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Best-selling author of A Boy Made of Blocks and Days of Wonder. Currently writing The Frequency of Love. Also, video games correspondent for the Guardian.

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@gethill @SimonParkin @kezamacdonald this FaceApp trend passes soon - if I actually wanted a timeline filled with images of bewildered old people,… article arguing for less violence in video games doesn't truly exist until an anonymous Twitter user with fewe… @Serfs_Road @kezamacdonald @Medium @hunicke @briecode @hollygramazio I didn't write the headline. At almost all maj… @rhiannonlucyc I take at least two years and find it incredibly difficult. I have to admit, I’ve quietly muted auth… @elliegibson @kezamacdonald One day, can we collaborate on a screenplay of the Gizmondo story? I think it has Oscar potential @GAMETelford @kezamacdonald It's not a console! Come back later for our inevitable list feature of the most beautiful home computers... @DansOnRoad @kezamacdonald @beeple I wanted to put PS2 on there! It is basically a gorgeous 1960s office block! @RichStanton We're waiting for you behind the door with original edition Xboxes.We wrote an article on the most beautiful games consoles of all time. @kezamacdonald and I couldn't agree on anythi… @JonathanHaynes @kezamacdonald This is a very serious accusation. @JoeNeate1 So haunting. @greg_coyote Yes, I'm really interested in the idea of combat-adjacent narratives, which is a term I think I literally just invented? @TeddyDief @Medium @hunicke @briecode @hollygramazio Ah thank you! 💕Lots of people are reacting to the Game of Thrones Emmy nominations by saying they haven't thought about the show s… episode of Spawnpoint coming soon! In the meantime, here's @nolan_north on seeing video games through his kid's…
Retweeted by Keith StuartHere’s my polemical article for Medium about how mainstream narrative games need more verbs that don’t involve viol…
@icklenellierose The ignored high five guy 😭😭 @RishiAlwani Ha ha thank you!(This is very specifically about epic, mainstream narrative games. Like, I KNOW there are lots of games that aren't… wrote a short feature for @Medium about whether epic narrative games like Tomb Raider, Uncharted or Assassin's Cr… @ultrabrilliant @PopsRamjet @thecommonpeople I've tried in Frome and Bath and got nothing sadly. @thecommonpeople Let me know if you actually find tappables! I don't think the game can cope with me being in rural somerset!
To play or not to play? Video game critic @jericawebber reviews #Elsinore, a new computer game based on the world o…
Retweeted by Keith StuartElsinore ( is an upcoming time-looping tragedy game in which you play as Ophelia trying to…
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@Saxs @Deirdre206 Okay I can be flexible - how about we all meet in Seattle? 😁Today! Summer Art Car Boot in #Frome Sunday 14 July 10am - 4pm Pls share & RT to support our brilliant local artist…
Retweeted by Keith Stuart @Deirdre206 Minecraft, Sydney AND fish & chips? Living the dream!!
Today's inspo: John Malkovich & Uma Thurman killing time on the set of DANGEROUS LIASONS, 1988.
Retweeted by Keith StuartThe only poll that matters right now (Auntie Alice is edging it at the moment) need to do a whole series. I would buy Barbie Goblin King edition. did a little seminar on writing dialogue at the @ThreeSwansFrome in Frome last night. It was fun! We discussed Sa… @KevanMander Love it when people make assumptions about our knowledge based on one article designed to explain a co… Turner Prize winner
@jericawebber @moods_jpg Absolutely wracked with jealousy 😫 @natchjourneyman Oh that’s weird - it is listed but it doesn’t give people the option to book! Yes it’ll be fine to just turn up!Just bought a ticket to see @DavidNWriter in Frome! You get a book AND a sandwich! you are in Somerset tonight I’m doing a little workshop on writing dialogue. 7.30pm at the lovely Three Swans pu…
@nielsen_holly Holly you must MUST see the Rijksmuseum Research Library - you will faint with joy @ChellaRamanan Congratulations!!! It’s so well deserved!
The mysterious Apple algorithms have spoken: my podcast is THE NUMBER ONE in gaming. Download it now for your commu…
Retweeted by Keith Stuart @DanDawkins @GoldenJoysticks I will natter with you Dan! (I have no game to showcase) @jericawebber @Batsphinx @jericawebber No it was 'can I take this selfie without anyone else on the train knowing that I'm taking a selfie' @jericawebber Will be there from 2-ish this afternoon and all day tomorrow! @jericawebber See ya there!
