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Amis du jour bonjour, amis du soir bonsoir!! I draw animal who bounce like balloons! I want to spread love with them :)

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@EverydayBewear Adorable ! @stefscribbles @Komoroshi Thank you Stef and l will !! Won't stop for few people, l will always keep them up as muc… @Retro64X @Komoroshi Always, it's pretty annoying but well, we are stronger than that and we have to keep going !… @CorbenRaccoon @Komoroshi Exactement ! Et merci beaucoup !! @tevindekuma07 @Komoroshi Thank you ! And no worries it won't happen, those people will never tell me what to do a… @korridipity @Komoroshi Haha thank you very much for the support :) @Celadon707 @Komoroshi Thank you very much !! @NokkiNatter Yes, alwaaays ! Haha well, we better let them hate while our lives are amazing and beautiful :) I'm… @Macspencheeze @Komoroshi Yes exactly! I knew some would come anyway, it's always like that but hey, they are gay,… @NoctiObake @Komoroshi Exactement :) @KikonineArt I will never change :) And won't change for some strangers behind a laptop screen that l won't meet ever anyway haha ! @ConradDorian3 @Komoroshi Y'a des gens qui n'aiment rien :') Jamais content lorsque ça ne va pas dans leur sens, t… @Agustinolix I will never stop and l'm not afraid of haters EVER!! They can scream and shout, l will animate them even more ^^ @BrymalDX @Komoroshi I read their comments with my pop corns and just say "go hate, l will post more of them anyway… @Dunder_Moufrou @Komoroshi Haters can keep hatin, l will bring more for them :) Won't stop anything just cause they… @furrymaymays @Komoroshi They will never get me down haha! If they don't like it, internet is wide, they can go awa…'m still in awe how some people can just spread hate like this but l was ready to see few of them coming my way an…, even with the warm welcoming for this young gay couple l created few days ago, l still got few horrible messa… @Lawdayo Dodoala :)Just spending some time outside drawing those, saddly l'm allergic so .... l know l'm going to suffer hard but spri… @LionKin31 Also ... ! @Katimation @ProTayToeGamer Oh l see, well l didn't gave the name, my best friend who is transexual and had her ope…🌺🌹🌼 ˢᵖʳᶦⁿᵍ ᶠʳᶦᵉⁿᵈˢ 🌸🥀🌷 @MilkySen @BlinDChriS_ ça rend pas mal !! Il y'a les poses clés et on comprend l'action, je pense le petit truc qui… @Katimation @ProTayToeGamer What name should l change? I think l can't get access to the previous elements and l ju… @StrangeFoxYT1 Thank you very much !!!! I love it and glad you like the idea and the concept of this couple :) Saved your fanart on my PC ✨
@zombi_caracono yes you can if you want :) it means a lot and l like all styles and art level skills, all fanarts… @AlexisWolfy AAAAAAH !!!!! So good !!! Saved on my PC! Thank you so much for the fanart Alex, your style fits well… @stefscribbles Thank you! And yes!! I love animating them, it gives so much character! @Appleblotch Shiba and doberman! (sorry for the late reply ^^') Thank you @heyitsapache for telling when l was away ^^
@M7ishere Waaaa !!! So cool !!! Thank you so much love it, nice colors and volumes btw! Saved on my PC!! Thank you… @my2k Thank you Jessica ;u; @jacobspencer04 Haaa nice !!!! Thank you for the fanart, saved on my PC ^^ @_akemimeka_ I have one in fact ^^' l let tutorials there and if people want to support,… @Black_Zork More to come in the futur so get ready ^^ @stefscribbles Aaa so cute !! @Vintageharpy 7 hours for the lines and 6 for the colors :') But the whole process was sooooo cool ! @Agent00DICE Aaaw merci beaucoup ! ça me fait vraiment plaisir ! @HikazeDragon \o/ ✨✨ @ouroMyoss Merci beaucoup ! @ShopiStar_art Totally ! @furrymaymays Always happy ! @dark_king999 Thank you very much ^^ @dailyskyfox Yes hahaha! So happy l could animated them, l will be sure to make more really soon ^^I seen so much interest being picked to this little couple those days,I wanted to thank you all for all the message… @ShadyFennec Merci beaucoup ! J'adore lui donner du caractère quand on ne s'y attend le moins hahaEternal lovers, colored + happy ending :) 🐶💖🐶 Love always win. @Harnoof thank you ! @RwoRomeo @asailorsoldier Mince j'ai oublié mais je vois très bien ce que c'est, je n'arrive pas à retrouver le terme :/ ... @dailyskyfox too reaal haha @Johjoh45 ✨✨✨ merci! 