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Catch me on @WLWT in the mornings! Dog lover, wine drinker, sports fan, coffee enthusiast. Journeying Journalist: WV ➡️OH➡️TN➡️FL➡️

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@Bob_DeFoor @AllisonWeather @WeatherManCam_ With a side of puppy kisses! @WeatherManCam_ @WillPower715 @WLWT @WLWTColin Just trying to abide by that "no working out workout" that you love so much. @WeatherManCam_ @WillPower715 @WLWT @WLWTColin I decided as much as I love my Saturday morning workouts, quality ti… was so sad I didn’t get to see @WeatherManCam_ on my day off yesterday that I popped in to see his face today. Ha… @YinzerSTILLinOH Ethan! Don’t worry. I get all the updates from mom. Blue collar is one way to put it...
@itsDaniNelson @caelandooley @MrBelal @carlhensleynews @HadasBrownWESH @OJACKSONCOHEN @JaclynDeAug @JazminMBailey are the donation locations & needs this weekend! @SVdP_NKY @SVDPcincinnati @WLWT🧥 COAT DRIVE 🧥 @SVdP_NKY and @SVDPcincinnati need your help! We all have felt it getting colder & we want our frie… @ChrisCinciBiz @GliersMeats Newport! It seemed to be all on its own, but I don’t know if that’s because it was in a… @WeatherManCam_ If you force ketchup ads to my phone...there will be a socially distant smack down. @caelandooley @MrBelal @carlhensleynews @HadasBrownWESH @OJACKSONCOHEN @JaclynDeAug @JazminMBailey @MImperatoWESH @JimChandler1075 @WLWT As of what I heard! Which is even more wild. I got to see a few insane landin… @MrBelal @carlhensleynews @HadasBrownWESH @OJACKSONCOHEN @JaclynDeAug @JazminMBailey @MImperatoWESH saw the aftermath of this on @WLWT the other morning, but the REAL TIME VIDEO IS WILD! @bradbig I’m starting to hear about a lot of homemade recipes! Definitely going to look into it! @carlhensleynews @HadasBrownWESH @OJACKSONCOHEN @MrBelal @JaclynDeAug @JazminMBailey @MImperatoWESH @JosephDiorio6 Congratulations! Consider me one of the first on the list!!! @kzincincy Hahaha so funny because those commercials always intrigue me! It makes sense in my head, but also seems like we didn’t need it?FYI: this is @GliersMeats from Kroger! @JosephDiorio6 enjoyed today’s newsletter! Just explained “I” and “me” to my husband when he’s talking about what h… @HelenaWLWT AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLFRIEND!!!!! @HelenaWLWT (While I listed all the things I’m going to make him do this weekend...😈) @WLKYJulie That’s what I want to know, but I’m also too afraid to look at the nutritional facts... 🥴 @GroverM_News I recently dug out my “single girl grill-griddle” and it does pancakes perfectly!BACON GOETTA: Have you had it? Personally didn’t know it was a thing until this week... And it’s both good and bad… @barrettdennison @jrobinson__14 @iamironhamm @americocap @AppleSupport @Apple “Americo” @CLovingoodWTAE It’s the new “let me tell you a made up, sentimental story” before every single recipe ever!
