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Author, NEW BOOK: 'Strange Hate: Antisemitism, Racism and the Limits of Diversity: Previous book: 'Denial: The Unspeakable Truth'

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Double Event Announcement! [Thread] Thursday 16th of July - Philippe Sands, author of East West Street, and Stepha…
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...part of me is sad that the photo was pulled as it challenges stock images of what Haredi Jews are. It's not an i…, in some ways, is the reverse of the phenomenon I've often talked about: images of Haredim used to signify gen… photo was taken on the festival of Purim and was, arguably, appropriate as the story mentions the theory that… illustration used for this @guardian article by @harrietsherwood is interesting. Right now it's perfectly appro…
@YairWallach @KEHSkinazi It's accurate in this context - Purim may have been the reason for the virus spreading in orthodox communities @waksonwaksofff That's actually quite appropriate given that Purim is widely suspected to have played a role in spreading the virusHere we go again! Day two of our Antisemitism on the Left event, ‘Here and Now’, is just about to start online. Ton…
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-HarrisRe 'White Fragility': It's one book. If you want understand any subject don't just read one book. And if you don't…
@MMagout That's an interesting one. I'm not sure whether I agree that they are separate things. I will have to think about itHappening later today/tomorrow - proven really popular so if there's any space left (or if you've registered) pleas…
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-HarrisGood thread from Adam for anyone who genuinely wants to understand what the powers and remit of the EHRC are.
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Like David Bowie. Love Gail Ann Dorsey.This joke doesn't work if you replace champagne with Stilton. Believe me, I've tried. @Baddiel Love is just as big a problem. Philosemitism is dangerous, especially when it's selective. Cf Corbyn's Cab… have been thinking of calling my next book 'Hate: A Manifesto'. We need to reconcile ourselves to our hate and ou… suggestion is that we reverse this: that we sees the process of building alliances as a process of reaching out… often, campaigns with broad support disintegrate into factions and in-fighting with bewildering speed. One of th… solidarity worth the name has to involve a coalition between flawed people. There are v v few people wh… can certainly see why some BLM activists might identify with Palestinians and vice versa. However, anti-racist so… question about this: Is 'fit as a butcher's dog' an actual expression or was it created for that dog food ad a… me one significant policy intervention from Labour on Palestine between 2015 and 2019. I can't remember any. I…
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-HarrisExactly. pointing to the laughable sight of #BorisJohnson doing press ups may be missing the point. He constantly perf… Zionists proclaim their love for #Israel. Brandenburg Gate, #Berlin @KeithKahnHarris @AAhronheim
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@Annika_WozEre I saw them in a pub in 1988 with a handful of fans @Casmilus Which makes it all the stranger that they headlined GlastonburyAlso, while I enjoyed both my Glastonburys and saw some great acts, I do remember feeling frustrated at the absolut… attended Glastonbury in 1992 and 1993. What I find astonishing to remember is that Carter The Unstoppable Sex Mac…
If you, a white English person, are talking about the systemic racism as a global issue, and the only example you c…
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-Harris @gaysoftheother @s0l1darity4ever Cheers Lev! We have our differences but do not live on different planets politically. @DHBJones Why don't you do him with a small forehead? That's what Brendan O'Neil would do to own the libs. @DHBJones Can you please do a Brendan O'Neil strip for Viz? A 'Spot the Clue' will do.Tweet of the millennium @transform6789 Ironically one that absolves the US police @hyperchrisz Nick Hornby might be interested @Yael_Shafritz Well, I'm inclined towards some forms of anarchism inasmuch as they treat power as a general problem… @Yael_Shafritz Not everyone no. But ideologically one of the most dangerous delusions is that there is a power that… @Yael_Shafritz @mikeyfranklin I hope so. Perhaps as memories of the heady days of being in power in the party fade,… @Yael_Shafritz But one area where the left may be a tougher nut to crack than the United Synagogue, is that it's co… @Yael_Shafritz Absolutely agree that Keshet are a great model. They achieved things I never thought were possible @Yael_Shafritz @mikeyfranklin Well I'm not generally a 1 striker about many things. But while I agree that Walker i… @Yael_Shafritz No easy answers but we do need to think about how racism from 'our' side might sometimes be treated…'s really only just struck me how far conflicts over what racism and anti-racism mean, are also conflicts about w… @s0l1darity4ever The point is that Corbyn et al were firmly in charge by 2018/2019. @s0l1darity4ever By the final years of Corbyn those people were mostly gone anywayRacism can be as engrained and education-resistant on left as well as right. We have to acknowledge the point where… theory I am sympathetic to this approach. The problem