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Amen 🙏 #MinneapolisRiot’m buying more Amazon stock. By the time this shits over there won’t be any physical stores left. watched the press conference from the mayor. He seems so lost. He has no idea what to do. He’s talking nonsens… @newspam1 @LeafyIt was Jason!!! @FaZe_Rain @Greekgodx Greek. I so fucking proud of you man. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this but you were part of the r… are you talking about ? Your citizens literally burnt down the police station & you think this tweet of “we ne… is not a joke! #Minneapolisprotests Jason just cut the gas lines. starts what do you do?Police retreat right before 3rd Precinct started to burn down.’m really curious to know if there were any prisoners in there. Most police stations have a few jail cells to hold… , they burnt down the police station!!!! and I just watched the full #GeorgeFloyd video and are absolutely disgusted. This police officer kept his knee…
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿Dear everyone, Can you stop tweeting “I don’t understand how rioting & looting fixes the issue” The riot is N… video of the alleged undercover cop. you seen the video of the guy that started smashing the auto zone. He really did seem like a cop undercover. Thi…
Thank You Mr. President! Based on this executive order I demand my video (The @Gokanaru H3H3 doc ) is reinstated im… @Corndoghustlerz LolI can’t stress this enough. Thank you to everyone who been defending me & the truth during this whole NUKE bs. In… @Leafy @adrianiswho @RiceGum On it.Tomorrow...
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿Two years late.... @GameFuel @drdisrespect Congrats man @GradeAUnderA ❤️Yeah @RiceGum & @Leafy you down for small interview tomorrow on #DramaAlert? @FaZe_Rain man I really hate to see it , I know your trying. Sending you some ❤️#DramaAlert returns tomorrow 100%Hours later tried to protect the target wonder why there’s no cops protecting target. : I don’t feel so well ... got a new sponsor! You will love it!100% proof that @TeamYouTube is bias and unfairly took down my video yesterday!
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Trump did personally invite me to the inauguration. homie Trump gonna get my video back! @realDonaldTrump Please sign Executive Order on Social Media Censorship.100% proof that @TeamYouTube is bias and unfairly took down my video yesterday! @zaptiee @tommycsftp Don’t hate the player hate the game @aydan Lol @Nicholas_DeOrio @DramaAlertDM I think we need to hop on discord and find gross gores google plus account. @TheThanker @DramaAlertDM What’s the point at the end of the day it’s a clear bias and favoritism and everyone knows it!I don’t think I have enough news for a #DramaAlert today but if you want to tip us off on a story DM us @DramaAlertDMCongrats Glyn you won the $500 giveaway sending now. @Viktor173869 Yeah it’s from swimming in the pool . The goddamn chlorine is messing up my beard. @fribhello It’s coming#WarzoneWednesdays returns next week. @camerondare do you want me to upload today?New Moms Basement !!
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿New Moms Basement !! 🔥🔥🔥! I want one. President I would like to report that I have also been censored by social media platforms. YouTube removed my v… @Dramanimate @h3h3productions Can you read “don’t blame the kid” ? this whole narrative has been fucking destroye… @h3h3productions @brandonmyers24 Yeah srry manNew video tomorrow YouTube Exposed!I Quit Fortnite when it turned to this. M F A O @TeamYouTube For the record can YouTube describe the weapon that was used to kill the fictional character? Hint he… @BaBouie @MctominayXI It’s real!#GoodGuyKeem the time Keem helped this blind man for 3 years. Respect king 👑 @KEEMSTAR
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿Hey @Gokanaru , just wanted to say you are a great YouTuber with an amazing work ethic & talent. I hope the 700k pe… wrote songs that helped millions of angry teens back in the early 2000s
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @TeamYouTube @Dewmonic_Abyss @h3h3productions @Gokanaru This ^If the Internet ever need more proof that @h3h3productions calls up YouTube to have legit criticism about him remov… demand answers! My new video was falsely taken down for harassment. It is in fully in line with YouTube TOS!… @Gokanaru Also I did tell him that I would give him the ad revenue but unfortunately it’s been demonetize. @ColossalisCrazy @RinnyVeed @Bowblax @Banks @momsbasement O, that was in the beginning. I think I speak for myself… @KEEMSTAR @KEEMSTAR helping little Ethan air out his dirty laundry #GoodGuyKeem
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿#GoodGuyKeem Here's keem protecting my garden from evil creatures. 🙏
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿In an attempt to manipulate everyone into thinking I am a good guy. I am doing a $500 Cash App Giveaway! 1. RT th…
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The internet has spoken! KEEMSTAR = Good Guy. @Michael19131944 @AntMcD6 Thank you. It was hot that day. @ColossalisCrazy @RinnyVeed @Bowblax @Banks @momsbasement That’s not fucking true? We only said that in reference t… stopping two angry golfers from breaking social distance rules to fight
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿The trending section never lies!’s working.In an attempt to manipulate everyone into thinking I am a good guy. I am doing a $500 Cash App Giveaway! 1. RT th… @h3h3productions I have responded to every out of context, lie & manipulation that you have put forth in your… blew out my birthday candles for my 13th birthday, how did he know I struggle with asthma? #GoodGuyKeem
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿When I was nine, Keem snatched ans ate all my candy right in front of me so I don’t get diabetes. #GoodGuyKeem
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿Photos of me visiting nursing homes & donating to the poor #GoodGuyKeem
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿New Video is LIVE! @KSIOlajidebt LolAs soon as I flew back to NY after doing his podcast he started SNAKIng me. Lol 🐍 Upload today @jbias False, I have all infinity stones. @MickeyMoTiOnZ @h3h3productions No worries man. RIP cousin. @BreadOnJam About me sending hate to him years later.Thank You! The old man lied got BUSTED! Ethan lied got BUSTED! Woody’s gamer next! @Phuckn_ That’s falsePhotos of me visiting nursing homes & donating to the poor #GoodGuyKeem was once drowning in a pool and keem drank the entire pool until i wasn’t drowning #GoodGuyKeem
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @h3h3productions Woodysgamertag 100% bad parent. To this day he takes no responsibility for selling out his kids sa… challenge @h3h3productions !!!
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