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No matter how old I get I hope I still let the kids teach me things. So I may always be wise.
Cooking Academy 2 we use to be in our bag cooking in different countries !
Retweeted by Keke Palmer @BlackAgitator I also love cooking shows. Chopped is my favorite @the_maverick29 🤣I’ve always loved cooking games @robtswthrayguns 😭😂🤣 @RachelVHer Right. I’m just trying to get into heaven Love!I have seen so many encouraging comments under this post. Take a look if you need some positive vibes.
LOVED mine used to tell me I was gonna be on there hahahahaha AWAAAAAY 😭 know you didn’t forget JENNY JONES HHahaha if you used to watch Maury at your granny house. @skinnyminnieog Period pooh!❤️❤️❤️ is hilarious 20 yrs later. How did y’all get this ? Hahaha I never forget she loved that song from my first al… Sky by Miley is really a fire recordPop Smoke’s death is truly tragic, as most murders are. Tl see all the talent gone so soon. This album really is aw… @JamelBaines Nope. Don’t live in CaliIt actually can feel pretty disempowering to show someone where they fucked up at when it comes to this, also drain… triggers are so impossible to explain if you have never felt one.The person that said it loves James Bond but never spend a day in the ghetto. Which is why I was alarmed by the ref… @robtswthrayguns Did people in the ghetto know it’s called that... or is this something people that don’t live in the ghetto say?I heard someone call a stereo a “ghetto blaster” the other day. Why 🥴I wanna be sleep rn
She’s the thickest 😭’s almost like the more humble you are the more people try you. @AlwaysAJ_ Love u back @ThomasJ_ @JzonAzari @IssaRae PITCH 😭 @oops_iskeeted @IssaRae I canttttt @_jadorececexo @IssaRae @insecurehbo Cmon rocks her shit ! Haha @bottlekids Off with their heads! (In my British queen accent) @_FLY_JaE Why I said steak 😭 @JabariHaakim 😭😭😭😭 eyes awake love @aliyajmari @IssaRae Come on backgroundddd hahahahahaMy restrict list about to be long af on IG. Keep talking to ya self pooh. @BADGUYPAT Haha I do!Wait a min ... so if I restrict they can’t comment at all???? if on IG they allowed you to block someone from commenting ONLY. So you didn’t have to block them and stop them from following you 😭But Issa made a mistake her and Lawrence deserve to be together 😭 @1Tarig No me and Issa’s have I haven’t slept for a year @PsychoBabble_06 @IssaRae Hahahaha GIVE MOLLY A BREAK she was working my nerves thoIf you gimme a kiss best part that anyone can take from this is you didn’t let them stop YOUR vision. I love the perseverance! ❤️ the of these billboards represent dreams manifested. I remember a girl in middle school laughing at me when I…
Retweeted by Keke PalmerHey @IssaRae there’s been a mix up. I posted about my excitement for season 5 of Insecure and now everyone thinks I…
@lorealchanelll @lawrenciiaaa Lmfaoooooo no it was the desert haha @TysonxHaze 😭😭😭Bingo lmao’m quick to tell somebody to stop talking to me 😭AND THATS ON FROSTY! 😭🤑 dear...where to start Janet? We have SO much to get through with this outfit.....start the prayer chain!… be so loud with the accusation and so quiet with the apology. 😓Hahaha you mean Kylee ;-)! Yes. I’ll be the coach this time and exec producer 😜
I really miss Anton Yelchin. 😓I absolutely love the Babysitter series. The director’s tone is so me! It’s playful and kitschy.
Apart of being a great boss is knowing how to be an employee. @calizforniadrm Lawrencia is so pretty but also like COME ON NOW DAD he like George Foreman with his daughter m Georgina lolol @calizforniadrm Insane to us as well lmao😭😭😘 @JamikaWilson U know me better than that now lol @godemarcus_ @lawrenciiaaa Locals took me out lolIt was the “dinner on me” for me Hahahaha Yasssss @JamikaWilson Rennie. Lol u know, the college student....I’m so happy to be born into a family full of jokers. I’m realizing a sense of humor is not that common lol. @voguebritt @lorealchanelll @lawrenciiaaa Okay now u know what @lawrenciiaaa @voguebritt @lorealchanelll HAHAHAHAHAHA girl she just sent the perfect bait message. I can’t @Evan_Quinones @BellaNoirdoll Yes and that gets the most respect. I feel the same about factory work which both of…’all in them comments going in on fast food jobs but ITS A JOB AINT IT LOL. Pride have a lot of y’all out here bro… @lawrenciiaaa Period!IM CRYINGGGGG 😭 my little cousins😂
Retweeted by Keke Palmer @_cjeezus @_cjeezus Criminal justice but Wendy’s will doYea, she’s in the same boat as me haha we just got scammed. the sister y’all. She is available for part time y’all!!! in Florida please give my sister a job, I’m tired of her asking me for money 🥴❤️
@wordtoJude Hahahahaha I miss STAR omg when are we going to work together again ughGo away 😭 @CarterChallance @Therealbrandee I love her !!! @UmTAW Hahahaha YES ! @lawrenciiaaa Hahahahahahahahahahaha @MB_Ron21 HAHAHAHAHAHA omg I cant @Nickelodeon 😘😘 @NecokeNii They make it by making you pay them to teach you how to make money on the stock chile. @KennyKnox Hahahahahah @Ms_Neeka1 Hahahahaha @xMelCole 😭😭😭😭😭Go away 😭 don’t know who needs to hear this, but I don’t wanna start forex trading.Sweet like HONEY. Did you know I was the Honey Bear on @Nickelodeon’s UNFILTERED?🍯#NickUnfiltered😭😭😭😭 who needs to hear this, but there is nothing wrong, lame or corny about being wholesome.ACTING SKILLS AMAZING when they attack lol sorry you going through that but wonderful job!!! fax no printa. They not ready Lawrence anyone hates on you just remember someone has said Beyoncé “can’t sing”. There are haters everywhere ppl, e… @KekePalmer I’m using this monologue for my next audition
Retweeted by Keke Palmer @izzysaks Lmfaoooooo