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Kelly AuCoin @KellyAuCoin77 Oregon boy living in Brooklyn

'Dollar' Bill @SHO_Billions • Pastor Tim @TheAmericansFX • @theBoldTypetv • @TrailBlazers fanatic •@kulturec • #Feminist • #BlackLivesMatter •

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Was not... unenjoyable :) @OYeoman @TurnLand #Billions“Sidelining science has already cost lives, imperiled the safety of our loved ones, compromised our ability to safe… @Bee_4827 Ha! What can I say? I was up late 😆 @nutmeg3000 @SHO_Billions Ha!You’re really creepy. Stay away from my mom. you would endanger the lives of everyone in that hospital as you tried to shame into letting you in without a m… @Bee_4827 Day* @lilireinhart @Ruthie_Ng Human kind’s greatest achievement: @dangerstein So sad. @kayrinp 👋 Hope you got some sleep. @JulesMGP27 And I’ll bet you’ll sleep like a baby tonight :) @MistySh75756860 Good! Stay safe, and THANK YOU for everything. #Hero @bellsworld Ha! @SaidahSays Saidah!!!!!!!! Hello lovely! @fernandofazzari @SHO_Billions I miss it, too @not_the_IT_gurl Sucks. @CriswellWJ So good! @ladiesbane Nice @johnfrisbie I finally crashed around 4:30. Have a good day! @Seanfallon Sigh. Yeah. @Bee_4827 Fell asleep around 4:30. Actually got about 6 hours so I’m ok. Just feels off when I sleep late. Hope you’re say was ok! @GRW1971 I need to start that @lead4joy Haha @JulesMGP27 How you doing now? Hanging in?Of course they escorted you out, you were putting people at risk! It’s not just about you. Your comfort isn’t more… @BonziSheedTech @andrewdeyoe This is what I’ve been saying.Where my insomniacs at?This is so, incredibly sad. Fuck this virus. And fuck anyone who says this is a hoax. I’m done with you. Goddam… reminder
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And, if you do not love Ben Kim back, you are a monster. #Billions @DanielKIsaac the history books not teach you that Rock N Roll was invented by a queer Black woman? That’s because the histor…
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoin @ebrown2112 @MatthewRhys My understanding is that he wore Tim’s wig once... Could be wrong. @plinytheelder_t Ha! tried to delete before anyone caught the typo!$Bill & Bonnie talking about Spyros... #Billions @SHO_Billions @Lulubellestiles @stephenkunken #BehindTheScenes I was nervous because they spent so much time trying to put me IN a box...? #TheAmericans #BehindTheScenes report this asshole, my friends, for targeted harassment and general insanity. Some people will believe any…
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoin @VegasPodcaster @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks I see what you did there. @RoriBergman @knirish Ahahaha! ❤️ @MatthewWords @Dame_Lillard @trailblazers 😶And 1. @Dame_Lillard @trailblazers #RipCity least give him a writing credit!
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoin😆’s what we’re dealing with.
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoin @knirish 🤗❤️💯 #RipCity @nilamadison @andrewdeyoe 💯 #RipCity @CollierLAlexand @TheBoldTypeTV @thekatiestevens @StrakerHauser @sascharothchild The Bold Type @SheltieMom_2 @JonMattalia @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks I’m sorry? @MPenn @chrisdouridas @michaelkiwanuka @mbeKCRW I still have to stop everything when Biloxi or There Stands The Gla… @JosephJ54553032 @JayCaruso You don’t graduate college. You graduate FROM college.There are so many helicopters and illegal fireworks going on outside my place, I expect if I look out the window I…
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoin @knirish YOU SHUT UP @IAmSusieRodgers @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks 😆 @soul_prophet 😆 @GWhitcapital Jesus. Fine. Muslim ban Killing ACA Killing DACA Trade war w/ China Constantly attacking environmenta… @dgpdx @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks It's a joke, Don ;-) @GWhitcapital No, you disagree w/ me, so you try to undermine my views as "emotional", when that is the essense of… Fourth of July, Consider Trump’s Lobster Fib. No one will die because of that dishonest lobster tweet. But the… @MommilyE808 Probably a tie between #MauriceLucas & @terryporter30 #RipCity
@GWhitcapital Friend, do you really think I‘m gonna play this game w/ every asshole who wants me write them a list?… Not gonna play this game every time someone pulls this crap. I'm not your monkey. You really give a sh*t? Read… @JenniferMudge @sellars333 One of my favorite directors ever... meet twitter. @lucitiberghien @MoliereBKPark @davidaaronhahn Of course we'd all love to know more, further ahead, but it is really fun when the episode drops in… @Jazz14go @Fab4tune @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks @WatchAmericans @cynewulf23 @swoozyjane @ristifer @mandelino @mikecole1964 😆🤗 @GrantWartnik @dennismcook @ChadinRipCity Oh course! Any patriot would. Because Carter wasn't trying to undermine democracy. @ramontgomery8 @Striketimephoto @ChadinRipCity Yup, that's the GOP line. But it's almost hilariously false. He was… @ChadinRipCity Absolutely worse than Carter. @batguyz A good agent.As you celebrate July 4th weekend, remember this. From @Mvmnt4BlkLives.
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoinBest thing you’ll see all week.
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoinBen Shapiro's entire position for the past three years has been that Donald Trump is too incompetent and ignorant t…
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoinFYI @sula1956 @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks 😆 @Toniconfid @lewis_damian @Showtime @SHO_Homeland Oh, we have :)Axe discusses he previous life as a spy... #Billions @lewis_damian @Showtime @SHO_Homeland @travisGbk21 @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks Hahaha @DrGregMarchand @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks He’s too modest to ever say that publicly.Not much of it, no.
Retweeted by Kelly AuCoinLucie is one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with. She founded @MoliereBKPark & intended this summer to be i… fisted, even. @DocsLocks @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks Means it was a good wig 🤗 @_Dream_Out_Loud @bjbigplayer @TexasSunshine01 @SidewaysStu I don't think our vices are the most important on this subject. @_Dream_Out_Loud @bjbigplayer @TexasSunshine01 @SidewaysStu And not "Should this be changed?" or "Is this appropria… @_Dream_Out_Loud @bjbigplayer @TexasSunshine01 @SidewaysStu That poll was challenged, soon after, for flawed methodology. @SGSFOX @TheAmericansFX @FXNetworks One of my favorite scenes. Was also just really nice to come back one more time.Yes. It was certainly..... Amazing #TheAmericans's like they always say: Leave 'em wanting no more. #TheAmericans @jakeriley @TheRyanMcRae Yes, you should! It's one of my all time favorites. I was a huge fan before I ever auditioned for itMr Cole, I thought we promised never to lie to each other. #TheAmericans @epilepticbear 🤣👏👏👏 @alexisentuiter I keep thinking I see Elizabeth peaking around corners... @rgunns So glad to hear that! I'm a fan of yours. My wife is a marine ecologist/dancer & works on myriad climate re… @AshwinMCupido @TheBoldTypeTV @thekatiestevens @StrakerHauser @sascharothchild 🙏🙏🙏 @MommilyE808 RABID fan, yes! #RipCityWhen people say "I have been doing a lot of research" it means that they've been on twitter. When people say "I've… Tim was the universally beloved, sex symbol, star of the acclaimed television program #TheAmericans you just need a little dad-love. Love working with these lovely human people. So glad they keep asking… @Ritchie_1966 #TheAmericans was my favorite show on TV when I auditioned late season 2… I became aware of #Billions