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Passionate about pie and mash (the one with green gravy) @twitch events & operations manager, EMEA Partnerships team

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@LittleNommer congrats!!!!im not a virgin
Retweeted by Kelsey Christmas @bouphe @boba_witch let's clear a few things up about food... 1. A £2 chicken won't make 3 family meals without A Lot of help. P…
Retweeted by Kelsey Christmas @chrisslight @SquidGaming so I don't even like butter, apart from crumpets which need to be smothered. Crumpets politics man, crazy. @SquidGaming I've never tried cheese on crumpets. It just feels so wrong but can't argue with those votes. @RoboDanjal butter purist here @Deanways I hate both marmite and beans so strong pass @xrlemons true! @Emilyloolah I just don't know how I feel about this @TalieDelemere I guess I shouldn't knock it until I try it @philcampbell that sounds awful 😰 I am a veggie though....Cheese on crumpets?
@boba_witch This is adorable 😍😍😍😍 @Shiny_Demon Adding to my list, thanksPicked up the veggie @ThePoutinerie kit. Deffo recommend @barryharryy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
@Doornebuzz They are actually twitch joggers!’m 5ft 7ish and Morty is as long as my legs when he stretches out. One day, when I forget to feed him, he may murd… @GFTBen she is the best @Greg1756 yessss 😍 @MizButtons lol no soz. All mine @IrregularDave omg I am so going to try this @kellykiewel Oh Kelly ❤️ @intheangelcake thanks! It's from @joanieclothingMy mum sends the best gifts. I’m ready for the weekend now
My Extra Life fundraiser page is officially LIVE! On Saturday 7th November I'll be playing 18 hours of Breath of th…
Retweeted by Kelsey Christmas @djarii @mehronmakeup @NYXCosmetics_UK @Twitch noooooooooooooooo this is too amazing. Like literally so inspiring too @BeccaCHenry I put on a jumper the same colour as the coffee now so at least it won't show if I spill again 😒Every fucking time I have an important meeting
@kellykiewel I want one
@ObvItsAmy The roasting tin is amazing cookbook for one pan stuff!I see what you did there @KrystalSim @saikocat It’s a good thing most of the programs they show these day’s don’t have anything to do with h… @LiamDrydenEtc @avesy90 @boardgameyogi I love this plan! @avesy90 @boardgameyogi 30 is lame. Or maybe its the global pandemic that is lame and it's just seeped into my soul.This week I would've been in Paris for Paris Games Week, the last event of the season (minus dreamhack winter). I a…
@elliejoypanic @WidersTeam Yayyyyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @gemothy What a squadMaybe I'll stop feeling so tired all the time when I'm dead. @OMGgemma I LOVE Below Deck so much. Med is best though. @givemeanamex No, the guy said if it’s really bad you can use numbing cream but his preference is without because i… @givemeanamex Yea the piece I’m having lasered is a fair bit bigger than yours! Although I can ignore the pain but… @givemeanamex Lollllll it’s painful AF.i
I hope I make it back to Tokyo next year to win again at wrestling against robots @iamthatkatt Sameeeee. @ImoMellor 💯🙌😍Ok I think I need to cool it with the horror films for a bit, my dreams are getting a bit too weird. Last nights fe…
@ThePoutinerie Thank you! @ThePoutinerie hello, is your gravy suitable for vegetarians?Wasn’t that interested in Mario Kart Live until I saw this @panoparker I’m kind of rooting for her
@BloodyfasterTV I didn't know mediterranean hips were a thing, it all makes sense now!!! Also, 😍😍😍 @eggfrieddog I have the receipts Sasha. @eggfrieddog Sasha, you literally said I was offensive for calling Mini Cheddars crisps like 2 days ago. @AdamGCB @sophiekeen oooh and banana bread baking / sourdough. Lockdown has been wild.Might be time to get a new office chair 🙃
@conorbeattie 💯 @IrregularDave thank you for believing in me the same way I believe in ghosts - skeptically @hildewereld you can be my co host ❤️ @IndoorHeroes OMG I want to own a bakery called that @TalieDelemere happy birthday!!! @boardgameyogi Mean but fair
@eileeneveryday Looking forward to the day we can go on a ghost tour with a flask full of cocktails ❤️Spirits with spirits - where I get drunk and talk about ghosts.Mini cheddars count as crisps. @Geestargames Happy birthday lovely xxxxx @Pedguin @Terraria_Logic I forget that Pedguin isn’t actually your real name. Yay this is awesome to see 😍❤️This games going to make me cry isn’t it? 😰 @stephen_ebert I forget how big he is until I see my mums regular sized cats 😂
@boardgameyogi You are not. ❤️ @BeccaCHenry Ahhhh she is too beautiful all year round 😍 @BlueandQueenie ask them if they watch goggle box and just tell them you do the video game equivalent @CianTwitch Happy birthday!!! @Ravsy_ my hair isn't that puffy 😢 @Laurennial_ yea I deffo prefer q snaps and have a few sizes. They are a bit heavier but keep the tension of the fabric way better @boardgameyogi 😒
@Charlotte_Pey Very close! Norwegian forest cat @StaceyofGotham Omg same. I’m so glad you appreciate it 😂❤️ @BeccaCHenry Winter coat coming in strong. Tried to fluff it up more, he wasn’t impressed 😂 too big @weeclaire @SirBeardyPants @NintendoEurope Happy birthday xxxxxx switch is the best @missellacronin omg this is too perfect I am in love @IndoorHeroes yessss! Can't wait to hear what you think.Started playing Spiritfarer last night and now I can’t stop thinking about it @jerms12 Thank you! She is a Norwegian Forest cat
Rick is getting her winter coat @StaceyofGotham @AdamGCB Looks amazing 😍😍😍 happy anniversary!Finished ☺️
@Holly_Turbo I was all about the peach lambrini life @TheErrok What’s the French equivalent? @iamthatkatt Ahaha it’s just so true to my life @lucyjamesgames I’m going to make peach and cherry prosecco and watch the money roll inProsecco is to 30 year olds what lambrini is to 15 year olds
@Megsalodon omg these are so stinking cute 😍😍😍Season finale of The Boys, as much The Haunting of Bly Manor as I can fit in, and pizza. What a glorious way to start the weekend. @leveluplauren sosososo excited to see your women in games nomination. Congratulations ❤️❤️❤️ @elliejoypanic Thank you xxxxxx @RadderssGaming My Friday evening routine is pizza and the boys and it’s such a good day
@PrincesseSabri Me toooo! Thanks ❤️