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@FaZeSway wait why are these numbers actually so close to my card @mrpezimin oml it’s real @Tkaylol it is realnever ordering food again bro @vyhable @brianPOVv ratio @crayolawtf @ParagonTweaks @NotLucFN tell me before i ratio u @ActIsAnime @rzlphy LOL @ActIsAnime hiNOVA is giving away a $2,700 NZXT gaming PC Enter by completing all 3 tasks: - RETWEET this tweet - FOLLOW…
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@Scoped @ItzJMar_ i feel u on that boss man @ItzJMar_ @Scoped bro he creased his shoes so bad wtf @BusWtf8 bro LMFAOOOOOO @fishszns LOL i got like the same trolling too like 700L lool @rzlphy likes 5 mins and ong i’ll buy this @mrpezimin bro what lol? i just have like every weirdo who post weird shit blocked lmfao @SandSultan7 @Reverse2k that looks like vosh @fakeifys @Slapiin he’s not 5 9 lmaoohow much people u got blocked? @aykedfn @Slapiin i believe in u bro
@dereknlmbx @FaZeSway same @dereknlmbx @FaZeSway ? @tw_eaks ur a troll boss @kn0n71 porque tu esta vusando google translate
@MorganFETV @jojiFN so ur rich cuz ur broke is what u tryna say @sinn2k @ChronicTisa if he’s a random what r u @DanonDL @tisaaa bro ur a troll @Diiscc 29 @ClixHimself i saw u on tiktok wit 1 stop trolling @Slapiin u did not get yo money yo boy @mrpezimin ong @ebankslolss mask fishing @wavyjacob1 hbd boss man @FaZeSway @fakeifys ong boss @Kehnys_ hbd keeny @Eomzo1 yes i’ve sucked some1s dick before and they won grands
@ActIsAnime LETS GO! @vynlabtw grown ass man wtf @JeoSZN no way u believed that LOL @itskiylie @Ceice 😂 @faxuty @RenuityFN @Reetlol @TurtleTavernTV LOL
@LiquefyFN weird @ItzJMar_ @NICKMERCS where the pics at @SandSultan7 @FNCompetitive @FortniteGame @DonaldMustard @FortniteStatus @itskiylie fort
@wydstezi ? @imsticksfn @itsJerian unban me manwtf lmfaooo @FaZeSway no ratioi got scammed $3 from my school vending machine wtf 😐😐😐 @LiquefyFN delete @McDonalds 10 nuggets fries sundae @FaZeSway Like bro Sway u win every wager but didnt have the right mindset to let speed get the bread dawg i expect… @pang1x nope not at all @dvnnylmao @mscharwie lol @Slapiin hbd julio + ratio as your birthday @mscharwie not everyone has money lmfaoo + ur prolly one of those ppl too @FaZeSway ur so kc @ebankslolss @faxuty the titties 😭 @jojiFN @zipzybtw @sprybtw @xJahad why u bust to ppl calling u daddy @kizhybtw @Akrsiibtw @SandSultan7 @itskiylie bro yk how long that takes to do ? lmfaoo @cxlturesss . @jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterIndia @TwitterAPI @verified this is cxltureshow tf do girls deepthroat lol i legit choked yesterday
@SandSultan7 @itskiylie when did i ever say anything bout that lmfao @SandSultan7 @itskiylie ??? @SandSultan7 @itskiylie are u trolling lmao @Dety0 im crazy bro @imsticksfn ratio + good stuff boss @itskiylie notiRetweet to find Mutuals!
Retweeted by keeny @TNAKirsh i remember that $300 tourney i won of yours lmfaoo
@fusionfsgg 48 likes 37 mins lmao @tisaaa raretio @LiquefyFN @fakeifys nah i’m in alg 1 LMFAO @stfnh my mom is like that too and im starting to get like that where i can’t eat in the mornings lol @fakeifys calculus ap @velocity literally @connsnips @Laiys_ @BoksFN bro i fall asleep in the car on the way to school everyday 😭 @kiylaye @BHVannessa @lvcidfort @xADDLEMENT @Akrsiibtw ratio
@Tkaylol mfs with like under 1k followrrs got it @Safarooniee gl @MeroFN @yungcalc @swazlol @orangie how bad is the lisp gonna be now lmfaooo @SeemTV ratio @Tkaylol @3Dxrk @Slapiin bro what yes u are + u edate some1 in another continent + ratio + cringe + doug ratio @Yuldyy @adinross @adinross @ajo1x those white laces u got on r disgusting with it @ajo1x i might actually needa block u for having those on ur feet bro wtf @DeyyFN @LetsGoMiro u can tell its not you lmfao look at the twitch pfp
@tisaaa i would like an invitation to yeah chat! @tisaaa bro @Quinsulin @XnBFN no lmfaoo, if u live in a house for 30 years bought it’s cheaper then living in a house for 30 ye… @XnBFN short term is rent long term is house lmaoo @Rinxz @tisaaa @Slapiin 😂 @darpelol how lol @zeusypoo_ @Yusa2x @rzlphy @Slapiin stop trolling @Slapiin bro u got no drip @zuxibtw show ur face + ratio