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kellyannerichardson @kellyrich Vanderbilt Univ. Nashville

Scientist-in-Training, trying to get a Chemistry PhD. Research specializes in creating disease models and developing diagnostics NSF GRFP Bonus: books & animals

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@SuzanneDelle @thephdstory I'm definitely enjoying it so far! @thephdstory The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett. I have a library waiting list exception rule
My coping processes for 'current state' keep saying: "you just have to get through the next X" where X is the elect…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @Diannewith2ns1 I knew it! has been the week of masturbation news Catholic school always warned me about.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @Drew_Lab @BiologyCarly My old lab partner had a German Shepherd-Corgi! It was literally the perfect dog.Last of my peach colored roses for this season.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @ReadMoreScience I hope that Dem already voted since he now needs to go into quarantine.jk there isn’t actually a wall
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonThe scariest part of the Trump era is we can have a president who lies, cheats, abuses power, ignores science, enri…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonThe shock to find out that tinted rock has metals that tint rock... Just kidding. This is really good info for peo…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonidk how to articulate the joy this brought me
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonThe tunnel is their favorite toy. There is almost always at least one kitten inside of it!
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonCLIMB, BROTHER, CLIMB
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonI'm surprised the STEP trial hasn't come up sooner. Ad5 is not a great vaccine vector in general due to a high leve…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonA thread of cute kitten videos to cleanse your feed
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonWe are so lost. Can’t even get the simple things right.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonI would probably die to protect these lil six-toed kittens
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonCaption this photo of Beatrice taking a smol stumble
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonat long last, my completed thesis film: phoque cancan. featuring seals, boucing to the cancan. please enjoy, as i p…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonMe: 2020 is definitely going to be my year Me in 2020:
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonMy god. Get this moral abomination of a human being out of the Oval Office. He orphaned 545 kids just for kicks. Si…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @HNTurtledove The second half seems plausible enough.If anyone tells you God had told him (or her) anything at all, run. If God had told him (or her) something about po…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @JessicaCalarco I taught the kids I babysit to always set up a safety zone of cushions around the couch before atte… @DustinGrowick You know those situations rarely end well, right? @Sarah64461915 What part of "two weeks" don't you people get??? 😂😂 @dexter_doggie And nothing about Christie, either? I was thinking, if he's still on steroids, I wonder if he's gene… love twitter
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @dexter_doggie Do you think they're just going to let him stay on steroids through the election? He's just too GOGO… @JustinWolfers @UMich Out of curiosity, who picked this week in the pool?
@SardonicProf Yes. Totally say that. People respond well to honesty. Everything sucks, and we're all in this together.Why did you become a scientist? Wrong answers only.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @RoseWinkler @KendyllBurnell @ValerieJHorsley He did know it was Vanderbilt. Helped him narrow it down. 🤣🤣🤣 @mbeisen Ok. How about Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by Helen Simonson? Delightful and thoroughly non-dystopian. @FossilLocator 😂😂😂 At least the double pillowcase subset appears small! @FossilLocator The protective cover population has skewed your dataset. @mbeisen A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles was superb. Fantastic and hopeful.When you're overqualified for the job
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonIf you haven't noticed, someone forced me to work on signal transduction today, and it's made me grumpy by virtue o…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonthe human is in a rush to leave. and needs me to use the bathroom. as quick as i can. but i have not trained for th…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @CrankyBelle @MSNBC Fair enough. But he does get into a mood sometimes. He's getting way past done with this bullshit COVID response.Despite what certain GOP operatives might think, Bailey can’t vote—but he does have a preferred candidate!
