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Shamelessly live your dream gosh dang it I’m rooting for you // this is 1 big satirical and hyperbolical joke that I made up pls remember that //insta: Keally22

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My house has so many god damn spiders what do I doHad 2 screen record this bc no one sends me clips u ever look at ur significant other happily minding their own business and just get the most intense urge to fuc… @Keefler_Elf Have u tried smoking a dirty bowl while u heat up a dab? Makes u judge yourself but worth itGonna go down my venmo feed and comment “👀” on transactions between random people I went to hs with who I haven’t t… @X_BonerGarage_X @H_crandall22 These bitches love Kenny @H_crandall22 Ya boy two tangs, beautiful night u know?? @lakesho11 I had an entire caption about how I bought these to run to the frat next door and steal beers from their… call these my pregame pants bc you can go hands free while you do your makeup @skylermaybe Fuck that looks so goodGoing on a jog, so what if it’s to the corner store and I come back with a handful of twisted teas and a blue mad dog?I’m not saying it was right, but i am saying it worked @clur19 Well it worked didn’t itIf I ever try to say that my best friend doesn’t fit the stereotype of girls who live in the PNW, show me this pict…
Retweeted by Kels🖤 @honeysriracha_ Eat meI couldn’t find my dog for 5 minutes and it turns out I’m the worst person in the world and put the vacuum too clos…
Retweeted by Kels🖤 @crider_rian @tylerbrownmedia I’m dead😂😭Listen if u want to my Spotify wrapped, it’s pretty decent number 1 Spotify song this year was Fleetwood Mac’s say you love me live in 1980 in Wichita Kansas LMFAO squash
@jmariannne Not pictured: me scooping out the seeds directly into a hole in a raised bed hoping maybe I’ll have a winter miracleSketti squash @coochwooch Me @kayletsmeow Counted my reply to their reply I think I texted u a copyI couldn’t find my dog for 5 minutes and it turns out I’m the worst person in the world and put the vacuum too clos… many times can u report a sorority to nationals before nationals takes you off the mailing list bc I’m at 2.5 a… @KastenSarah I LOVE UGod I want a Costco hotdog rn @FireBeets A person who needs potato adviceMy bf and I have been drinking tea and stretching by the Christmas tree every night and not only does it make my he… @GabriellaPariss SAME LMFAO it’s a couple year long commitment it’s my lifeI’m an adult I can eat candy whenever I want damn it you call the air fryer the airy f one fucking time and u lose a mutual... no potato wedges 4 u babyGarlic Rosemary Jojos in the airy f baby all around flawless timing on this pic @jasminericegirl Baby I love you @flowergal666 Yup am dead @chraxl What’s thatSub to me on and lets talk about dinner and weed :’)I bought a bag of potatoes, what should I turn them into for dinner?
@beveyhills We have less than 2 hours for me to get u written up and then for us to have a glorious revival @Hoft__Daddy It’s an ethics class I can’t lie😂😂 I’m writing about something that happened but in the grand scheme o… have 2.5 hours and I can’t think of a time ive dicked over a coworker oh god BE DISCOVERING A PAPER DUE IN A COUPLE HOURS RN @despickle IT GIVES ME CONFIDENCE I NEVER HADThe “uh ah uh” in Miley’s Bad Karma is my sexual awakening and will be a turning point in my life ur telling me I can spend 3 hours without breathing trimming my plants but I can’t get up and take a shower? Ok brain... okThere’s no limit to how many tea bags you can have in ur cup at once. I don’t have time to drink multiple glasses s…
Retweeted by Kels🖤Today is a good day to just declare that u feel pretty and roll with that ego boostIf u know u know
Retweeted by Kels🖤What’s ur favorite iPhone game and will I like it more than bricks and balls is Santa going to bring your dog this year? I need suggestions for toys or grooming products or bedding or a… @cal_gif Your approval means everything to me 😤🥰There’s no limit to how many tea bags you can have in ur cup at once. I don’t have time to drink multiple glasses s…! I have finally opened up an Etsy shop and am currently adding listings for painted jean jackets that I have d…
Retweeted by Kels🖤And these boys like an official plant lady Facebook marketplace 12yrold kids’ public prezis to write research papers >>
Retweeted by Kels🖤This week, we want to introduce you to @keally22! On Fanhouse, Kels will be posting content she hopes will be more…
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@kimmythatgirl AND ITS SO CUTEHelpGenuinely though do I just commit and go for the big one or be reasonable and get the second biggest one… @discpix I’ve watched this 700 times I love it the way they look the first time it cuts to them stacked on top of e… have been waiting for this branch to open since I bought this plant in the summer and now it finally is 🥺 @clur19 Damn I honestly felt like mine was a shockingly good price but that’s amazing wtf @clur19 Idk if it was a special or not but each piece was 79 cents I was beyond thrilledIf u know u know @jasminericegirl Absolutely without a doubt @jasminericegirl I love itI got a new plant shelf you know what this means, I need a LOT more plants to fill it out!! Subscribe to my fanhou… am assembling a shelving unit all by myself for plants 🥺 this is so sexy of me @jasminericegirl I think I’m ready for the challengePOV: you are throwing a Boulder with legs his frisbee @doinkpatrol I always ate it and just assumed you shouldn’t and I was just accepting that riskI just bought my first stock and I’m looking for advice on how to manage my portfolio, finance bros please feel fre… @fanhouseapp Hello it’s me!!!🖤🖤🖤 @queenjoheen @fanhouseapp I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABYGood morning say it back 🥺 @bweems11 Is that a pothos? Mines one of these guys (found this on Google) he just doesn’t have any splits yet’m just gonna have to chop him and replant him he is too leggy just want him to be tall and strong dang it @kamschalk You are absolutely stunning ❤️2020, who knew you’d throw cancer into the mix too. Still smiling though. Through it all.
Retweeted by Kels🖤 @AnnaWashburn_ Send link @clur19 It’s a hunger games and winner gets to hang out w uHey friendly reminder that you don’t carb dabs. No need to touch red hot banger.... not that I would know anything… @jasminericegirl Keally22 I’m not original or good at thinking of usernames 🥺
Hiiii what is the best home security system? I’m looking at ring or getting Amazon Alexa or anything. All I want is… @KnifeDetective Hahahaha it’s my Christmas tree 😂😭Losing a lighter is one thing but losing a lighter with a toker poker is devastatingI think all situations in life deserve to have only 2 options: “Never remind me” “Ok” @emkyte91 Cant wait to sub @jasminericegirl Ur right I am 🥺🥺🥺 @maddylanier Arguably better than just the socks but not by much 😂😭😭😭 @maddylanier Was it the fancy b or just the socks or bothMy dog seeing my bf in the front yard and getting too excited to get out of my car to see him before I unclip his b… day of the fact that someone added me to this list being the only thing that keeps me going