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Have you been listening to @jason_bentley slay it on Metropolis every Saturday night? His latest show is down-right…, your dreams are getting weirder during the pandemic. Hear why in a new episode of Foxhole: too much togetherness a turn-off? How are you coping if you're on your own? Listen as Dr. Britney Blair (… ridership has dropped during the pandemic. Will riders come back? schools are planning to reopen in the fall but social distancing measures will need to be enforced. What will… scenes from a protest in DTLA Wednesday that called attention to the death of George Floyd, a Minneapolis…
Experts say the true number of COVID-19 cases in LA County may be higher than the official numbers. What data is p… black rights activist Larry Aubry died earlier this month at the age of 86. For decades, he chronicled the Afric… about making radio stories, but not sure where to start? Enter KCRW's #RadioRace! It's the perfect time to… porn? Most corn in CA is grown as cattle feed, but Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project has spent the last 3 years… 45 years, @AlanZweibel has helped funny people be funnier. (Think: original SNL.) Now he’s written a book about… a hot rock masterpiece with minimal supplies and maximum results!Santa Barbara is home to the worst coronavirus outbreak in the federal prison system. As thousands of inmates teste… of KCRW (and Ohio Prom King) @johnlegend is today's Throwback Session. @chrisdouridas feels that John… erupted last night from Minneapolis to L.A. over the death of George Floyd. The Justice Department says it… businesses are slowly reopening in LA County with restrictions. But is it too soon? the years, black stunt doubles have made progress in Hollywood but it wasn't easy. Hear the origin story of… the work-from-home lifestyle here to stay?Nico knew that diet culture was bulls*** but they couldn't stop themself from counting calories. It took them a lon…, @PopUpMag is taking the stage with a new virtual show! Watch never-before-told stories come to life at 6pm… right now in DTLA. #BlackLivesMatter Video by @bfeinzimer
Retweeted by KCRWA dispatch from newly re-opened Runyon Canyon, courtesy of KCRW production engineer Ray Guarna: "Not many people.… Gavin Newsom recently allowed places of worship to reopen with restrictions. Rabbi Michael Barclay thinks it's… you checked in on LA’s art world lately? Artists are joining together to speak out about heightened racism an…
Is the Department of Justice still acting impartially? @TheMadBrand and @LevinsonJessica tackle Attorney General Bi… may re-open soon. If they have social distancing rules, will you be ready to dine in?Some countries have a 3rd gender, yet the U.S. only recognizes male and female. Get new perspectives on talking abo… Rican rock quartet @circo_oficial is back after a 13 year hiatus! Their new album "Adiós Hola" drops tomorro… the '60s there were no black stunt doubles in Hollywood. Enter the Black Stuntmen’s Association. Hear the orig… you just need to escape. @Khruangbin's 2018 @mbekcrw session is the answer ⬇️ #KCRWThrowbackSessionsCalifornia relies heavily on tourism, entertainment and trade. Gov. Newsom's economic recovery task force is trying… the best seats in the house (literally!) Set a reminder tomorrow night for @PopUpMag The Spring Issue: At Hom… would life be like if you were told you didn't have parents? That's what happened to LA musician… isn't the same alt-rock station it used to be and fans have noticed. What does the future look like for the st… does "stay-at-home" look like for people across LA? Just ask photographer Robiee Ziegler: Farmer John food processing plant in Vernon has seen one of the largest COVID-19 outbreaks in LA county. Meatpa…
Attention All Adults: It’s time to upgrade to the latest version of “the birds & the bees”. This Thursday,… more disco in your life? Comedian @deoncole is your man. Hear how he learned to DJ while stuck at home:’s Michael Jordan docuseries "The Last Dance" was an escape for sports lovers. Director Jason Hehir breaks down…'t feel like cooking tonight? Takeout becomes eclectic with @billaddison and @piescarcega: up the sun while you listen to Tom Schnabel's summertime jams ☀️ Create your team 2. Get the theme 3. Make radio Sign up today for KCRW's #RadioRace! 🏁 listen to @thaogetstaydown's "Temple" and you'll be hooked. Get your free download: of worship and in-store retailers have been allowed to resume with some guidelines in place: Swim hero @timheidecker is your man if you’re looking for subversive, cringe-worthy comedy. But did you know…
Here’s an assignment for you: watch ‘Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool’ and then get the inside scoop from the film’s…’s up with Bruce Springsteen and the LGBTQ community? According to @naomigloebl at The Nation, nothin’ but ❤️🌈❤️ talk, you're either making pizza from scratch today using @evankleiman's recipe or 🍕🍕🍕 we've got takeout optio… your eyes and binge the latest season of @Unfictional. Stories of fantasy perfect for a day offHours of vintage live performances from your favorite artists are just right here though ⤵️ okay okay, we'll name…, set, go! KCRW's #RadioRace is right around the corner. You have 24 hours to write, record and edit a nonfict… and the Gang’s iconic anthem, “Celebration,” turns 40 this summer! So what does the band’s leader and co-found… a stroll with Greater LA's @RadioChio through the magic of radio 📻✨
