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Amis du jour bonjour, amis du soir bonsoir!! I draw animal who bounce like balloons! I want to spread love with them :)

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@M4rkeyM4rk @VERYINTERESTlNG Finally a bouncing pigeon could show the bouncing dance, I'm so proud! I told you they existed !!!!!This pigeon jamming along to blurred lines
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@ImalouArt Oh mon dieu j'adore !!! j'utilise encore ce gif haha @VERYINTERESTlNG I knew they existed!
@Elarcis 24h/24 ;) @Blear25 I think 80% are owls now haha @DeadAnthro I wish l could eat air so I don't need to move and just focus all day .... dangerous life is the artist path (but I like it!) @GotSomeHaps But it's a wolf :o Loup means wolf in french ^^ You are a renard ;) @NukeKioh Same, and sometimes l'm both and it's those days you see the sun saying hello and bye .... and you wonde… @Suhbahstiejaan @Milkwater_ Oh my god you killed me haha🌕Two kinds of artists☀️ @eltonpot Haha glad you saw that detail ;)
@Kerrad_ Je rigole vraiment tout le temps mon dieu ! x) @Capehartican Really thanks !! cause l struggle so much to record myself, lm not even in the center of the screen xD @Norm_Wizardmoon Cartoon fox is my final form, l can't record myself like this cause the arms are too small I alre… @eeeyegee Ahh thanks !!! Aw well french is so hard haha many meanings going so you always have to find a good way… @MzzaArt Aaaaah thanks !!!!!! ;u; ! @liliuhms Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah >U< Thanks haha, I should record myself more, lm struggling so much xDI recorded myself to explain it also :) Sorry if my accent is a bit "uh oh" x) Also l'm terrible at recording mys… @AWDtwit @kenesu Really inspiring, l love it! Love the flow and color choices a lot :) @Cheers2M Omelet with cheese :) @52YaBoyRyguy También hablo español y Parlo anche l'italiano :3 @Studio_DNS Already did :) but it may be really down the my feed :o @UsuallyDead I will try that, l had in mind to film myself soon just l'm not too good to record haha @GlaceVC AVEC DIDI TOUTES SES EXPÉRIENCES ... PARTENT EN FUMÉE !!!! Haha always loved openings @LergundUvZoldo l thank my friends for replying before me because my internet connexion is not that good :/ Yes "… @MarkoRaassina Same, watched it all day long, it's those shows you can't forget, they will always be there in your… @CherryTBomb Made a special atfernoon watching many episodes, that's why I just animated this ^^As a french l can tell you that "Omelette du fromage" made me laugh a lot when l saw people sending me this catchph… @RwoRomeo ça reviendra toujours !🧸💖💥 Sibling ⚗️🧪🔬 @shenanigansen Can't wait for season 2 !! @zarockthewolf WAW!! Really good! You catched the style really well. I hope you will see it, it's amazing and rea…
@notstevely Anime with buff birds? mmmmmm YES !!!! @round_boys So sweet <3 @joabaldwin Just seen it and it was really good! Good messages. @Lawdayo Le Ecremeux de Blanche ... AAAH!! @Dunder_Moufrou Merci beaucoup !! @the_ptoing Waaaaa! Love them !😍 @Dunder_Moufrou aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah @Celykhanyne Il est trop cool ! @VersuS_Artist Merci beaucoup !! @carrotchimera I really like them all hard to choose xD @SliskinAlpha I had to make him drink, knew l would have fun animating that ! @MightyKraken Thank you very much !! @RisingJay Love them so much !🔥Emotional animals 🔥
@edsgingerbird Merci beaucoup ! @Sherns_Valade Haha de rien ! J'adore cette musique aussi et je n'ai pas pu résister à l'envie de faire un gif avec ce thème !
@ahruon Welcome ;) Opportunity to make more art styles! 🐺☀️ @ArdiCerkini Merci !! @BlinDChriS_ oooh !!! @MadStalker0 Merci beaucoup !! @dailyskyfox Same, I know l will spend my life on it causeI'm still spending it too much on New leaf even after 5 y… @ChrisDeneos Le chanceux ;) @egoraptor Félicitations! Congratulations :) @artemicionn Thank you very much !! @Mailogaminggamo it is and the song is actually called 2:00 AM :) @JoeNinten Thank you ! @DeadAnthro Hey @ ! @DeadAnthro Kéké vibes!!2:00 AM 🌕✨🎶 @ItsTalegas Glad you like it :) This character always makes me think of Captain Biceps, a french comic made by Zep…
@anadorablestray @shenanigansen oh my god haha ! @anadorablestray @shenanigansen they didn't want to do that also haha! They just want to like; draw a pose and some… @uejini So good :o ! @shenanigansen "Can l be an animator without drawing tons of useless frames? I'm kinda lazy" Real story. Got my face go from :D to ಠ_ಠ @kimmotman Super cool !! Congratulations they all look great in your style :) @round_boys Oh my godness! it's so cute really! @Sdchachaze Je te sentais venir de tellement loin toi !!! haha @jezzamonn Kirby haha I like Game and Watch also :) @Gameplushes8 Well yes :) took some hours but was fun to do ! @MikeCatSU Really good ! You catched the style so well and still we also see yours :) @Black_Zork I love this effect a lot generally, so Kirby, hats, why not fuse all of this together?! @Ben_Faulstick without any official release l can't do anything :") @supreme_mieme Saaame ! @eclipticafusion In the kitchen! @Phoenixrush85 Yes :) cause the loop is composed of 70 frames and each bounce is 7 so l could not go with 73 haha… @Rich_PKM Ah you put it before me hahaha ! Yup pausing options is great for this, had this in mind even before animating it !Pause anytime to choose one !Kirby's Hats 🎩✨ @egoraptor Waaaw it's so cute!! Your cat is beautiful :) @SpaceCatPics @jollykitty3 Thank you for crediting :) Also the cat is from this Instagram account ! @MelakDX J'ai la musique en tête maintenant !
@KirbyInformer Amazing! @AlexisWolfy Aaah You drew it as well! Really cool!!
@AbsolHearth hahaha ! @HyperPotions 😊✨✨✨💖 @SSookiki Moi aussi :c et toute la journée, ses musiques sont si relaxantes, j'adore les écouter quand j'anime ! @DtColePhelps Posted the link ^^ @Secoh2000 Cheeky boy !! @KayGRadley Hahaha waw @Grind3h Thank you Alliiiie !!!!!! Link for the song, I love Nujabes so much, may he rest in peace now.🐶🧢🎶 @hannaNaile l'm good to hide my secrets it seems! haha @kefalograviera Oh my god they are really round ! @ENDESGA :O !!!! @berdyaboi how did you know my secret already berd boy?