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@Slapiin @FRPsycho including you slow controller piecing the air shitcan 🤡 @Slapiin @FRPsycho mostly everybody lolhit up @tisaaa to get optimized i deadass have no delay and it’s been like 4 days and it’s still gDo you guys pronounce it “trash” or “parm” ? @rzlphy u used to hate him @jojiFN @TheSommerset so i did the math and it’s 8 hrs and 36 min away from me so you live close to me 😳 @XnBFN del @Donieefr 💯 @LimitAstrend @akaakaydence deleteimagine paying someone to teach you how to scam and they scam you @moonyfn And now your being so negative and talking so much sht about him cause of something out of his control 😐😐😐… You're Doniee looking in the mirror @slaysfn @moonyfn hi trio @slaysfn @moonyfn yo waddup dood @Slapiin @cozzlol @cozzlol washed @cozzlol ur washedwho wanna play faxutys 2k tourney on west w me and doniee @zyfaFN @Donieefr 😘
@OkisFN Wworth every penny @_xans
Retweeted by OA Keenynothing worse than someone quitting fortnite and then shit talking ppl who play itEgirls if fn players stopped givin them clout n attention @Emelyy what happen#LLJ you live on and you always will🖤
Retweeted by OA Keeny @Byzic @HajieFN . @itsJerian + @itsJerian killed ur teammate * griefed u, ur washed @Byzic i get the same viewers on a different account + nothing without console + pushed u cuz i wanted to @Byzic u r washed + ratio + nothing without spaz/console @Byzic common pump and u have a gold spaz u r such a noob. @igdropz @alqsyy ong @igdropz cheetos @MelodyBTW may not be mexican, but i don’t believe anything these josé @Byzic @vynlabtw @Wxbbys yeah @vynlabtw @Wxbbys goxlr or astro mixamp tr @vynlabtw @Wxbbys mf doesn’t have an actual mixer 😂 @vynlabtw @Wxbbys u r so dumb @YusaSZN @vynlabtw ells @elletaylxr @vynlabtw @elletaylxr @vynlabtw wait was it actually serious @vynlabtw I didn’t wanna publicly tweet this but ever since me and vynla broke up my mentality has fcked bruh like… didn’t wanna publicly tweet this but ever since me and scrubz broke up my mentality has fcked bruh like I deadass… @opsqt W❤️nah these twitch girls have lost their damn mind
@essyep kenneth. @FaZeSway i had no mats + ur washed + nothing without dc + i’m nobody without u @Gomezzs7 r u slap or sum shitthats embarrassing.. @vynlabtw @AlecBinksjust got the vaccine, bout to turn into a card board @SebasWyd ya @GMoneyFN ops @Michaelfnr_ def my most embarrassing aim momentthis is embarrassing for both of us 🤣
Retweeted by OA Keeny @HajieFN u def qualed @HajieFN how much points did u getthis is embarrassing for both of us 🤣
@Polo_Capalot @scoreyy the hood listen to migos now need a follow? 😼 @OptimalAmbition @murkzot @xCrunchy wat happen @mezefy bruh nvm lol @mezefy how much @coL_Punisher it @coL_Punisher use low latency mode it’s way less wit. @Gaannzo shut up @FaZeSway @Emelyy @opsqt @swazlol @Homi_FN @isaiah_drippy derek a whole bitch do people hate subway you’re literally making your own sandwich @pretend @Homi_FN @FaZeSway @isaiah_drippy @dereknImb 💯 @Homi_FN @FaZeSway @isaiah_drippy @dereknImb sway:
@FaZeSway Looks like tilted towers. @cakiepoofn no @FaZeSway @dereknImb nice bro @RiseFn @PxraFPSx3 bro you’ve made like 25k max from this and if it’s a new person ain’t no1 buying shit @PxraFPSx3 LMFAOOOOOOO @PxraFPSx3 who would buy your twitter for 30k ur shit isn’t even worth 1k lol @StayKazed :( @kyrhha Going out of ur way to find someone probably wouldn’t work out, If you maintain a regular social life chanc… @FaZeSway no problem boss @FaZeSway in return i would like to ask for 75% equity stake @FaZeSway 💯@ this person @cxltures @Parmbtw @igdropz lol
@DeyyFN @BigShotWRLD @Hantao me @itsJerian u r so washed @pretend @dereknImb SHUT UP @moonyfn delete @MeroFN deletestop stressing bout that b*tch that you never had, instead worrying boutta b*tch better get a bag