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this is a THREAD and this is a MOOD. I hope more families are picking their kids' happiness over worksheets & "ke… just makes sense @styleethic That garden is cute but then your watering pot is cuter ?! at this point I'm furious @dharmaFarm tell them to start tweeting more, becuz you definitely don't want too much of my brain in your brainShout out to the black girls whose style, aesthetics and creativity was called "ghetto" before it was seen as innov…
Retweeted by hogabinchtoday I've had a yoga class (live/Zoom, from all over the States), a recovery meeting, a live Q&A for my clients (o… ladies make jokes on twitter & men come in to restate the premise. Or explain the joke. Or try to one up the j…, baguette expert here. When they do this, they're not happy, they're in pain
Retweeted by hogabinchok I enjoy doing my LIVE videos so much. I answer questions submitted to me. Today's topic: "how to deal with peo… know that "top fan" badge bullshit on FB? Well I totally LOVE that, I love getting one. Like a nerd
just bought from a local & sent a 50% tip. Our quarantine mantra is: live with a LOT less (esp from corporations, a… to do my part but I'm not very good at sewing. Spent the last three days accidentally makin' thongs for emergency workers.
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Retweeted by hogabinchlast night's wholesomeness... the oldest teen saved up & bought their brother a new phone for his 16th birthday. Th… about all of the folks who have unique and thoughtful takes on various aspects of this crisis and yet have…
Retweeted by hogabinchThank you to those of you who read my terms & follow them, to those who promote/recommend/review (reviews are SO lo… may not like to hear this but if u want advice from an engineer, artist, skilled tradesperson-and you aren't will… people who want my advice for free are often the ones who don't thank me for it - even tho it helps them. Just… am releasing shame. I am releasing guilt in the face of growth.
Retweeted by hogabinchLRT no shade on all those other Chris fellaz. I just really like Chris Pine. I have a cat that looks like Chris Pin… - twice Vampires...a thread
Retweeted by hogabinchrelatable @katelynanne @1followernodad That really would have made the film better @ViolasMoustache @1followernodad FUCK it is perfect, isn't it @eutheria @tchotchkele omg so my husband who has never said word one about the attractiveness of any man, one day r… i've done this plenty of times it's not a big deal
Retweeted by hogabinch(this is also a real example, we had a restaurant with the best Cambodian noodle dish - and this is a tiny ass town… *always* take that opportunity to thank the family/business for their service and for the time we had with them.… know what irritates me? When a small business finally makes the grueling decision to close & people on social m… Boris Johnson said “you will lose your loved ones” My parents:
Retweeted by hogabinchmy youngest turns 16 today. sorry girls. he's gay
@jillithd @mary_lynn_k I crave a caesar salad every damn day of my life lol @zipthevegan @Ben_G_Bowling <3 <3 <3 this tweet is so inspiring. It's been a rough day & this made me happy. @Ben_G_Bowling 1st went vegan at age 13 (1990). Small town America, I did not receive support. Re-committed & it's… Take me home To the place I belong
Retweeted by hogabinchWe should ALWAYS be aware of the trauma children may be experiencing. Divorce, unemployment, domestic violence, emo…
Retweeted by hogabinchHere’s the greatest tiktok I’ll ever make.
Retweeted by hogabinchWork as a butler in a haunted mansion and put your little hand in the mashed potatoes
Retweeted by hogabinchIf you fuck with Joe Exotic, but not with Michael Vick I would like to hear why.
Retweeted by hogabinch @Idzie If I would have been forced to learn cast on first, or to make a swatch, or to follow a pattern...I'll bet I… @Idzie I love this thread (and great work). The first knitting I *ever* did, was making my dad a chemo cap. I had s… this film was like... it was like Kelly Hogaboom crack. I devoured it. I loved it. I want more just like it pride myself on never, ever falling for that kind of bullshit. Ignore it. They don't have the courage to come out… is so annoying when people try to be insulting about something in a lowkey way. They think they're slick. They ain'tThe sun'll come out Tomorrow So ya gotta hang on 'Til tomorrow Come what may
Retweeted by hogabinchOK now *that*, I would watch! an uptick of people demanding Mark Rufflalo as Colombo again. I dunno how many times I have to tell you all th…
Retweeted by hogabinchI'm exhausted but making pierogi from scratch. Can't think of a more grounding meal for me & the family, personallyman I didn't even have TV growing up but I completely know this commercial by heart is the wholesome content I needed today ghosted sucks, but also okay. If you don’t want me then don’t talk to me. Go ahead and free yourself.
