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Award-winning mystery author ( @CrimeWoC cofounder; #PitchWars & @SincNational board member. (Yes, I do sleep. Pinky swear.) She/Her

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Yasss! Congrats @scottynola!
@caridubiel @suzannepark ooh jealous! @angelmhunter @alafairburke @CrimeWoC @Robert4Justice It's always nice to find more crime writers of color. Hopeful… @MichaelMammay!! see @StephPostAuthor and me talk about concluding our acclaimed crime series at @BooksandBooks next month in M…
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @TCWritesMystery Thank you! Rachel, Naomi, Gar and Gary are such legends. I was honored to be included with them.Yasss. Yay @suzannepark!!! So purty. incredibly grateful to hit 1,000 reviews on Amazon for my debut, Little Voices! That people are connecting to th…
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @AlexiaGordon Ha ha. I feel similar about wanting to hate you but not being able to. Lol @scottynola @AlexiaGordon I will be giving lessons this year. Lol @BOLOBooks @AlexiaGordon 😂😂😂 😍😍😍 @scottynola @alex_segura @AlexiaGordon I love you both! @ManjuSoniWrites @PitchWars @MPMtheWriter He (or she) is being supportive! And also is as anxious to see the final… @MyCupOfMeg @AlexiaGordon aww. thansk meg! @KeriStevens yay! @blacktop1950 Thanks Delia!! @jverch75 Thanks John! @KeriStevens Our @CrimeWoC group has a Books page divided by genre and ethnicity. You can find it here: pre-ordered books by @suzannepark, @KatieGolding_Tx, @rosiedana, and @merylwilsner!
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @rcstuart 😍😍😍
@ManjuSoniWrites @MPMtheWriter Go for it. @msjessicalaine It's great!One of the books to kick off my year was this beauty! 🤩 An ARC of my good friend @suzannepark's upcoming debut! It…
Retweeted by Kellye GarrettOMG 😍
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @ManjuSoniWrites @WandaMo14 @MPMtheWriter Ha ha. We just messaged Manju and were like "make sure you check out last… @ManjuSoniWrites @MPMtheWriter You've been a dream mentee!Forgot to share that @MPMtheWriter & my #pitchwars interview with our wonderful mentee, @ManjuSoniWrites is up. L… for the tag @MysteryMacRae @PegCochran @cynthiakuhn Post your book cover and tag 10 people! @AbbyVandiver
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @Drrramina You clearly want another tackle hug. @msjessicalaine I'm on my computer but otherwise I'd do a heart emoji back!! :-) @aimeehixauthor @AlexiaGordon Your contact list is a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At most I'm "fancy." Not "fancy af" @nekesaafia Thank you!!!!!!!!! @Kellyekell in the spotlight and a contest winner. In the January issue of POC to POV #ownvoices #POC2POV #mystery
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @AlexiaGordon Also, Alexia is an amazing writer and #blackgirlmagic through and through. Her Lefty-award winning… several friends will tell you, yesterday was a "Why do I do all this again?" day. I just saw this wonderful writ… @Drrramina that’s my LOATHE AT FIRST SIGHT ARC!!!
