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Condolences to ⁦@SpeakerPelosi⁩ on the passing of her brother. Former Baltimore Mayor Thomas 'Young Tommy’ D’Al… with Doral out of the picture, where will the president host the Group of 7 Summit? Today the White House said “… a second straight weekend day, the president is staying inside the White House and an early "lid" has been call… secretary of defense is Mark Esper.“He was honestly surprised at the level of pushback. At the end of the day, he thinks of himself as in the hospital… Trump brand pulled from the G7 summit in surprising flip flop from the president...My story. up on @today this rainy Sunday morning, the president pulls the plug on using his family business for an int… of Defense Mark Esper is in Afghanistan for his first visit there in his role to meet US troops and Afghan leaders.A pool report from a @JoeBiden fundraiser tonight in New York includes a quote where Biden refers to the G8, but it… much for every country getting their own bungalow and proximity to Miami International Airport. story from @NBCnightlynews
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says a 'moment of clarity' drove her decision to endorse Bernie Sanders. @KellyO wil…
Retweeted by Kelly O'DonnellOn stage to AC/DC’s “Back in Black” sought after endorsement for @SenSanders today in New York. Will @AOC bring new energy to his campaign after a h… weekend the WH hosts the annual fall garden tours. pleasant Saturday in DC, though brisk, but no golf today for the president. The WH has called an early "lid" mea… story... latest on Syria and Turkey plus this week in impeachment coming up on @TODAYshow
For clarity, it’s not the sound of enthusiastic supporters, it is a playlist of music set intentionally loud to bla… not an “Acting” secretary to succeed Rick Perry at Energy. @CIA Director Haspell by the door in a line of young women in the backdrop? (The president’s intelligence brief… that’s a wrap after 90 minutes.“Like two kids in a lot, you gotta let them fight, then you pull them apart.” said the president. far here in Dallas, no mention of the president’s controversial plan to host the G7 world leaders summit next Ju… than an hour into his remarks and no obvious protesters in the Trump Dallas crowd unlike Minneapolis last week..@realDonaldTrump praises @tedcruz debate skills at length and then suggests, “Hey Ted, if you turn Democrat you co… says he didn’t run for school office because “I liked playing baseball better”“Crazy Nancy has to put it up for a vote” @realdonaldtrump on the update to NAFTA known as USMCAThis is the president playing “more presidential” by standing silently and says “you just act like a stiff” seems the president has dispatched with discussion of his Turkey Syria decision after a few minutes...on to other rally speech staples."Turkey is gonna be happy. The Kurds are gonna be happy. ISIS is gonna be unhappy" says @realDonaldTrump claiming a… president suggests that the Turkey operation is like kids on the playground who need to fight for a few days, "… of Turkey says the president, mispronouncing his name.Applause here for Rick Perry, former Texas governor who announced he is leaving at the end of the year as Energy se… smile break:"I’m not just an overrated general. I’m the most overrated general," Mattis says. "I'm honored to be considered tha…
Retweeted by Kelly O'Donnell“John, I have no idea who you are running against but nobody is gonna beat you” @realdonaldtrump to @JohnCornyn“Now we love each other again...TED CRUZ” says the president of his heated campaign history with the Texas senator here in Dallas.Dallas crowd finishes the phrase for Trump as he continues to bash the Bidens: "Quid. Pro..." "Quo!"