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when the little women appear in little women
Retweeted by hogabinchjust a few minutes away from a live yoga class with an instructor I wouldn't otherwise get to see. Happy things. I… @LaLashaMurphy I've MET your dad (online anyhoo) and he could somehow do this WITHOUT a smart phone @soul_eubanks don't miss going out to eat either since I live in a small town & there was fuck-all available at restaurantsI don't have a LOT of consulting clients but the ones I do, it is super awesome & we get so much done & I know I he… I reshared a "quit demanding women work for cheap/free sewing masks" post & I'm already getting blowback. Die m… @Idzie it just makes Sensere-watching @Bloodline. God damn it's so good. IT'S SO GOOD took a day off (first in months) & my body is just getting sluggish & more sluggish today. Like I'm too lazy to g… @gfrancie @jillithd I think if that happened to me I would NOT share publicly. I mean @zipthevegan @ddm91 yes - what she said! For many people, it takes a cycle or two to get used to it. But it's amazi… FFS! No, we need to treat it like a public health crisis. War is an extension of politics. War allows for coll…
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hot coffee, lots of kitty stritches, making goulash & (for dinner:) chinese sticky buns, rinsing out crumple-dye, a… @onegirlcircus It's 3 PM and my resolve is still strong! (ish). WEIRD to have a day, where I don't sew @OfficialJimLin btw I literally think of you EVERY time we make fried rice, which is pretty often. LOL did I just make things weirdOK the haircut struggle is real. Teen boys & I have long hair so we can stand to go a while. My poor husband tho. the grow-out is scruffy afToday I'm doing something very difficult for me. I'm not going to work. All day. This isn't easy at all. I know at… watch these British period dramas nightly & pass out into deep sleep. Wake up to yet another freeze-frame of Matt… life is a lot like losing your fiancé, nicole kidman, to a 10 year old boy reincarnation of her dead husba…
Retweeted by hogabinchMost ppl catch on to online/zoom/etc pretty quick. But the person managing security/chairing/hosting is doing lots…, too, believe women must prove their intelligence by showing they can *squints* read and hear 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Retweeted by hogabinch @GeekinHard nah man that show was fantasticOK but the new wok is choice and worked so wonderfully. It really did help
stir fry in my new wok. rage-fryingI just saw a bandwagon post criticizing women who charge a couple bucks for a mask, couple bucks for a pattern. Pr… photo of Kathy Bates tho
Retweeted by hogabinchI was challenged to do a polyglot check-in. So I made my very first TikTok😬😬to join the game. These are the 6 langu…
Retweeted by hogabinch @OnBradstreet I've often thought that loneliness is this big taboo in our culture. Everyone knows what it feels lik… it! just gets more difficult and I just get sexier and more equipped to handle it
Retweeted by hogabinchmy favorite night, when our teens make dinner. Not just because we get a break and they are *great* at cooking but…! gross! people in other countries eat animals that we keep as pets! surely my western worldview is the universal…
Retweeted by hogabinch @styleethic @ompractice @alphaprep Oooh, thank you! That looks fantastic. @huegolden ... NO [ shifty eyes ] @huegolden I love cooking with dried beans so much. It just feels meditative and amazing. I am a bean dork ?ok earnest tweet, I hope yoga instructors keep doing online classes (paid of course) because it's been a delight pr… @hmschlingmama The constant demand that women who can sew drop everything they're doing to make free or practically-free masks. It's a hootWhen this is over, are you still going to tell the people who risked their lives so you could eat that they don't deserve $15 an hour?
Retweeted by hogabinch(by request my streaming audience suggested and) we watched Grease (1978) today. That movie is so gross fr. Olivia…, this is pure Excellence
the whole " '''screen time''' is less valuable/real" in some way, is such an irritation for me. Our children have… feel silly saying this but people are having ALL kinds of quarantine experiences. I get to be with kids & partner… out to the magic of recorded music. Imagine if the transcendent Bill Withers died and we never heard his voice again
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I was just thinking how much I adore that film! @NessieBJenkins I take down payments & payment plans (100% of people have paid me in full!) so if you ever see some… @gfrancie that IS dramatic because I'm sure there are loads of ppl who have not done either thing. BTW my dad thoug… @gfrancie I... I so want to Zoom with you in Olive Garden, now. I mean the restaurant is eh, but the salad & breadsticks are serviceable