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@_MsFUNSiZ3 only cause our schedules are so similar x.x @_MsFUNSiZ3 thanks love! :3 appreciate youuu :D Also hope the internet issues been better for you these days I try… @LuminescentRuby @SadizticKitten @XanozIchimonji @sleepykokiri @ValkyrieTex thank you queen for being such an amazing beannn <3 @_MsFUNSiZ3 Oh my gawd I have been hearing so much about these I really want one let me know you full review on it when you can! <3 @MrVito04 @Fasffy It's okay :3 she seems awesome :) @MrVito04 @OMENbyHP @Delphron @EeveeA_ @ThatBronzeGirl @TheGoldKarat @Fasffy There are a lot of lgbtq+ people so I… @Sparkxster32 Honestly it's more than just people it's companies, orgs, etc etc. I understand change takes time but…'m tired.... I hope we will see more than these saving face responses & actions will truly be taken for change bec… @toriramosxoxo Yeaaahh like I've just been feeling so heavy lately🥺 @Drt_cb Sending good vibes try to do some things for you asap! @JermainePlays Yesss so trueee it's been so much and it is getting so heavy to carry we need change :( @stacyftwTV Sending you good vibes bb :( it's been roughh @Stabbytabbycat Have a lovely night treat yourself with some relaxation and hope dental things go swiftly!DO NOT donate or "support" when you are really after something OUTSIDE of content creation. Trying to guilt or pres…
Retweeted by EQNX Keekee🏳️‍🌈 BLM @ValkyrieTex @Kahjahkins Yesss we need true accountability & action with a lot of these companies & orgs. So much s… @Kahjahkins I don't wanna see another mofucking evo statement unless it says we fired xyz becauseeeeee I'm tired. @iamBrandonTV I typically mute often but quarantine been having a lot of people be extra bold so I'm taking notes :3 @Kahjahkins They need to and fire mr wize! @iamBrandonTV I believe youu. People always trying you & I just don't get why. I need to be like you though & block… @iamBrandonTV 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @DizzyTheConquer @WTFmoses 🥺🥺💖💖 thank you for thinking of mee
@xemocornx You're such a treat & sweetie pie I appreciate you & yess I need to hear this because I often give so mu… just can't allow people to suck me dry of things anymore x.x but I am still supporting all my bbs in the ways i c… kind of got tired of going hard for people claiming they going hard for me but their actions said other wise so i… @Cyburrrrr oof.... i msged you about it an hour or more ago :( so wait just the mother board & the graphic card or only the mother board!? @Infinitii_FGC I am so sorry you went through that bb you have my support through and throughh if you need anything… @kevinwbell Yeah some very disheartening stuff going on :( @Raging_Italian Not sure maybe? I think I am just still feeling a lot of things at once that it has been waayy to hard to process @Jimventures Yesssss. Be kind to yourself and others. We can be our own worse enemies sometimes trulyBut also please use these resources if you feel you have no one but I promise you, you are loved & cared about. Nat… are so many people who seem the happiest but are struggling the hardest. Check on your friends yo & even of t… @HotSteppa212 Yeahh mann it's been a bit rough these past 2-3 weeks @Tehbaw Yeah i struggle with insomnia but if i put myself on a schedule I am fine but since the death of my grandmo… @Z_1620 yeah I've had so much on my mind lately that I have laid in bed restless but also tired afI've been feeling super drained lately but also having trouble sleeping these wtf. Anyone else struggl…’t tell me you support me. show me.
Retweeted by EQNX Keekee🏳️‍🌈 BLM @DylanLloyd1 have been while lately so if you need a distraction, some good vibes, smiles, or laughs then come & get it :…
Retweeted by EQNX Keekee🏳️‍🌈 BLM @NyxRose @WTFmoses @SirScoots @cuddle_core @SMGxPrincessirl @JunaeBenne Hiiii :) I am def interested! @FGCShauna so closeee :3 we shall keep pushing :DThings have been while lately so if you need a distraction, some good vibes, smiles, or laughs then come & get it :… @FGCShauna @JustZork THEY ARE SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL! LIKE UGHHH I WANT YALL TO EXPERIENCE THEMMMMM @T_Envy707 @FGCShauna We really gonna see to it 🤭🤭 @FGCShauna Manifesting this happens 🤭😌💖Put the cuddles in the mother fucking bag!🥺 @Chickity_Chyna @FGCShauna Her curls are soooo beautiful🥺 I was honored she showed me @PuppehSSB I am so sorry you endured that & she took advantage of you. 🥺 thank you for being brave enough to speak… @kurominah are these real!?
