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protagonist of reality | she/her 🏳️‍🌈

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Retweeted by kellywhy does every day have to be 24 hours long why can’t they be like 6 @doyalikebaileys you’re also a beautiful perfect sweetie and our differing coffee preferences will never change our friendship @doyalikebaileys sorry i don’t like drinking bitter watered down bean juice
Retweeted by kelly @DrakePlsFuckMe ill be your bf @ginadivittorio OKAY linguistically speaking the past tense should be screenshot and the present tense should be screenshoot
TO THE GIRLS CUTTING THEIR OWN HAIR DURING THIS QUARANTINE you look amazing and you’ve gained a new skill i love you baby keep doin you @_ericcurtin chet porter @issonlymy3rdday i’m sorry your parents didn’t hug enough as a child but mine did so sue me for wanting a hug from my mom! @issonlymy3rdday my love language is physical touch and has been forever so no i will not detach myself from wantin… haven’t held a hand or hugged anyone in weeks i think i might die if i don’t get gently kissed on the head soon i… who have depression @notviking do you have two computers @notviking you live with herhell yeah queen turn up to show you guys i have red hair now thanks quarantine!
Retweeted by kellySomeone Please Send Me $80 So I Can Buy A Legend Of Zelda Sword Afternoon I Am Thinking About Purchasing A Sword In These Trying Timesdid edward ever stop and think that maybe he couldn’t hear bella’s thoughts because she didn’t have any?
Retweeted by kellydad from onward please dm me @robine50990379 that’s grossi’ve been talking to a boy i met on bumble for like a week or so but we haven’t seen each other because we are resp…
Retweeted by kellymeatloaf is an abomination taking raw ground beef and putting in a bread pan??? psychopathic behavior. and worst of… @jodieegrace it was finesry to be this person quarantine sucks twelve
Retweeted by kellyfuck ukuleles
Retweeted by kellyCan’t believe I’m FaceTiming my chemical romance
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@jbfan911 the chocolate around his mouth, the oddly gendered mid-2000s t-shirt, the way he stares into the camera,… @ballerguy jenniferi’m bisexual that means i’m attracted to girls who look like they just descended from heaven and boys who look like…
@ihatethiskid @benjifckinliker wass6pok we’re done thirsting over danny phantom because he’s an actual child and instead we will start thirsting over 24… u all so much for your contributions i appreciate them and hope you enjoy the artand last but not least taylor requested stephen a smith so here u go for cooper for liz for rachel these are my last ones i’m not doing any more bear for adam i think idk’t wait to see the american girl doll they make from this pandemicok i’m done this is for faith good night world @BekahRenner i’m bad at people so here’s daphne i’m so sorry mourning dove (i hope this is okay) for acacia for skyla for liltaurus doggo and sea turtle for chase carrot for ellie bearded dragon for kendra!!! fox requested by jillian @dj_high_dr8 7 millions dollarslmfao okay this was fun but i’m done now thank u for contributing if i have t sent you yours yet you will get it i… @manofthedice cat! fancy o requested by olivia ear of corn requested by adam sry it’s ugly @dj_high_dr8 here u go @dj_high_dr8 LMFAO ok got itif you venmo me a dollar (kelllicopter) i will paint anything you want here are a few things i’ve painted already!… @pienar pinar i’m so sorry about this but without eyebrows you look like mark zuckerburg
i’ve decided to fall in love during this quarantine since there’s nothing better to do made a painting for a boy. what has this quarantine done to me
every time i say something bad about myself i have to apologize to them, our goddesses of self love’m coloring who up fuckin looooove dating the funny girl until she stops with the cute witty remarks and instead is losing her sh… @coolbutpoorguy source?
@MichaelaOkla draw long furby @pissboymcgee so what @doyalikebaileys can you embroider for meok i’m tired of living in an apush dbq can we wrap this up
if i saw pickle rick i would take a bite of him @HeffronDrive love you 🥺 @MargielaAddict1 @jodieegrace @Elizabetttt_ stars! they’re just like us :) @ihatethiskid kellliTOPter @ihatethiskid you called? @badboychadhoy @goodbeanaltalt a phrase said by a horny pirate @DrakePlsFuckMe don’toh to be a young person having a party
would anyone like to give me a compliment i feel like i should have onequarantine is so boring i started downloading those pop-up ad games @doyalikebaileys that’s why i married a centipede
when he over six feet (away from me because we’re practicing social distancing) 😩 @doyalikebaileys yeah it says the word real twiceit doesn’t take two frozen movies to tell me not to trust white men
animal crossing is allowing me to live out my dream of owning a home and having a savings account @ihatethiskid hey do u wanna maybe visit each other’s islands or whatever 🥺 @nxtvxkxng i’ve been to dude’s houses who have less than this
i am so sorry to disappoint but i have decided to go with a color called ginger it is molly ringwald red and i am excited @hannnnahwallace that’s what i was just looking at!!should i dye my hair purplethis is literally the only way i know what day of the week it is quarantine really fucked me up
Retweeted by kellyI hate it
Retweeted by kellythat’s kristen wiig @joeygllghr @SJSchauer also it was a gift for your 21st birthday if you’re going to talk shit at least get your facts straight @joeygllghr @SJSchauer it was a year before broke up at least bitch