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JavaScripteur - Makes trading software in a Patagonia vest - 🇺🇸 - Music Producer - Half of @theundefinedio - in your girls phone as “Mom” - YouTube Badboi

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@adamwathan Man these kids fucked my yard up today. There’s a fork in the pool.Pretty cool, that airplay button has got to go 😂 @luke_pighetti Bars @DrawnByMouse Straight up murder @eldiegod_ Literal barehanded overhand rights @eldiegod_ Right? Bruh, if someone kneeled on your neck at the gym, how hard would you fuck them up for that @scalvert Apparently cuffed. The fuck is a handcuffed dude gonna do. @KevyBones @ForFightsSake @RevUpNutrition Can confirm @bgalbs Blueberry and cherry I hope @jamescalviniv Being choked without the opportunity to tap out is one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced. @_hoyet Cold as shit too @a_davemiller @jpsykes He said he WAS cuffed @theEricSauter 😦 @jpsykes You gotta be fucking kidding meIn years of grappling I’ve never seen someone straight up kneel on someone else’s neck. That’s straight up trying to kill somebody.Even if my armchair evaluation is wrong, I’m not sure why you should ever lean your full weight on someone’s neck.… you were to watch it, he starts off with the knee around the trap, and as people start to gather and engage him,… watched the video in entirety, it looked to me like the blood flow got cut off to his brain. Back in MMA, we…
Excited to be my brothers first customer. Some 🔥 studio pieces from @GabeRicard No I’m tan tanningYou need some sexy charts? We got your sexy charts?
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @imanthonyholmes 🤷‍♂️ @imanthonyholmes I miss Chicago. When I come back I’m going hard. @imanthonyholmes Innit
Out here drinking white claws tryna make @ken_wheeler proud. I think I fucked up not getting mango
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @ThugDebugger Less go when I see she’s 30 and she can walk trending
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @whobutjg Yessir @RobAWilkinson It’s dank af @Dayhaysoos @kwuchu From the computer @dan_abramov shit real wavey and sexy and wholesome out here
@ThugDebugger Ooohwhee @ThugDebugger I’m guessing wings, but I might have gone shrimp @ThugDebugger No I mean food @ThugDebugger Well whatd you getAhem vs the guy she told you not to worry about time the US has launched people to space in almost a decade. Feeling damn patriotic today! 🇺🇸
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @ianbone @EthanEvansVP @eismcc @davidbrunelle @jevakallio @shabegom Most of my milestones and goals have been reach… @ianbone @EthanEvansVP @eismcc @davidbrunelle @jevakallio @shabegom I largely don’t care for positive feedback. I w… @ianbone @EthanEvansVP @eismcc @davidbrunelle @jevakallio @shabegom I’ve seen scenarios where people are told somet… @ianbone @EthanEvansVP @eismcc @davidbrunelle @jevakallio @shabegom I’d sit down for a beer and get brutally honest and clear feedbackGoing live with kritzsjtian tiskarvsko at
People, do the research || This is scary stuff || #COVID__19
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @AdamRackis Just trying to unfat a tad @AdamRackis Today I’m attempting to quit drinking until the 4th, and if successful, it’s going to be the drunkest day in recorded historyA rarely discussed consequence of COVID-19 is that it may cancel @ken_wheeler's annual July 4th drunken orgy of alc…
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please copy the 5 minute livestream idea (credit to @ken_wheeler, I copied from him). maybe even shorter.
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @TheBBQDev Do you wrap?🚨 Missed @Streaming_Color this weekend? Catch all 25 Hours in sequence below, including the echo echo echo happenin…
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @TheBBQDev How do I get that dark bark papiThis should be @ken_wheeler's next twitter name:
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwashQuarantine boredom hitting breathtaking levels @antonemery Yessir @BenLesh @arenasmario I maintain if there wasn’t interference, we’d still be thereThis motherfucker said “back yard” like he asked someone 45 seconds earlier what that shit was called“Watch as I apply heat and smoke to fatty portions of animal carcass and drink fermented water with my male compani…“I am doing normal American male weekend activities, definitely not an alien life form, just look”In case haven’t seen this fucking gift threw some brisket and ribs on for later. Should I do a series of zuckerberg-esque “smokin these meats” videos? deeply appreciate Twitter not letting me down while welcoming Eli Manning to the platform @mindpivot 🇺🇸 @chancethedev That stache fucks
@elibelly I love peeing @PstafarianPrice This was ordered, I wish I could make that @elibelly It’s so I can drink 24 of themSitting Inside My Fucking House For 2 Months: Sponsored by CoronaAwww yeah Taco [i dont know what day it is] @pfrazee Be like “yo ma that fit is fire af, you lookin like a fuckin snack doe, on god, no cap” @TheLarkInn Passion fruit lacroix?Deadass I need a vaping helmet doeLol imagine being on drugs with this shit on 😂😂😂 @arenasmario I’m retrospect @BenLesh that was one of the most evenly matched arm wrestling battles in recorded history @alvaromb Nothing exciting yet lolMe last night who thinks white claws are lame hasn’t drank 15 of them @luckybusted Whoah really lol @_idkjs Oh shit @CHERdotdev Yucateco? @mcbobadilla @ItsBennyBlanco @GaTaGED Btw gata, still waiting on that email where I can send some beats @mcbobadilla @ItsBennyBlanco @GaTaGED Man Gatas performance was award winningYo @ItsBennyBlanco is my favorite character on Dave. Fucking legend. @denvercoder That’s fucking magnificent @TomaNistor
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @_lennart @BillyForney3 Dafuq is this @ericlewis That’s a hotly debated subject in this household. I’m partial to queen, she’s partial to Elton.This Elton John movie fucks so hard @jevakallio @likeOMGitsFEDAY @Twitch @emmabrillhart It’s a distinct possibility @CHERdotdev Tabasco Scorpion is my go to rnGonna get rosédrunk and live code a DreamPhone game in ~5 min on @Twitch . Come join the fun :rose_glass_emoji:
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwash @likeOMGitsFEDAY @Twitch @emmabrillhart @jevakallio Long story short I beat a recycling bins ass @likeOMGitsFEDAY @Twitch Remember what happened @emmabrillhart @jevakallio @likeOMGitsFEDAY @Twitch Rose drunk is the best drunk
Time to bring this up again. Twitter, please I’m begging you, these numbers have to be tappable, or at least copy-p…
Retweeted by lil whiskey moufwashCitadel wants to help you master the stock market while you’re stuck in lockdown
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