So glad to hear this!! @americocap @AppleSupport @Apple ...if that's what you're worried about... @KellyRippin @WLWT @RandiRicoWLWT From Children’s
Retweeted by Kelly Rippin WLWT @Matthew_Aaron89 Why yes, yes you do!I like this. I like this a lot. @jrobinson__14 @CincinnatiZoo @americocap @meg__odonnell @dmoody46 Especially with the facial hair! @dankfloydKDKA WOW. Don't know if I've ever seen Butts look so pretty! @NickAstronomer @KSCartist I see it!! @CincinnatiZoo ...@americocap snacking on foods typically garners the opposite reaction, but I guess we need to con… @ashleymdugger Oh SUCH a good one for you!!! @carlhensleynews @MImperatoWESH @CincySaltPile @WeatherManCam_ @NKYJosh Hahah I actually just posted about this not long ago! I used to get that a lot when she was in more. @spfarrelltweets @WLWT @RandiRicoWLWT We get great views up on television hill! @FanMorningShow @colin_dunlap I feel like you need your glasses to look into the crystal ball? @MKoll15Dang. @WLWT @RandiRicoWLWT @NKYJosh I think @WeatherManCam_ would say yes. @carlhensleynews @MImperatoWESH @AJHilton_News HAHAHAHAH I can hear it.UPDATE: Someone just asked me who would play the voice of Penny and I can't stop laughing at the options.Talking biopics this morning! Which prompted the conversation: Who would you want to play you in a movie?! An over… @PGABearcat Watch out! She's had her coffee this morning!I gotta say it. I LOATHE the phrase "porch pirates." I also loathe porch pirates, so it's a bit of a conundrum. @spfarrelltweets Like...forever? @kasie It's the cardboard cut out for me. @JeremyRatliff I can tell you who is never going to drive over it again... @MorganParrishTV I have this conversation with myself every night and every morning and all the hours inbetween.Things I never needed to see: Chunks of the Brent Spence Bridge missing. Things I'm happy (?) to see: Chunks of the… friends: Please talk w/ your family about a plan if they needed care, COVID or not. I'm comforted my paren… @MrBelal @carlhensleynews Ya get to know that one. I see myself looking to Lilah for #OOTD inspo in a few years. @CLovingoodWTAE I read things on social media and have no words. But David's face says it all!I need this to be a real thing. @CarolynDSchultz @KevinWLWT @StevenAlbritton @AKirklen They are the best!!Woo! @KevinWLWT looking fresh tonight! Love that suit & tie combo. 🙌🏼
@anezbitt I read this is coolest and I’m going to just pretend that’s what it says. @muldowney @steveluvlife I fully understand what I should do. I just never even look at the indicator. @Wyandot63 I love to test the limits of E. 😬 @Eric_OTR @IKEAUSA I had a very specific vision and I’m a very stubborn woman. @AVanluit @WLWT Yes, I will try! I leave here in about 30 minutes, but the hope is it will be back up soon! And I'l… @bigdogup Please no.Dec. 2: I got gas in my car BEFORE the indicator light came on. ⛽️ This never happens. @taylorswift13 @VancityReynolds @JaclynDeAugFYI: If you aren't getting @WLWT right now, crews our working on our tower, so it's down for a bit. Hopefully back up shortly! @MikaKarikari @WLWT That makes our day, Mika! THANK YOU!This is very funny and sadly accurate. a happy Thanksgiving for Hemingway! @KYRidgeMomma @WLWT And I'm sure they miss YOU! My sister is very ready for her kids to go back. @fbcoachhart HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Beers & golf on Brett!🤣🐄🤣🐄🤣 crew behind the scenes is having too much fun w/ this. I need you to know they are dishing out cow puns in our… wins. @cincy_justin Ya welcome! @drizzy9109 @WLWT Adding that to my list of #WTH2020!MOOve cars, get out the way. Get out the way cars, get out the way. @bigdogup @WLWT Oh wow. You are doing this day right! @gschiller13 @WLWT Hahah this is the smallest coffee cup I own.GOOD MORNING! Gotta be honest. This looks like a fake smile and kind of is. I’m trying to pretend like I’m not dist…
Hey I’m not being partial cause I love @Kenny_Mayne but please consider a gift on #GivingTuesday to…
Retweeted by Kelly Rippin WLWT @KylaWoodsTV Small talk about pets always a given! @angrysportsguys @IKEAUSA I’ve tried to donate that thing about 5 times, yet it keeps coming back. @KylaWoodsTV OMG yes. I’ve had two or three where we could’ve knocked it out in half the time with a nice phone call.💡 GAMESHOW IDEA 💡 Newlyweds must design and install an @IKEAUSA wall unit or kitchen. Whoever lives...wins. 1: Not sure “JOY” is the vibe she’s putting off, but she sure brings me a lot of it! ways to donate to @DragonflyCinci! @rickdayton @KDKARadio Very glad to hear this! Look forward to tuning in when I’m home! @FOX19Rufus @WLWT Rufus I knew it was you!!!NOW: Looks like we’ve got about 2000 people without power in parts of Northside/Camp Washington. @PigeonCookie Not at all! And a huge part of why wanted to here. Certainly could not have predicted a pandemic when… very important!! @PigeonCookie My mom is nervous. They’ve been pretty good, and can keep busy with immediate family, but they did ma… - we went to the same schools, and have obviously both been wildly successful in our fields. (Im trying to be…’s referring to my hometown. I won’t disclose my parents’ ages because they’d kill me, but I’d be lying if I said…