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Night Ride!!!
Please forgive me!!!! @Leafy @Eugenia_Cooney Eating potatoes is the best way to gain weight fast. @Class Yo @NetNobody why @Class blocked?VoteBreaking: FBI , @Leafy Normal ? I don’t who I am but normal is not it.Home improvements @AugieRFC He gotta pointLet’s do a Friday night at midnight #DramaAlert haven’t done this in so long. @crisis_rogue @SubToOptimus I’m up I’m coming @SubToOptimus What the fuck are you guys talking about? I didn’t model my YouTube channel or my content off of an… @anything4views Chad im boredAll you Aussies getting loud with me...I hate this hour no one is awake! @DrewT7789 @hutchinson @H3CZ 100k votes Trump won! @hutchinson @H3CZ Trump won without a shadow of doubt!Underrated tweet! lied so much tonight it was unreal! @ErickFiggyP1 @DJSamF So what’s wrong with that? I think they’re idiots? i’m not unfollowing people or blockin…’m following some of the most leftist people in the world and I’ll never unfollowed them just cause I have a diffe… @DJSamF tweeted me a vid of him unfollowing me cus he disagrees with me politically. ( he deleted it) These same… am I supposed to Unfollow you back? I was never following you in the first place?’m sorry to be so harsh but honestly every time I tweet anything in support of Trump you guys are absolute CUNTS t… you watch the debate tonight and you honestly think Biden won you have an incredibly low IQ , your brains probab… won #Debates2020 ?I’ve been unable to verify this but I do believe this to be 100% true! @Leafy can you fact check this? @superduperjavi1 I am not trolling when I say this you are a complete moron that has not taken the time to educate… is “Who built the cages joe” Not trending ? HmmmmmmWho built the cages Joe ? Trump doesn’t hands-down win this election there has to be election fraud there is no other way! Biden is getti… built the cages Joe???The moderator keeps interrupting Trump and I have yet to hear her interrupt Biden....How many times do we have to see this moderator interrupt Trump but NOT interrupt Biden???? So unfair!!Biden Lies Again! Biden uses the term “malarkey” that might be an automatic L I think he just lost the election.Why is Joe Biden talking like a 5 year old? like I can’t even understand what he’s trying to say.....Bonus tweet proving Joe Biden lies in this debate literally called Trump a racist for banning flights to China and now he saying he should’ve banned flights to… is destroying Biden on his lies! @Leafy @CouRageJD @Nadeshot @Valkyrae @pokimanelol @Corpse_Husband @Lazarbeam @muselk @fuslie @Sykkuno Wait so you mean to…’s winning the final presidential #Debates2020 !!!
LMFAO!!!!!!!! Responds to PewDiePie ShadowBan! #DramaAlert YOU FWIZ! am not WRONG for this! @BangBangClick should be FIRED!!! @IamJovonW @Google @GoogleStadia I guess I’m a leftist then!!! I want that man kicked out of the gaming community… @GoogleStadia !!! #BoycottGoogleStadia @IamJovonW @Google @GoogleStadia Or he can apologizeThis is what I want @Google @GoogleStadia !! A full apology from him to the gaming community or Alex Hutchinson Te… let me get this straight! You work for Google , who owns YouTube. Who makes Billions of dollars on Gaming Ente… Director for Google Stadia. is not a " Something broke at youtube" Hes 100% SHADOWBANNED! Try searching on YouTube yourself!YouTube SHADOWBANS its Biggest Creator! PEWDIEPIE His channel & videos do not show up in… playing with me , & I’ll buy the naming rights to an entire galaxy!!!! @JessicaBlevins Somone just watched some Jeffree StarThere is more.... 😂😂😂 ads be looking like a Fortnite thumbnail.... Mother F🤢ckers are catching Covid 19 all around me!! My neighbors, my manager might have it my GF I got ne… on 🔥🔥🔥 online video platform fails because they spent all their money on A list celebrities instead of influencers… are some gaming entertainers that are starting to pop off? I’m in talks with a company that wants to sponsor… feel like a New Man!!!! started looking through my photos and videos and apparently every time there’s drama I take a screenshot. And for… feel like my phone is about to explode..... lol .....
@SubToOptimus It’s was private for a few hours 1stH3H3 vs The Quartering! @MarzDaTroller I’m gonna block you stop fucking spamming me your shit video @ViceCity_1 Uncle ShawnAs you guys know I built a beautiful deck on my vacation house... however I have no idea what to use for “deck sk… @Pamaj @FireflyRemedy @FaZeDirty @FaZeApex @cizzorz @FaZeRug @FaZeJev @Temperrr @NICKMERCS @FaZeClan @yoseph @cbass SameMy Body : let’s pretend this didn’t happen. Anorexia for the win!Brb bout to throw up 🤢 for hitting my weight goals!!! Carrot 🥕 Cake! Back on Keto & cocaine tomorrow! @TheQuartering @h3h3productions of course* @TheQuartering @h3h3productions Of horse he did! @Corndoghustlerz @BryceHall Keemstar will survive in any current landscape of YouTube.OK @BryceHall ,,,,, I think you have made a big enough wave in 2020 its time for the Bryce Hall #DramaAlert Interview!!!! @Behzinga Walked in the woods watched @Behzinga run a marathon!!! And Shit in the woods... CRAZY!!! community in NYC are being harassed non stop by Democrat local leaders! @Cernovich woah @jack Updates
@LFCCipher @thegreendanger Tag @GFuelEnergy they have good customer support.I noticed this too... hype way down. But Gfuel is now in all the stores like 7-11 now.. I don’t see it online but…! Just like everyone else that tried!!!! fools are buying Pokémon cards at its peek market price I been buying Pokémon N64s @ 50% market value! 💸🆙 @Big_maccc455 It’s it new #DramaAlertI will NOT be voting for Joe Biden! on New #DramaAlert ?NEW #DramaAlert is LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! #DramaAlert 15 mins If we get 18 RTs🔥🔥🔥#DramaAlert 🔥🔥🔥 #DramaAlert today! #DramaAlert Tomorrow & that’s on GOD baby girl!