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Hustle for goals that are impossible! @goinghaunting No , where do I buy? #DramaAlert is LIVE!
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @FullTimeBitcoin @HalloFeld @Mandrik @AMERICANHODL3 And back in BTC $6k 2020 ? What’s the point you trying to make?… gift from my homie @chipmonkz ! Thanks man! is absolutely incorrect! I wasn’t sarcastically saying anything. started off the video asking for feedback b… Dawson Died is Trending! this is most likely False Kpop spam. I just Text Shane to see if he’s alive. No…
Jake Paul accuser lies about me again! on New #DramaAlert ? #DramaAlert is LIVE! PS3 games cus they mad cheep now. #DramaAlert 15 mins! @xxAudrinaxx Just tell me now thenYou literally have been proven wrong in front of millions of people please learn how to grow up be a man and accept… #DramaAlert few hours! I covered the Jake Paul allegations now that we have both sides of the story! @AMERICANHODL3 OK peasant , I’m down to play the game you’re the next on the list to get fucking publicly humiliated in front of millions! @AMERICANHODL3 You’re not really calling 1 of my 3 houses poverty are you?Twitch Removed 7 million BOTS and xQc lost 2 million followers! #DramaAlert is Jake Paul doing? IPO locked down 300 shares. Going to be a wild ride!I bought Bitcoin in the summer of 2012 for $7.50 ! I think farther in the future then I will be alive! My grand…, #Bitcoin #cryptocurrenices success you’ve had in investing Mr. Brad Mills. Has caused bias patterns in your brain that has caused y… , I am so down to go on any platform you want so I can educate you on how to be a better investor! @bradmillscan responded but quickly deleted. He probably did some math & realized u would make more $ inves… @ZootGG Austin sent me his footage too Live on #DramaAlert today!Morning thoughts with Keem @bradmillscan , I been waiting less than 3 months to tell you how stupid you are! #XRP #xrpcommmunity
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @BradDoGFX Crush it! 🚀, I wanna see you win now! That’s why I’m #CashApp you $500 to invest in whatever you want. What’s ur… kid called me a fake and stopped playing with me. 😢$2,000,000 ( Target Goal Achieved ) @bradmillscan , I been waiting less than 3 months to tell you how stupid you are! #XRP #xrpcommmunity$1,960,000$1,950,000$1,920,000 34: Def Noodles
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @lumber_life56 LolNow she’s trying to call my fans incels? No lady. My fans get laid. and that’s on god baby girl!’re so incredibly cringe. you’re trying to play it off like you didn’t just get proven factually wrong in fron…’m not having a rough night I literally just publicly proved you wrong and people are laughing at you. I don’t u… were literally proved wrong in questioning that I don’t believe any female victims ever. End of story. Stop em… have 4 major stories right now! OmgBig #DramaAlert tomorrow! @Honestfan69 Working on itAnother great point. I believed these woman’s stories. And After the interview came out it was Crystal clear that t…, you guys are creeps I am obviously working a story keep your mind out of the goddamn gutter. @tanamongeau check DMs1. Ray Diaz 2. Romeo Lacoste 3. Bashur 4. Lion Maker 5. Pyro 6. Mini Ladd There’s actually So many I can’t eve… @littleeminx i have no deleted any video!Floyd Mayweather makes a comment on the Jake Paul allegations. I think Floyd has some information wrong he said “Mi…$Doge be like “would you like $70k today?” Yes I would , thank you Mr Dogie. 🐶 🐕 have some serious questions! 1. Are these tweets real? 2. Is the email real? 3. Why were are both Twitter acc… the sexual assault allegations against Jake Paul! This thread that I have quote retweeted brings up a l…
Cardi B is coming to my city!!! Paul Accuser has put out a new video claiming i said " it was Impossible to be assaulted orally" This is FALS… Paul through his attorney says the Allegations against him are NOT true & they WILL be taking legal action aga…$1,850,000 @Banks @picassopunks DoneRunning another NFT giveaway. The last one I did was resold for over $10,000 USD. Giving away a @picassopunks from…
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿$1,630,000 stay with the times. But COD drama is still the best Drama ! don’t you dare give me shit for this! I had like 50 tweets begging me for the scoop so I’m just doing my j… Hossler & Nessa Barrett are confirmed BF & GF! Just got off the phone with one of our mutual friends!…$1,550,000 & Usher* did what? LMFAO hate the media! @BryceHall gotta target on his head. Why is everyone calling him out now? @ClockDoWork Duh yes @Casey @nickbarnicle @ColinBarnicle He absolutely crushed it! I was planning on going to bed at 4 AM last night.… watched this doc series last night! It was really really good. I strongly recommend! @Michaelgr1011 This is why I refuse to live thereO m g ...... some reason I’m starting to believe they are turning the frogs gay! was a trap! had to say it! recorded new @momsbasement with @Banks & guest @nicholasdeorio Subject : #DEFAMATIONnoodlesHe gets it!
Amen! @WolfAtSea What you just stated as false! I asked a question I said “couldn’t you just move your head” You said… Ashly , finally know the meaning of the #GreenWall ! @CreatorCards Big moves just happened 🚀My daughter just made beat everyone in the state & half the country in this Science competition! She going to Glo… @TTfue 341No way!Dear Canadians, I absolutely love you, probably the nicest people in the world. But I’ve been paying attention to… #DramaAlert is LIVE!
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿Shout out the Logan Paul! He sold that stunner! @xxAudrinaxx How did the penis enter her mouth in the first place? can you explain that?
Imagine publicly tweeting this 😂😂😂 “ victim blaming even if the allegations aren’t true” WHAT? How the hell is… @B3AST115 And I get it! I average 70% retention time