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Shamelessly live your dream gosh dang it I’m rooting for you // this is 1 big satirical and hyperbolical joke to make people smile //insta: Keally22

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@violinbug Aren’t megaphones realAbsolutely no way in hell someone’s shoving a metal spreader inside me to literally crack my shit wide open without… @EmiReneeLong LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOYou had to be there @carkslev HAHAHAHWHA for some ungodly reason If you were listening to the radio it finds genres so when u click it… know when you are about to have a panic attack but you’re at work so you can’t have one so you just shut down a…
Retweeted by Kels🖤 @Keally22 Party muffin
Retweeted by Kels🖤 @BigTucsonDad Oh my GODDDDD @SpudFella We don’t pity cats we party w catsMy boyfriends car has a party cat button on social media is pretty hard bc all I know about people is what they post and usually they only post the… a ouchie finger burn 2 kidding me 😩😩😩 flip parents actually have a meat thermometer at my parents house means I’m cooking the steaks for dinner 😈😈 at these babies Mac in my parents backyard @Browtweaten @dave_cactus @coolauntV @AndrewsNotFunny @chuuew @blade_funner God ur an angel
Retweeted by Kels🖤 @JConeNDaZone Yeah their expensive as FUCK. My brother had access to one last year for once of his classes and I wish I could have that rnWhat’s a bitch gotta do to get a Bloomberg terminal around here @clur19 Not in the last 12 minutes u didn’t and for that I am sad @clur19 You can ft me and dance topless on a table lets not limit ourselves hereMy dad calls me kelly bear copper hair which I can only imagine is the polite way of saying this @keefler_elf Valid points have been madeIt’s like looking in a mirror @AndrewsNotFunny I’m mad this is funny @AJ_Annoys_You That’s too simple and easy why would they do something logical @AndrewsNotFunny Shut up oh my godone of my best friends ghosted me out of the blue a few years ago and to this day every time i see his name it make…
Retweeted by Kels🖤In case you were wondering here are my all time top 2 favorite beans @HotGirltm RIGHT @h0e_Biden STOP LMFAO @cal_gif I’ve been on this hell app since 7th grade and it’s gone thru so many phases @honeysriracha_ Not even to mention last week I had 2 people pop up on my Facebook friend suggestions who’s last na… @honeysriracha_ WERE LIVIN @YourLilAsian SEE THERE IS SOMETHING ENTHRALLING ABOUT IT @showmetheyamz RIGHT like how u can call back an email @honeysriracha_ I’m fucking crying laughing @honeysriracha_ I was convinced you started it for a minute and we were posers but you started bubby which by the w… @honeysriracha_ YES WE WERE IN THE KITCHEN AT THE TABLES AND I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER SHOWING U DURING STUDY TABLES HAHAHAHAHAHAHOk the problem is we initially hated it so much to where it became a thing and now years later the bean is sentimen… @ggnewco I love u so muchWhat’s the nickname your significant other calls you and why? Christmas 2018 my bf asked me to pick out a necklace… @ggnewco Ross $4 they have an entire cheech and chong line HAHAHA I’ll get u one next time I go @cal_gif It would literally just put quotes around your tweet but I could add or change anything I wanted @cal_gif Oh my god yes before instead of the way it looks now if you tweeted I like dogs it would show as my tweet… look vs the dude rebuilding the fence who just watched and heard me sing Mac’s elaborate morning potty song @cal_gif Even when you could edit quote tweets that was a lawless land @MadisonBeckste3 Oh my godddddOn today’s episode of my smoothies that could power an entire kindergarten class for 3 hours @QJoheen Gonna sit here and watch him spring back like nothing happenedLook at this dude throwing a fit bc he moved 2 feet upwards on his rack paths! heart paths!
Retweeted by Kels🖤Goddamit did reddit crash again @carkslev The absolute menace to society it would cause is horrifying and I’m glad Twitter is aware of it. They alr… edit button would absolutely destroy this app. No one needs the power to make one wholesome tweet about dogs, l… weekday at 5 am my bf leaves for work and tells Mac to hold down the fort and protect momma and every day hou… you did Deca u know the quality of your sketches didn’t matter and I’m crying laughing thinking abt all the mock… will find this funny gauchos now and posting 47 pics to my Insta in them so when gen z brings them back I’ll be ahead of the gameI’m looking at you buzzfeed and fuckjerry how we were all forced to be okay with BuzzFeed writers taking our tweets, Tumblr posts, and selfies and gett…
Retweeted by Kels🖤Double long story short I just want to make someone’s dream come true and this is something that is extremely heavy… story short I would rather give someone their final wish of being buried with loved ones than mess around on C… @emrad206 No you are omg🥺We already spoke w the cemetery and they do not buy back plots and told us we have to find a buyer and I know this… sounds terrible but these are the things you gotta prepare for and all I want is to find someone who desires t… I guess now before I spent about a year putting genuine effort into selling these plots to someone, if anyone ha… today my dad and grandparents went to a cemetery to buy new plots; but the catch is in 1970 my grandparents spen… I want this frame by frame tattooed oh my body
@carkslev RIGHT @AndrewsNotFunny @HotGirltm ey Im the one who knows any word is a good word and you are the one resenting a word fo… of you are lovely :’) @cal_gif I’m just a doorknob looking to be guzzled @AndrewsNotFunny @HotGirltm Hey Im the one who knows any container is a good container and your the one resenting a… @HotGirltm Told you this would make people feel better about themselves @clur19 I’m doing my bestIf your having a bad day today at least your not eating eggs with steak seasoning out of a crown royal glass @jasminericegirl Torn between proud and speechless @jasminericegirl STOP OH MY GODBold subheadings? Niiiiiice Underlined subheadings? Clean and crisp Bold and underlined subheadings? Get it toge… just had to be there
Retweeted by Kels🖤not a christian but i regularly cry in the car to Out of the Woods by Taylor Swift and that's basically the same thing as going to church
Retweeted by Kels🖤Mac Miller's "The Spins" makes its first ever appearance on the US Spotify chart today (#196).
Retweeted by Kels🖤Good morning I just woke up and rolled over to see this @cedef13 NOOOOOOOOOO that’s the worst. We would have to refill giant dispensers of teas and lemonades and I fucked… ever finish closing and as your putting the mop bucket away spill the entire god damn thing bc I’ve officially… WA State House just voted to ban private prisons in WA state. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾Come on Senate, your next!!!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by Kels🖤 @lores_truly It’s down to 168 I believe rn and tomorrow is gonna be nuts
@FurryOso It’s changing rapidly I personally think it may dip again but I have 0 knowledge Im not a professionalHE LOOKS UP GRINNING LIKE A DEVIL
Retweeted by Kels🖤 @badgirIkiki Have u heard this versionI’m stressed LMFAOYes I am about to throw up