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This is a really nice feature. Encourage people to actually read articles before retweeting them.
Super excited to tune in to @kelseyhightower's twitter space sesh about Kubernetes Security! My reminder is set 🕖th…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @rajaseelan @magnologan @bradgeesaman @googlecloud PST!I once did a podcast with @kelseyhightower who was hiding in a closet covered in clothes to dampen the sound. He so…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @rudyjellis @GoogleStartups @googlecloud @switchboardlive We'd love to hear from you during the session, shoot me a… like @mrgcastle, security engineer for Anthos and Google Kubernetes Engine, will be joining us to share his e… @wryuoni @googlecloud Yes, just join the space at the designated time.This week l'll be hosting another Twitter Space covering one of the most requested topics: Kubernetes security. I'… of the most effective senior engineers are the ones who help others by teaching how they think about problems.…
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@stefan_3d Swift Playgrounds looks very promising. @stefan_3d Fair enough. I've used some fully featured IDEs in the past and that also takes some getting use to. How… @stefan_3d I was using VSCode and it was still hard.So much of the hard part about coding is *not* the coding! It’s setting up a dev environment, trying to figure out…
Retweeted by Kelsey HightowerYes! University computer science courses expect you to learn git (and merge!), dev environment set up without ever…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @Pedram_Navid Spot on. That's why motivation and support when people are getting started is so critical.That's why I'm always super impressed when people figure out how to write their first program from scratch, even he… I'm reminded that programming is still too hard. If you don't believe me try teaching someone with little to… @laurieontech Today is Golang APIs deployed to Cloud Run.I'm pair programming with my daughter today, almost forgot how fun this can be.
@PurpleLizzie Consider that Python's runtime is written in C. Two different languages. @mitchellh I'm seeing the same thing play out at users of those tools. Once a large percentage of your tooling is w… @PurpleLizzie Ansible could be written in Go and keep the same DSL. For example, Terraform is written in Go but lev… @mattipaksula The ability to easily create static binaries was the number one reason I started learning Go.Other languages are dope too but Go seems to have found a lot of success in this area.Go continues to be the language of choice for automation tools! This is extra dope!’re porting Vagrant to Go. Actually, we already did and we have an alpha almost ready to go. We explain what you…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @martin_casado @_Kiran_N_ @houlihan_rick @jasonguesman I'm sure there are many use cases where DYI is cheaper but m… @martin_casado @_Kiran_N_ @houlihan_rick @jasonguesman I'd love to see those use cases. So far what I've seen is pe… @_Kiran_N_ @martin_casado @houlihan_rick @jasonguesman As long as you have some real use cases in which to anchor the debate.This is damn near impossible. It's like asking: "Can you briefly explain how the universe works?" However, there a…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @EricaJoy I did not spend a lot of money on it. I paid for his airfare and hotel accommodations and the final produ… @EricaJoy We did. It was a destination wedding, and vacation, in the Bahamas 15 years ago. My friend is a professio…
For the interns and the mentors! This quote is old, but I think of it often.
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @aarondunlap Shoot me a DM and we can do a 1:1 over Google Meet. @aarondunlap I'm not sure I understand the question. Are you talking about spinning up a single master, and the nod… makes the @CockroachDB Cloud Report standout is their authenticity, not just marketing, and transparency backe… @julieaobrien @chriscochrcyber @AttackIQ @TheHackerValley @ronaldeddings Let me know what you think.
@mgapatrick That's one hell of a pivot. Congratulations, and what's dope about this, you're just getting started and the upside is crazy!This was one of my favorite episodes to record. We were honored to bring in the brilliant @kelseyhightower for an…
Retweeted by Kelsey HightowerSometimes this doesn't make sense to us until we understand what looks like another j-o-b to us is actually packed…
Retweeted by Kelsey HightowerI've been inspired lately by people who've found the courage to walk away from something that looks good on paper t… @joshbaptiste And access to capital with the ability to attract more of it and influence how it moves. @joshin4colours Hard to blame people for learning the game and playing it. If markets can be manipulated, either fi… @AdultBroker1 That's what I mean by same tools. This isn't new, just a different group manipulating things.Retail investors may have finally figured out how to redistribute wealth using the same tools reserved for the rich.
This is the way. The less stuff users have to run in their clusters, the more they can use for their own apps. It…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @BeauVrolyk I saw that. I'm wonder were they unable to covert the BTC fast enough? I guess once you have the wallet… @sporkmonger It seems to be heading in that direction.
