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Edinam D. @Kekeli_E Tema, Ghana

Music Inhaler. Socially Selective. Benjamina Button. Sui Generis. Podcaster. Magically Black. @2pesewaspodcast

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Omg yesssssss
Retweeted by Edinam D.Stream Kirani AYAT - I Know ft FTY Prod KaySo.
Retweeted by Edinam D. @KofiAtiase @Chef_Keeks I have this same brand, but with instructions in Polish and German. You don’t boil these on… honestly wish more of our current and aspiring legislators and agency heads were on twitter. I want to know what…
Retweeted by Edinam D. @kwamiga See me in chambers @kwamiga Kokonte dier with groundnut soup. Nothing else. @kwamiga Hehe @shutter_butter @katieworkman100 Mani not cleaning time 😂😂 @kwamiga Your time is coming 😏
this picture just tried to touch my hair
Retweeted by Edinam D.Just got some crazy idea bi, but I don’t know how it’s going to work out though 😂 I want to do a free branding pro…
Retweeted by Edinam D. @enoughsnark Always reminds me of a time in Essex, UK when a cab driver asked me if I was “ManRage”? 🤷🏾‍♂️ @Kekeli_E
Retweeted by Edinam D. @shutter_butter @enoughsnark Oh no 😂😂Some people don’t even bother trying at all. Just because it’s a name they’ve never heard before, it automatically…“Wait, I know you’re trying to watch a video right now but if you are from Nigeria or Ghana and you’re trying to ma…
Retweeted by Edinam D. @omithehomie 😂😂😂 @Maa_Abena_ My mum too. I can’t be killing myself like that when there’s an easier way. @ErskineSam @ErskineSam Ah how does this translate to rich people’s kokonte? 🤷🏾‍♀️. Maybe it’s not dried properly and maybe ( I hope not) some mould? @ErskineSam Because we made the kokonte flour ourselves. Not sure how the other ones get so dark. I hope it’s not what I’m suspecting it is. make my kokonte into a paste before I cook it? Why? Because I’m in no mood to wrestle with lumps. Does anyone el…“It was like I was four months pregnant” Women recount the trauma of living with uterine fibroids
Retweeted by Edinam D.The daily test positivity rates for the Routine Surveillance cohort (cases we detect at hospitals) are trending in…
Retweeted by Edinam D.Wulomei, Al Green, and others. What happened to Record Manufacturers Ghana?
Creators: We recently let you know that videos 8 mins & ⬆️ will be able to serve mid-roll ads starting at the end o…
Retweeted by Edinam D."The Cyber Crime Unit of the Ghana Police Service has arrested the general managers of Accra-based free-to-air (FTA…
Retweeted by Edinam D.I want this person arrested immediately
Retweeted by Edinam D.This man's promises frustrate me a lot because he had four years to do better and he didn't but he expects us to be…
Retweeted by Edinam D.Einige Teilnehmer der Maskenverweigerer-Demo in Berlin rufen: "Wir sind die zweite Welle! " Das ist doch schon nic…
Retweeted by Edinam D.Income and sugary beverage consumption
Retweeted by Edinam D.DIY Neem and Rosewater mask - full tutorial in IG highlights- @/OnTheManu (tea tips). Super plants do super things…
Retweeted by Edinam D.Can we stop the asking mothers when they’re having their next child, 5 minutes after they’ve given birth? Some ha… @Kekeli_E They got a whole Roger Dean to design their album covers. People don't really understand how legendary these guys are
Retweeted by Edinam D. @duh_qid I didn’t know who he was until I googled just now. Thanks for bringing that up. @Okornore 📝 @kafuihattoh Yes @Okornore Mmmm I see @seshdaherbaliss lol @KofiMontana @Yakubu_M_ Yes it is
Mi srɔ̃ eʋegbe
Retweeted by Edinam D. @dipyourtoesin 🙏🏿❤️ @QueenOhiney Even that kraaa 😬 @AsaabaGH Fio fio @dipyourtoesin Congrats!! 💃🏾💃🏾. One of the things on my bucket list. @AsaabaGH Increasing my blood pressure by heartWe held a concert to launch a COVID-19 tracker app. And that was the last time we heard about that app 🙈
Retweeted by Edinam D.omg there’s another one look at what the like button does for #BlackJoy 🥺🥺
Retweeted by Edinam D. @Aatsoo_Aalee Yesss Jhené AikoOh mini sane? @actuallysedz Most loyal fan! 😘😘😘 @The1TheyCall_E 😂😂😂😂 @The1TheyCall_E Really? 😂😂 Or maybe he had a thing for lizards and elephantsKeynote speaker at the #Writivism2015 festival, #Writivism2016 Short Story Prize chief judge, filmmaker & novelist…
Retweeted by Edinam D. @KongGeorge I’ll be looking forward to that. @KongGeorge That’s great!Osibisa! @shutter_butter No, usually by that time I’ve done all the cooking, eating, and editing.
