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Director. Screenwriter. NYT bestselling author. huge fan of your work. Instagram: kellyoxford

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Some kids will want to spend time with their mom and some will push moms away because people are all different and…
@JamesBe54828044 I can see how I worded it wrong tho. Thank you here is the direct link to the course @JamesBe54828044 I was linking to it so people could read my post, which allows me a greater word count than Twitter ✌🏼This Canada Day I’ve made a donation to the Indigenous Woman’s Fund of Canada and signed up for a free UofA course… @benleemusic It’s all urgent care centers now.
@tuckernuckjim @morgan_murphy But still saves the money for the big gun. @tuckernuckjim @morgan_murphy His parallel life version with less money is the guy who has that on his van.I sure hope I get to see my parents again someday
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@britrbennett Congratulations! Just bought it and can’t wait to read 🥂🥂🥂CLOSE IT ALL DOWN @GavinNewsom @morgan_murphy Wild wild wild @JCcoccoli 😭😭😭❤️ @JCcoccoli I’m so jealous. I’d love to do this but kids and school. 💙 enjoy!!! @castout3391 I’m taking antihistamine and it’s not helping. I thought allergies too!!! @justpalaver Ohhh I have some. Thank you for the reminder 💙 @undcidd I had to go to a notary. It was small and the line was long. We distanced but people had to pass by quite closely. @crossvine2 Yes. @BLeisner LA @or_rain I tried Benadryl after my strep test came back negative and it didn’t help.Terrible sore throat & headache. Covid testing areas were full this weekend so I went to an urgent care unit. This…
@JazzmaCumberful I absolutely do. Here to support today.Netflix algorithm - recognizes you from parties Instagram algorithm - acquaintance seemingly obsessed w you YouTub…
Retweeted by kelly oxford @TaysConfident I like to match 🤷🏻‍♀️ You look great in both. Win win. @OnlineAlison I’ve always had that theory
@johnlevenstein I like the part where he called single motherhood a FAD!What does a mask do? Blocks respiratory droplets coming from your mouth and throat. Two simple demos: First, I sn…
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@ClarkSisson Incredibly, yesThis went out 5 minutes ago.This is a text sent out from Trump’s campaign. WTF. @JacobABlackwell Yeah the game within the game was leaving out the letters that spelled body parts. “Works like a charm” - arm @derrickhwang NYT. Totally and completely worth it.This was not right.
It’s my birthday! It’s also #TamirRice ‘s birthday. He should be turning 18. But he was killed by police when he wa…
Retweeted by kelly oxfordIt’s really hitting right now me how many people have fucking died of COVID, of lack of healthcare, of violence, of…
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I am so ANGRY. ANGRY that I’m just finding out about #ElijahMcClain I’m ANGRY #BreonnaTaylor’s murderers are stil…
Retweeted by kelly oxford23 year-old Elijah McClain was buying iced tea in a ski mask to stay warm because he has anemia. Some goddamn perso…
Retweeted by kelly oxford @Steve_Stunning I did know that!“This is happening because it’s been almost four months since we lived with normal human contact” I thought to myse…
@DaniConnorWild My dog is VERY CONCERNED 😂❤️ @NellSco We really do plan? stop testing patients for coronavirus to make the number of active cases go down
Retweeted by kelly oxfordTwitter I need a favor. This is my niece Gabrielle & I haven’t seen her or my sister since my father died in 2000.…
Retweeted by kelly oxford @acm_redfox I think the energy expended will be the same, but all directed at the things it should have been direct… @marg_strugs Correct @justewrecked FACT @mousedroppings Yes.EARNEST POST: One thing I’ve learned over this covid period, is that a lot of the shit I thought mattered, doesn’t matter at all.As true as this is, we don't give the idiotic/racist/misogynist overwhelmingly white voters who put him there enoug…