7 long hours of work ;u; ! worth it ! @mxbeakman Thank you ! I do love motions so much and always take the time to make it as alive as possible ^^ @Ekebal I will make a colored version later l think ^^ for now really wanted to posted the line work ^^ @optimusscotto Thank you very much Scott ! @GeltyDrake Thank you very much !! Need to share more work from my PC ^^ @furrymaymays thanks ^^ @rre09_ That's it :)Boyfriends ✨ @Shubbabang Thank you very much !! I always try to add some bounciness in anything l animate :) @maxmoefoe Yes :) Called Citron ^^ Posted some stuff before about them :)Eternal lovers🐶💖🐶
@DineXSKronion Thank you ! @Dogearedcomic THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! You did so good !!!! ✨✨✨✨✨ @kobi_lacroix Aaah !! Thank you so much Kobi !!! Love it !! Saved on my pc !!! Thank you for this amazing fanart ! @leasdinosaur OH MY GODNESS !!!!! IT'S SO PRECIOUS !!!! WAAAW ✨✨✨✨✨✨ Thank you so much !!!! I love it !!! Saved on my pc ! @berdyaboi yeeeees! @Komoroshi AAAAAAH ! Thank you so much !!!!!!! Love it, seeing so many fanarts of him makes me so happy You did re… @zarockthewolf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH !!! I love it !!! Thank you so much !! Saved on PC, it's perfect! Thank you !!!!…
@Emma_The_Ward Oooh it's yours?! So cool! Really got inspired :D @SaviTheScout It means a lot, thank you very much! I'm glad l can spreed some joy online with my little animations… @bob_kitt Needed this tutorial maybe 10 years ago, now l'm too lazy to do it >m< But l'm so MINDBLOWN !! It looks… @liliuhms It's so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute !!!!! @Seflastian2 Hahaha !! @Mathieu2Nice Hahaha good one ! @OfficialJlipper More like he is the ᵈʳᵃᵍᵒⁿᵇᵒʳⁿ @MetagameMike Always ! Even if the weapon is 4 times his size haha @AvoanBlackbee Too tiny and lazy to walk a lot, human tall big walking fast Chameleon need human, ready to fight !!… @Omegatani I prefer Chameleons :3 @ItsTalegas Thank you so much ! @illusionangel34 Aaah nice !RPG with small chameleons fighting on hands! I would love that!Little knight ⚔️ @Chakisaurus AAAAH sorry l'm so late !!! IT'S SO GOOD !!!! Thank you so much !! Muchas gracias :) Saved on my PC ^^ @GotSomeHaps If you want :3 Really glad you like him, more to come really soon ;) !
@purroq Thank you very much !! Super fanart ! Saved on my Computer ^^ @ugand4a It means lemon in french :) @WILLYFUCKWONKA AAAAh !!! Thank you !! Saved it on my PC! Looks so cool and cute, thank you very much for the fanar…
@Popee_Is_Here Sure !!!!! Many did already ! Really have fun and make them how you want ^^ @NBlackvixen Oh sure !! Go on ! I'm honored in fact ^^ @Popee_Is_Here I will do many minisodes so get ready :) Will take some time maybe adding sounds and all ^^ @oaksketches Waa ! super !! @dailyskyfox Happy Saint Patrick day !! @JoshDan218907 Aaah Merci beaucoup !! J'ai hâte de les développer encore plus ! @PartTimeDragons Sounds so interesting! can't wait ! @PartTimeDragons Thank you !!! and Yes !! I'm writing some script for fun and developping them, where they live, ho… @oitsjustjose Aaah so cool !!! @Justadoodles Well you got it right !!! And that's why he is blushing ! @raytoe217 I wanted to do this for so long ! Finally happy to give more character with the tail wag ^^ @Lee_The_Ace I will try to make more ! @AdnAnormal Haha j'étais obligé de prendre ce détail, ça donne tellement de personnalité !