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congrats on paying off your animal crossing house loan of 20,000 bells!!! the next one will be 86 million
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤you’re not everyone’s type and that’s okay
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@OnlyTowel Hahah we’re only a few days in to 3 and I’m like WHYYY @IGY6Live @mxrgoddess I’m in school!! But I’d love to go back after I graduate and work by the beach again. I loved it out there(: @indianajonaz I think both my child and I are losing our minds LOLWhy is my kid the biggest hot mess this morning. Literally non stop complaining and crying. It’s like 3 hit and sud… wanna live by the ocean SO BAD
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@cockypotato3 Awww happy birthday to your daughter too! How crazyyy! One year apart (:WAIT LMAOOO your worth. Know the difference between what you’re getting and what you deserve.
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤EARTHQUAKE 😳😳😳My baby turned 3 yesterday💕 Ya girl officially has a threenager😂 @SixxZeroOne How?! What do you think happened?!):
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤I wish girls had something like the xbox (but not xbox) that we can play for 12 hours straight and talk to eachothe…
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤 @TC_Concenity I would be pissed 😂 If I had delivered normally, you better believe I would’ve held her in. @Keggerade Thank youuu(: I am! Hope you’re well too! @TC_Concenity Yes!! I didn’t want an April Fools babyyy. But I actually ended up having a C-Section😂 so really none… can’t believe this was 3 years ago today. I was in labor right now and telling the doctors that I wouldn’t start… protective w my souuul where uuu been
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤The biggest April Fools’ Joke of all time is the entire year of 2020.
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@Schmaltzyyy Hahaha plz stop j/o-ing schmaltz!!!It takes the most special kind of duo to run with mini guns, drum guns, and rockets lmaooo. Got bored of j/o-ing to your grandmother, eh?
poison me daddy
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@ControversyUI @SixxZeroOne Same 😎 hahaha @SixxZeroOne @keIseyxo Hahaha dudee literally 99% of my deaths tonight were from drum guns. I am TRIGGERED. Skillless af 😒If you’re killing me with a drum gun, you can lick my sweaty sack.
@mxrgoddess @QueenEliminator ^^^^^ I think it’s called something organizer! @SixxZeroOne Alwaysss💕 @Allenownz 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️I will ALWAYS trust my gut. I just know, ya know?
Great first stream @Schmaltzyyy!!!💕 We love you!! Always a blast 😜tell me about the rooms inside you, tell me about the ones you never walk into
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤 @QueenEliminator You have to sneak up on them when their arms are down! Hahah Have your net out while you’re slowly creeping up on it!
@xnoems Until you get them all the timeee😩 @xnoems When you can, by a nook ticket, clear that island of the trees, weeds, rocks, etc., and catch all the spide… lockdown ain’t no reason to not be showering, don’t be musty crusty xoxo
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤 @Xrated_Sinister Awww): I hope they’re all staying in and away from people too! And you’re doing your best to stay… feel like this pandemic is giving me health anxiety. Not so much for me, but more so for my daughter and loved on…😍 🐣
@MrWillDeal End game clutch (LOL) on m&k
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤 @TC_Concenity I don’t understand why there’s two different versions! Haha @TC_Concenity I thinkkkk the windows?? Haha I can’t remember! @TC_Concenity Hahah I really do. I know I didn’t spend $30 for it to just sit there on my desktop 🙄😂 @ChentaMixer @TC_Concenity 😄😄, how you feelin 😜
@FUFMorty @FUFMorty some extra time indoors, how about a way to pass the time? Follow and retweet to win a console of your choice!…
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤Any partnered streamers out there looking for a channel manager? Feel free to DM questions or if you would like to…
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤Where’s @KellIIs93 at? I’m tryna argue.
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤 @FUFMorty I’m doing hw and studying for finals lmao. I don’t have timeee to argue with your ass😂 @TC_Concenity Smh nothing to me! Girls think they’re sneaky and they’re notttt😂 @TC_Concenity Girls can be so disrespectful 😏 @ACNHCentral @EmmielleysradShe said “fever” and trump was OUT of there lmaoo
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤 @FUFMorty About what?! LmaoooLet me just sayyy, a majority of this was me in high school or me in a relationship where I did get cheated on😂 She… was done with these until i saw this 💀
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤There’s no better feeling as a streamer when you switch to a non competitive game and your chat not only stays and…
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤Guess what I’m doing tonight guys... ⚡️Tiktoks⚡️ I’m obsessed again 😜Jesus Christ 😂😂😂 WENT SKYYYYYDIVINGGGG... watch and share
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@ImSpar_ @mxrgoddess @dylpw @Schmaltzyyy What about groceries???? @classickalee This was watching love and opportunity float away from you...!?!?! @mxrgoddess I’m trying to have an orchard of fruit trees but it’s taking a whileee @mxrgoddess Awww titties 😂 I have one pear and 3 peach trees but mine haven’t bloomed either. 😭 @mxrgoddess Oh and I just got fucked up by some wasps sooo if you need another nest, I got one 😂 @mxrgoddess Do you need any oranges?? @mxrgoddess I need pearsss 🍐!💕 @mxrgoddess Keeeeeks, what fruit do you have on your island?! @SimbyBTW 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ @TheUglyDad Kk gramps 😂😂😂 @TheUglyDad Hahah shut up. 1997🥵. I actually think my first one is long gone, but I’ve had a few of mine for YEARS. @TheUglyDad Isn’t it so sad! I lovedddd AIM. I still have an aol account 😂😂 @TheUglyDad Hahah ohhh what a little shit. And on AIM? Like actual aol AIM? I’m down 😂 @TheUglyDad Wait wuuuut @itsDE5 @WatchMixer That was such a sick move until that jump 😂 gonna have to steal that tactic. LmaoHope everyone is safe! Our city has a “shelter in place” order taking place tonight till April 3rd. We know a lot…
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤Sooo my term ends pretty soon and I’ve been thinking a lot about jumping back on. This break from streaming was so necessary, but I miss it. @itsDE5 @WatchMixer HAHAHAHA @ACNHCentral @Schmaltzyyy @TC_Concenity I was dying 😂😂 I was like yasss... YASSS hahah @mxrgoddess @Ninja “I’m gonna throw upppp” hahaha 😂Three tips for your quarantine... tip three being watch me
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤She is not lying let me tell you. ☝️
@Cataliexo Ahhh I’m going to add you! @Schmaltzyyy Love youuu💕 @JennySimilee I love YOU! You make me want to start up the stream again!😩💜I posted this on Instagram last night and honestly I wanted to bring this to twitter because for a lot of us the co…
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤 @ShoozTV I feel attacked tbh 🙃so addicted to animal crossing. enjoyable games make streaming so much easier 🥺❤️
Retweeted by Kelliis🖤 @SixColourz @animalcrossing I can’t catch that little eight legged hoe!😩