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KellyAnnLibrarian. Southerner, y'all. #BookPusher. Information Junkie. Mainly Tweet about Books, Libraries, Animals and Nature.

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🤣 water into cake 🎂😂
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianI grew up in Houston, and my Mom's a huge baseball fan. She's up way past her bedtime, and I'm happy for her 🙂 @somernewland 🙌🙌🙌Whatcha doin'? Me: Deleting contacts from my phone, introvert that I am. Too many people who I don't even remember… @JulianaLoBiondo Awww! Wonderful! 🥰 @bibliobethy What is the topic specifically of the paper? Just RA in general (what it is, etc), or is a more specific angle required? @MissPurpleSpecs @AmberElby That is just what I was about to say - Dean of Students. It sounds like this student ne… @MandieSchrader I WAS an Angel, but now I'm a Mermaid. Sorry, youngsters, but shrinking occurs as you age as well as widening 😉"Go easy on yourself. Whatever you do today, let it be enough." ~ Great advice!
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianI BELIEVE I CAN FLY 📹: alfalfie.sprout
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrian @sithiaditu I didn't know that Indie @hahalibrary came in Cheeto packs, and I'm not sure how The Freshman would fee…'s how I feel about spiders, too, little buddy...🤣 @Audrey_Burges wHEn iS NaP tho is my new fave 😅 @Cinevoice 👍 good idea, thx! @Audrey_Burges (parody, but true 🤣) "Thank you, bro, for hitting me in the face with that bo staff when I was 4. It… are a mysterious kind of folk. There is more passing in their minds than we are aware of. - Sir Walter Scott…
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrian @jackienark 😘 @AlisonIsBossy So, if I mail his package... Him: I'm sending that thing from Amazon. Me: But I'm talking about my care packa… @MissPurpleSpecs Thank you! Helpful.
@sithiaditu Ooh! There arw some fast food places in his caf that he has limited "swipes" on his meal plan to use. S…❤️❤️❤️ future #Zumba instructor here!
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianRequest for those of you who had, or have, away-from-home college kids: This will be the first time our youngest h… @TheKarenHawkins Yes, you do!Oh, my GOSH! Button Halloween Earrings. Must. Make. Immediately! From @randomcreative @hahalibrary Fall, y'all! Hope Saturday was good to you 🙂 (I bought 2 of these and gave my Spouse the biggest one, which… got #SnailMail! 🐌💌 And yes, I DO want to be a 🦄 unicorn 🤣 am I supposed to organize my life when I cannot even properly organize my Tupperware?
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianI just reviewed MAGGSIE MCNAUGHTON'S SECOND CHANCE by Frances Maynard on my my blog today. Maggsie kind of stole my… @JoanneMcGrath12 it absolutely is. I "borrowed" it for my tl, hope ya don't mind?Stealing this from @JoanneMcGrath12 but it's worth sharing on my tl for all my bookish followers who have been stre… looks like.... and i make it look GOOD🤣 Firstborn was a quite challenging child as a preschooler, and one of the best things I learned was to start the… on. I will not drown. OF THE LIONS is a great deal in paperback and on Kindle today. Also, Christmas is in less than ten weeks—jus…
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrian @deienara Hope you have a good day 🙂 @deienara 🤩 @JoshilynJackson Oh! The one true friend who always tells you about the random unknown chin hair and the friend who… @JoshilynJackson I wouldn't even let some of THEM do it 🤣Sounds good to me 😊 @deienara Nice view! @marycjackson 🤣
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianGood morning, my friends! I am a #SaturdayLibrarian today.
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrian @Audrey_Burges 🤩Goodreads is giving away 15 finished copies of GOOD GIRLS LIE! US and Canada only.
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianI just unearthed a little box with tiny papers in it that apparently our family used one Thanksgiving years ago to… Spouse was actually serious about us finishing our youngest's scrapbook together, and he wants to do it today.… know that our friends (ok, and our pets too, if we have them) care about us is like a soft blanket of comfort in…"Hate corrodes the canister that carries it." What's in YOUR canister? that there’s gold out there, ya’ll. #nature
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianPerspective
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianSo you humans consider this thing comedy, huh? 📸:
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrian @JoshilynJackson 🤩This. Is. Amazing. 🐢 #NatureRocks overheard between a kindergartener and her dad picking her up at school today: "I want to read TWO bo…
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrian @CMcFadinMoore First lol and I'm not even vertical yet! ty 😘 @lainey_cameron 😍 @LatinaTeacher77 They were buried in the book donation area. I didn't look too closely! @JoannaIsabella7 First smile of my day goes to YOU! 🙂when u are trying to close twitter but u just want to see one more post before going to bed
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianWhen someone is going through a rough time ....just sit with them. No preaching, no advice. Just be there. - Marith…
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianWhen you kinda have to lie down on the bathroom counter in order to brush your teeth, it's probably time to go to b… @saundu22 @NobPeck You (both) are going on on my "favorites" list 😁 @bkwmn1992 About to start DEAD ASTRONAUTS by Jeff VanderMeer, after I finish up MAGGSIE MCNAUGHTON'S SECOND CHANCE. Happy Reading!Thank you.
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianA woman ordered a stone for her husband's grave. After explaining that she wanted one with no frills, she said to p… to the crew of the first all-female spacewalk. In space or behind the scenes - you are all amazing! 👩‍🚀 🙌…
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrian @NobPeck @KJAlexanderInk It's Eeyore BOUNCING! I am so tired I just figured it out. Perfect! Hope your weekend is wonderful 🙂 @KendrickDesiree 😅 I saw something today on FB or Twitter that said: when did we actually teach our kids about lyin… @NobPeck Ruh, roh! Which vampire won?? @MarkTedesco5 @KendrickDesiree There is no "we" in this equation, but yeah! 🤣Ancient Greece. But there were DOGS in it!😁 @saundu22 so. cool. @Audrey_Burges mine probably did the same thing. they pretty much stomped on evvverthing! @Audrey_Burges I...can't even "LIKE" this tweet😬🤣Whatcha doin? Me: Cleaning the house so that the cleaner who is cleaning the house tomorrow can actually clean the… local library's eBook collection can help with this phobia 📚♥️📚 reading for Antiquarians.
@KJAlexanderInk Hiiieeee! @saundu22 😍 @saundu22 a week... Don't call me, I'll call you #sorrynotsorry's been listening in at my HOUSE 🤣 energy drinks kick in
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianWhat I want is the book that gives me the feeling of looking at this photograph
Retweeted by sKellytAnnLiBOOrianFrom author Laura Drake. She has the BEST stuff on FB. Go check it out! (And I KNOW y'all are singing now🤣) @marycjackson @SheilaAthens The Librarian in me just HAD to look it up!😉 This is a good explanation of the origin… @redqueen76 @dahlila i was sneezing at 3am, and was like, ruh, roh! Dr. KellyAnn says: after work take a hot bath,… @redqueen76 @dahlila So, no "walking on sunshine" lyrics today, huh? Sorry, y'all. Hope the weekend is better😏 @SheilaAthens 😁I do think it depends on where in the south you live. I've heard someone from Kentucky say they use "Ya'll."An older couple just stopped by to get library cards, and they were so curious about everything! I walked them thro… ❤️ my customers! Him: Do you have the book "How to Argue and Win Every Time?" Me: Yes, we do! Him: I don't kno… @bingleysmama Will do!!Him: (My Tigger): Do you want to go to a movie tonight? Me: No Him: Do you wanna go out to eat? Me: No Him: Good ta… @ianpisarcik I love this. Thanks for sharing 🙂