.M. @7wariorlittle MY LIFE RIGHT NOW 😭 I’ve never struggled wit acne so much till this year I think it’s the masks for meThere can be no unity with people who think Kyle Rittenhouse is a hero.
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @switchinmotives @UtJason24 @ygluIu @taesvivid @PopCraveMusic Exactly @jk_zswagger Omg yesss @cruelwrrlds @GRNDESDEVILS @PopCraveMusic @theweeknd FalseThis show should’ve won an Oscar for this scene alone
Retweeted by kcat, famous critic ✨ @cruelwrrlds @GRNDESDEVILS @PopCraveMusic @theweeknd And he looks good af and made album of the year ☺️ @avaatua Hi ☺️ @ygluIu @taesvivid @PopCraveMusic He’s not funny tho 😭