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Jeopardy! fixture of yesteryear. Author of PLANET FUNNY ( and a bunch of other stuff. OMNIBUS co-founder (

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My favorite scene in every biopic is when the phone rings or a letter arrived and someone says, “That was the presi…
@daveweigel i subscribe to Time, Time International, and Time: Too Many Fonts @JPernicious like the very first person, or anyone who does this? @FritzHolz @omnibusproject @johnroderick he had a famous attribute that mind lend itself to Droodle meta-commentary!Just singing “Maclunkey” to the tune of “Shipoopi” from now until the end of time, thanks everybodyNew @OmnibusProject! This smooth operator cozied up to the worst dictator of his era, married the TWO richest women… @alexpolson @kimholcomb @Seahawks inches to spareGreat news for fans of live music Trebek getting choked up at a heartfelt final jeopardy answer. The instant welling up of tears and emotion no…
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @johnroderick @roggemerriman "Victoriae," it's LatinLet yourself in the front door, make a peanut butter sandwich in your empty house, turn on Brady Bunch reruns, and… @MaryKoCo *Ken Burns Civil War music swells*Her cute-but-untraceable note said "When I Googled you, it looked like maybe you were on Jeopardy? Nice job!" Plea… heroic mystery woman named Victoria found my wallet on a Seattle street corner and returned it to me Friday night…
@EliBraden Eli I haven’t been following itLet’s get this new Turbofan convection oven trending!
@Lefty_McBlue you’re a geocacher now! your old life is over. walk into the woods and disappear.
Well I don’t like this @wsferries would all be super into organized religion right now EXCEPT for their formative experience with Archdea… @petersagal “Dear sir, we are awful OF OUR OWN ACCORD! I await your apology.” @louisvirtel Commie in Jamaica-aTired: knowing all the words to “Its the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” Wired: knowing the barel…
@MKupperman are those giant strawberries or tiny women @davidschmader You should send this as a canned reply to just about any tweet.If anyone is going to a gay club called The Underground tonight, a funny thing to say as you walk down the stairs w… @DavyWwavy pretty much, at this pointthe dance of freedom. the death bells. the rising of the joker. one of the most magnificent, sublime, monumental e… @BillCorbett bloomsugarbergmagic“America: are you tired of a fake billionaire? Let’s give a real one a chance!”Big Paella is coming at me hard for this but I will not stop speaking my truth.Hey fyi millennials, saffron is a huge scam. It costs a bajillion dollars and tastes exactly like not eating saffron. More like saffCON!We joke about billionaires a lot around here but one really underrated thing about them is their entirely unmerited… @thefringthing Don't pay more than $2!
Please stop sending me your erotic Facebook doodles. many people taking a break from their "TLJ is *not* better than RotJ!" wars to sound off in the replies here.I just donated online to a radio station and I had to click a "I Am Not a Robot" box to do so. WHY IS PUBLIC RADIO… @aacoleman I don’t know what that isLive your life so that you never have to refer to a movie or TV show by its online shorthand acronym. @buzztronics no you just live in LA @austinkleon @raygunray @macbarnett Mike Lowery is the best
Every year I check on the anime and Star Trek posters in my kids’ rooms to make sure they’re still virgins.Why are earnest rappers trying to sell me Microsoft Office? and other important questions asked by today's new "Ken… @MelissaStetten Love too ask 50 guys in blazers over polos if they're "actually in line" or not so I can board with my group. @Alekklincewicz @omnibusproject That is very flattering but we can't record at your pace Aleksei! @EnemyOfBoth @omnibusproject he should wait until December 1Today on @OmnibusProject: the accident of "Earth-Two" and the explosion of parallel-universe culture.…
@SlutFacedPirate @TeamCoco @AndyRichter @Jeopardy why are you writing a little play about me for your eight followersMy #1 TV take is that actors shouldn’t be able to add “I mean” to a line whenever they want. We can tell that wasn’t in the script, actors! @jwrush :(Just ate some expired cottage cheese, but I like my odds. headline: MARTIN SCORSESE, DISLIKER OF MARVEL MOVIES, DEAD AT 92I'm today's guest on @AndyRichter's podcast The Three Questions! My memory is he asked me a lot more questions than… @johnroderick excited for Epstein Killed Himself Thursday @AndyRichter NO FURTHER QUESTIONS!Update: the mayor of Seattle doesn’t think I’m dumb. @DaveHolmes @PFTompkins I love a good Roddy McDowall-Gene Rayburn collab.
@RabiesFromSpace maybe she’s a James Holzhauer fanVery hurtful if true @johnroderick @paulandstorm and yet which of us did Side by Side by Sondheim in high school @paulandstorm it works for any super-villain!"Losing My Mind"--> Two-Face "Someone in a Tree"--> Poison Ivy "Another Hundred People"--> Ra's al Ghul "Something… who even is the audience for this tweetBad news, I just sang "Putting It Together" from Sunday in the Park with George to some weirdo on the train and now he's the Riddler.RIP to a real one seen shade like this from Google Books before the song “Funky Town” a synthesized voice asks to be taken to Funky Town. A robot, clearly, with the autonomy an…
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @medicenlatigo thank you!Don't worry, I'm Mormon like this guy so it's okay: I can call him a boomer with the hard 'r'. Patrick Nagel energy from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. cc:@johnroderick @rad_milk that armpit has 7.5 majors!
@KevinMKruse we stan a chihuahua-owning queen @mrtimlong that’s what I call a “nice Long run of good luck”!!! 😂This is when I did the voodoo curse that killed print magazines, sorry everyoneStill angry about this 2004 paragraph from Forbes magazine.
@cmromney @JKCinnamons Will I be able to follow Raccoons if I haven’t read Raccoons? @JKCinnamons I'm reading the Popol Vuh.Job interviewer: What are you passionate about? Duane, the previous borrower of my library book: I’m focusing on tw… @johnroderick basically just wants me to be a dick.
@evepeyser During friend dies of cancer? I cry at screwed-up parallelism in lists.A lot of polls show Americans don't like changing their clocks twice a year, but the problem is: that number includ… @casinoskunk I UNDERSTAND THIS REFERENCEGonna be straight with you: there are some pretty hard questions on today's new "Kennections" puzzle. The name of N… @AndyKindler Look for me in the ticker tape parade!If I worked in a prison, I think I would make time every day to check the big laundry cart before it goes to the tr…'s a lunch I don't want to go to but I just agreed to go anyway because it's not until March. Sorry future self! @mikesusz @omnibusproject the show is still free on the original feed. but Patreon donors will be eligible for extr… @mikesusz @omnibusproject I don’t believe we changed anything!On today's unusually spoooooky @OmnibusProject: this grisly 1980s video-store fixture.
@david_j_roth 👊🏼 @eluhrmann and Dr Demento, what a lineup! @DanielAdAstra don’t say “Issy”Your annual Halloween reminder that Boris Pickett and the Crypt Kickers played at Gram Parsons’ wake. don’t understand your Halloween costume. Is it a memeLook out, I hacked into your Twitter.
When it's my time to go, I just want to die such that the headline ends with the words "Experts Baffled."Just leave it. I'm sure the water being used to put out other fires will trickle down to there eventually
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The turkey club I just ordered came with a big, thick pad of egg white on top of it, what do we think about this?Today’s Halloween @omnibusproject is the intersection of two spooooky topics: zombies, and institutional racism.…