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Retweeted by discount pete davidson year, I filmed one of my comedy sets. It was a lot of fun but it didn't go exactly as planned, so I didn't spe…
Retweeted by discount pete davidsonI'm still working on making it even sillier. But here's a quick teaser featuring myself and @Keefler_Elf doing some…
Retweeted by discount pete davidsonthe onlyfans is $10 now. help me have an even better 2nd month..
Retweeted by discount pete davidson @legallyines thank youuu it’s from a video game i fucking loved as a kidPlease don't say stupid shit to me for the next week. I don't give a fuck if you've been following me since I was s…
Retweeted by discount pete davidsonI hate when GIRLS die
Retweeted by discount pete davidson @legallyines these just gonna kinda let my dude do them his way, all on the left arm. except the heart will be unde… @legallyines take the next few months off you deserve itmight be trying crack on saturday 👌🏻 stomach just be making alien noises sometimes wtf is going on in there @legallyines it would take me 11 weeks to do all of this well donethis is the new sports. i’m a Looters fan @itsonlyaubrey i don’t even wanna touch itBefore the Not High shirt: not famous, no cat, failing college, visibly high After I received my Not High shirt:…
Retweeted by discount pete davidsonlook how pretty
@aprilarson exactly!! @aprilarson it’s happened to me twice so that’s enough for me to make a tweet about ita personality red flag for me is if someone is waaaaay too into the epic rap battles of history videos @azsose fair @adiddybk2012 just noticed this toobro devin booker got an inviteWe don't talk enough about Britney Spears shattering the 100m record by 3.5 seconds.
Retweeted by discount pete davidsonif there is one thing kim kardashian does not know how to do it’s how to read the perfectly fucking legible roomthanks for sharing kim we’re all still in hell sure to do this while you still can ❤️’s 4:20 do u know where ur kids are @JoshuaHannah i know right! i was there! @bIondiewasabi i thought you were asleep my bad brothis is about ariana grandei want her so badcasual reminder and not at all related to anything in particular but chileans just voted to rewrite their entire co…
Retweeted by discount pete davidson @DDenkler dude it’s sick you should get it. i’m so bad but i’m gonna try to get really into it. beat saber is soooo sick though holy shit @DDenkler makes sense i didn’t turn it on at all for pop. 1 and i feel like that game really made it worse hahah @Mr_McStevie okay that’s good to know hahaha im just gonna try to do it at least a couple times a day from now oni love this shirt @DDenkler i’ve played beat saber and population 1 so fari bought one of those We Believe shirts that they gave out at the games on ebay years later and i like to tell peop…
Retweeted by discount pete davidsonsomething cool i found out today is that i’m a bitch and playing a lot of VR gives me motion sickness @notviking that’s sick @DDenkler dude... i can’t wait to stream with this thing @notviking what are you doing pal @notviking playing with my new vr headsetthe onlyfans is $10 now. help me have an even better 2nd month.. is easily the best purchase i’ve ever made and i haven’t even watched porn yet sitting there zoned out pumping gas and all the sudden the loudest voice that’s ever talked is saying “THIS PR… how gas station pumps now have tvs on them turned up to fucking max volume with some chick talking about a vir… @bIondiewasabi such bullshit my school didn’t over those classes. fuckin south texas schools mani can’t believe i used to be a sports guy who did nothing but watch and read about basketball and wrote online abou… @regigi_ i’ll take that 🙏🏻 @avantnard thank you man we’re honestly sitting on so much @chunkyfila we got a lotttt of stuff to drop soon 👀Slapper
Retweeted by discount pete davidson
@thahopester looking fantastic and incredibly sober ❤️ @Keefler_Elf i’m too hype that these finally came in!! i love them sm, how do i look?
Retweeted by discount pete davidsonporn bout to be crazy in the studio all weekend what do we think... @WillettDJ oh yeah i love those. 1s are my favorite shoe i got 5 pair rnharry styles really thinks he’s all that just cause he’s cool and hot and funny and charming and talented. man get… is so stupid. we already have that on earth lol @TeresaAP98 you’d be surprised!wtf ? real weed doers are always awake for both 4:20sa lot of you need to realize this ❤️** wtfgonna get a p.o. box so people can send me drugs 💕serious inquiries only! even though this is obviously a joke!(cops don’t read this) who wants to send me m*shr**msmen entering a zoom meeting: @kletsgohome lmao omganyone else’s brain do this 8000 times a day*looks into camera*
Retweeted by discount pete davidsondude was a glorified magician @fifedawgg should be just a matter of minutes until i receive the dmthis is the answer. every top scientist we have should be studying this chart the few of u who have been fueling my delusion that ariana grande and i would actually be great together.. i see…’s clear our ape brains aren’t designed to function under these circumstances. we should reverse evolutionsociety was a mistake i really mean that
my toxic trait is taking 40 mg of adderall at 7pm @thebadnights come over and look at my collection @laurenepling i love em @robfsa_rob i cherish these @rainierkid classiclong ass feet.....I gotta sub to that OF already
Retweeted by discount pete davidsonkicks check @DDenkler i was about to SAY @DDenkler are you at the parthenon replica @House_Feminist no way this doesn’t work 10/10 times @MichaelaOkla hm. i disagree. i think it’s working extremely well @MichaelaOkla i’m glad he has someone like you in his life to challenge him and help him grow @MichaelaOkla damn... he really lost his intellectual momentum there @MichaelaOkla he might be a geniuslike come on @kbuddyartist entering tiny little Iris into the running i take back my vote @lilgrapefruits i respect it @voguewhereyouat i don’t really think it makes it better or worse for me tbh