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @LoriRaderDay @RachelHowzell @Drrramina Thank you, Lori. Always so helpful! @blacklionking73 @Drrramina Yes in a very stubborn way...kinda like me. lol @navah74 @Drrramina @NadinesNotes @SuspenseSiren If you two are trying to make me feel better, it worked! @Drrramina why are you so nice to me when I just whine and whine and whine all day? @RachelHowzell @Drrramina If I was on my phone, this would be heart eye emojis.Y'all today felt like the universe was conspiring against me. But I took @Drrramina's advice & just got lost in my… thought I would hit number one. Thank you 🙏😭🙏😭🙏😭
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@clare2air Yes! Gonna start using it. @MichaelMammay Yet we have perfect eyebrows! @clare2air #ABTIf anyone wants to know what I'm doing right now, I'm explaining the eyebrow threading to @MichaelMammay! @KMLwrites @MinotaurBooks Yasss. Can't wait to celebrate in person!Hey, I have news! SO excited to be working on this standalone mystery for @MinotaurBooks 🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @michaelhoutz @LAChandlar 😍😍😍 @CrimeWoC thanks!!!!!!! @JavaFrank @LAChandlar Yes. We want you to know where your going so you don't just stop abruptly in the middle of t… @juliebrownwrite Yes! All those folks from 2016 who thought Hillary would win but wanted to say 'I didn't vote for her.' @LAChandlar b/c we're friendly! @nikkidolson Ha ha. Nikki, don't act like you won't have a I'm with Pete bumper sticker if need be. @MommadebiToo @navah74 Smart. @aimeehixauthor Aww. Thank you! @ggwynterwrites Exactly. Others have already said it but you can't say it enough, if you feel like you can sit out… @blacklionking73 Since you are complimenting me, I will ignore the autocorrect! @alex_segura I think we all agree on this. @bryonq Not grizzled old Batman! You mean "sophisticated."Yasss. Dynamic Duo right here. Alex is Robin though. :-p @MariahFrederick Probably a lot of trolls @melody_steiner Yes! @erinhahn_author 😍😍😍 @MikelS75 Yes at looking principled. @ShannonCKirk Yes! Jeff Cohen is going to vote for grilled cheese over Trump. @navah74 Yep. This isn’t a vote for heart election. @melody_steiner Yep, it’s all people see in trending topics.So we’re clear, I will happily vote for any of these people. Do I agree with everything they think? Nope. But I gua… will vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is – if, for no other reason, than I am unlikely to survive a 2nd Tr…
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @ReeBuh @PandaChronicle 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 @MicaKenBooks 😍😍😍 @navah74 @PandaChronicle yasss.
@elizabethlittle @alafairburke That is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. @ReeBuh @PandaChronicle #TeamRangerCome to Astoria Bookstore Thursday for my launch of 'Dreamland.' @kriswaldherr and I will be talking historical fic…
Retweeted by Kellye Garrett @alafairburke @elizabethlittle Oh i also begged Liz to let me read it so I have already. I am the epitome of Liz Little stalker.First of all, Penguin Random House, Pretty as a Picture was pre-ordered like seven months ago. I don't play when it… post by @JenJChow about why #representationmatters in literature. @navah74 I just looked at some of the comments. Someone of course said that publishing doesn't care about your race… @_AdeleBuck @alexisdaria Thanks Adele! @cheaddc @greg_levin @stephycha @tracypc6161 @atticalocke @sujatamassey @TaraLWrites Ha ha ha. Beyonce has Sasha Fi… @PDCampbell_ He he. #Bang @Oh_Dinky Yay! I usually hate reading/listening etc anything that I've written but this will definitely change my mind. @authenticadrien @ellisromance ooh yay! so exciting. @cheaddc @greg_levin @stephycha @tracypc6161 @atticalocke @sujatamassey @TaraLWrites Ha ha ha. But at least my first name was right! lol @ManjuSoniWrites Thanks, Manju!!! @alexisdaria Thanks. I'm super excited! @beingcindy That's great. It would be awesome for more people to do that. @MichaelMammay Exactly. I know I'm super lucky, especially in that I published a book in a time that's more open to women of color authors. @ashleywinstead @MelissaLaurenE @ShanaDrehs @Sourcebooks :-) @Sarah_Nicolas I still can't believe it! @joepass31 Thanks Joe!!And I know it's not your "fault" if you were born a talented, hard-working straight, cisgendered, white male but it… I get it. It's easier to credit this success just to talent than to admit that maybe just maybe it had to do in…'s easy for some people who've been REALLY successful for a REALLY long time to start to think "Oh my success is… @AuthorJ_Elle @SoniaHartl1 Thanks!