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Only 7%? Think of a soccer / football game. 7v7 1 person dies on the field every game. That’s 7%!!! If not corona it will be a different virus 🦠 that kills 30% of us! really need to get back to #DramaAlert! Good lord! don’t just troll Kpop stans for fun. They actually have ruined twitter spamming fancams attached to anything that… temp us can you shut up. Damn we having a 2015 cod moment & you thirsty clout chasers ruining the vibe. Don’t make m… @AdobeFlashPro Alex deserved it !All joking aside. We all mess up. And when you mess up you have to face the music. If it’s on the Internet it means… 90 kids will get this meme. he got exposed for Aimbot he had a OJ Simpson defense! But it all fell apart! 😂😂😂 was @NickEh30 in 2014 M F A O!!! I will NOT be attending PAX! @JoshAndo2 To make u cry @ioNWarpzy Thanks man. Just learn from your mistakes. We all mess up.Wearing a bulletproof vest next BTS concert! Aimbotted in cod. But based on this video I strongly suggest you don’t bully him. Unless you plan on wearing bul… GUILTY!!Watching this video of @FaZe_Rain & @FaZeAdapt calling out a aim bottling trick shotter. Still don’t know if he’s g… to #DramaAlert Feb 1st 2020
@FaZe_Rain U in La ?I just want Susan to look at me the same way Snap does. had a meeting at Snapchat HQ they gave me this 👻 for hitting 2mill subs in 90 days. Sub to DramaAlert on Snap! I tweeted this , He’s now hypying his apology video now!!! 😂😂😂! You can’t make this shit up. Kids will litera… scumbags me on “KEEMSTAR” anyone saying no got*** 😂😂😂 little pepeHacking group OurMine has hacked the bears yesterday & just now the Green Bay packers! #DramaAlert !!!! AMERICA!Australia it’s been a absolute pleasure. Thanks to @Misfits & @anything4views . All my fans here. @ggezbar & the ci…
Kobe RIP!Called it! @FaZeRug @FaZe_Rain Yeah idk if I seen but like 5 days ago he claimed his gf died in a drunk driving accident. It w… hate that I’m tweeting this ........ But I’m predicting Jake Paul to win the Jake Paul vs Gib fight Jan 30th. H… not see this coming.. JayStation communicating with his dead girlfriend at 3am.. Group OurMine is back! Hacked the @ChicagoBears ! #DramaAlert US, Australia, Japan, and now the UK are pulling people out.
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿The media is not just trying to scare us for money the media is trying to scare us because this is the biggest thre… starts in China. The wealthy flee the county flying to Australia. 5 confirmed cases in Aus. I’m her…’m flying to LA in the morning. Called every place in Melbourne for face mask & they have none. They were all sold… @PCloud76 @bertkreischer Nothing. These SJWs put me on a Block list & all these dumb celebrities add these block li… @bertkreischer finished filming @MisfitsFollow me on ⁦@byte_app⁩ “Keem5tar” @OffSnakeTwister @this_vidKEEM POP - Official Music Video! #KEEMPOP
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @LeonLush @SwaggerSouls Just Gfuel code (Keem)Gamers be like: Idc I don’t leave da house. I’m Gud. @bluefireify FML @tanamongeau Just trying to get on the PR list @tanamongeau congrats Tana by TanaFlight booked! Leaving on 1st flight out tomorrow! we just done filming cold ones podcast , all you do is drink on that show. So we were cooked lolThis mother fucker @SwaggerSouls said he was taking a Picture! Was trolled feels bad man.
@bluefireify @ggezbar Not if we comingOmg I just heard @shanedawson reviewed my makeup! I missed it anyone have a link? junction has fell off hard! a boat and manger made me a @byte_app account “killerkeemstar” but Byte has no login page so I can’t sign in at all. It for… have been given a promotion in the Keem Stan Army you are now a 3 star general! @williamlahoumh 1mI hate Kpop All theses stupid bitches needs to stop Or get dropped @Fwiz @YouTubeGaming Rip Twitch!
My mention are awar zone Rn. Keem Stans vs 40 year old virgin Kpop stans.The 2nd song is by this legend! out to @PartyInBackyard for mastering my song! He’s a legend!KEEM POP - Official Music Video! #KEEMPOP proud of all these streamers that raised money for #StopTheFire!!! You guys killed it! @TSM_Chica Congrats#KeemPop 30 mins!Lol @s0ggod Nah1. You clearly lied privately & publicly about being swatted! Police exposed u for lying! 2. After being exposed f… @GFuelEnergy Omg what a 📸 ! @KSIOlajidebt Wake & Bake CakeKpop stan mad! year Steve Wonder was driving and you shocked by this? 😂😂😂 time YouTubers be like.... I Blocked him cus I was sick of him attempting to argue with me. He was just lying over and over again so I cu… Dms with Boogie & a “Hater” before boogie faked being “hacked” seems to imply Boogie got caught breaking the…’s already been 100% confirmed Boggie lies about being swatted via Twitter DMs. Then when the proof was all leak… told people that he was Swatted twice last week. Boogie was caught lying about this by Reddit! As so… on all the Information I have available to me from multiple sources some public & some private. It’s my opi… “My Twitter HACKED” Hacker deleted his profile pic & banner but made no tweets. hmmm seems odd Boogie “The… @thenamesdertz Never judge a keem by its cover @Yui_Atsui Thank YouHaters saying it’s auto tune? #KeemPop @thenamesdertz Yes, supersize me2maro #KeemPop! What’s the most viewed video on #DramaAlert??? @Temperrr @FaZeClan Wild huhI’m dropping a cool music video tomorrow exclusively on #Twitter one says “cool” anymore Idgaf I’m still cool 😎 @Censor @Mizz_Marilyn Ur gurl funny @Temperrr @FaZeClan When u click the the pic the pillows change from dark to light.
Ok, I spent like last hour learning everything I can about this corona virus stuff & it’s very clear. We are all… @LeoDragon1234 @Nadeshot @JessicaBlevins ^ @realDonaldTrump make the deal to buy it! @MisterAntiBully My chest hurts not trolling. In Melbourne aus. Better not be Corona