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i really want to make content creation a full time job ;-;
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @qwqdna what r u wearing @Vessrain REAL 🗣️🗣️🗣️‼️‼️‼️💯💯💯 @Vessrain YEAHH, AND I WAS HOPING YEAWON WOULD GET CHOSEN BRU CMON EVERYONE LOVES JIA 😭😭ep 6 of singles inferno makes me want to SHOOT MYSELFsex is a very intimate and sacred act. remember ur body is a temple and u shouldn’t be sharing it with anyone who plays VALORANT.
Retweeted by #FaZeKeoDance is literally the best therapy for me. Without dance I would just keep everything in, and never be able to ex…
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @LanoExe LETS GOOO
@j1nsoyoung that's not very 🅿️me and my radiant bf @1harucat @urgfkass double stream faze grind don't stopnormal time stream? or degen stream? @katlienteee @pokimanelol actual children wtf 😭 @urgfkass U first u first HAHABDBEBBS @urgfkass I pierced my nipples to @urgfkass KASSSS @plutovelvet nice to meet u !! @catgirlakira I don't think I will, I'm gonna pop gfuel and nap in the middle of the day @catgirlakira @xtinahxynh aw fuck yeah Tina's awake ✊ sexy people don't sleep remember that ladies @catgirlakira Nahh nothing bad, it's just one of those "damn guess I can't sleep" nights LOL @catgirlakira mmm it's one of those nights @catgirlakira YAAAY @yeSloth @Toasty1k same tbh @jawhrvinsroom spitting fax @comicalphantom @LadyRoseNoireVT FIND THE LINK I WANNA BUY IT TOOAll I want for Valentine's Day is a Rose Bulbasaur 🥺🌸✨
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @LadyRoseNoireVT @comicalphantomIM GONNA SCREAM @comicalphantom hey makeshift manager, remind me to reply to emails tmrw plsI haven't posted on my main account and im still getting brand emails... okokok time to turn up @FaZeMew Wzendaya could really beat my ass and i'd apologize to her
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @itzyfan69 keep us updated !!someone pour me a shot ;-; @aversantt can i talk to your penis in a silly goofy voice and call it names and kiss it on the tip goodnight🥺 @CaptainMauiYT I just want some chicken nuggetsWho needs 500 gifted subs? on Twitch. I'm on the look out for #FAZE1
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @catopsia did it so formally too HAHAHA @catopsia so u gonna duo w them or whati don't talk to some of my mutuals... swear im just awkward sorry LOLL you guys stream on Twitch, make sure you have #FaZe1 in your title so I can host/raid you 👀 I’ll be looking for…
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @InshaneTM ill see you in LA at that Top20 house 😩😼i can not believe i just got convinced to play fortnite
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @raviipon @FaZeMew 💖#FaZeKeo kk see y'all in a week
If I got a tattoo what would it be 🤔🤔
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @sebsisthebest oo show me later tn? R u free @ejscouter TRUE @sebsisthebest No clue @stefanperies_ mbl?ok so can someone teach me how to color correct in premiere pro because I'm stupid... Do y'all got presets or y'all… keo is kinda cute huh @itsjawhn guess i gotta turn up @itsjawhn run that shit back ong @anginuhs @magicpat_ imagine 💀500K RTs and we’ll eat it
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @aversantt I want. @JoshiAliAndres @100Thieves PLS @lcjjr_3 @xtinahxynh @ShaunThien sounds like an excuse for you not joining vc... tina joins more than you so 🙄✋ @lcjjr_3 @xtinahxynh @ShaunThien i have an android but leo, we both know that second part aint true @lcjjr_3 @xtinahxynh @ShaunThien you play league... That's the lowest you can go so anything else isn't surprising 🏃‍♂️ @lcjjr_3 @xtinahxynh @ShaunThien Sucks to suck go get carried by someone else 🙄✋ (Benji is off limits btw)FaZe keo for shits n giggles the #FAZE1 Recruitment Challenge We're looking for the next great FaZe member. Your signing bonus? - $…
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @xtinahxynh @lcjjr_3 @ShaunThien that's a you problem 🙄✋ go play w ur boyf @1EDEN_ my boys be hyping me up so good 😩😩 @lcjjr_3 @ShaunThien Tina wanted to comp with us, but you didn't 🙄✋ i see where we stand @ShaunThien I wish I had a her to buy a keyboard fortaekwondo and dance ☝️😩 @aversantt TRUEwhat should I change my fortnite name towait what happened w twitch why is everyone tweeting abt it @yenswagz seek some bitches @davieIIa i needa take my own advice HAHAHAH @davieIIa don't chase, attractme? ima go get myself some mf mac n cheese 😩all i know is... if y'all REALLY want something, you'll go get it ☝️ @yenswagz @xtinahxynh @aversantt no @yenswagz @aversantt I'm changing my Fortnite username now @xtinahxynh @aversantt @yenswagz im too scared they're equally braindead @aversantt @yenswagz angie no i refuse to let u be twt friends with yenswags @comicalphantom "can you take out the trash too" MF I WAS GOING TO LET ME DO MY SHIT 🗣️I will go on my random cleaning sprees whenever I want, tyvm.i love doing things on my own accord. i hate being told to do things. if you see me washing the dishes and cleaning… is important
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @NotMatcheww ain't no way 💀💀😭😭 @NotMatcheww matt is so #hornydeep cleaning the ever living fuck outta my room
I definitely fucked up my sleep schedule again. 🥲 Why is it so hard to sleep?
Retweeted by #FaZeKeoReassurance is so fucking attractive bro.
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @catopsia pain @urgfkass im sexy as fuckmake his dick hard, not his life !! ✊someone get @laettnerr a shawty @aversantt @Joking_arsene what epPassing of Slastt's Father.. Read:
Retweeted by #FaZeKeoone more… if i see one more couple on my fyp… 😐
Retweeted by #FaZeKeo @abotofu_ taking this advice and finding a girlfriend on valorant rn ty @urgfkass hi dad