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Amis du jour bonjour, amis du soir bonsoir!! I draw animal who bounce like balloons! I want to spread love with them :)

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@CapeNinja_ I do and l'm arround 850 hours there and still playing when l have some times :) @peachdalooza Thank you very much !! @sltcgab waw if l added the DSi hours l would be over 10000 for sure haha @amou_tsukihiko Friendlist thing haha @DigitalGarrett And more to come ! @GorekDMG The friendlist thing haha @sindersalmon ;u; thanks @Johnnypigeon Truc code ami oui je sais c'est étrange hahaAs always thank you all so much, would never animate that much if you were not there for me, l felt a bit alienated…'m glad l'm not being tired of drawing bouncing characters since and l'm able to keep entertaining you with them :…'s been 3000 hours .... @SovanJedi If you knew how long l wanted to animate this 😂 @S1mple4ndCl3an you are so l u c k y ! ! ! ! @FelixColgrave Donated :) Hope it can help! Best promotional video l ever seen, so original and funny. Back then,…
@supardanil ;) @Salayanara Haha Merci beaucoup ! @euqinimodart Totally ^^ @NoMoreSpearows AAAAAAAAH good one good one But well they still are groovy so it would be special using it but l like it ! @Supreme_Dalek thanks :) @dustyp9_ More detals and not only a little ball body ^^ @SassyCactus3 :OOOOOOOOOOOOO @Jason89477488 But l worked it on my PC and put an higher quality size and it still ends so ugly for some reasons…'t forget about this amazing dog rapper as well !'s vibes and colors ✨ Is it me or the videos sometimes have bad quality ? Have the gif to see the pixel better… : Shibas Will Accept Groovy @Sir_carma Trop cool, félicitations ^^ @KosseHyena Wish l could come Enjoy it guys ! @FelixColgrave Amazing ! Congratulations ! @uejini xD Actually l tell people that my name sounds like the "Ké" of Pokémon :) @Nepptenio Je l'avais pris en premier car mon frère avait Kaiminus ^^' et au final c'est devenu mon fav :) @jttt28 It's a 3DS XL but l have a new 3DS also :) @LollyPopFace Same ! @Gefemon_Draws YEES !! but you can't multiplayer but l don't care l love that game too much haha I have it both… also play this game a lot, do you know it? It's called Pokémon Puzzle Challenge and l love it so much! If you lik… @SilverCookie_ Ouais Twitter quoi :') @_Mccoylily ça serait tellement cool ! @trisketched same especially when you play it while animating ^^Twitter reduced the quality of the gif a bit it seems so there is the main file :) Kept the GB Pixel style as much…émon Gold and Silver But all the Pokémon bounce happilly ✨
@notafurryatall Eggman the fox @TekkenNinja Sorry but with my french accent as a kid l just said AYA and l asked my parent what Aya meant .......… minute sketch Fox Mccloud aya @jackthekoro1 ;u; @EqqusSierra on ultimate they are bright red, i though of this model not the old one :) @notafurryatall Thanks just made the face mega round but well put my style there, it fits nice l think :) @SnackKracker Yay !Looking at the model now l think l'm not too far from it, it's cool to try to draw from mind, results can be really… Wolf O'donnell without a model and endend with this :> @ImalouArt Je ne sais toujours pas comment faire un avion en papier. @ImalouArt Amusez-vous bien !!! Je voudrais tellement y retourner là ;u; @shenanigansen Responsibilities, l'm coming. @dorrismccomics The kind of cycle l seen so many times but couldn't point it out or found words to describe it. Yo… @AnnabelVenneker @LauLauravian It was nice to meet you ! Enjoy the Annecy festival ! @nutellabreado Haha waw great !! @uvellana It was nice to meet you !! @PartTimeDragons Too late! They know their job too well!Little spy ✨
@_Bambiche_ @splaffinator Ew ça met S au lieu de W autocorrect me le fait tout le temps sur le Galaxy j6 content… @_Bambiche_ @splaffinator Y a pas de fautes .... :0 @splaffinator For real this is so amazing! Should play for hours!!! Will be sure To animate him in the futur :) Go…
@everydaylouie You are at Annecy too aaaah ! We have to meet ;___; ! @__Noxi__ Oooh this is really cute!
@SNESMINION Duck hunt become dog snout so l guess its snout bear ;v; @AGuyWhoDraws was the same for me haha Also was great to meet you !!! Hope we can tomorrow before l leave thirsday ^^ @TheRealTokinyo Welcome :) @ElzearQ Hahaha But l really wish they add the little bag !This is the only thing l had in my mind! \o/🐻💖🍯 @ahruon Cant repost since lm seeing a movie at Annecy but YAAAAY @ahruon :)
Retweeted by Kéké 🥖 @LeadsWithArt Thanks !! Hope you enjoy it as well ! @Kholood_Alali Sure ! @krystalgeorgiou Cool !! @Avencri Yes ;) @TheGalka31 Aah Thanks ! I do so many of those when l have the occasion Should think about it in the futur :)A close up so you can see them better :) Also lm at Annecy so if some of you are there don't hesitate To tell me ^^ @PEsteven Trop !! @DanielSanGMR Aaah true ! @DeadAnthro Hahaha imagine le the whole sketchbook is filled!! @eltonpot Always ;)Long time since l drew traditionally so l did what l do the best .... fill a whole page with little animals :)
@AGuyWhoDraws You are there?! We Should meet!
And yes, l do speak a bit of spanish, that's why Biscotte only speak spanish also (drawing by @PitiYindee !) Me en… @ShaimaAl3li Aaaah "Biche oh ma biche" ! There ^^ @dude_falcon lo hablo un poco, no demasiado porque lo estoy aprendiendo lentamente, ¡pero me encanta el español! @LodocArt Vite fais haha @SomehowCreative Yep l need to sleep now :) @loopervoopertim Yes haha ! Each times l go to one it plays, it's so famous it seems @s3ll4ht Did already :)Wait l put the tweet again instead of the video (lm so tired oh my god!) There is the song haha @soyprosak Si !! .... por último, un poco jaja I do speak a bit, mostly with my spanish or portuguese friends, the… @DantePhoenix11 I did animate one already ^^ song if you ask Merengue songs works so much with my animations! And l love them so m…ᴹᵉʳᵉⁿᵍᵘᵉ ᵇᶦʳᵈ @issacfluff I'm terrible at promoting stuff, l even forget l have a Youtube channel sometimes so that talks for itself :') @lucianomunoz_ Same! Don't hesitate to say hi if you see me :) I'll brang some stuff to draw so l can give you a lil illustration even ^^ @Neotrax_Co Oooh cool ! @Neotrax_Co Non, Annemasse :) Y'a le festival international de l'animation la semaine prochaine donc je le marque c… @Tasos500 Yeaaah I know l don't promote it at all hahaha It's I share some vids from time to time :)Also many ask me so l share it, l have a Patreon :) There l share many tutorials for free,…