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The prosecutor did not “make an error.” He lied. He lied about the police killing a child. Ending this isn’t just…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellHe was my age. His hands were in the air. They still murdered him. When will it stop?
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellAdam Toledo was 13 years old and had his hands in the air and police killed him. The prosecution said that he had…
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Even if you’re fully vaccinated, the CDC still recommends that your meeting should've been an email.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellNew least favorite word: Expedite If I have to use the word expedite in one more email I’m gonna 👋🏻 This is your Friday Eve reminder that you are always enough, without exception. Something else you might be…
Clap for your friends even if their dreams take off before yours.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellI’ve always found myself staying up late even if I was tired or had to get up early because I wanted more me time.…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellNever mock a pain you haven’t experienced.
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Just like anybody else... except for the young guy we killed.
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If your response to the death of a 20 year-old Black man, who was pulled over by police for an air freshener violat…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellProfiles in courage.
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*pregnant wife advised not to fly across the Atlantic in a pandemic
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellI can’t tell you how many Black people in history were whipped, beaten, or lynched because they “didn’t comply” and…
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I did the same pose during pregnancy and today to show how our bodies change ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellCan’t believe we used to just walk into grocery stores mouths all the way out and eat little pieces of wet food off…
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Tonks is a stage 5 clinger. It’s cute until she flops down on my laptop and send messages to my coworkers 😅As an adult with ADHD & sensory issues, I cannot emphasize enough that telling kiddos with disabilities they're not…
Retweeted by Kelsey Mitchell3 years ago I almost slipped into a coma and died. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I paid $684 for my first…
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A leader without a title is better than a title without the ability to lead.
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“Americans eat like they have free healthcare” - the most accurate tweet in history
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellEvery time I catch myself speaking “corporate” out loud or in an email for work I roll my eyes at myself. This is r… Goddam cheetah, this one. @AdiaBarnes
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellAdopting Tonks is still the best decision I’ve made to date.
My mother lost these letters years ago (letters my father sent to her while he was a soldier in Korea). The person…
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Cancel culture is when you lose an election and change the law so the legislature can cancel the will of voters in future elections.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellDolly gets a (second) dose of her own medicine. Thank you Dr. Naji Abumrad, Andrea Calhoun and Heather O'Dell of…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellChange your name.
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My grandparents have been against getting the vaccine for months & today they BOTH got Johnson & Johnson... it’s so… in heaven Adam Toledo. Just 13 years old, shot by Chicago police. He was a baby.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellBreaking: MLB is moving the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta, the league announced. "Major League Baseball funda…
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Normalize "I'm willing to work on that" instead of "that's just how I am."🌹
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A member of Congress being investigated by the Department of Justice should not sit on a committee that oversees the Department of Justice.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellI've been grateful to have the partnership of my wife @TheresaThorn. She wrote this beautiful book which explains g…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellI'm the parent of a trans kid. I want to clarify what that means (as best I can), because a lot of folks don't know…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellFinally got 5G.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellHi! The latest round of anti-trans propaganda isn’t about protecting women’s sports just like the last round wasn’t…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellHappy trans day of visibility! 🏳️‍⚧️ Our trans & non-binary friends are struggling. Anti-trans bills are everywhere…
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Yesterday we escorted Park Cannon back to HER job after her UNLAWFUL arrest. Protect black women everyday
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellWhy is Lil Nas Xs’ video considered to be more demonic than denying health care to kids?
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellI'm all for addressing the real threats to women's sports. Let's start with #EqualPay, and not shutting out trans k…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellPassed my driving test! 🎉 My first solo drive was a super special one - took my dad’s old Ute to see Grace in the h…
Retweeted by Kelsey Mitchell 550k COVID lil nas x satan deaths shoes and 4th wave imminent
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King 👑
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellOne of the most outrageous things that the defense attorney for #DerekChauvin said is that the growing crowd caused…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellWhen I tell you I’m invested in the well-being & happiness of this family 😭😭 able to acknowledge when we should take a step (or several) back to ensure someone else’s emotions & words ar… is literally the plot of Bring It On
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellSo George Floyd was so big and strong that he had to be restrained for 9 minutes with a knee on his neck even as he…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellThere is no morally upright or legitimate professional reasoning for Derek Chauvin’s actions. Not a one. Rememb…
Retweeted by Kelsey Mitchell#HockeyFightsCancer 💜
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellGeorge Floyd is not on trial. Derek Chauvin is on trial, to tell his side of the story. A luxury that was not affor…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellGeorge Floyd was the victim. Derek Chauvin is on trial. Adjust your tweets accordingly.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellDerek Chauvin is on trial. America is on trial. Our criminal-legal system is on trial. George Floyd is not on trial.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellDerek Chauvin’s defense strategy is essentially to put George Floyd on trial; people and news organizations referri…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellIf you believe in a power greater than you, please hold the family of Mr. George Floyd in prayer through the trial…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellIn court they’re showing the full video of Derek Chauvin kneeling on George Floyd’s neck as he slowly loses conscio…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellRepeat after me: Derek Chauvin is on trial.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellEverything you hear today will attempt to assassinate George Floyd’s character, but remember... this the trial of…
Retweeted by Kelsey Mitchell“U.S. soccer fails to make the Olympics.” Hi, just a loving reminder that the U.S. Women’s National Team will be a…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellYou can say whatever you want about Tiktok but it has taught an entire generation to use closed captions as the nor…
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MN Supreme Court ruled that if a woman chooses to drink, she can’t be raped so she “consented.” So I guess if you…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellWho's a good boy
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Imagine calling yourself a "Christian" and thinking following Jesus means giving people weapons and denying them water.
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If this was any other country, the news would say "In the US province of Georgia, security forces arrested an oppos…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellGrace Warrior Irwin Powell ❤️
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellUnnecessary rudeness really irritates me like what’s the reason
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellYou've been waiting for this one 😏
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellHey everyone, thank you for your support. I’ve been released from jail. I am not the first Georgian to be arrested…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellShoutout to everyone who googles the menu before going to the restaurant
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HOT TAKE: Anyone who works in the food industry should be provided a meal each shift
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellHappy Friday Eve, friends 🥳❤️
If guns aren’t the problem and people are the problem, then why would you let the problem have guns? - American proverb
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellTrue story.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellHi. Yesterday I felt awful and sad and today I feel happy mostly. If today’s a sad awful day, just rest, drink tea…
Retweeted by Kelsey Mitchell“I worked 80 hours this week I’m on my grind 💪”
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The Founding Fathers never intended for me to be free.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellOn March 15th, 2019, a white supremacist killed 51 people in Christchurch, New Zealand. On 3/21/19, Prime Minister…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellBar Home Office Airport Temple Church College Mosque Concert Hospital Nightclub Newsroom Pre-school Synagogue Playg…
Retweeted by Kelsey Mitchell10 people won’t return home to their families tonight. We can work to #EndGunViolence through common sense measur…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellMy heart is just feeling battered, bruised & broken. More families and friends have lost loved ones to gun violence… shootings in one week. We demand more than thoughts and prayers. We demand that our communities are supported,…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellShootings are not pieces of entertainment to be consumed as media. If you see the video, report it. These are human…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellThe President has been briefed on the shooting in Colorado and he will be kept up to date by his team as there are additional developments.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellColumbine High School. Deer Creek Middle School. Aurora Theater. Arapahoe High School. Thornton Walmart. STE…
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It’s precisely *because* the Seuss estate chose to pull those titles without public pressure to do so that has cons…
Retweeted by Kelsey Mitchellif you cant be funny without being offensive maybe you just aren’t funny
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellTHANK YOU @taylorswift13 WE LOVE YOU EVERMORE. #missamericana
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellHi! Tim Hortons is selling these donuts the 22nd - 28th & all proceeds go towards the OhioHealth Foundation’s Provi…
Rest in power and peace. Soon Chung Park 박순정, age 74 Hyun Jung Grant [김]현정, age 51 Sun Cha Kim 김순자, age 69 Yong Ae…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellThe first guy who heard a parrot talk was probably not ok for several days.
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The murders of Hyun Jung Grant Xiaojie Tan Daoyou Feng Soon Chung Park Suncha Kim Yong Ae Yue Paul Andre Michels &…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellIt doesn’t stop at the weight room.....this is pathetic
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.@randpaul is an uncertified eye doctor who has faced two malpractice suits. Dr. Fauci is an international expert…
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellThere were nearly 3,800 reported hate incidents against AAPI last year. Anti-Asian systemic, institutionalized rac…
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This is your Friday Eve reminder that you are so loved. You are going to get through this week. The world is absolu…“A really bad day for him” has been boiling my blood since the moment I heard it.
Retweeted by Kelsey MitchellTwo types of mental illness: 1)mental illness 2)white supremacy that uses mental illness as a crutch to commit h…
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