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@6u77erfly It might be in the near future, who knows 👀👀 @Qasim_57 @tofieldya I've been since then laid off from that role and looking for my next one for over 3 months tho :D @flangerhanger If you're feeling like having an extra challenge :D @jmarhee These are Russian kids, I can recognize these shelves effing anywhere 😂 @_mallorybrewer_ Sure fucking yes, u know it *finger snaps* @HGPAtv Or "please don't make me go through this hell again 🥺😬" @channiwinnter I'm getting to the final stages of interview process with a few companies and I wanna make sure what… I just scheduled additional 3 interviews this week 🙈😬 What am I doing to myself, folks?? @rustandstardus I might soon be in a situation where 4 companies are equally interested in me, and that'd be pretty… @sophia_wyl @jmarhee Hello Penny
@emmydoesit Scorpio is accurate but id also be happy with every single other room, they're all #a e s t e t i c @IanColdwater Mood @zaratan Oh no I do t have any offers on hand just yet, just let somebody know that I might have one & the time per… @zaratan I told someone this today and it was appreciated and understood. I don't want to make a rushed decision th… @sophia_wyl @_murcey_ I've seen it, and as an artist I can even find her brow and eye in that make up :D Super imp…“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” buddy you can sleep right now it is so nice
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫what a privilege to learn about racism from infographics! i learned about racism from being constantly belittled my whole life
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫 @laurieontech And people is tech. And is tech people, people tech is! *slowly nods* @elizposadas I especially loved that guy reappearing in Legend of Korra and his business being destroyed 😂My HTTP status decision flowchart: did it work? yes -> just use 200, literally no one cares no -> whose fault…
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫 @lauracharvey In this case, I wouldn't want to ask advice on how to handle a situation when that situation would be… @lauracharvey Subtweet is when you're usually referring to a very specific person/company and their behavior. Exam… @ariel_n ~$30k for Lambda if you go with ISA, though 🙃If a meritocracy existed, people wouldn’t be hired for “culture fit” and fired for natural hairstyles.
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫 @_mallorybrewer_ I'm just sprinting super hard right now. My month of June had barely 3-4 interviews *total* becaus… these are sold out!! Thank you everyone 🧡✨ @worldwise001 Cuute 🥺 @kyleshevlin @philipyoungg @jlongster @Dayhaysoos Are you sure that friend of yours is not me?? 😂 @jmchorse I never used a hogs hair brush myself so don't have any recommendations, sorry 🙈 @baphsy Ah alright, that clarifies it. Making mistakes is alright as long as you can learn from them and further gr… @theavalkyrie Can't wait for 'move in' pics!!What looks like fireworks going off before the large explosion at the #Beirut port. #Lebanon
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫 @baphsy This clarification only made you look like a bigger piece of shit, especially with the last statement? @FabioRosado_ yes @pugmajere Rejections certainly feel even less impactful than before, simply because I have other interviews lined up 🤷‍♀️I no longer get if people refer to me as Cake ironically or not 😂 @Emisaurus_hex Nope, recalling when I got my first full time software engineer job offer in November 2019 :D @Dayhaysoos @jlongster Same :/ @JackMarketon @ChloeCondon Majority of companies I interview at don't have recruiters due to small size, so more li… @jlongster I did, they rejected me :D @JackMarketon 🔥🔥 @ChloeCondon I might need more detailed advice soon if all goes well haha @JackMarketon WOW thats *a lot*, luckily didn't have to go through this experience yet @rustandstardus @ReinH im cake now @ReinH *stays silent for 4 months* hey *stays silent for a year* ur beautiful hon, heeyyy2 interviews down, 6 more interviews to go this week! *Happy but exhausted face* 😍🥴For context :D hate this Twitter feature where a woman in tech communicates frustration regarding reply guys in a single tweet..… @kaydacode @BrandonRockhold @ChloeCondon The tweet is unavailable but considering its deleted I can imagine what happened 😂 @piq9117 ..because you thought that this chase was yourself when in fact it wasn't 🙈 @steph_happens There's an app called PictureThis that can help with that! @AshleeMBoyer tbh* @AshleeMBoyer Srsly someone said this to me more than once. Not even sure which type of person out of these 2 I find more annoying bth @tofieldya Yeah thats how I felt after getting hired. My life's goal became breaking through that gate, so much so… @erly Yayy! ^-^ I'll pack it tomorrow & you can expect to receive it on 11-12th August @AshleeMBoyer "BuT AsHleE He WaS juST TryInG To HELPPP!!!!!!!"Making sure my code is Clean Code by pouring bleach directly onto my hard drive.
