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✧kel✧ @kellysama_ watching anime or eating

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@s0mcs i got the wood HAHAdude the base sam built in valheim... respect. let gojo be this fineeeeee got me acting up on the tl fr 🥵 @hazedCS @PlayVALORANT factss0men
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@Ch0p_cs A girl will always be available for free merch @hoajuu 🥺💗 @Subroza @version1gg sending good omen vibes ❄️team liquid x naruto shippuden @hoajuu Good morning to you and you only @hoajuu WANNA WATCH?nrg watch party later?
omen plays hit diff 😤 @hazedCS woah woah woah
@FTToasty watching! @karagii -bungo stray dogs -naruto -tokyo ghoul -re:zero -akame ga kill -ao no exorcist -no game no life -jojo’s bi… on Titan is ✨goated✨😕 @Subroza this brought back memoriessss LMAO
awake but at what cost
Retweeted by ✧kel✧ @Marved6 I’m gonna start calling you MarzedGood morning gamers @Marved6 happy birthday jimmy! 🎉
@Crashies @Sentinels wow ranked #1 for individual and team rankings?? @FNS @Sentinels @ValorantEsports The L’s in ranked = W’s in the serverI just wanna know what Victor “food” Wong had for breakfast today. Absurd what I’m seeing right now LMAOThe reaver vandal has been acquired.
@FNS @s0mcs LMFAOOOgoing to a hard school is all fun and games till u actually get there and the classes r hard. like bro wtf is this i came here for clout
Retweeted by ✧kel✧gimme a sentinels envy rematch for finals (for seeding)
Retweeted by ✧kel✧ @FNS @Immortals wow ur insane @mummAyTV @Immortals i aspire to be your omenvic’s phoenix is diff @Ch0p_cs not sure if its exactly 2 weeks or not, but he’s home for now @s0mcs is home 🥺 @food_cs holy shit yes, pls watch it @legacyx thats a gg go nextfacts a couple episodes away from aot s4
Happy Sunday ☆!
Retweeted by ✧kel✧houston (the entire state of texas tbh) goes from 15 degrees out to 70 in less than a week lmao @WedidOfficial @Immortals @Luminosity pop off king !!first time playing reyna in ranked HAHA I actually only fill/main omen
@ANDROIDX23 congrats! @delysian95 all you @_marketflowers 🤍🌸✨ go live in ~20 min. gotta fix the stream @kosmoskiska happy birthday sab 🤍watch party envy vs xset later??? also will try to grind to imm today 🥲 @Marved6 you have a match tomorrowok trying viper ultimate 🤠 @kosmoskiska im trying the s1 back 🥲 @WedidOfficial wait actually?? i have one w/ me but i’ve never tried it @texerino you know im still waiting on yassine for that 🥲 ur fkedwhich mouse is the goat.. struggling here @nate_rett58 @NattyCSGO ofc I tell my first and only open team IGL happy birthday @NattyCSGO @nate_rett58 Happy birthday nate!! @nate_rett58
@vincent_syh riot hates the omen mains @flexinja wow i have to agree ^o^ @k_shymko yeah that ONE MF @chetsingh trying to steal my ace 🙃 but the omen tp has been broken for so long... i swe… ever wish you didn’t hear something? F @FNS are we watching right now type beat @s0mcs @chetsingh fake @xmdcie LOL did you see my crosshair placement?!! I thought I was up 🥲yeah!! tp is cool!! glad I still play this agent 🥲 another day without the reaver vandal in my storeyo @PlayVALORANT surely I didn't just get an hour ban for getting kicked from an error on your end right?
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@MissChievous_S2 omg no 🥲Open for a surprise
Retweeted by ✧kel✧levi ackerman that’s it. that’s the tweet. @tarik happy birthday dawgiesleeping schedule does NOT go dummy hard 🥲 @FNS @s0mcs pujan-Lil 1v5 in ranked ft. @s0mcs
Retweeted by ✧kel✧lil reyna action
Retweeted by ✧kel✧ @food_cs oh shit @Guiiimond shooting rubber bullets !!! @Guiiimond classic + armor + flash 🥲
Annnd my power is out @k_shymko omg eye- LMAO @Subroza @refinnejle this !!!surely we pick red
@s0mcs sleepchamp @c4Lypso_ I couldnt believe my ears HAHA @chetsingh ROFLHAHAH I can't @hoajuu 🥺👉🏼👈🏼🥺“i’m not even tired” -yass he is now asleep in ts HAHALMAOOO, me, chet, yassine, and abdo have been watching a movie together for the past 25 minutes and yassine goes “g…
@hazedCS james... most of my family has lost their power, but they live like 20-25 minutes away @chetsingh’ve been behaving... please don’t take my electricity 🥲 @hazedCS nooo ): im actually so scared our power in houston is gonna go outdown bad tonightsnow pogchamp