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Author, NEW BOOK: 'Strange Hate: Antisemitism, Racism and the Limits of Diversity: Previous book: 'Denial: The Unspeakable Truth'

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@YairWallach Thanks for the thread. I think this is a better way of putting it than I did! A very sensible suggestionIndeed. forward to speaking at this event tonight at the @wienerlibrary @KyrillPotapov @_VashtiMedia Yes, that is a good point @_VashtiMedia Above all, I hope this piece reflects the trepidation I feel for the future and how we maintain inter… @_VashtiMedia There is also a generational difference in the Labour left that has been repressed and ignored. Post-… @_VashtiMedia The piece also shouldn't be read as endorsing everything done by the groups I discuss. But I do think… wrote this for @_VashtiMedia on the prospects for a young Jewish left. I've tried to avoid imposing my own wishes…
The astounding thing about Trump's speech yesterday is that selective antisemitism like this usually avoids using t… @SamVimes1971 They are unlikely to acknowledge any of this publicly.Glad to see that @TAAntisemitism pulled @COLRICHARDKEMP from the line up of the rally today.
Richard Kemp shares stuff from Breitbart and Infowars. Crank conspiracist websites flying the flag for Trump which…
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@nickmoberly @dewarpr @steevXIII @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @Kane_WMC_Lab @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @SkiffleRevival Yes. Given that the problem with Al Quds day is how it involves leftists in platforming the Islamis… @dlivingstone @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism @COLRICHARDKEMP Didn't know about the support for Orban! @SarahAB_UK @s_arntson Very true @s_arntson Antisemitism is certainly being used by political opponents as is inevitable. But there is something rea… @PafkoBosh Certainly there are unwise uses of the term, but it's important to recognise the triggers that lead Jews… @PafkoBosh That account was pretty abusive. He targeted me at times. And when it was pseudonymous it was unclear wh… @PafkoBosh Jews are inevitably more informed and sensitive about the history of antisemitic tropes. One of these is… @VirtualDom @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism @COLRICHARDKEMP Thanks. I haven't actually been dogpiled that much! I can't really complain... @PafkoBosh If you get constantly told that you are a cynical bad faith actor, then it can well feel like antisemitism. @PafkoBosh I know him personally. This isn't bad faith, whatever my differences might be with him on some particular issues @PafkoBosh I'm sorry but Adam Wagner is not in the same category of others you mentioned. He has a consistent recor… @nellbelleandme @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism @COLRICHARDKEMP I know the CAA and I very much doubt they will. Reall… @nellbelleandme @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism Didn't know that! Will do next time I thread... @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism @COLRICHARDKEMP Or alternatively we have to accept that platforms and alliances again… @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism @COLRICHARDKEMP Concern amongst British Jews about antisemitism in the Labour Party i… @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism @COLRICHARDKEMP In some ways though, I am less worried about Kemp than I am with his… @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism The presence on the bill of @COLRICHARDKEMP is the main problem. He not only has a hi… weekend's demonstration by the @TAAntisemitism @antisemitism is a classic example of falling into this trap, p… One of the reasons why the Labour Party antisemitism crisis arose is because some left anti-racists have sh… @nyanzai @nickstew_art @davidgraeber Thanks!