I've used Synergy before but there's something about being available out of the box and deep integrations with the… Monterey introduces Universal Control 🤯've artificially limited housing. We've artificially limited spots at good colleges. We've artificially limite…
Retweeted by Kelsey HightowerInstead of a tweetstorm, I decided to write a listicle of various non-coding traits that are important for senior e…
Retweeted by Kelsey HightowerThis is it. My absolute favorite form of support explained.
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @EricaJoy Once they add the ability to host APIs for app backends then we enter a whole new world. @bbhoss That would be dope! @steren👆 @bbhoss I think I know where you're headed. Please say more. @AlexJonesax The team has been working really hard making pod IPs first class on the network which enables native i… now makes it easy to query DNS for Kubernetes services across multiple clusters from anywhere inside the VPC!… @BeauVrolyk Will governments attempt to opt-out of the audit trail for their own transactions?Seven @TimirahJ @ArlanWasHere Love to see your grind continuing to pay off. This is extra dope!
There's a chance the cryptocurrency community is prototyping the very system they fear. @jrheling Right.What are the chances cryptocurrencies become the catalyst for central bank digital currencies slingshotting the wor…
@mattomata @rothgar Yes. We now have L8 and L9 for the DevRel IC ladder.
It was so interesting to hear @kelseyhightower talk about having a fear of doing live demos now. This is from the n…
Retweeted by Kelsey HightowerTPU VM is out of alpha! Cloud TPU VMs run on the TPU host machine and offer significantly better performance and u…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @chabotc @0ren13 You're right. I'm associated with that job title so it only makes sense. @chabotc @0ren13 First we gotta stop with the titles. The things you've listed only account for a small, super small, fraction of what I do. @dathanvp What I'm able to do is because of what I've done.That's only the snow at the mountain top. You see a ski resort. I see the foundation necessary to support one.
Today Google opens up Open Source Insights (, a tool to gain insight into package dependenc…
Retweeted by Kelsey HightowerDon't miss @kelseyhightower's cozy chat around the fire as he hosts Brandon @autodesk, Isaac @cloudarmory, & Rosali…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @DarkainMX Hopefully there is now a market for your talents. Given your skill set I would imagine you're in high de…'ve also benefited from contributions to various open source projects I've started. People step up to add new feat…'s exactly what @kmbannerman has done with Customer Empathy sessions at GCP. She helped turn them into an offic… @HammerToe That was my favorite feeling reviewing PRs. Watching people take the time to improve upon something you've built.You ever create something then someone else comes along and makes it better? @jpwarren The base layers can be reused which helps speed things up. You typically don't delete the storage, VMs, o… think it’s ridiculous that computers have fans in them. you’re getting yourself worked up for no good reason. it’…
Retweeted by Kelsey HightowerI'm a software developer, this tends to happen a lot. is also super technical but never let that get in the way.It was @nathenharvey who introduced me to HugOps. He literally gave me a hug -- with my permission. Stunned and con… @IanColdwater @techgirl1908 I've been forced to think about things burning for simply existing so I understand. It… @IanColdwater @techgirl1908 I'm talking about myself and my approach to tackling specific problems in my own life.… @lesleyclovesyou Sometimes all I needed to do was remodel the kitchen and replace the carpet. Even parts of an old… @QuinnyPig I appreciate you sharing that. Building others up is where I spend my time so its awesome to know it's working.I wanted to burn it all down until I learned how to build something better in its place.For almost 10 years DORA's State of DevOps report has helped identify the most effective and efficient ways to deve…
@IanColdwater @bryanl @stephenaugustus Ideally no one. Different people seem to be impacted by this situation in di… @bryanl @stephenaugustus I just learned about that part an hour ago. @sc_codeUM After you do hopefully you take some time to smile. Its gotta feel good. Keep shining and congratulations! @rosskukulinski Congratulations!So proud of @stephenaugustus right now. Stephen put in the work and it's great watching him continue to evolve.
Those trying to break into tech: Please realize that the vast majority of people who like and comment favorably on…
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That one time Denver felt like Wakanda.
You think YAML is tough, try looking at a script with 10's of thousands of lines to accomplish the same thing -…
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @hammady Same. Love this community.So excited for the @kelseyhightower episode. I'm going to be dropping some sneak peek clips.
Retweeted by Kelsey Hightower @solomonstre It’s pretty dope, and once they get the full experience available from the desktop, I think it’s going to take off.