Retweeted by kelly oxford @ira @camillard @ramy did this for his premiere! Egyptian feast. Class fucking act and great show.HE WAS MURDERED BY POLICE FOR WALKING HOME AT NIGHT FOR WEARING A MASK/HOODIE BECAUSE HE WAS ANEMIC & GOT COLD OFTE…
Retweeted by kelly oxford @shannonwoodward Lotsa tapping happening over here— is exactly what I said out loud when this popped up 😂 @shannonwoodward @shannonwoodward The LAUSD COVID survey we got was WILD#BreonnaTaylor's name is trending right now. Let's go beyond the hashtag, we need justice! Call the mayor and city…
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Hi: here's a LIGHTNING quick action you can take to help get cops out of schools in LA. Sign the petition! And cust…
Retweeted by kelly oxford @GuadarramaAnnie I’ve watched it a bagillio times 💘 @ampwilson @CRREdwards I’ve seen it, it’s great! Thank youuuuu @bonnet250 @or_rain Didn’t even find a name
@maxminghella That’s it. Thank you. @thesusanp Crossed my mind before I posted this! @MaureenSBS Watched this recently too!!! @50Shadesof_RAYY I’ve done this as a matinee recently!! @BcnV72 It’s one of my very favorites @ThePDiddyD Thank you! @Anenigmadream That’s so weird we were just talking about Helen Hunt last night. @I_Q Just rewatched this 💙What’s a good, classic matinee movie that’s witty and funny and heartwarming?Comedy clubs. DL did a show - passed out. He has Covid. He didn’t know. He had no symptoms. No fever. Fever tests a…
Retweeted by kelly oxford @idkreallly 💞💞💞 @BusyPhilipps I woke up to mine too 😂♋️❤️ @TiebowClip Omg we were just saying?!?! Did The Rolling Stones license that song to Trump? @ashspazztazztic @jenatkinhair KPOP AND TIKTOK KIDSWait, kids on TikTok reserved the empty seats at Trumps rally? The President was publicly trolled by our children.… @timetravlin13 Oh no, I understand that. Thanks for explaining!!!!!
Reminder: if your vote truly didn’t matter, they would not be trying this hard to suppress your vote.
Retweeted by kelly oxford @benleemusic We watched it live. She wasn’t chanting or doing anything disruptive. She was literally just wearing t… @allanmcatee Agree! @allanmcatee The first season is better, I think? I like seeing older people on dates 😂 But it’s DEF my fav non scripted. @Margoandhow She was cuffed.#RIPAndresGuardado THIS IS BULLSHIT #AndresGuardado was murdered today. He was the security guard for this auto sho…
Retweeted by kelly oxfordI’m honestly impressed it only took @realDonaldTrump 3.5 years to completely destroy America and kill more people t…
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But they can’t figure out who hung those 6 ppl across the country
Retweeted by kelly oxford @FLOTUS's what #Juneteenth means to me:
Retweeted by kelly oxford#POTUS #Trump re-tweets a bizarre race-baiting video that clearly #FakeNews uses the #CNN logo and words-on-screen.…
Retweeted by kelly oxfordArrest the cops who murdered Breonna Taylor. It has been 98 days. She deserves justice. Jonathan Mattingly, Brett H…
Retweeted by kelly oxford @ira Buffets 😂Attorney General @djaycameron, I am demanding justice for #BREONNATAYLOR Breonna Taylor. I am now tagging five f…
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@Travon He’s postmating McDonalds.You're now required to wear a mask in the State of California per an order from Governor @GavinNewsom
Retweeted by kelly oxford @anylaurie16 I’m so, so sorry.Aubrey, my mom is dying of COVID, I’m watching it right now on Facetime. The palliative care team says her bed will…
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Arrest the pieces of shit who murdered #BreonnaTaylor.
@therealyaku Hahaa you have no control over my interpretations? My lord. Good day sir. @therealyaku @Travon The comments about white privilege not existing makes me want to break things.