is a) this generosity and patience is applied to some kind… @s0l1darity4ever The details were indeed disturbing. They were also included as part of an exculpatory narrative th… @s0l1darity4ever That is, to be charitable, a highly contestable narrative @s0l1darity4ever It's antisemitic to attributing US police brutality and racism, which goes back centuries, to Isr… @s0l1darity4ever As far as I can tell it was a general statement of how great Peake was, linking to the article.Still. Looks like Labour is never going to break out of the purge-counter-purge cycle. The futility is depressing,… wonder whether Long-Bailey's sacking has much more to do with Peake's obvious disappointment with Starmer's elec… naive hope: I would love it if Starmer followed sacking of Long-Bailey with a call for an enquiry into the use of… @mathlang I would suggest that that is the implication. Otherwise, why mention Israel at all? @mathlang No problem with mentioning Israel in a negative light. But there is a problem with treating Israel as hav… @mathlang Mossad have not trained US police departments. Israeli companies and components of Israeli military and p…, one actor's comment derailed activism against the militarisation of US police and activism against globalisa… now though, perhaps the @JCoSSIJE could conduct a learning activity on the ethics of philanthropy using a hypot…'d support the genuinely wonderful staff and governors of the school (whom I'm sure despise Desmond) either ignori… @BenCrowne @charleskeidan The porn is less the issue than his involvement in borderline corruption. Plus his naked… #richarddesmond Desmond in the news again, worth stating again that, should #JCOSS students feel like covering… @charleskeidan @BenCrowne I'm going to post about tis again on FB @charleskeidan @BenCrowne I have on a number of occasions posted pictures of the Desmond wing sign and encouraged s… @RobertMEllis2 That's true in principle. The problem is that, in practice, part of the kudos attached to academics… @AldermanGeo I haven't no. @AldermanGeo Reference books tend to be used rather than referencedSo if a scholar refuses to acknowledge what they have learned from Joosten by referencing him, they are doing no mo… is not an innocent process. Its not just that to reference someone is to augment their reputation, dese…
Government action against the pandemic has posed a threat to the radical right project. So for the UK government, m…
Can't keep up with this anymore. One U Boat captain stabbed. SS men in America. Game Of Thrones SS guy decides he d… Of Thrones SS bloke looks cool and brooding in his leather coat, after including Evil French Collaborator in t… we're back on the U Boat and once again one part of the crew sabotages the other, this time trying to run agrou… French resistance are helping Jewish children escape from the deportation train. Quite tense and moving but bel… and now we're onto the French resistance cell discussing the nobility of self-sacrifice. #DasBoot @realnickperry That's the point - it's the complete antithesisNext the good German U Boat captain has an imaginary conversation with his Dad about meatloaf and the failure of Ge… @realnickperry It's new. Inspired by the original book/filmNow back to the Holocaust. The bad SS man is arranging a photographer to capture the moment when Jews are put onto… minutes into S2 finale of #DasBoot So far: execution of French policeman, discussion of conscience in wartime, th… @joseph_finlay That could well be true. The theatre industry is going to be decimated by this @joseph_finlay Maybe theatre involves actors speaking at high volumes directly facing first few rows? There's a kno… to the UK you hear a lot about left wing antisemitism, but what IS that? Is it unique? Can it be fought? E…
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-Harris @thebigcashprize @s0l1darity4ever It's going to happen. The only question is when and under what government. @thebigcashprize @s0l1darity4ever Of course that doesn't eliminate the problem of illegality, if drugs are to be re… @thebigcashprize @s0l1darity4ever Yes the end to the war on drugs would be a massive step in the right direction @PTChronic All good in theory, but tough to do in practice. Policies and institutions require some stability to dev… @PTChronic In which case the key question - and I think this is a question for anarchism more widely - is how this… @PTChronic Don't doubt the importance of early intervention and the exacerbating role of prison. The issue I have i… @PTChronic Well they do work in that serial killers, rapists, child abusers are sometimes tracked down and removed… @PTChronic Had a quick look at some of the links here. My own gut feeling is that there is a huge amount that can b… @s0l1darity4ever I find that much more convincing than abolition. @PTChronic I get that police are not a bunch of Sherlock Holmesish geniuses and investigation is often inadequate.… @s0l1darity4ever Agree. Defunding seems a better strategy to pursue right now. @ElizVialls @thatinterlace I had a look at this and the alternatives are sketchy. In fairness, they acknowledge tha… @DannyKodicek Some are calling for abolition and suggesting a variety of forms of social work and support to replace it.Note: these are genuine questions. I would assume that I'm not the first to ask them nor that no one has ever tried…, are there any forms of harmful behaviour that would persist under any social system at any time and to whi…