Writing about food is not that easy
Retweeted by Edinam D.I randomly remember Ato Essien blazing tongues to prove his innocence only to turn around and accept al charges and…
Retweeted by Edinam D.A Canadian NGO is hiring in Ghana!
Retweeted by Edinam D.Herman Cain dies from coronavirus - CNNPolitics
Retweeted by Edinam D.Still looking for a sewing wiz to help us create our custom reusable teabags. Hit us up if this is you 😉
Retweeted by Edinam D. @Okornore If you find one please let me know? @kkorsah804 @omithehomie 😂🤭
@actuallysedz Awwww ❤️😘. We’re hoping to get season 4 going this year. @Okornore Confuse dem! @Okornore 😂😂😂 I like “calories displayed here have been cancelled” @seshdaherbaliss 😂😂😂😘 @Wiyaala 🔥🔥🔥Did someone say tincture?⚗️ We're working on a better way to take neem orally. In the meantime, Wednesday is a grea…
Retweeted by Edinam D.I invited Mum and Dad on stage 😂😆🦁🌍🤸‍♀️
Retweeted by Edinam D. @omithehomie Yes you shall. In the meantime we eat tolo beef. @Chef_Keeks Me kraa I want some again @omithehomie Oh no, this was Dallas last year.Tea cutting ✂️ Every pouch of Aya tea has at least one ingredient that was carefully prepped by us. This often incl…
Retweeted by Edinam D. @Chef_Keeks Lol thou shall not envy please. This was part of a tasting menu. Everything was incredibly delicious @Chef_Keeks It was so damn good!!This is the best beef I’ve ever had. @Chef_Keeks this will definitely interest you 😂 - they pulled out the certific… @kwamiga Putting it in all the things 😂 @kwamiga Why you dey pretend ehn? @Chef_Keeks Oh yea totally. Trying new things is exciting.What's yours?👇🏾⁠ ⁠ #AdventuresLive2020 #desiregalaxy🌟🌘🌺🖤 #odyssey🌊
Retweeted by Edinam D. @Makahorney Happy Birthday! Wishing you a fantastic day.
I'm putting together a survey to find out the needs of small business owners in Ghana. This will help me provide fr…
Retweeted by Edinam D.Scientists revive ancient microbes, that had been in a dormant state for more than 100m years, from the sea
Retweeted by Edinam D.A quarter wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano would be nice. @kwamiga The akple oo @buhxri Ah 😂😂 @bookpresse It’s great! The only unfortunate thing is that ours has a rotating arm so I can’t make anything other t… air fryer is one of the best things ever.“We can’t come now”. “Nowadays we don’t take it so seriously, you just manage it with some insert “drug A” , “drug B” and so. Buei. @Makahorney @thedawadawa Amazing! I love this. Yooyi and Ginger cake - my kind of party 💃🏾I’m really excited to share this with everyone. We’re working to create a community-centred space that celebrates b…
Retweeted by Edinam D. @nkquakyi Yo wtf?? @ivoryosidan 😂Hello there, can you or anyone you know do just the hexagonal box for me please? Help a sister, it's URGENT!
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