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @CrankyBelle @MSNBC Ali Velshi is also very nice. @Persist_Proudly @ElieNYC My money was on shuffle over to Biden's mic. Do you really think he'll have the presence… actually think that the debate mute button will help Trump seeing as his second biggest problem is that he has th…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonGood morning 🌞☀️😃🌎💝💫 It’s a new day. Shine on all of you wonderful people. Sunshine will find a way — shining thr…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonBut the brutal fact is that two consecutive GOP presidencies have led the country into epochal disasters, widesprea…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @KendyllBurnell @ValerieJHorsley Same here. Me: I'm going back to school! Man: Oh, for nursing? Me: No, a chemistry… @knittaphd Omg, that one guy, though! In one of the last pictures, he looks like he's contemplating his family's murder. 😦This is a very good piece on Biden's health plan, which gets ignored because it's not very ideologically ambitious.…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonI am also pro-sloth domestication. This makes me so jealous. @laraj66 The shittens are here for you.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonIt's recycling day, so I was breaking down boxes, and one in the carport has been there a while. When I picked it…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @knittaphd Do some of these have heads photoshopped on? @thephdstory Zoom classes are the first ones I've taught as a TA, and I've really enjoyed it, but I don't have to t… @ty_paul_ When Trump uses one, his staff calls that a "win." @mejpearson @candice_counsel 🤦‍♀️I'm really concerned that a surprising number of men do. I think we probably alway… we’ll probably get ten seasons of how to clean out your closet or some crap
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @knittaphd Excellent! God willing, Biden will win, I'll pass my qualifying exam, and I'll spend all of Christmas wa… @knittaphd Ah, thanks! Maybe I can try this over the holidays. @knittaphd How hard is it to learn this blue one, do you think? @barbaraemiller @TencicFred Oh no! I bet he doesn't flush at all! I bet he leaves presents behind for the next person. 😣
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonAnthony Weiner: Can I come out and... Everybody: NO YOU'RE STILL A NO
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @SeremaStorm creature cannot possibly be real. @TheNotoriousRBF, here's another potential for you. @SeremaStorm ARE YOU LOOKING UP JELLOS AGAIN?If you're wondering what factors Boeing and United smoothed over in their study to get this result, here they are:…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @Moosewakker She is a very good fetcher. 😃 @FossilLocator The people in the building next door set theirs free. memory of our office plants (unknown year - 2020).
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @bongomansam Fall River, Rehoboth, Swansea, Seekonk. @thebiologistisn I can't tell what it is. I'd still eat it. But identify it? No.Name your favorite gun in the Bible, go:
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Our neighbors updated their sign: @mejpearson @larissapolitics @Mammoth_Spotter Haha What is tourism again? Is that something from the Beforetimes?We live in a world where an immunologist who has served 6 presidents requires a security detail.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @larissapolitics @Mammoth_Spotter Tell her we were aware of the pre-Bolsonaro corruption, too. You're still good.This is Doug. I’ve been fostering him the last couple months, and today I officially adopted him. He is my perfect…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @AdamParkhomenko Thank you for reminding us all. 🤢 Poor Toad. @chrislhayes Sure. Moderator: So, Mr. President, when do you think our COVID numbers will be low enough for America… DO YOU NEED to get through the day?! How about a birb in the sprinkler... with a surprise special guest!
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @larissapolitics @Mammoth_Spotter Tell her we were already aware of Bolsonaro and the public corruption. @SenAlexander, profile in courage. Taking a stand for public health ((looks at calendar)) a good eight months into… @mummacity @MarchandMusic @Yamiche @SenAlexander @SenateGOP @GOP @WhiteHouse That is a really high bar, though. He… @josh_posts Clanton. It has the Peach Park 🍑 and a Whataburger 🍔 @TheDevilHistory I don't think I want to watch baseball.😦The Confederacy lasted less than five years. My cat is five and a half years old; therefore, we should build a stat…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonAnd you people called ME Lurch?!?
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonShrew caravaning, a rarely photographed behaviour. #mammals #shrews
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonWent to repot this guy today and realized it’s fake. Fml.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonLast of the yellow roses for this season.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @MsVexatious Aw, thanks! Probably better than we deserve. The electoral college sucks. I vote for Dems, but in Tenn… @MsVexatious I honestly think Trump destroyed our ability to make good treaties for a generation. It's just hard to… there🌎and a happy #MondayMorning to you.🙏🏽🌞🥰💫 Revisited this Weeping Cedar Myrtle, it is over 40 yrs old. It’s…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonit's soup season, so i am opening a thread here for you to make an argument for what you think is the best soup. pl…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonSen Ron Johnson is my neighbor and strangled our dog, Buttons, right in front of my 4 yr old son and 3 yr old daugh…
Retweeted by kellyannerichardsonBadgers with the zoomies is what I needed.
Retweeted by kellyannerichardson @CatsCauseTypos @sciliz @Hogan698 @thebiologistisn The ecostardust is so pretty!