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swaggiest gamer around

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im gonna be 18 in a month and people still think im a freshman 😐 @moonstonegf @dracoiwnl you're SO PRETTYentertain me ☺️
Retweeted by kealani @celcrium yoyo @urgotswife yes pls @1aksenas @sinrael AHAHHAHA IT WAS FUN THOUGH MY SUPP GOES CRAZY @luvxpoison YOURR SO PRETTY YES NEW FAV STREAMER @zmaxiie nini @celcrium acting normal
@cwuisey @asaddywaddy @celcrium what am i readngi like these pics
Retweeted by kealani @mangosmxxthie send them a message and be like hey i think it would be best if we just don't talk anymore, give a r… @venusluvvr HAHA @luvxpoison ME @whosmichela play my sleepy playlist and close my eyes until i fall asleep @1aidn u hit us up @kazufIwr it still looks so pretty @Kiropsd @zmaxiie glowup?!? @pinkumitsu it's insane @whosmichela hilo @1aksenas u just have no game @venusluvvr @ michael @moonstonegf yes pls <3 ily @celcrium u r making me hungry @celcrium what'd u make o: @luvxpoison omg i love u too.. be my valentine? @1aidn don't wear ur shoes in the housetoo tired
Retweeted by kealaniur all pussiesgo ask your crush out before feb starts @celcrium hiii im in class right now and im so frickin cold :< hbu o: @celcrium hiya @celcrium pure swag @1aksenas @vootmoot be quiet awky @tuxxse @vootmoot don't speak noob @vootmoot yes i am :( @vootmoot hahahhaha im ready where is my hot bf 😐fall in love when you're ready, not when you're lonely
Retweeted by kealanii want chicken noodle soup. @tigs7z :D @duhloraa me too @celcrium yesyes @yslophelia bun c: @tigs7z u get this off tumblr? @kazufIwr hi pretty @edensarcade goodnight eden @whosmichela i luv u @celcrium I LOVE MILK @daintierr HAPPY BIRTHDAY QT @edensarcade hi pretty @yunaphelios goodmorning yuna @Enny_XP morny @1aidn morning aiden @doprie yes @MatherKnows ty :,) @okazyey I LOVE YOUcouldn't find the right shirt or pants to go with the jacket but i really wanted to wear the jacket sogoodmorning @BlanKAims chill guy and cracked at val @BadGuyPrivate mr. bad guy ur awesome and funny as fuck LMAO love ur comments @yslophelia hiii idk u that well but ur absolutely stunning and seem really sweet + ur tweets are relatable :,) @whosmichela so gorgeous and kind, enjoy talking w u whenever we do, wanna get closer @Lillibunnie i miss u, so fun to play w c: @1aidn yay @alvarxz i talked to u once BUT u seem very nice and can't wait for the lan this weekend @snndown very chill and sweet guy, cracked at val @xxelitism you're so pretty and kind hearted love talking to u i wanna take care of u @S1SS1L pretty and ur tweets r funny @daintierr YOURE STUNNING AND SO CUTE @madebyajit FUCKING INSANE DESIGNER @celcrium pretty + i enjoy ur tweets @yangieaa YOURE SO ORETTY @k3nxis known u for ages u helped me get into this comm, funny and super chill @zuckrs amazing duo c: very fun person @daimyoFPS awesome streams @MustardPata OG helloooo mustard B) u r awesome miss hanging out w u and everyone @hikarival cracked gold player B) very sweet @majdpotatoo super freaking pretty and so fun to hangout w @zmaxiie very kind and i feel rlly comfortable around you @cwuisey very kind person and cracked ow player @okazyey you're really pretty and i trust you a lot and super freaking sexy and yeah love u @bjpoppinn u r an og and very funny @misochii u r adorable and so sweet @srrirachha YOULOOK SO GOOD @staticcval sry i woulda invited but we had started b4 i saw the cmts :,) @killswrld sry we started too quickly :< it was my last one @k_ilnam u r insane @SpeedyFNY you're super fun to hangout and chill with playing wiz @jeremaaaa i love seeing ur comments u r so nice @ginjey_ u r a great friend and fun to hangout with when we do @doprie u smell @1aidn @venusluvvr no + noti @AeroValorant it's fun i was just playing @trapmoneymeat nvmi found it @trapmoneymeat can u link me thsanyone wanna join tft @1aidn you're really caring and wholesome and pretty C: @syIv1a you are so pretty i love your hair @vootmoot u have very nice hair and ur such an amazingly kind hearted friend i love you c:reply for compliment C: