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emotionally stable, very nice girl, who has never done anything wrong in her life. DMs only answered on my fanhouse. she/her. // aesthetics @goblincorex.

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@DIECUMM yeah :)bonus girl // the on repeat
@weeniehutmenu jealous im having the opposite reaction i cant wait to have a beer @SkinnyKingSahil one of them shouldn’t 🤍doesn’t sit right w menut video with sound implies the existence of nut video without sound @Keally22 dude i feel this xs 10000. my dad ore covid was going to the gym 5 days a week doing an hour on the ellip… @lytchell here is a start :)) day is cute and the aesthetic is adorable and i don’t want to hear any slander about it being a “hallmar… @SkinnyKingSahil hello @desukidesu @cryb0i OMG lol suki******* @cryb0i @desukidesu suck is an angel confirmed @desukidesu also i know it came out 11 years ago so those jokes were more acceptable but i didn’t see it for the fi… @desukidesu everyone has their own taste and that’s valid i just found it super cringey and terribly acted, the cha… @robbyissad agree to disagree!! @SkinnyKingSahil @bigirohenergy LMAOthe brie larson scene is the only redeeming thing about that movie @radladblake i hate bad film is all unless it’s so bad it’s good but in this case it is not @desukidesu that movie sux @robbyissad simply it is not @SkinnyKingSahil sry that movie blows tho @The_Smittman not at all hes easily got a foot on mesome of you think scott pilgrim is a good movie and it shows @pepperonicowboi felt kels this happened with one of my best friends this year :( but i try to remind myself there… @cryb0i i am his muse @The_Smittman i got to meet Kyle last week :)if mcdonalds workers can feed their family how will i feed my ego?
Retweeted by kscraps from myspace @AsaNotAkira bro????sorry i didn’t respond to your comment calling me pretty i just assumed you were lying @2Saddington ok I’m gonna need a link plz @whatdaFisupkyle we literally invited you over kris’s but go off @whatdaFisupkyle i bet @cryb0i is involved
@cryb0i animal crossing new horizons (2020) @nateandmufasa jumpy beans!!!only one side of my face is good. this is my burden. @SkinnyKingSahil @parrspective gross @parrspective ew @ashhhhhhole im proud of heri told them all they were pretty and im proud of themtalking to my plants asking them what they all need todayone thing i miss about school is when you had 3 days of people giving presentations and you could just sit in the b… @SkinnyKingSahil thank u!!! @whatdaFisupkyle no just your pain @whatdaFisupkyle i just laughed out loud
@cryb0i 😌🖤can’t get my roots done bc of covid. thank you for being with me during this difficult time. if we kissed in the airport on mars will risk herpes and HIV but not get a covid vaccine @Brewcoxy literally yeahif youve ever had unprotected sex on the first hookup you don't need to worry about whats in the vaccine @vwhoreb @kissprivately reimburse her she deserves it @bakedkaytato @kaidynivy happy birthday @kaidynivy 🤍🤍🤍 @FakeTaj question you for sure @FakeTaj only yourself 🤍 @whatdaFisupkyle @livvecchio He’s sleeping now :’) @whatdaFisupkyle hes just like me
@plastikspastik1 thats rude, i will growl at youawoooooo @weeniehutmenu @whatdaFisupkyle i bet Kyle would’ve really liked to be there !!!!can’t wait til all the girlies are vaccinated so we can get naked and howl at the moon together @whatdaFisupkyle @weeniehutmenu that’s fine, no girls ever think about you @weeniehutmenu do you think she ever thinks about me @vonchillout men simply do not speak to or about women
Retweeted by kscraps from myspace @anothrsadartist only yourself <3 @TadhgTheBard its a diseaseObviously I don't have like a following on twitter but at least I can always count on at least one relatively benig…
Retweeted by kscraps from myspaceactually @cumtheory and banksy are the same person @cryb0i hot babes only @FakeTaj toe knife @KetamineFiend posessed mentrump in his flop era fr @desukidesu noted: love suki more @desukidesu 🥺 ily so much its insane @desukidesu gm :) @femaleredhead you and beans are beautiful but i must know the wind chime detailsWell, the years start coming and the don't stop coming -Marcus Aurelius
Retweeted by kscraps from myspacethese animals aren’t gonna cross themselves @dumb__crybaby cause it’s one of my favorite films leave it alone!! @dumb__crybaby no 🤍
@radladblake i set up a new bar table :)“how wonderful would it be if my life so far turns out to have been a dream, and suddenly i wake up and im someone… @blauer_geist @cryb0i @thatsgoodweb @cumtheory @yashatovah @rhiannonisnear @goosetracksuit @D1C0MM @slitthroatz with notifications on for group chats should get the vaccine last @FakeTaj @kissprivately @FakeTaj literally the best, one of the only meat items i miss @ashhhhhhole @femaleredhead @drivingmemadi @PallaviGunalan @alimadetweet @okiecorri @goooeydisk @parrspective @pepperonicowboi everyone is always saying how hot and desirable and funny you are we are always talking about it @kissprivately it sucks @kissprivately ITS SO CUTEit go kinda hard it’s not about me i am no longer interested
@McElfresher i did but not all my mutuals have their twitter linked! @ashhhhhhole yesss dm meplz let me come to your animal crossing island and steal ur fruitspecifically @caththesosook i have my switch what are you friend codes @whatdaFisupkyle yeah @cryb0i neeeeedguy friends: “do you like her” “yeah she’s cool” “nice” girl friends: “do you like him” “so hes 5’11 which means i…