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫You ever chase something for such a long time that, after you get it, there's this emptiness inside? ...As if something is now missing? @wolfhoundjesse I think my thoughts are in general >75% English(plus I simply wouldn't know all the technical termi… @danielmunro Oh my, this is everything I was looking for! Simply *chef's kiss* perfection Shows that you're both e… @theavalkyrie Notion, Netlify, Apple(after a technial interview), Facebook(after getting me through the initial rec… bilingual is kind of fascinating! I can never remember whether I saw a tv show(or movie) in my native langua…
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫 @StefanHayden @TheCodePixi IMO 2-4 weeks would be more than enough, at least in a situation I think I might be heading into :D5 left!! 👀👀✨👀👀 @MichaelRSchmidt Lmao @egong4real Would I also offer an explanation for the deadline or just "thinking" about it. I also wouldn't want to… @tlesher But what would I do with company #1? How to best communicate this to them?What's the best way to handle a situation where you (hypothetically) have a job offer at hand but want to finish in… @emmydoesit Does shipping fanfiction count as books fdfdgdgf @emmydoesit I have a different first response but looks like you might be referring to this?… @l33tingl4dy Mood 🙈 I also barely can keep my attention compared to back then. I'd still zone out but not multiple… @bitandbang Same 🥴 @yansh_ Same @KevinDavus FucccccOh no you're about to go on-call
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫 @woojaeizzle I am certain that it saves money in terms of stickers(definitely cheaper than $1 per each sticker now)… @woojaeizzle When I was purchasing it, I was more considering having precise control & fast turnaround time (design… @AliannaFlynn @TartanLlama Aw I'd love my initials to be AF 😂 @woojaeizzle Yes, I do! I have a printer that allows high-res printing on both photo and sticker paper ^-^ @TartanLlama Also something tells me you'll like this pin kickstarter lol @TartanLlama Omg can we get more pics of it?? But also link pls 👀10 Etsy orders away from ✨ 200 total ✨ milestone! @TatianaTMac yawn snooze tbh for me @IanColdwater @find_evil @JohnnyCiocca @theavalkyrie Hi Ian! *enters infinite loop* @IanColdwater @theavalkyrie Hi Ian! I'm Cake! @DebaratiDas44 WOW these are over the top stunning! Can't take my eyes off the second one, especially 😍✨ @soniagupta504 I wasn't ready for this amount of cuteness!!! @codeFreedomRitr Ooof sounds extremely rough 😬 Sending best thoughts your way so that you'd get out alive!These kids are supremely talented. The future is in very good hands.
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫*****teach sign language in public schools instead of cursive!!l******
Retweeted by Cake is Kate. Always has been. 💫 @soniagupta504 I'm asexual which means I'm attracted to you and your family a very happy and prosperous New year LOL what @Caseyyu21 I got laid off three months ago. @theavalkyrie @displaced_ATX Forever mood @_mallorybrewer_ Subtweet in my DMs? :D @vllry Why did ~400 people follow me because I posted "Welp I've been laid off :/" a few months ago? 😂 Twitter is just weird that way @directxman12 You absolutely should!! But also new season is coming out August 17th, so not too much of a wait ^-^… @Fawnduu @zkat__ omg woow :o @CallMeWuz What was it supposed to say? 😂 I seriously only see bobk he blup
@tesseralis What about ace lesbians? I mean ACE Hardware lesbians?? 🤣😂