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Lmfao @CamcamKennedy You sound like a sad person. I would suggest getting happy.Lmfao @FaZeKay $377WinningThank you Clout Demons! #DramaAlert is LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿I’m happy literally have a spaceship shower.. you do not have a spaceship shower.. I think we know who sad here. @average_vibe @WrldNFB @dinkcandace @tHeEbIgmAnlol @kermits_tongue @kyla_rhoads I would argue you’re not a folkLiterally was doing this as a meme to mess with some of these fan art Minecraft kids. Was going to pick the worst o…$500 YouTuber Fan art contest. Quote (RT) with your art. Can be art of any YouTuber Winner picked in 24hrs!Seen interview a couple years ago, Larry king said he wanted to live forever. He really wanted to live forever. I… @siighren I made this thoughts? @WoojoonSo I have been outsmartedRiP Larry king! 87 in Twitter Bios!
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @Snaxypoo I put out alot of tweets arguing with people. my timeline gets so confusing so I deleted those little fe… @AveryTVLive They want ur clout! keep a eye on it closely!Pronouns in Twitter Bios! @OLdavid11_2nd You caught a blockFinal Destination @ugghmm @Xbox if you had any listening skills you would understand that in the video i am talking about the shape o… @Xbox IMPORTANT!!!
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @BenInPain What would I have to go to bed for? Im my own goddamn boss , you go to bed you got a unemployment check… to further my argument, Xbox only started losing console wars when they stopped making the Xbox 360 controller! @Xbox IMPORTANT!!! @Boogie2988 You gotta listen when you are losing against Sony & Nintendo. But I love my Xbox too & use it most. @sailorzephyr @KEEMSTAR "their stalking my friend" shut the fuck up
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿You are not victims they falsely slander me & call me homophobic! Now they are slandering you guys, calling you homophobic. The… @average_vibe @kyla_rhoads Literally false , it was hundreds of Stan accounts allsaying I was homophobic with absol… @Advil ? @ByronPalier Exactly what I’m talking aboutResident Evil has always had the best graphics since 1996 . This new game kept up that tradition. It truly felt nex… are having mental breakdowns cus because they tried to cancel me and they are the ones now getting canceled! @dinkcandace You are NOT A VICTIM! You are NOT A VICTIM! You are NOT A VICTIM!These people out here slandering me for fun saying I hate gay people (NOT TRUE) Then when I clap back they play… running your mouth @chica_2626 like you ran this scooter! @mattikovler Maybe it was repetitive because she literally chopped up the video. Absolutely nothing seen was in con… @dinkcandace @That_AC_Ninja2 @chica_2626 FUCKING LYOU ARE ALL CLOWNS! YOU TALK SHIT AND LIE ABOUT PEOPLE ONLINE THEN WHEN I CLAP BACK YOU PLAY VICTIM! YOU KAREN & T… @adviIIain come get me big guy!Maya Spa review’s goo be this old and have zero ability to manage your emotions and reactions is not okay. look like you wanna speak to the Manager! bombs’m fine btw , rants are good for the soul.IM AT A BREAKING POINT!!!!!!! Fuck these Twitter Stan weirdo’s!!! don’t wanna hear one word about Cyber Bullying!’t you hate gay people😐 @cyantorbjorn don’t you hate gay people😐 @kyla_rhoads @Quackity @Dream don’t you hate gay people😐 @kyla_rhoads don’t you hate gay people😐don’t you hate gay people😐 you think it’s funny spreading fake rumors that I hate gay people. Maybe people should do the same to you. for supporting JoJo Siwa! @HeyBuckHey same its greatThanks for watching: 😃 Deals on #DramaAlert 2021
I stand by this.... the Economy is not feeling so well! on New #DramaAlert ? #DramaAlert is LIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! #DramaAlert 15 mins! (RT) if gayNew #DramaAlert 1 hour! @itsjojosiwa Will always support you.Trump being called out for giving people BONERS! good @CuffsTheLegend ? @J58055146 Not 1 cent for haters , have fun being poor @J58055146 Past $40 mill thoBREAKING: @GlubGlu74102614 #DramaAlert today!This bitch, after all the shit I been through. To go out like dis. 😭 Police have been called!FATHER of the YEAR! @JustinWhang the man understands brandingI’m chilling with my fav things. Peanuts , spicy cheese, slim Jim’s and you guys on Twitter. save huh?I won’t be happy until all the men are replaced with female in video games. JSDo they make video games with guys in them anymore?Dave Chappelle tested positive for COVID-19 few days ago he was out with Joe Rogan Elon Musk & Grimes. IDK the othe… Drama Gods , can we please get some good stories. Shane, Jeffree vs Trisha is the only story and its not even that good.Be honest , love him or hate him do you miss Trump on Twitter?
I'm so sick of the political double standards. WHY ARE YOU CALLING CRIMINALS DOING CRIMINAL ACTIVITY "PROTESTERS"… strongest social media stars! did this so I could laugh out loud @ Kylie Jenner’s peasant shower.Building a spaceship shower/sauna/television/Radio/Spa/Steamer/foot massage/jacuzzi/Hot tub/aromatherapy/ rain fall… is at such a good price IMONvm hit a wall of support going back up.Bitcoin falling under 30kDoge + @FlareNetworks some advice. but true, i would get 2k to 4k viewers every night and was the biggest. Way before Twitch was even created. I promoted a Minecraft clone game rags to riches, bought a house & hummer. somewhere along the line I got a… offer to upload to their main channel & be a director. I submitted my 1st video months later. On June 25…