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Katie Chironis @kchironis Los Angeles, CA

senior game designer on an R&D team @riotgames. wrote @elsinoregame & made other stuff. married to @max_grossman. she/her. it’s “chih-ROH-niss."

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@kshipwhitecat i also would believe that the live content model is going to be a great retention thing for Nintendo… @kshipwhitecat i DO think they made some smart call around their live DLC model early - they're dropping 2 events i… @kshipwhitecat i don't want to be right but my suspicion is that they basically spent a bunch of time doing support… @mossmouth definitely. i really love the stalk market system!i still love games a lot but i realize it’s much harder now to just appreciate them as beautiful and mysterious thi… wonder what tools they give designers (was it just easiest to deliver eggs through the fishing system?), i wonder… wonder, how big was the team? was this furniture outsourced? how did they prioritize which features to bring over…’s been interesting playing this animal crossing because the last one came out just as i was starting my first FT…
i'm so sick of these two twitter gays
Retweeted by Katie Chironis @_steve_mack @Max_Grossman the goodest : ' )i hope i can live up to that kind of craft bar in my own work. (and no, sorry to everyone DMing me trying to get be… think everyone's been doing an amazing job on the dev team at large, but watching the way the design team solves… VALORANT friday! i'm so happy for all my friends who helped bring it to life, but especially proud of my husb… @patrickklepek omg. she's so adorable. congrats to you and your wife!!watching every industry on earth pivot to solve the exact same problem at the exact same time is weird but amazing snapshot: Police helicopter just circled the In-N-Out Burger in East Pasadena and commanded over the megaphone,…
Retweeted by Katie Chironis @Altombre @pwnieride @ArnarHrafn @RiotMEMEMEMEME @rycoux like damn dude @MathBrush butterscotch!!
@blaustoise @BobbyProchnow trying to do literally anything else in Animal Crossing at the start of April
Retweeted by Katie Chironis @joegoroth stream! of my teammates and i are gonna play an old destiny 2 raid (the leviathan). 5 of us don't play destiny. 2 of u…
@BillyBob3D the healthiest, pretty surewow it turns out trail mix is awesome when you pick out all the bad parts @RiotNyanbun @joegoroth it turns out that two singeds can just flip each other and you do a little swapsieshey friends - for the next few days, i'm gonna open up my CuriousCat. i'll do my best to answer questions during th… was my first time playing singed. also, my last
No one tell her. Don't you dare
Retweeted by Katie Chironis @joegoroth @Max_Grossman @PlaytestPenguin rito pls @PlaytestPenguin right????? who wants to look like mugshot joe exoticday ??? of isolation: tried to convince my husband to let me give him a haircut with kitchen scissors. "cmon," i sa…
@HollanderCooper good luck!PSA that you can find baking supplies at rite aid or CVS a lot of the time! the last few trips we’ve made to the gr… @SNazerine @ebeinke our next door neighbor has a similarly-neglected patch of landscaping that is about 3 years fur… @ebeinke they are actually dandelions (i grew up in socal, they're a very common weed here) and i am letting them s… @Syndarr those look a maaaa zing
@Totter87 or a wallpaper!!being a new homeowner who inherited some neglected landscaping + playing an absurd amount of animal crossing recent… @juliebeeSD 💖 @JWeinhoffer a zoom murder mystery would be super fun @_JP_Jupiter @ZoomJamHQ oh that’s super neat!!!if you've seen or heard of a cool zoom/VC game idea that is approachable for folks who aren't super tech savvy, wou…'s my husband's birthday, and we can't throw him the party we wanted to, so i did the next best thing and crea…
i had to google "permalance" to make sure it is exactly what i assumed it was. 2020 is, truly, a cursed placelive your life with the confidence of a recruiter from a thoroughly mediocre company asking if you're interested in… @drewholmes ah geez it's amazing
I am LOVING the Dodo Airlines jingle in the new Animal Crossing, so naturally I took the sample & flipped it.