In which we attempt to eliminate all negative emotions. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Listen to @hbmpodcast with @webmasterdave: Sopan Deb wasn't close to his parents for years. He tries to understand them and find forgiveness in his… knew “fear of poetry” was a thing? Hear Victoria Chang (@VChangPoet), author of ""Love, Love,"" speak about th… cherry-picked this recipe for you to make the most of peak cherry season 🍒 you ever had a friend who you thought should live their life differently than they do? David has a friend like… SNAP! Peep this recipe for delicious snap peas before you do your grocery shopping. Perfect for the weather we… reatest O f A ll T he Legal Eagle Files Listen:Island life sounds peaceful, but what happens when rent is no longer affordable? Hear the challenges facing residen…
Angel Jimenez has been in the garment industry for more than 25 years. The pandemic closed down his Vernon shop for… you missed Simon McBurney in The Encounter back when it was at the Wallis in 2017, you've got a second chance. I… creator Kenya Barris (@funnyblackdude) knew that the traditional family sitcom needed a reboot. Hear him… companies say goodbye to open floor plans post-pandemic? has Germans' opinion of the U.S. dropped during the pandemic?Are you having weird dreams lately? Harvard's Deirdre Barrett has been looking at thousands of dreams during the pa… IN: Freeform Fridays is taking off! Hear these exclusive mixes and make it feel like the weekend: 8 pm -… @tameimpala has us longing for simpler times and ninja turtles. Watch their throwback session and celebrate… Bear, Joshua Tree, and other tourist hot spots are welcoming people again this weekend. Are officials worried a… the '70s, KMET and KLOS were the heart of L.A.'s rock radio. Hear what it was like and how Bob Carlson saw it a…
@karenfoshay @RadioChio @raulcampos @jbarro @benjamin_max @evanlgeorge Thanks for supporting! You’re so right, ever… hi! Now that we've got your attention, let's talk about goats, the Supreme Court and the electoral college wit… Ahsan Khan works long hours as a doctor, but he's finding strength in his faith to keep going. Listen to a day… is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their debut album "Innerspeaker" 🎉 Pop a bottle and watch… is coronavirus disproportionately affecting black people across the U.S.? There's a long history of distrusting… news! if you're bored or feel unsettled or need a creative outlet right now, @kcrw's #radiorace is happening…
Retweeted by KCRW🌴May 24 Catch a groove and a nice sunset Sunday evening with @GovBallNYC’s The Sun Still Sets livestream festival…🌴May 23 Cuidate y Cuentate is a livestream concert put on by @CHIRLA to encourage participation in the 2020 census…🌴May 23 One Earth Live is a transformational fest featuring a diverse lineup of global musicians, visionary speake…🌴May 23-25 @DillonFrancis rounds up his DJ friends for IDGAFOS, a long weekend full of sunny sounds and good vibe…🌴May 22-24 @LIBfestival is a Memorial Day weekend staple, and to ensure electronic fans could still come together… distancing is still in place this Memorial Day weekend but that’s not stopping the music from flowing. Joi… week, a federal judge ordered LA city and county to relocate unhoused residents living near freeways. But offi… A class action lawsuit is pending in court on behalf of many elderly homeowners. Right now, people with outstand… Gwendolyn Lang, an 80-year-old widow, is one of those homeowners. The foreclosure went into effect but her attor… In some cases, predatory operators targeted elderly, low-income homeowners for loans they couldn't afford. Many… But in LA the program wasn't designed with tough standards to make sure homeowners could pay back their loans. I… Homeowners with PACE loans generally pay them back in installments which get rolled into their property taxes. I… LA County has now ended this program, known as PACE, following criticism. Here are the details: In 2019,… Sometimes trying to do the right thing goes wrong. That's what happened with an LA County program that gave home… and composer Jeff Parker has been studying up on some his favorite artists lately from Arthur Russell to… groups and churches have been kept from gathering under stay-at-home orders. Recently, more than a thousa… across LA are taking up sewing to make masks. For some, it helps make ends meet and provides a sense of purp… KCRW by watching a great movie? Sign me up! KCRW is partnering with @neonrated to bring you the Sundance… have become another accessory, and brands are getting in on designing them too. How has it changed your fashi… for some creative insight on how to discuss sex & gender with kids? On May 28, join Allison Behringer (… polymath Gottfried Leibniz theorized that we’re living in the best of all possible worlds. The new episode o…
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The smoke shop that exploded was reportedly an unlicensed supplier of butane honey oil. The LAFD has launched a cit…'s a new BOSS in town! Congratulations to Jon Van Lew (@jtvanlew), KCRW Trivia Club Champion of the World! Tha…