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madison ⚘ @kctrinalenk chanson || she/they || 18

'or rather, so we let it go'

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my moon sign i'm an aeries moon what does this mean @lykeiji this may be a generalization but i think it's important to highlight that the term 'real name' applies to… CROPPED WEIRD i promise i'm not upset with anyone i just overreact a lot! @poppinslupone ily too eve!!! <33 phinx ended homophobia so true queen @gilmorezegler 80 @poppinslupone i use the one you made of katrina!! @dreamy12387 malesa wait that's kinda cute
i hope katrina lenk is having a good twenty-fourth day of the year! i'm still in quarantine who wants to talk to m… @aeIphaba HI UR STUNNINGso i'm healing at last
Retweeted by madison ⚘is it the way you imagined as you laid in her bed
Retweeted by madison ⚘ @Iilithsternins madison 🥺 @Iilithsternins come here anon i just wanna talk i have something very important to say oh also fuck you joni ily… @Iilithsternins i will fight these anons!!! your names are lovely and if they make u happy and u think they're a go… is the best video i have ever seen
Retweeted by madison ⚘having !!! a !!! band's visit !!!! breakdown !!!! who wants to join me
Retweeted by madison ⚘ @thirstyjoshm YEAAHHH LEE SO PROUD OF U !!!
@Iilithsternins 'keep a tender distance so we'll both be free' (company) 'slow down you're doing fine' (billy joel,… @salut_cmoi___ @forthesapphics she said 'whaaay' @poppinslupone EVE WITH BANGS EVE WITH BANGS aaa u look so good!! @BachHates what do you mean not what i meant i have 100% orange juice 😔 @BachHates yes me if you think i don't love you
Retweeted by madison ⚘ @Iilithsternins cheddar baby!!!! @wlwjoeylucas no i absolutely love this hcPAIN @poppinslupone EVE IT'S WHAT U DESERVE!!!! @poppinslupone UR FUN SIZED it's cute 🥺i thought it would help to throw my phone away but i still called you
Retweeted by madison ⚘ @Iilithsternins @poppinslupone NOT ALLOWED TO HAPPEN @poppinslupone @BebeNeuwirth EVE AAAAHi've made a point to read for at least 5 minutes before going to sleep and before getting out of bed and i am likin… @rozdoyIes no but seriously whenever anyone talks about them on the tl my mind instantly goes to that song lmao @smaIItownusa omg was that the game where you had to beat a giant robot chicken at the end? @gilmorezegler 'repeats' or no playlist just endless 'sympathy 2'i hope katrina lenk is having a good twenty-third day of the year! i'm in quarantine please entertain me… @poppinslupone joni is simply friends with everyone. very popular twitterer right thereAnd along w my Bebe obsession comes a drawing that hardly looks like her but I tried soo Turururum *snaps fingers*…
Retweeted by madison ⚘ @poppinslupone HI HI @poppinslupone HI HI <333 @poppinslupone OMG CATkatrinalenktwt @Iilithsternins me too but also,,,, either kitten would do is a bebe neuwirth (and kitten) appreciation tweet actual loml @cryptidtits OKOK WAIT WE'RE SAFE i still ly i promise /p @cryptidtits IT CROPPED WEIRD????? I THOUGHT U WERE ON MINE @Iilithsternins BESTIE HIme being best friends with the moxy lyrics account so true 😌😌😌 (side note ily all) 🥺🥺 @SpookyStar29 GO TO BED SVENNI <3 (yes i want to talk to you but sleeeeeeep) it's 5am @Iilithsternins DO IT I DARE U @Iilithsternins disaster gay plus old broad sunshine and bubbles plus dark academia giraffe plus penguin whiskey and vodka @moyoyliffengrif jammin' out to moxy phinx. life is good @Iilithsternins YEA unfortunately i didnt pack it this semester so it's at home BUT next cold weather season we can match!!! @Iilithsternins I OWN THAT SAME SWEATERib lenk in her forties me in my twenties @nilecranes JOANNE HOW ICONICkeep forgetting the oval office is real and not just the set of a tv political drama. this is what i get for watchi… @SpookyStar29 omg they're just so stunning 😍😍bonus points if your talking subjects include anything involving k*trina l*nk or lempicka the musical or your cats (or other people's cats)pardon me if i'm overly active on twitter in the next ten days i'm quarantining and i need to be doing something at… writing chapter 2 of something 6 months after i write chapter 1 @aeIphaba !!! hi i love u <3 @Iilithsternins it's the way these are all BEAUTIFUL !!!!!
PATTI LUPONE guys she's alivei’ve got brilliance inside of me i could show you if i like
Retweeted by madison ⚘when i typed this out on the doc of lyrics i thought 'hope i don't jinx anything with this' but 5pm EST came and we… @Iilithsternins bobbie!watching it fall is fun your heart trap it in cellophane
Retweeted by madison ⚘you say you'll try but I won't cannot forget the reasons why I could want you when you're on the moon
Retweeted by madison ⚘i was not prepared for there to still be two feet of snow on the ground all across campus lmao @Iilithsternins OH MY GOD U SOUND WONDERFUL !!!!!!when i get control of the aux for the last half hour of our drive YOU BET WE'RE LISTENING TO MOXY PHINXif i ever chose you over my sleep you better know you’re special
Retweeted by madison ⚘you know sometimes it's not fun to win... i mean it's not fun to lose either... ideally the war doesn't get fought @Iilithsternins YAY THAT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!! proud of u! 🥺💞i hope katrina lenk is having a good twenty-second day of the year! @poppinslupone RIGHT NOW PLEASE @aeIphaba I LOVE THEM @Iilithsternins i love u dearly and i'm v proud of you! 💖💖Couldn’t resist sharing
Retweeted by madison ⚘ @M_Weatherly MELthe view across the hudson is lovely at night 🥺nyc, i miss you
sarah paulson is so beautiful also i want to wear every single outfit from her recentwill you write it in a letter and mail it to the moon
Retweeted by madison ⚘ @poppinslupone oo eve's breakin out the full name there ur in troubleeeee /lh @Iilithsternins ILY SM 🥺💞 @pattianngarbage U LOOK SO READY i hope u kill it!! @Iilithsternins HEY you most certainly arefirst broadway show: mary poppins last broadway show: phantom best broadway performance: bea arthur in mame, katr… @discocirce YEAH I SEE ITbernie in attendance at a moxy phinx concert