Retweeted by Katie Chironis @Koalifier we saw it together in theaters, and that is the last time i saw it! @pattheflip is that the wolf one netflix keeps yelling at me aboutweeks of isolation is enough time to uncover secrets about your marriage, things you’d never confronted. for exampl…, this point is made, and is forgotten, after every disaster. Remember 9/11? Everyone was astonished th…
Retweeted by Katie ChironisI wish I’d met you after everything had burned -Dave Lucas, “Love Poem for an Apocalypse” #everynightapoem #redux
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SAGE /// China "Let them try to get through me." #VALORANT
Retweeted by Katie Chironis @charlesv @kshipwhitecat maybe it's a sibling thinga number of friends' kids have visited my animal crossing town in the last week. every single one of them said nice… @Rhizunis oh yeah, batching actions is awful. i'm grateful they gave us the ability to batch donate fossils to Blat… @JessBoneBreaker @Xenogenic @RiotLutzburg @Mografi_Joe it’s possible, yeah. i agree with you that there are certain… @Xenogenic @RiotLutzburg @Mografi_Joe my secret belief is that because this game series attracts a large number of… @Mografi_Joe "would you like to craft something at this crafting table?" yes i do whY ELSE AM I USING THIS OBJECT… crossing text is a great example of interactive writing patterns, i.e. making generic descriptors for a set…
@tripworks bernie, who are you making butt contact with @catacalypto @ConnorEFallon nara park in japan! those deer were extremely hangryi know it’s tough to imagine us being ANY cooler than we were in college but somehow he just gets cooler every sing…’s @ConnorEFallon’s 30th birthday today, so here are 4 photos from the last decade where we both have powerful &… @christilton @kshipwhitecat thanks for the thoughtful response, added a tweet to my original thread clarifying intentsomeday the tech will get there, but it’ll require a few more billions in the money hole 🙃 @christilton @kshipwhitecat sure, future tech could make this a reality, def agree! but my tweet is focused on the… @JamesCordrey maybe you have actually experienced full-day workplace VR before— i have. it is physically taxing. no… @christilton @kshipwhitecat if the two primary companies currently investing in the space were interested in solvin… the most recent wave of enterprise VR/AR was targeted at solving exactly the problems we’re all facing now and… @pedrothedagger the tech really isn’t in a place where people can use it for more than a few minutes without bad si… @pedrothedagger i’ve run hundreds of VR demos. the kinds of after effects described in the comments are pretty comm…
@RyanIkeComposer the answer to your question is "basically yes," but it's worth noting that you can get more resour… but can we talk about how googling 'animal crossing guide' turns up a guide from uhh [squints] PETA @PopDaddyGames without going into too much detail, my dad went through very similar things when i was growing up (w…
@Onytgvx it's nice that he was willing to share his WFH setup with you @kshipwhitecat mostly we're playing a lot of games and drinking a lot of wine and watching a lot of TV/movies @kshipwhitecat my drinking has definitely done a noticeable spike in the last uhhhhhh;hhh weekhey, parents who are stuck in isolation at home? you're all superhuman miracle workers right now. especially if you… @YulinKuang i finally broke down and subscribed to NYT a few months ago and have actually been very pleased with it… - if it doesn't taste like anything, you need more salt - pretty much every veggie is good baked on a tray at…
@Xenogenic yeah i suspect it's got some under-the-hood rules to prevent you like, making one part of town totally i… @Xenogenic as others have noted, some of them are too close i suspect. the game sometimes allows trees to grow next… my passport title barely got sentences of explanation out and owner of Taste of India calmly stopped me and said, “What do you need…
Retweeted by Katie ChironisI don't have a lot but I'm doing what I can to make this space feel like a home.
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@_steve_mack oh nowhat the fuck do you MEAN gordon freeman is supposed to be younger than me know this is fanmade but i hate this art for making me swap my gordon freeman mental model over from "your friend…
@JohnFromDM advanced camera settings my dude!! @lcastricato @catacalypto totally possible, but skype has made itself so difficult to use that i don't think anyone… @Ethelmonster @catacalypto zoom! and god, i wishcurrently writing a sternly-worded letter to every video call provider that isn't zoom and asking them why they don… @Reedbeta yep! we were both fresh out of college and newly single. he ended up transferring to a new team about 2 w…
i met my now-husband while we were both working at microsoft and were assigned to sit together in an office cubicle… jesus, all i have in the cupboard is two tins of tuna fish, an expired box of jello, and egg noodles 1950's co…
Retweeted by Katie Chironis @iwasmmueller88 n, noim a simple woman. i stack tears and i spend all my money instantly @juliebeeSD @cuppy @chrispalu it was super fun!!
i don't know if elsinore will win anything, but we are grateful to everyone who supported and believed in us as we…