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This 👇 McConnell is refusing to hand over committee chairmanships to the new Democratic majority until he gets a pr…
Retweeted by Keith RossonMcConnell's side lost this time. Losers don't make policy, remember? The man has done everything he could to torch…'re trying to reach across the aisle to people who tried to overturn a fair election, and incited a fucking insu… in 2017: "They had their shot in the election. But in this country when you win the election you get to m… rid of the filibuster and pass everything: healthcare, childcare, family leave, minimum wage, etc. Pass it all.…
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How far down Democratic Senate leadership do we have to go to get a Senate Majority Leader who remembers what Mitch…
Retweeted by Keith RossonDear @SenateDems and @SenSchumer - Democrats who voted for you DO NOT want a "shared power agreement" with Mitch Mc… @cinapelayo Me too! These designs are fantastic. @shanehawkk @JoshuaMarsella Yeah, order placed. Some great designs here.Dear @SenateDems and @SenSchumer: Just to be clear, when we delivered you a majority, our intention as voters was…
Retweeted by Keith RossonDear Magic 8 Ball, Will I ever finish a gottdang story again? the filibuster.
Retweeted by Keith Rosson @BobPastorella Really enjoyed his novel, Underground Airlines.Not me. Us.
Retweeted by Keith RossonHi, let's get rid of ICE and the filibuster, yeah? @tedcruz Two weeks ago you voted to disenfranchise the votes of the people of Pittsburgh, and the entire state of Pennsylvania. @VoteMarsha If by "standing with" you mean "incited his followers to stomp and beat one to death on the steps on th…, thanks to the indomitable @MeerkatPress, here's a great spot to find allllll of my books in one place:, if someone liked (or didn't like) THE MERCY OF THE TIDE, it'd be cool if you could be the person to kick revie… @DavidJoy_Author 66?Get rid of the filibuster if you want to get anything substantive done during this narrow window of time.'re getting close! FOLK SONGS FOR TRAUMA SURGEONS comes out in a month via @MeerkatPress! You can preorder it now… care about unity when they're about to get their units stomped on. Otherwise, it's "Perhaps you should… call it a "Democratic extremist witch-hunt" I call it "rooting the white supremacists out of government" Let'… always a fan of Tapper, but this is chef's kiss-level beautiful., raise your hand if there's some part of you that's waiting for this Press Secretary to either insult a reporter… 1: Revoked Muslim ban Rejoined Paris Climate Agreement Paused student loan debt w/ 0% interest Extended federa… Biden’s secretary of education had paused student loan payments and put interest rate at 0%
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Oh man. Ted Cruz wearing his "Come and Take It" mask to the inauguration after fascists stormed the Capitol in an a… fucking kills me we lived through 4 years with the absolute worst god damn people in charge. It kills me how muc…
Retweeted by Keith RossonJust utter dogshit people to the very last second dunno, maybe it's petty, but I'm pretty stoked for some Executive Orders to start rolling in, chipping away at so… Trump has pardoned Gargamel, in exchange for six Smurfs to turn into gold“Just a few bad apples” 🥴
Retweeted by Keith RossonI knew it was going to be very bad, and it was worse than I thought.*Biden finishes oath* MAGA: THESE COVID NUMBERS ARE OUTTA CONTROL
Retweeted by Keith RossonI’m leading the call for national security powers to not be expanded in light of the attack on our nation’s Capitol…
Retweeted by Keith RossonOh it’s a “melee” now, huh? One rich person away from a “fracas”...
Retweeted by Keith RossonJust the years of stupidity and celabratory cruelty and pointless death.