Retweeted by Kelly O'DonnellFinally on stage ... late. They just announced another 20 minutes before @realDonaldTrump arrives at this Dallas abo…
The sound level at rallies for @realdonaldtrump is consistently ear piercing and in the “dangerous, very dangerous”… Chief of Staff, @MickMulvaneyOMB is getting his steps in tonight with this major walk-back of comments from… president also made the claim that daughter Ivanka is responsible for 14 million jobs due to her WH work for job training programsThe president just joked that "I could learn something about branding from you" at the Louis Vuitton workshop he is…’s honestly puzzling that in huge rally crowds for the president, the number of people who keep their hats on during the National Anthem.Still two and half hours to go in Dallas. rally day for @realDonaldTrump. Crowd is outside but we are getting set inside the arena“You don’t give stuff to the public when there is a cover up” @MickMulvaneyOMB defends WH actions on Ukraine call a… characterizes question of whether it’s appropriate for any president to pressure a foreign countr…“Ordinary course of business” says @MickMulvaneyOMB “Ordinary course of foreign policy”"He's not making any money off of this,” Acting Chief of Staff Mulvaney claims when asked by @kwelkernbc about Pres…
Retweeted by Kelly O'Donnell“It’s not illegal. It’s not impeachable” on use of Rudy Giuliani for foreign policy work while a private citizen a…“We don’t have a war room ... you have a war room when you’ve done something wrong. We didn’t.” @MickMulvaneyOMBA champion for Baltimore has died. Rep. Elijah Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight Committee was a central fi…
This is the letter the president wrote three days after his decision to withdraw from Syria. called @speakerpelosi a "third rate politician" today in a White House meeting on Syria. That is… underway in the East Room. for the press conference with President Trump and Italy’s President Mattarella president arrives at the White House city moon
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Tonight, @SpeakerPelosi says “at this time we will NOT be having a vote” on the impeachment inquiry.
Hunter Biden said that he is cutting ties to a Chinese investment firm and, should his father become president, he…
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Hunter Biden to leave Chinese firm and Joe Biden pledges no family in the WH as they push back against President Tr… on foreign business ties, @joebiden says "No one in my family, or associated me will be involved in any foreign… from @JoeBiden "No one in my family will have an office in the WH, will sit in on meetings as if they're a Cab…"Its a crime to ask a foreign power to intervene in our elections" says @joebiden after a question about voter sup… says of the president "this is not a good man" when talking about reports Pres. Trump suggested shooting migr… UFCW event, @joebiden begins by thanking @PeteButtigieg for defending his family. "Thats a good man" says former VP.The president has wrapped up his remarks after one hour 19 minutes.
"We will impose swift, strong and severe sanctions..." against Turkey if they don't secure the ISIS fighters the US… crossed the one hour mark at Values Voters Summit. He was scheduled to leave the venue 30 minutes ago."No matter what decision we made they're gonna hate it" @realDonaldTrump points to media and says they would reject…"Now I am an island of one again" says @realDonaldTrump on his decision to withdraw troops from Syria and impact on US allies, Kurds."He's a wacko..." says @realDonaldTrump referring to @BetoORourke without naming him talking about O'Rourke suggest… speaking at the same time as the president. smile update: on Democrats and their issues. "They stick together. The Republicans don't and I love the Repub…"They're coming after me because I am fighting for you...and they don't like you" says @realDonaldTrump on impeachm… president expects to be impeached based on his tone and comments at Values Voter Summit. Referring to…"I never thought I'd see or hear that word in regard to me...its an ugly word" says @realDonaldTrump on impeachment.@realDonaldTrump says “hateful spirit” dominates the left “frankly these people are crazy. Shouldn’t say it becaus… president is now headed to the Values Voter Summit where he will make remarks tonight to the conservative gathering.After suffering a heart attack and getting stents implanted...the Sanders Campaign announces a "Bernie's Back" rall… Former Defense Secretary James Mattis tells Chuck Todd that if the U.S. does not keep pressure, "ISIS wi…
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Another exit from Trump world>> more than 9 hours, Ambassador Yovanovich has departed the closed door deposition.
Retweeted by Kelly O'DonnellAlways cheering each other on...Thanks Norah. sent through WH Leg Affairs an email containing @WSJ Op Ed by @KimStrassel “Ukraine Smoke and Mirrors” to… @frankthorp Thank you Frank!!BREAKING: Presidential debate 2020 dates & sites announced *1st debate - Sept 29 Univ. of Notre Dame * VP Debate…
Retweeted by Kelly O'Donnell#OTD President Bush, Governor Clinton, and Mr. Perot engage in the first Presidential Debate, St. Louis, MO. -- Oct…
Retweeted by Kelly O'DonnellVery kind of you Andrea. Thank you so much. played it more than once ... that’s a wrap.Pres Trump is at about one hour 40 minutes at this rally ...getting late for a weeknight.Campaign official tells us the "Where's Hunter" T-shirt is already being offered for sale before the end of the rally."Get 'em out" President Trump responds to shouting protester“Go home to mommy” says the president to a protester so that mother can say “I saw you on television”Pres. Trump gives a shout-out to @GOP chair Ronna McDaniel with no mention of her maiden name, Romney.