@Jiggyfee beautttyyyyy <3 @OMENbyHP Also I wanted to throw out for anyone who sees this I am a variety stream who plays literally any and eve… to clear confusion this is so she will wear her hair curly :3 because her curls are so pretty & she always straightens her hair hahaTwitter gods I see what yall do for other people help ya girl out 🥺👉🏾👈🏾 she changed her mind & said 500 likes & 100… @lightning_kick love you guyss tooo❤️I needed today so muchhhhh 😭 thank you so much for such an amazing welcome back stream ahh I am so thankful for the… you don’t follow them already, here are just a few LGBTQIA+ streamers making great content! Supporting #Pride go…
Retweeted by EQNX Keekee🏳️‍🌈 BLM @OMENbyHP @Delphron @EeveeA_ @ThatBronzeGirl @TheGoldKarat AWWW MY GAWD THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHH 😭😭❤️we currently playing tekken & need more people to play!Yours truly is back & bringing you them much needed good vibes & smiles slide through for your dose of some loving… @Marvelous_Play Proud of youuu leggo keep up the good work💪🏾 @XanozIchimonji I always and forever will thank people for anything they do for me whether it is chatting lurking s… @LilaBoBina Atm I will now remain silent on things. @iamBrandonTV i dmed <3 but i may sleep soon but will respond whenever i can!the stuff I am seeing lately & even dealt with just continues to show that & it's sickening..Y'all be so quick to attack, discredit, & etc victims coming forward because it's your friends & they couldn't poss… @TJtheXDroid @TheCookoutORG love you bb you know you will always have my support <3
@KingPaigey @SayItAinKellogg @JediOso @chasinglux thank you for this it will be dealt with appropriately <3 @KingPaigey @SayItAinKellogg @JediOso @chasinglux thank you! oof x.xsurprise giveaway with our friends @NVIDIAGFN - hoping to make a few people's day👀 ➡3 WINNERS ➡each winner receive…
Retweeted by EQNX Keekee🏳️‍🌈 BLM @MartinDemario_ @FunnyJulius @Zarinah Oh my gawd thank youu i would be honoredddd @SteelSeries Oh my gawd yess please🥺🥺💖👉🏾👈🏾I am not one for drama, so if I speak on something just know it is never for petty reasons ever. I will forever & a… @SylverRye his urn is beautiful :O love you friend trust me he knows how you genuinely felt keep your head up my friend i am here for you!To clear any confusion. I was born and raised in brooklyn new york. I moved here for school and live between brookl… @aminavalentinaX lmfao it is not. hushMessage! In case someone needed to read this💖 @Cyburrrrr @MaKNiFiCenT07 It's cuteeee @Chibithot awww shuckssss Being spoiled is fun :3 but I also in general vibe with youu & did want to do the picnic… @EMPRss_Eva ....wait did what i tell you not work never kept me in the loop but if you got it figured out now good. @ScotsmanGrumpy When she started running lmfaooo @Chibithot You can just be my suga mama/wife and we call it a day💖 lmfaooo Let me stop unless...I officially have a p.o box if you wish to send me things! It is P.O box 335 troy ny 12181 💖 Send me things!Good morninggg, drink your water, mind your business, & have a wonderful day :) @Bri4nF I AM LITERALLY HOLLERING OH MY GAWD HAHAHA LITTLE DO THEY KNOWWWW @Afroninjaboy2 ahhh no worries love you gotta take care of yourself before worry about others I totally understand… @PikaChulita Hope this helps you smile <3Stop victim blaming people for other folks men/women/or non-binary being creeps to them. Support them. FGC can b…
Retweeted by EQNX Keekee🏳️‍🌈 BLM @Afroninjaboy2 Who been slacking on the streams? If you mean me I took time away because I had a death in my family… bring me back to thissss 🥺🥺 healthy weight tings. Well....i am kind of back to this but just need my booty bac… @SarahObscura_ what eyebrow razor do you recommend? @Palushina yes i plan to do her newest one asap! @MrsPerkins19 Lmfaoo oh my gawddd @Palushina I gotta take new photos they were in my younger days but here is one haha @xandernetwork ohh i pluck my eyebrows a lot :O oh nooooo haha but okay i will shave them if i do it @Palushina I cosplay as blake every one of her outfits! :3I am super tempted to pluck/shave the ends of my eyebrow to try out different shapes but i am nervouss🙃 can't tell… @aminavalentinaX Hurt i missed thisss @MartinDemario_ I know when I heard @theestallion say it, it resonated so hardAny rumor 'bout me, let me dead it I'm a open book and your man probably read it. 😝It always hurts to not be a priority to someone you make a priority.
Retweeted by EQNX Keekee🏳️‍🌈 BLM @ChinnyXO1 Thiss fucking this!! That or simply just not holding someone accountable for doing some fuck shit