GOOD NEWS! The first episode of Spawnpoint, my podcast for gamer parents, is now ready - featuring @TroyBakerVA and…
Retweeted by Keith Stuart @katbamkapow Yes definitely. @katbamkapow Morag thinks I’m common because I can’t eat chips without two slices of white bread to make a butty. T… @katbamkapow In my experience, a bap is just a roll, so you can have a cheese bap, a bacon bap, whatever, while a b… @jericawebber What does this say about us?!Was just coming out of SpecSavers and I saw a man coming in so I held the door open for him and then for some reaso… a truly, truly majestic photograph. #USAvNED
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@dannywallace @merman1974 I will use this tweet in my lesson DannyHappy #PrideInLondon everyone! 🏳️‍🌈 In partnership with @StonewallUK, Xbox On have rounded up 8 of the best Xbox g…
Retweeted by Keith Stuart @ashleytwo It’s in Frome! @kandapik @ChellaRamanan I was thinking Austen or Bronte and in the end Bronte won as I’m a dour northerner at heart(And maybe Days of Wonder because I’m insufferable)So the examples I’m planing to use in the session are: Normal People by Sally Rooney Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bront… @Meevil Oh yes - I’m using a scene from Normal People on the night!I’m doing a little writing workshop on Thursday night, all about dialogue - so can I ask: what novels have you enjo… game publisher who uses politicised settings, concepts and scenarios but also says “we’re not making a politi…
@nielsen_holly It’s pretty astounding isn’t it? 😱 @chrismoranuk Tinder profile is ‘Minor character cut from Fleabag’
Tweeted this earlier but just in case, I need to speak to someone with experience of prescribing or working with an… @jericawebber YES PLEASE @ChellaRamanan Yes! Thank you! Lots of people seem to think I’m suggesting teachers should learn current slang - I’… @danintheshed @Batsphinx Okay this is the last time I’ll clarify this but I’m not suggesting teachers inform kids a… @philipwhiuk @edwoodeditor But as I’ve pointed out, I’m not talking about the specific lingo, I’m talking about chi… @marmaladegirl Maybe more like an admiral? @matthewbbolton But also no 4chan, Discord servers, forums, reddit threads, social media, etc. Those words are now… ha, I feel like a lot of people are silently judging my very parental take on this. I just don't want my son cas… @BCHezza Yeah that's definitely true. But I still think they need to understand how to interrogate memes. My son di… @kitation Ugh, *exactly* - and it feels like an insipid and horrible slide for teens from just parroting those word… @edwoodeditor Definitely! But they also definitely should know - or at least they should be able to inform kids abo…'m 100% NOT absolving them of responsibility here, but I think there is a role for education in ensuring children… feel like at least a portion of the abusive behaviour we're seeing in fan cultures comes from young people (mostl… fascinating but also terrifying thing about meme culture is the way it disassociates words and images from thei… schools routinely teaching young teenagers about online culture? I caught my 11-year-old son using the phrase '… @darbotron You have to see it! It's just sooooo interesting. There is a scene of extreme gore though so if you're a… I know anyone on here with *professional* experience of prescribing or working with antidepressants? I'm doing s… @Wizwords It is basically Wicker Man in Sweden. It is Scandi Man. @janiejones123 Did you see Hereditary? It's got a similar vibe - i.e. it's disturbing in places (and there is one I… Midsommar last night - holy crap, it was utterly engrossing. I'm a sucker for folk horror, but what an intense experience.
This is a lovely video about LGBT+/inclusive games on Xbox, from @leahviathan and @CharleyyRachael. Representation… moving story from @Freebooted about how the developers and players of Elite Dangerous came together to ma…
Retweeted by Keith Stuart @Seffers007 @ultrabrilliant Don't look directly at them though or your head will melt off and explode. They make th… @ultrabrilliant Sack off video games for at least two hours and visit the cathedral, it's absolutely astonishing.By using the popular video game Minecraft, @blockbyblockorg is engaging communities to visualize and design public…
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@claremackint0sh People just assume I’m always subliminally advertising my books - which is true @claremackint0sh Wonder and Blocks! @ChellaRamanan Yes! You could see the Malvern hills from their garden! @twitgera Second-person. Get them *invested*.The original headline was "Voulez-vous jouer avec moi? France makes a post-Brexit pass at Britain's gaming industry…
Retweeted by Keith Stuart @ChellaRamanan @BBCRadio3 @LeahBroad Meanwhile, Elgar always reminds me of millionaire bars, because my wife grew u… @BBCRadio3 @jessicacurry2 @edfear @ChellaRamanan @BBCCO @LeahBroad This is the first thread I've ever encountered t… @jessicacurry2 @edfear @ChellaRamanan @BBCRadio3 @BBCCO I learned everything I know from @ChellaRamanan and @jericawebber @jessicacurry2 @edfear @ChellaRamanan @BBCRadio3 @BBCCO No, just go with it!