Notes From Underground #4: Emergency Democracy @leashless @smarimc @KeithKahnHarris
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@Ariel_S_Klein @nickstew_art Yes. With a blizzard of angry tweets @nickstew_art
@MamTor10 @Daniel_Sugarman No but I did do a double take when I saw the video!Thread
@ymandel @Batshua No. Do tell!For our @Phil_Football 'How to Read an Election' guide we found Strange Hate by @KeithKahnHarris a really useful r…
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@nickmoberly @MarkLaVenia @dewarpr @steevXIII @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @Kane_WMC_Lab @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @nickmoberly @dewarpr @steevXIII @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @Kane_WMC_Lab @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia @nickmoberly @dewarpr @steevXIII @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @Kane_WMC_Lab @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @steevXIII @nickmoberly @dewarpr @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @Kane_WMC_Lab @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia'Well tonight thank God it' sthem instead of you' 'There won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time' Actually, the… @nickmoberly @dewarpr @steevXIII @haroldvs @ProfAndyField @Kane_WMC_Lab @Kate_E_Quinn @NecroHippy @MarkLaVenia
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-HarrisJust been told that phylactery is a word used in D and D. Who knew? @dan_nailed Someone just told me that!A fun Friday experiment: Has anyone heard of the term 'phylacteries' but not the word 'tefillin'? Genuine question! Please RT!Very pleased to see my book with @RentonJE shelved near my hero Steve Cohen at @newsfromnowhere. Cc my other co-aut…
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-Harris @omaromalleykhan That's why I think I might be going insane
Another good piece, this time by @omaromalleykhan I know it's insanely optimistic, but the powerful interventions f… forward to tonight's @HantsSkepSoc #SitP talk by @KeithKahnHarris - Denialism - What's The Alternative? Mor…
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-HarrisThis exchange is well worth your time if you are trying to understand racism and antisemitism today. there are any chinks of light at the moment regarding antisemitism, it's in perspectives like these that attempt… article by @RivkahBrown has also been widely praised. Its call for empathy needs to be heard. article by David Feldman has been widely praised, and rightly so. It demonstrates clearly how muddled much thi… right has to be taken seriously in the Jewish community
@CheyetteBryan @tonylerman @PearsInstitute @ParkesInstitute Definitely @SgtDDonowitz That's a reasonable point @SgtDDonowitz I think it had to be all or none. If Johnson didn't agree they shouldn't have done CorbynI've been very very wary of BBC-bashing this election. I thought that the prospect of Andrew Neil interviewing all… @s_arntson Of course. But he has been on platforms where others have crossed that line @SkiffleRevival @AllHailTheVoid Didn't know that @s_arntson He has joined with Jews in cases that are uncontroversial or where Jews are threatened by the far right.… @s_arntson I don't deny his positive qualities. But his blind spots, esp on minority issues, almost counteract them @s_arntson Much appreciated! @DannyKodicek I'd stick with children's fiction written by a communist if I were you. Much better @PeteCWilliamson I'd certainly be interested in hearing #enomeetsnevom @WritersFrock In fairness, you see a lot of that throughout the political class @s_arntson Thanks but antisemitism like this doesn't really make me feel vulnerable and afraid (although perhaps it… @DannyKodicek I disagree. There is innovation too. That's part of the argument of my book. That's why it's nice to… @PeteCWilliamson I checked Metal Archives. It's not taken! There are various other variations on the theme of insti… @s_arntson I hope so @WritersFrock There's definitely a gender element in this whole mess @DannyKodicek He's a little gem isn't he?Some light relief: I received this message yesterday from a Trevor Lee. It's reassuring in troubled times to know t… @Tomerkrail @nickstew_art Word limit. Plus the piece was specifically about the emigration issue#Podcast of the week - Challenging Denial: from #Slavery to the #Holocaust with speakers @KeithKahnHarris
Retweeted by Keith Kahn-Harris @stephane_ulrich @dsquareddigest New Labour had hollowed out the party so there was precious little talent available across the board
@dsquareddigest @Mc_Heckin_Duff The left were keen protagonists in the internal wars. The lust for purges runs deep… @MilkTheFrog @Mc_Heckin_Duff @dsquareddigest They aren't a very impressive bunch. @alukeonlife Our fucking electoral system. I would vote for Caroline Lucas but I don't live in Brighton @dsquareddigest @Mc_Heckin_Duff Yes. They massively screwed themselves @MilkTheFrog @Mc_Heckin_Duff @dsquareddigest You can build up a new generation of leaders without announcing them formally as such @MaureenBest12 There's a thin line between integrity and pig-headed inflexibility. Corbyn constantly criss crosses that line @nickstew_art That was understandable at the start. It's self defeating now @AllHailTheVoid Keir Starmer maybe or Clive Lewis. I like Lisa Nandy too @Mc_Heckin_Duff @dsquareddigest Any leader of any organisation has to engage with succession planning from day one.… @dsquareddigest I accept that. The fault also lies with his predecessors in hollowing out the party. But we are 4 y… @DavidCollard1 I bow to no one in my contempt for Boris Johnson. But being better than him is a pretty low bar to set @MaureenBest12 I was completely disillusioned by New Labour too. At minimum Corbyn could have groomed a successor f… @MikeSegalov @Emtravelodge Everyday is repeat your preferred Jew day.Whatever the election result, as someone on the left I have to believe that left politics can find someone better t… @dlmeech92 On some occasions he has, more or less. But he doesn't seem to be able to do it when he feels under attack and under pressureThe vexed issue of antisemitism aside, Corbyn has severe weaknesses in his ability to deal with hostile questioning… the early months in Corbyn's leadership, there were plenty of people on the Labour left who acknowledged Corbyn'…