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JavaScripteur - Makes trading software in a Patagonia vest - Music Producer - Half of @theundefinedio - They tested my DNA and it wasn't DNA. It was USA.

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@OffendAtheist Already doWowee, it’s cold as fuck outAND WE ARE BACK! The @rebuildingblack TV show is back and this time in New York City! Come join us across this…
Retweeted by significantly less attractive drakePrediction: Not a single soul is throwing toilet paper on trees tonight this year
@crswll THE CORRECT RESPONSE IS AHHHHHUHHHHDoobie doobie doop doop doop @colinmegill no idea, haven't ejected in quite some timeThis new create react app is pretty dang dope @jongold I'm still watching these. This dude is so incredibly talented. @JemYoung ok but hear me out if there are no tests the tests can't fail
Retweeted by significantly less attractive drake @zpao Let’s do this
2020 @imanthonyholmes Yo that’s wild* @davatron5000! I'm here requesting some random help to start working again, I'm a freelancer from Venezuela & my laptop died,…
Retweeted by significantly less attractive drake @mhartington 😂Does anyone wanna buy jncos and make this officialIt’s a shame I can step sequence guitarFucked around and made some 1997 warped tour music today just to see if I could thats what I call a headline @theribman Lamb shin @ken_wheeler just to let you know that Those Cheeks has become a cult hit between everyone I know
Retweeted by significantly less attractive drake @_Prophet_0 That’s amazing @TheBringKing I’m at like 15-20, it’s wild out here
@RwoltX Man I used to do standing backflips and punch steel beams for fun. Now I get winded cleaning my living room. @criswilson02 Vaughn’s sister Casey @criswilson02 Guess like a day or two ago.Shit has got to stopThat’s in addition to a cousin this year, and some other friends who had young children.This particular friend was a best friends sister who I dated on and off for a while. Just talked to her the other day. Shits bananas man. @FiberJW Do it @jamonholmgren YeeshI don’t know about y’all, but I’m getting pretty tired of all my high school friends dying from heroin overdoses @AdamRackis I gave that talk like 4 years ago lolPretty sure I found @ken_wheeler's front yard.
Retweeted by significantly less attractive drake @AdamRackis @Tevko @gentenator Well yeah if populations were even of course it would. But I mean is there any examp… @AdamRackis @Tevko @gentenator Are there any representative democracies where each voters vote is counted equally? @AdamRackis @Tevko @gentenator Is there actually direct democracy practiced anywhere? @AdamRackis @gentenator @Tevko But it’s like the same size. @AdamRackis @gentenator @Tevko Doesn’t the EU largely do the same thing? If you had a collection of territories in… @AdamRackis @gentenator @Tevko My goodness, it’s almost as if large federal government is a bad thing, and individu… you're curious about what we're doing at @OutsmartlyHQ you can sign up for our waitlist, or if your Enterprise…
Retweeted by significantly less attractive drake“Hey those are the kids nuggets” Bish, don’t make me pull up my TD bank statement @brian_d_vaughn That couch is bomb af
@myspivey I have a no kangol before 40 rule @myspivey Trying to scare the kids, not scar them for life @codepo8 😂😂😂 I mean intentionallyI can’t wait to scare the shit out of a bunch of toddlers this weekend @michlbrmly Ngl, pants at anklesJust channeled my inner @ken_wheeler into this sexual groove
Retweeted by significantly less attractive drake @Ryan_Magoon OnlyhostsDoes anyone else type “lolcalhost” like all the time @ur_friend_james Lol @unshakenvoid What in the actual fuck @spitleaf @laribasilio @youyve @jjbbllkk @MurphyNathaniel @sammyboller @CloudflareDev just requested durable objects beta. shit looks sweet. @spitleaf Got some recs for the people making incredible stuff? I need some better content in my feed.I have a buddy who has like a million insta followers but makes no money from it. How the fuck do you monetize that?
@shellscape Best movie ever @jcreamer898 A lot this weekAlso, look what I found in jersey got these for my wife. She said “im not being a vampire for Halloween” I said, I know. I have other plans.’m found this, and I’m about to have it took monster pictures of us and put them on the fridge’s a couple things I’m really excited bout today: @KevinStong1 @iansvo Caves are terrifyingSecond. The Road. I don’t like jump scares, I like shit that fucking wrecks your soul for years after watching it.I have two, one, The Strangers. there’s something deeply frightening about normal human beings doing this sort of t…, now I need a solid horror movie for me. What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen? @donnacamos Excellent choice. Scarier but still kid friendlyWhat are some middle of the road scary movies for kids that are say, 6 years old? We’ve been watching kid shit, but… @kylewelch @richardiii Rich, I’ll hold his arms, you throw the punches @richardiii I bought with no realtor from a family friend @richardiii It was comparatively cheap for the area. Didn’t pay that much more than this right here. @_philpl @lukejacksonn Way ahead of you hoss @_philpl @lukejacksonn @lukejacksonn Hah. She got individual numbers in black script font that I’ll undoubtedly be attaching next weekend instead of that sign. @richardiii Suburbs man, gotta give that shit a go. You should see what you can get in non coastal spots. @JeromeHardaway This guy gets it @southpolesteve You have no idea how delighted I was @rossedman How did we reach this level of adulthood @GoBrav_es I wish someone wouldBut this _is_ New Jersey so...I mean one specific, very tacky woman @curvigrl8 That’s getting changed soon to just numbersThough I’m partial to left. @mattcampux This was my opinion. This is pottery barn, and it looks like garbage.You see my friends, this is a trick question. The correct answer is, whichever one she wants, because at a core lev…, help me solve an argument. Right or left. @XXL @Alchemist Two way tie between Tick Tock and Thug Muzik. @theinfamousrj BackdafuqupYo, love potion #9 is a fucking banger @rouzbeh84 Nah dawg young gravy fucks @rouzbeh84 How dare you @mikesherov The Johnny cage split 3/3 @mikesherov I got in like 3 fights on the way out of the theater @mikesherov I might have been there @rouzbeh84 Apparently the plural of lego is lego