@jimsciutto @HawleyMO Fuck it. Appoint him as Acting Secretary and move on. The GOP has set precedent here.People act like the internet is the only thing that weaponized boomers but I’m here to tell you a lot of my friends…
Retweeted by Keith RossonTomorrow is inauguration day! To celebrate the triumph of democracy over kakistocracy, I’m giving away 13 signed co…
Retweeted by Keith Rosson @lonesome_ahle They're particularly awed by Leatherface's cover of You Are My SunshineNot a lot of people will get this, but my kids think Frankie Stubbs is the Cookie Monster @rosshowalter Yeah, I totally do that.Ah, Beefy... Posobiec stood outside of the opening ceremony of the African American History museum in DC holding a sign tha…
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Seriously, how absolutely stoked are these billionaires seeing us with our boots on each other's heads over $15 an hourAnyone else remember last summer, in which Portland Police, Homeland Security, & a bevy of agencies in paramilitary… ⁦@simonschuster⁩ found a back door to keeping that Trump money coming in- ⁦@Regnery⁩ will print Hawley’s bo…
Retweeted by Keith RossonAt @Bookshop_Org
Retweeted by Keith RossonWhen you consider yourself a patriot and ALSO want to sell state secrets to Russia link: of my favorite stories in the collection, "Brad Benske and the Hand of Light," was originally published by… @MeerkatPress short story collection, FOLK SONGS FOR TRAUMA SURGEONS, comes out in about five weeks. Folks can p… all this pomp to begin with? An inauguration, presumably with massive crowds, when we're nearly a year deep int… Bezos made $4,475,885 per hour in 2018 and they have us at each other’s throats for $15 an hour
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@JAWMcCarthy Still listen to that band all the time. FREE is just about a perfect rock record.
@ScottJ_Moses Ah, man, thank you.SOOO fucking weird when the media labels these guys as "social media personalities." Getting on Youtube and endless… yeah, it's absolutely worth noting that the GOP vilified AOC for yeeeeears for having the temerity to have once… folks ragging on Boebert for getting a GED are elitist assholes. You folks ragging on Boebert for being a white… Me. A. Fucking. Break. acceptance of the year, alriiiiight. My story "Devils Abound" running out there in the world soon.Hi, after 5+ years we don't need to read any more juicy tell-alls about Proud Boys or white supremacists or how Naz…'ve been notified today that a person in Oregon, identified as a Multnomah County resident, has tested positive w…
Retweeted by Keith RossonSorry, but the fact that Trump is still making moves to install new secretaries of military and intelligence agenci… million people desperately wanted to see 4 more years of this absolutely suicidal madness and brutality and inco…
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@ComicCavePDX Sorry to hear this, Doug. Thinking of you. @Charrlygirl "Liked" in solidarity. That all sucks, I'm sorry.a lot of outlets that are just now deciding to cover extremism are about to make this mistake. you don’t need to in…
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Nothing dude, just drawing with the kids, what are you up to? @CoreyFarrenkopf Hey, thank you!Yeah, I dunno - authors who bag on library patrons checking out and enthusiastic about their work are so, SO missin… us never doubt Congressional Republicans' ability to fucking whine endlesslyWearing masks and yanking your pasty, elite asses through a metal detector is the absolute bare fucking minimum y'a… 375,000+ people dead from COVID and armed white supremacists storming the Capitol with the intention of overtu… guys, still emotionally reeling from the time my 4 year-old brazenly set me up and told her teacher and entire… @BenLathrop13 Our county system is holding off on purchasing any new print titles during COVID, which is a drag, bu… @WellReadBeard Was TRYING to figure out how to cap this off!Roses are red Violets are blue You fucking got impeached a second time dudeMy collection, FOLK SOGNS FOR TRAUMA SURGEONS, is up for review at @LibraryThing. Here's what the starred… you want to do something nice for an author today, request their book at your local library branch. Thanks!
"Oh yeah, you can fit at least a couple impeachments in this mofo, you bet."Now let's impeach for the rest of the shit he didImpeachmentdeuxlmao my dude immediately flipped
Retweeted by Keith RossonSeriously though - if it's time for unity, what have Republicans done to reconcile? What have they done for unity, besides demand it?These motherfuckers want unity and they're not even willing to walk through a metal detector or wear a mask. What a… can't believe that the same members of Congress who spent years gleefully rallying behind Trump, contested an… mean, I don't really give a shit about the chronology or anything. Here's a member of Congress posing with people… look, white supremacists @melmatthewson Ah, that's awesome. My story collection FOLK SONGS FOR TRAUMA SURGEONS comes out next month, happy t…, how is that fash kid Boebert allowed to carry in the Capitol in the first place?Y'all want everything, right now and just because, and fuck how it affects anyone else.With Republicans, it's always about personal freedoms and never about personal responsibility.
Retweeted by Keith RossonAny effort by @TwitterSafety seeking to offset reprehensible disinformation that flourishes here and the carnage th…
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