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Think about it: we’re all struggling in some way shape or form and trying to be that somebody for everybody.I’m tired of being silent. Yes, we lost our homophobic “grandma” and “dad” for being bisexual and gay. They literal…
Please love me a little louder today. Please.
@terrycrews Um WHAT. It’s like lately you been criticizing the movement tf?Can we normalize being more open about mental health in public forums and social media without getting called “atte…’all care about black lives but do y’all care about black people’s mental health is the real question? @MsTiffanyBender You’re literally so adorable I’m so happy for ui love u
@KahlenBarry @kennethsenegal @CourtRevolution @jackieaina @simplynessa15 @ItzKeishaa @EmpressiveTV @abriontv MISSING
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Omg this is embarrassing as hell. I would’ve just stopped talking. I cringed the whole way through this @BKelly4H Facts lmao @BKelly4H Just miserable af I love u @davebiddy Ya feel me?Ew where tf all these trolls come from? It’s like a surge of hate is just sweeping through my account. Go away. You… @kobychill love you sweetheart @allimaloney Sad people. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️White people do not tell me how to react to being called racial slurs & responding to death threats. I am human too… @parisintheraain It’s easy to say ignore but I don’t people get that i still am human. @cbouzy Lmao @KahlenBarry ❤️Yessss Lizzo! She worked her ass off for this !! “We’re all winners ladies” @lizzo #BETAwards @yungblud Thank you 🖤Omg I wasn’t expecting my grandma to say actually it. My grandma is a huge @violadavis fan. This is really sweet wo… @EmoryReads Um so? Still not an excuse and the woman is not even holding it rightHere are two cowards, Patricia And Mark Mccloskey as they point guns AT protestors on Portland Place in St.Louis, M…
Don’t use the Bible only when it’s convenient just for you to push your “holier than thou” agenda. 🤷🏽‍♀️If you’re religious and “live by the Bible” why do you ONLY point out the same sex relationship as a sin? Make sure…
@CasarezKk Love you! Stay safe.Happy birthday @LaurenJauregui you give me hope for humanity. You’re so beautiful, talented, and very in Tune with… @LydaKrewson How to remove the Mayor under St Louis City Charter Rules.
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Please sign and share this petition to hold Lyda accountable. She’s unfit! Period.’all do y’all understand how dangerous doxxing someone can b? A mayor, @LydaKrewson doxxed protestors in St. Louis… with all due respect, what the fuck is wrong with you doxxing protestors putting out their names & ad… privilege does not exist. A lady said it’s not fair that black people are being put on a pedestal- referring… @killmymagic ice water sometimes... all purified:) @irwtin DONT EVEN 😫 @LIYAHAFI Heyyy! @caImniaII Hey lovely @harryftirene lmaoo this comment is so funny 😂 thanks sweetheart @mochajoex Yes drinking it now. Thanks for asking sweetheartHi you know if you text 741741 to HOME in the US & Canada, you can connect with a crisis counselor free of charge,…
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~ @Tha5SOSFamily That’s what’s up. @KahlenBarry “That’s some good shit” tf is wrong with these people? This is not normal. This is alarming.Elijah McCain was a massage therapist who played violin for shelter kittens on his lunch break in his hometown of A…
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~ @FInchains But -Lmao THE F^CK? Did she just? Ok. I- @KahlenBarry I love you so much. Thank you!! My first video was hard to make but I DID IT 🖤everyone go support & subscribe to @KenidraRWoods_’s YouTube channel! let’s continue to support black creators who…
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~victims/survivors are allowed to process how they process. i am dying on that hill.
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~My first YouTube video took 3 hours to upload because I’m in a spotty area. This was hard to film. It’s honest thou… @KahlenBarry @EmmaRoseKenney Tf is wrong with her ? Then lying said she thought it meant “homie “ pls gimme a BREAK
THIS IS MIND BOGGLING! The hate is becoming more and more. Racists are getting more bolder with it. I can’t compreh… @AKarim123444 Yep.It’s Ok guys, the people who were there are true fans & supporters of Dom. The people who didn’t stay most likely a… ? It happened. It really happened. We did it, Dom! Ok I’m gonna go cry rn Brb @Zaynsacionalou @yungblud @ParisHilton 13.4 mill? Huh? @yungblud @ParisHilton I love you, Dom. Thank you. Words can’t even express how I’m feeling right now. 🖤
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~.@yungblud If you tuned into the Yungblud show today, drop some black hearts 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 @mochajoex @yungblud Aww love u sweetheart!! Glad u tuned in#theyungbludshow it was short but DOPE @KenidraRWoods_ you were fan-fucking-tastic @yungblud thanks for making my m…
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~if u can wait in line 5hrs to go to a concert u can wait 5hrs to save lives. abso fucking lutely. #theyungbludshow @yungblud @KenidraRWoods_
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Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~Are u all tuned in to the @yungblud show?? :) call that person you’ve been wanting to talk to but been holding off on. Swallow your pride & go make up with th… @KahlenBarry I love you!!! Thanks for being real. ❤️ @KahlenBarry @instagram Proud sweet heart🥺❤️please please donate as much as u can tomrorow. link will be under the video in the description 🖤🖤🖤 #theyungbludshow
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~ @LilNasX Come on come on come on come on babyyyyyy (in My silk voice 😅)Arrest Breonna Taylor’s killers now.
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@blairboyle7 Yes she said “kkk belief” with her fist. I saw and heard everything. It was truly disgusting to witnes…’m always open to seeing people grow and accepting apologies but this doesn’t sound very genuine. I truly believe… was in Branson MO w BLM when Kathy Jenkins said she would teach her grandchildren to hate us. It hurt me to my co… thanks for the opp Dom 🖤 who’s ready??? straight said trump is the new MLK. No just no. There’s no comparison there. He’s not even half the man MLK was. Just no. @mistydawnfilm And that’s concerning....& then I realized we are held to ridiculously high standards & seeing this just was too harmful for me. I fall i… has been on my heart to say something. Looking at this picture, I felt myself letting those negative records abo… really wanna know what y’all thought process is when y’all come on here being unkind. Like I really wish I can gi… want to have an intervention w racists to the point they have to sit there & face the reality of what we’re sayin… billie ok? No like seriously? @KahlenBarry WHY SHE YELLING
@whoisaddison Thank you for saying this . People should be able to fucking love themselves. No one should be that c… will always be stronger than hate.
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~When white people try to cover up being racist, they be like “I have a black relative” shit people be in relationsh… you should know @93AngelOnFire Aw I love u 😭Retweet this if you stand with survivors. Retweet this if you have 0 tolerance for sexual predators. This is real… so I’m trying to make sense of this. First these racist with the confederate flags starts a praying circle, then… shit they’re tear gassing people in Lafayette again #dcprotest #blacklivesmatter
Retweeted by Kenidra4Humanity ~ KHHL ~ @FalconHorus309 @ayyitsscout Thank you!!!! I just found her on Facebook tooOh my god this shit is mind boggling. I have no words.
100 days have gone by since Breonna Taylor was killed. 100. And still, no police officer has been charged for her m…
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