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It’s August 11th & there still riots in major cities. Bro what is 2020 for real!10 Million Views! Why am I still getting hate? shapiro be droppin bars
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿Yo @trishapaytas why did you upload 30 videos of you and @jasonnash ??????/ in December is going to be so high you’re going to be asking yourself “why didn’t I invest in August” JS
@tyleraloevera DMWINNING! a child George Washington cut down a cherry tree. This act was the beginning of humans destroying the earth caus… @DavidDobrik @CitrusLmao @OrdinaryGamers Currently the Xbox one. @OrdinaryGamers You’re missing the whole point, part of the fun is talking shit to the other people with the shitty consoles!Just finished @momsbasement with guest @thekidlaroi lil man killed it episode drops Wednesday only on @Spotify !!! @_pWind_ @storyfireapp @CashApp ??? Really$500 #cashapp Giveaway!! 1. (RT) make a @storyfireapp account! 2. Leave comment on my new video with your… all know The Kid Laroi ? Having him on @momsbasement tomorrow
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿 @Crimsix We need a new Tron game too... @drdisrespect Isn’t she the best!!!Jake Lucky = Industry PlantSlasher is Fake News! Source: @drdisrespectCancel culture be like “ F*ck it I’ll go back 50 years if I have to.” all know The Kid Laroi ? Having him on @momsbasement tomorrow @ZeKain02 @Classify W @Classify 2/10 for that one ☝️ @Classify I’m four times older than you and I’ve never broken my hip! @LegendaryLuigi ThanksThis kid just beat me in Pokémon go and threaten to fuck my mother. I’m not happy RN. @Classify I don’t know who needs to see this right now but I’m gonna post some stupid ass motivational bullshit Not… can’t think of anything good to tweetDear @FallGuysGame , I would like to report a hacker! @trishapaytas StoryFire!!! I text u about this!!New #DramaAlert is LIVE -->
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿These are my plans to build my own waterfall. Underneath the waterfall there’s gonna be bar to drink alcohol!’ve been using aim bot this whole time never got banned! Fortnite hates UK kids #FREEJARVISI pray to God this happens, I just want to see the reaction of Twitter! Paul vs Nate Robinson fight has been postponed till Nov 28th! Sources tell me Mike Tyson want to fight in fr…
New #DramaAlert is LIVE --> up for new #DramaAlert today?Thanks @TrueGeordieTG for the hoodie. guarantee I could steal your girl off the corner! lesson in economics Lamborghini = $600k & $3k oil change Corvette = $65k & $100 oil change both cars bea… goes to the Suburbs. @DavidSoccer325 @ConnorEatsPants I killed all the big ones @ConnorEatsPants Yeah 2 of your 10 friends are gone. @ConnorEatsPants @ChuckECheese Your nextBro @ChuckECheese , you should buy TikTok.Kanye is trying to tell us these hoes plastic & full of hot air. @ErrnieGerrn Yeah I can get you in. Lmk @ahhdamnsmitt What are you talking about bro? I use it every day it’s smooth as butter.You guys need to Sub to me on StoryFire right now! this is my chance to be PewDiePie goddamnit! plan
Top quality entertainment!’s ready for some more quality vlog entertainment? off jeans > @whyyn0TT you would have won,,,,, UNLUCKYWatch my new vlog & (RT) for chance to win $1 up to 3 winners! Link --> @Deji congrats @FaZeRug 9/10 @Leafy Yikes @CathalLong4 NP2020 Hype @Nicholas_DeOrio Nick D Oreos a fucking herb"Protesters" to make DRUGS!
Retweeted by KEEM 🍿
2020 FBI @TeamYouTube this is the 2nd video in a row that has been DEMONETIZED for BS! And its a human REVIEW! currently have nothing in stock sold everything wholesale to @BradleyMartynHow to make DRUGS! > have the best doggie!!! M F A O Lol REVENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PREPARED!!!!!!!!! TODAY IS THE DAY!!!! @HotFinn_ 21Invest in cryptocurrency it’s going to be at an all-time high before the end of the year!When’s the last time anything of importance happened on live stream and the clip was taking from Facebook gaming?… AT: JAKE PAUL & LOGAN PAUL via @YouTubeFacebook gaming ? Facebook gaming is where online creators go to die... Remember Tfues girlfriend? Exactly, I… a loser!“xenophobic” Streamers are the dumbest people in online entertainment @jasoneisenhaue2 @tanamongeau ? @tanamongeau It’s just funny @KahlenBarry This is hilariousWoah @tanamongeau you gud ? @Ninja think wisely about your next move.... where did you pull more viewers?In the Epic Battle of #YouTubeVsTwitch I declare the winner team YouTube! The Twitch crybabies have quit the in… @liljarviss about to get revenge if Fortnite gets banned 😂😂😂Dear @FortniteGame , Give me $2 million for my prize pool to bring back #FridayFortnite for 10 weeks. And I wil… and gentlemen the gaming world is about to get turned upside down! has issued an executive order that would ban the social media app TikTok from operating in the US in 45 days… @TeamYouTube HUMAN REVIEWED by the way is LYING! there is no BLURRED NUDITY! on my video…