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@luhbabyjo Awww you're too cute I'm cracking upp tooo🥺💖 @Reckongal happyyy birthdayyy💖Yummy yummy in my tummy trying to climb this p4 acc to my actual sr #:(PS4share @Palushina @amyss69 Mine has tenacity and some other shit can't remember atm @amyss69 It's in my top 3 hahaha @lleilEXE Mm... @MiraTheYandere Ummmm.... @LigerzeroGaming Uh yikes.... @lleilEXE But when this dropping though!? @RodSurlyGaming Good, & yeah but room was still spinning :(
@KybaWatson What happened!? @Sakura_Steph309 I know it's hard but don't be so hard on yourself babes. There are so many people who are used to… @212Ninjakilla 💖😝 @212Ninjakilla You were so cute what happened? 😝we found this weird looking gamecube and some games along with a cozy discord hoodie and t-shirt to keep you warm t…
Retweeted by keekee🏳️‍🌈 @kittenpwincess Aww happy early birthday love hope you have an amazing party! @ReeRun77 I'm okay massive headache and feeling sick to my stomach hoping food will help😩 how about youu? @bnnybluntx @HotSteppa212 @bnnybluntx @HotSteppa212 I be trying to play that shit with you then get bored in seconds i don't know i need the… @bnnybluntx at least people can't mash on you & get away with it more punish options @bnnybluntx I play fgc but at the moment burnt out on mk LUL so get tekken and we can nerd out <3 @ProAmateurSpazz 💖💪🏾 you doing good today love? @ChrisKioone I'm in pain but okay youu? @Jesus_6999 I did this morning but not yet cause feelikg sick along with headache gonna try to eat something now @HotSteppa212 Ouuu sounds yummyy @Raging_Italian I'm okay in a lot of pain and feeling sick hoping food will help😩 @HotSteppa212 Glad you're well and nice what you gonna eat? @KristjanKing Headache still here about to eat and see if it helps 🥺 make sure to eat something soon love!How are yall doing today? In case no one has asked you yet or at all; & did you eat today? @ShadyBGames @Discord yup it's down love <3 @MosesPaezbitch 💖💖💪🏾 aww shucksI took a nap & woke up with a gawd awful headache so I'm not sure when stream will start today before I can do anyt… @Supreamy_ @Discord Right i thought my phone was bugging @FunkyBobMusic Ahh okay thank youu ;3 @scardyginge @Discord I thought i got banned or was in trouble or violated something as a discord partner so i was… @FunkyBobMusic Huh? @out_liv That's what the fuck I'm saying like yikes you did all that for what like discord down!? 🥺 @discord @EliTheYellowCub @out_liv Girlllll i promisee youuu @KwabenaFoli @Slater_FGC Your response to these things but yess appearantly sadly :( @kamisbaby Nah from what i could in the vids it's one guy but people just watched lame af. @kamisbaby I agreee i am so maddd and no one helped him like yoooo wtf @Alexis_Ayeee I hope he damn & NOBODY helped him just watched like yall all lame smh I'm maddd lmfao @kamisbaby Some unknown ass mofo in Miami Florida hold on imma try to find the post again. @Alexis_Ayeee GIRRLLLLL I... Like i need to know what the fuck was the reason! Because he looked like he wasn't bo… @TiawiaGames Your boobies are great, you're great!Imagine beating up brother nature then posting it to try to get some clout 🤡 @amyss69 happyyyy birthdayy bb💖😘 @k31kTV I figured out i wanted the second rose to be bloomed more I'm seeing what she says :3 @k31kTV Someone else said that hmm.... I want it to start on my shoulder like so hmm the thorn would end up on my c… @hydr0flask I want the rose to start on my shoulder like this. I think that's why she drew it that way @hydr0flask Like this? @hydr0flask Thank youu :3 i feel like it is missing something but can't put my finger on it but i love it overall :… @k31kTV Yeee I'm excited she did the crescent moon on my finger & i plan on getting all my tattoos done by her i fe… guys this is the concept sketch my best friend drew for my arm what yall think!? @Brittsobeauty Hang in there bb! You're stronger than the anxiety remember to breathe. You got this!💖
@Tehbaw She's an apprentice atm but been doing tattoos for a long time so i will see i don't want to make her nervous @bnnybluntx Uh hello Am i chopped liver? @Xmiramira I AM SCREAMMINGGGG "Fuck what you know" 😂😂😭😭 i read it so aggressively @Sakura_Steph309 Your floors are so nice & shiny but yassss girlllMy best friend finally got back to me on the tattoo yayy looks like tomorrow I'm getting my third tattoo yall imma… you for the amazing stream guys. You guys are insane & been killing it this week with the love. We smashed th… @Say_Quis @FlowKejie @MmmKhayyy @AkikoVibes @chasinglux @ALRAHLO @DippedNV8Splash @Jalapenopapii @DaJewelleryBox Yo… @blackoni @thatsoalykat @Pro_Kesadia @SayItAinKellogg @TheeWrightGuy @TriggerMeHappy_ @BOVICE47 @Djtechlive Yeah i got youu @Illusion_HQI typoed on my link & had to repost sowwy!It's friday & I'm wearing a dress!? O_o not sure what game I will be starting out with today but I do plan on playi… @accureye Thank youu @kittenpwincess Aww thank youuu 🥺💖 @Tonixx_D Wait what!? :( you okay!?Good morning it's flash back Friday so enjoy this photo of me when I was 22 :O #FlashbackFriday @quinditty Yayyy!! @MunchingCarrot @Illusion_HQ Thank youu @Mordinn1 @Illusion_HQ Thank youu :3 @Sparkxster32 Okayy @mg6 I'm technically part of the nrs community & i play literally everything :3I'm soo colddd i NEED that heat blanket on my wish list🥺 @NDTheory @Illusion_HQ @killakingkrunk2 💖💖🥺Also 2v2 partner was @Tonixx_D we be slaying ;D @ThatKidRixh Doing my best! :3 @Lost_Relic @Illusion_HQ Thank youu! @Sakura_Steph309 @Illusion_HQ Thankss bb💖💪🏾 @JustZork @Illusion_HQ Thank youu!You guys are insane it is at 70+ views already thank you so much for all the love on it! I challenge/dare you guys… @gobottlespark Oh hi! @letsplaygaymes Yeaah i just i don't know imma try tomorrow i was supposed to call months ago but i couldn't imma t… @tk0doodet @Illusion_HQ Thank youu! @TheMelonOso @Illusion_HQ Thank youu ;3 sorry i have to use this gif for you always cause it makes me love 😂😂😂💖 @letsplaygaymes I'm trying my best it's been really rough I need to make this call to get back into counsueling or… @Jesus_6999 @Illusion_HQ Thank youuu :3 @llXenoRichll @Illusion_HQ @WiZEGEMiNi 💖💖💪🏾💪🏾 @JeremiahCruz12 @Illusion_HQ Hehehe aww thank youuu :3 I'm a variety streamer so you know i do a little sum sum wit… would like to welcome our newest content creator @keekeexbabyy! #ThereIsNoThreat
Retweeted by keekee🏳️‍🌈 @Illusion_HQ Awww i am so happy you guys ended it with my cattt🥺💖 @bnnybluntx Call the restaurant and hit uber
@bnnybluntx Oh we pulling up then! @tokyodelrey It's me in a cat woman cosplay