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sure let's shit on lin-manuel miranda for writing plays and casting himself in the main roles that have incredibly… @salty_armpit his name is gustavo roque and your wife probably loved it @joeygllghr which one are youhand on the gun
Retweeted by kelly @__MeganG__ i love you 🥺
@ajbabyboi 200 gecsdon’t show this to my high school choir teacher he would be mad at me for not using my head voice enoughno i haven’t watched hamilton four times since it came out and no this did not take me six tries to get right and n… @jslez are you skinny shaming my hands @gbaaaby2 hello gianna just me your friend kelly checking in to say you are very beautiful! @jasminericegirl rosie
@brookefinegold :/ @joeygllghr gingies @goodbeanalt how do you get 19k likes on this and i got like 700 for the same exact joke i hate it hereyou can’t fool me you bastard if karl marx was sexy we would all have healthcare @Buffalojilll me when i turned 24 @joeygllghr finish your degree!! educated king!!!!!!! @jasminericegirl when i was a freshman in college my boyfriend at the time who i’d been dating since high school do… @suppmace timothee chalamet @universe_cherub yeah i’m fine i went to high school with timothee chalamet @_cinnamonro11_ be my gf @joeygllghr no ❤️i went to high school with timothee chalamet
movie villain e-boy shrek
Retweeted by kellythe movie villain kirby griffin think about this tumblr post constantly
Retweeted by kellyme and my roommate are trending!!! Taco Bell will put a tortilla, meat, cheese, and rice in a new interesting order and you gotta go check t…
Retweeted by kellygod i would pay anything to be a little frog contributing to a cottagecore lesbian’s aesthetic dreampsa: women shouldn’t have to justify why they need birth control by listing other reasons they take it besides preventing pregnancy
Retweeted by kelly @acollinshrunk this was with a straightener by my hairdresser @ComplexHormones thank you 🥺 @ComplexHormones i’m allowed to have insecurities :)i used to think my side profile was ugly because my nose is so upturned but then i saw this lol… @_cinnamonro11_ CLARKE YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD
@coolbutpoorguy i’m sorry we’re no longer accepting mean comments at this time! @kayeincolor i think i got him from target
do you guys like my gallery wall we're gonna elect another celebrity can it at least be Ashton Kutcher or something like he's done more to help p…
Retweeted by kelly challenge: text all your friends “should i text him?” and see what they sayi’m like right on the border of being a millennial or gen z which means i’ll never be able to afford a home but i c… @SuperiorEgg3 so no?
@mrmikeyreid @jodieegrace this is a mikey reid stan account honestly what do you expect @jodieegrace i will do what i want#wgastaffingboost hi i’m a cool funny queer woman and i write cool stuff if anyone wants to read it :))) pls @usuallyk8 i can’t i’ve gotten two piercings and a tattoo in the last year :/i need to be stabbed with a needle soon or ill explode. i don’t care if it’s a piercing or tattoo or a vaccine or a… @spo0kymads obviously @spo0kymads why notshould i text him @joeygllghr
so you agree. wages should be higher?
Retweeted by kelly @weekend_banana LMAO i am bisexualPeople will say "oh I love moss" and then eat only one small handful
Retweeted by kellythe only thing i’m using my film degree for is making fun of white male “film buffs” accurately and devistatingly @mrmikeyreid i will gladly hang you above my bed @jbfan911 me @AlexEdelman perhaps he owns a chain of mexican restaurants called arroz by any other name
@AlexEdelman william shakespeare @Hey_Smize no ❤️i need to stop bringing boys home my roommate’s boyfriend gets excited that he has a friend and then the boy dumps… your mental illness as an excuse to treat people like shit is manipulative and is not an excuse to act howeve… @ajbabyboi don’t pit two queens against each othermen be like i’m gonna treat you like my girlfriend but as soon you start expecting things from me i’m gonna remind…"alexander hamilton was complicit in american slavery" and "hamilton the musical is a once in a lifetime piece of a…
Retweeted by kelly.@Lin_Manuel why did you let disney bleep the fuck words from your musical you coward
I pledge allegiance to the flag
Retweeted by kellyDon’t say nothing to me today fr
Retweeted by kellythe fourth of july is stupid the american flag is ugly fireworks are annoying and bad for the environment and if yo… your 4th of july.
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wouldnt it be so fucked up if i woke up in a hospital bed and i was like 15 again and all of this had just been a terrible coma dreammy best friend and I kiss each other before bed every night these kids are weird
Retweeted by kelly @murdeeezy hiiiiiiii
My black and queer friends, please stop scrolling and listen to this yt yee yaw man!
Retweeted by kellybows or bastard??? 💗💙💗💙 @slinan that’s a spicy meat a ballhey hey I made a website to serve as a digital resume and portfolio so if anyone is looking to fill a role in a soc…
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Retweeted by kelly @_ericcurtin god i wishI’m sorry but can we not joke about two white people with deadly weapons who felt comfortable pointing them at prot…
Retweeted by kelly @itsmattfred that’s called that titular line and it is always cool @jbfan911 LMFAOthis is the future liberals want
Retweeted by kelly @ballerguy me 🥺phoebe bridgers and billie eilish are both spirits that haunt the same house but phoebe is a soft little victorian…
do you think you could beat the geico gecko in a fight provided that you were shrunk down to his size or he was mad… @_cinnamonro11_ you’re about to get forehead kissedwhat jane austen novel took place here
me logging into twitter dot com every day robber (holding a gun): swiggity swag put the money in the bag me: okay please don’t shoot me bank robber: (…
Retweeted by kellyhow many more white men must i let hurt my feelings before i learn my lesson
Retweeted by kellyare u scared all your friends secretly hate u due to years of passive aggressive school friendships where everyone…
Retweeted by kelly @kelseybuckles are weak.
Retweeted by kellyno more being the bigger person ima start biting people
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does anyone need a female comedy writer who is cool and smart and good at trends and is also me to work for them for Money @AlexEdelman a beautiful love story <3