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kehlani really filmed, edited, and posted the toxic music video from her room because of quarantine i love this woman
Retweeted by Kehlani @DrewwwBanga oh nah that’s craaaaaaaazy!!!!! wow REST EASY ATON!
kehlani’s new song got me feeling like sexy af in the house
Retweeted by KehlaniIn all my years of Kehlani’ing i ain’t never seen Kehlani Kehlani like this. *phew 🌊💦
Retweeted by Kehlani @laurrrelyse @niyaboo136 o yea u WON baby this is everythingWelp | #toxicchallenge | @Kehlani
Retweeted by Kehlani @ambre i love u a whole whole lot @itswalela love u dawgit actually made me emotional i was this way because of a lot of personal trauma thru lots of active conscious he…’s actually been real cool seeing y’all videos to the song. seeing how many people saying it’s making them feel s… @jewshism @findlovergirl @txyxuxs on G O D#toxicchallenge can I️ be in the music video 😂🥺 @Kehlani
Retweeted by Kehlani @LaytonGreene 😂😘
@BlueTheGreat relate hard @KahhSpence OKYYYY SISTERRRRRR PUT THEM TO REST @MadeInChynna luv u
Retweeted by Kehlani @laysWRLD999 @kuhlaniszn cmon cheeks!!!!watch it WIT your girl. bond over the booty. @ChildishMajor imma make one @KahhSpence bring it on! @fierceyani i’m so ready for yoursmy director name Hyphy Williams , #TOXIC what’s your favorite part of the video? KEHLANI GAVE US ALL THIS SEX APPEAL IN A HOMEMADE MUSIC VIDEO?? I FEEL LIKE IM WATCHING HER LIVESTREAM ON CHATU…
Retweeted by Kehlaniso kehlani really had the audacity to drop the HOTTEST music video at 3:30 am expecting us to drop everything and w…
Retweeted by Kehlanii wake up to kehlani’s video for toxic which is basically her shaking her ass in different outfits?????
Retweeted by Kehlani @ambre lawTOXIC (QUARANTINE STYLE) OUT ON YOUTUBE NOW. CREATED DIRECTED EDITED BY ME IN MY ROOM IN AN HOUR THANK U RED WINE 🥶… @russdiemon red r u dummmmmmmmmmmmi drank some wine and locked myself in my room. stay awake for me real quickwho’s up? 😈 @RexxLifeRaj this why ur the best , reason number 8181171616116aye if u reading this, go stretch
HERE IT IS “TRIPPIN” LIVE X @VEVO | check out the album version with @Kehlani’s FIRE FEATUR…
Retweeted by the crib....i shake my ass...🎶🎶🎶 @p_lo ok WE GET IT THO THATS MY POINT! they get all the love! i’m jus lookin out for lil homie who never gets recognition 😭 the underdog @p_lo bruh THE HOT ONES? do u not like tortilla chips????? they literally jus lil baby tortilla chips.... but hot @p_lo cap on this appwhy are flamin hot fritos not in the conversation of hot chips that buss? it’s dissertations about puffs, popcorn…
prayer for yourself, prayer for the world @VanessaMorgan @niyaboo136 aw happy birthday V!Happy Birthday Adeya 🥰 Thankyou 4 my meet & greet
Retweeted by Kehlanimimink and a fan BABY IS ONE MY FIERY ARIES MY WHOLE HEART EVERYDAY I AM SHOCKED HONORED AND MORE IN LOVE. i love you the most!!!…
LONG LIVE LEXII ALIJAIImmunocompromised chemo patient in need help getting medical supplies & essentials for my homecare ♥️
Retweeted by Kehlanigrounding. @KahhSpence never @fauntleroy the rest of us are your sonsPrioritize Joy
nothing but respect for MY president. @sgarretteskin do deyyyy SHIP in the global crisis is the question. 😭my dreams been so heavy they’ve been literally weighing on my chest when i wake up and the emotions from the dream linger for hours.
@DaShaunLH 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼Kehlani got a different part of my heart. She is it.
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retweeting these for the day everytime a new one comes do y’all understand the talent 😭😭😭 @REESElaflare the only one i could do ever was a rock to fakie but as i was coming back down i wobbled crazy, buste… Solutions — Part 1
Retweeted by Kehlaniyou’ll make me lose my mind but that’s good for me, i’m creative. so why we not creating? @p_lo u know the vibes brethren
@FeRaw they don’t know @BOWoktane LETS GO @YoungMAMusic goodbye lmao
i guess i’m almost finding peace in the fact that my daughter has no idea what’s going on right now. she’s just wat…
@WhamBamCanOfHam @randallnee4 @nilavanila331 @thekadijah @krenz_santos no that’s porschetta. pandemic is a black an… @MNEK “scared” was godlyHARD BODYYYY girl gave me her number and was off by a digit. gotta love it. good luck sis!!!!!! @cose41fivin @j2trippy these kids beautiful as hell
@dejatenise i stan you dejato be transparent i HAD a release date. we’re unable to complete any of our plans or move forward with the album…“Toxic” out now on all platforms.
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@FUCCl i have noooo patience to start over @FUCCl missing mine all the time. i got to 3/4 and tore 🤧s c r e a m i n @ScotLouie girl i @Renellaice that’s my muva
bitch... this scared ME. you’re hoarding hella shit and know families in need please share man. no reason someone living alone should hav… panic is doing more damage than anything. 😔 @JessMarieGarcia ur the goati almost wanna feel a way when people assume what/who the songs i release are about , but on the flip side.. it mea…, obsessed with @Kehlani’s work: The trajectory from ‘You Should Be Here’ to ‘While We Wait’ traces Kehlani’s bre…
Retweeted by Kehlani @AJSaudin i h8 u @isaiahrashad cuz it was posed to 😂
@p_lo BUDDY! @GRyOMO and them bitches still slap too 😉 gRy x Tsunami tape at some pointThe night @Kehlani did Toxic we did about 4-5 records...she’s the real deal
Retweeted by Kehlaniall these kisses and hugs is.. KNOCK shit. all my bay area kids know what a knock is 🤣 get real accountable when i’m alone.“Toxic” out now on all platforms. tomorrow 10 am PST. prod by @GRyOMO x @kbeazythegod
Cranes In The Sky one of the most gorgeous songs of all timeCan we start a thing under this thread where ppl who are in areas with disinfectant supplies say they are willing t…
Retweeted by KehlaniHERE IS A GOOGLE DOC IF U ARE WILLING TO HELP IMMUNE SUPPRESSED PEOPLE, remove yourself from the doc if/when you ca…
Retweeted by KehlaniI know the coronavirus isn’t that scary for a lot of ppl. Many of you are young & healthy & will be able to defeat…
Retweeted by Kehlaniah!!!!! i love jamal! @brettgray my baaaaby! i see you @OnMyBlock 😍 Wilson was fatally stabbed on a train platform in Oakland in 2018. Today, the suspect John Lee Cowell was foun…
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