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Jesse Owens was THE American sports hero of his time. Less than twenty years later, he was selling off his gold med… have a suggestion for the “They are still employed” part. commonness of black death and disappeared birthdays is a quiet understanding amongst all black people in this c…
Retweeted by Ken JenningsWhat do French food, video games, plant sex, and the 1985 Chicago Bears have in common? Take a five-minute break fr… haven’t seen this many bad apples since the Red Delicious went out of style. @jfruh this explains Vietnam
@happywaffle @johnroderick the Dutch disagree? I'm saying is: how can we be SURE fascism is bad unless "Fascism Is Good" has gotten equal space in the marketplace of ideas?My daughter just got rid of an Animal Crossing villager she’s hated for months and I told her she had to get him back. Now’s not the time! @johnroderick The fax machine is one year older than the NYPD.
@edzitron look why would you make that joke if you didn’t want to immediately see it again 1,000 timesBREAKING: Attorney General Keith Ellison to elevate charges against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin…
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @granfalloosion @sharonulak but most of my fans aren't assholes like you @sharonulak graduated from what, Sharon @HelloCullen we may finally see if there is a physical, thermodynamic limit to ratio @johnroderick Well, that and the encoded instructions to our black bloc network
Today on @OmnibusProject: the "Hero of Camperdown." Forgotten during his lifetime, even more forgotten today.… five hours of peaceful protest in Seattle tonight ended in police violence after...this tussle over a pink u…’ll declare martial law instead of just not killing black people. Do y’all get it now?
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @Travis081 your mom doesn't really like to talk much, actually"The protestors have time travel, and we will be sending our own Terminator back in time to battle theirs. Ours is…
@JayThurberShow I agree with this take and it IS a pretty good Omnibus idea!Don't miss a new episode of #MasterMinds with @KenJennings, @muffymarracco, and @Corbblah today at 4p!
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @DrAlakbarov I promise not to dig up this tweet from seven years ago, and somehow send it to the victims of a 2007… @BobbyBigWheel it's really a problem that takes care of itself thenReplace all TV cops with nosy old ladies who solve crimes in manor houses by finding footprints in the arbutus. don’t dismiss this kind of thing as a cynical PR stunt. It may start that way, but if it ends up working where i… @BAKKOOONN they’re growing inside you nowThe gazillion videos of ongoing police misconduct are shocking if you’re expecting community service and de-escalat… @BAKKOOONN never eat the weird big strawberry. too many lobes in horrifying Lovecraftian geometries @EBRyen nah all those guys became qanon weirdos like youLet’s just give tactical gear and near-unlimited authority to some of the dumber guys from your high school. What c… @SamuelAAdams @YouOldSoAndSo yes but they’re still acid-free and don’t feel flimsy at all!
Just finished The Long Goodbye. Raymond Chandler, 1954. I’d hate to be the guy who has to go to ANTIFA headquarters and give the bad news to the Board of Directors. @neonbabel wow pretty dickish response to my Trivia Heals campaign @johnroderick what do you think of BOFA @andylevy Andy, congratsIf you think you’re pretty good at trivia but have never plumbed the “Kennections” archive, I picked the 15 toughes…, over the past 5 yrs, has invested heavily in de-escalation training and adopted a use-of-force policy that'…
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @blainecapatch @MattOswaltVA you assume they’re taking the erotica but actually they all love the work of Gustav KlimtIt’s incredibly revealing how police are acting right now, even with full knowledge of how many eyes are on them. T…
@StuffCCLikes just text me next time and ask!Congrats SpaceX on putting the Epic Bacon capsule into space on two Dank Dragon rockets.Happy 30th anniversary of the Garfield strip where Jon drinks dog semen! @AustinR033ins Oops! It’s supposed to be on the back only.Things sure are happening more than usual.I got fired from Pitchfork for calling “I Feel the Earth Move” by Carole King “that song Loretta Swit sang to the m… died of a combination of Addison's disease and a bullet to the head
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @andylevy @johnroderick @andrewgrant2069 @omnibusproject Disliking me is a big tent @johnroderick I can’t believe I’m going to have to burn down a Chick-Fil-A to regain my “woke one on the podcast” status @andrewgrant2069 @johnroderick @omnibusproject I just met you and I already think you’re awful. @andrewgrant2069 @johnroderick @omnibusproject sir please stop owning us to your 8 followers
If you can’t figure out the theme of today’s “Kennections” puzzle, consult your local boomer. guess you have to kneel on someone’s neck longer than 9 minutes to make it 2nd degree murder? new @OmnibusProject is now a true crime podcast! (Except a weird kind that focuses on con artists of the Klondi… Gems is a relaxing warm bath of a movie (if, like me, you enjoy watching bad things happen to Adam Sandler). @cyrushabib @BrandSanderson @robinhobb @DjangoWexler It was a huge honor for him!Crosswords should have to mention Iron Maiden 2-3 times to earn every “ELO”ELO is a top 20 band for me but they still shouldn’t be in crosswords so much.
@petersagal George and Marthaanne Conway
@Brinestowen @mental_floss "My friends and I all have belly buttons." Do you have more than one? @brendohare I challenge you to a contest of flour wits @edzitron not in my thirties anymore :(Looking for a Jeopardy replacement to master in quarantine.
We've been promising this one for a while. On today's @OmnibusProject, a deep-dive into "Chick Tracts."… @joeyalison I CAN'T HEAR YOU I'M BEHIND THIS GIANT APPLEI'm in a Magritte painting. @Danimal279 @GameShowNetwork they won't mind because they'll be immediately surrounded by the amazing sights and sounds of Dayton! @Danimal279 @GameShowNetwork lol we told them this and I was told to read the bonus facts as written 🤷‍♂️ @storiesof_magic noooooo this happened after we wrote the question! we missed it in the edit.What do Richard Nixon and Rascal Flatts have in common? Please reply below with many joke answers I will never read… @artboypolitico yeah I had "killed" first and then decided I'd rather get replies from liberals than conservativesI am NOT a racist. Did I try to get a black man arrested just because he asked me to leash my dog? Yes. But look… @hughhowey I got “Camden?” today through a mask.
@BAKKOOONN my daughter actually bought this, no joke. it smells like the bromine Disney uses instead of chlorine to sterilize Pirates.Who's excited for another episode of #MasterMinds? Join @KenJennings, @muffymarracco, and @Corbblah today at 4p!
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @JamesUrbaniak @apelad Same. The people bowed and a neon god. Makes you think! @meganamram @sepinwall I “Like”d it but I don’t *like* it.
@QuienTeManda @Jesse_Spencer hahaha oooopsStop saying Bill Gates created this pandemic to put microchips in people. He created this pandemic so everyone woul…
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @danjan13 looks like I SHOULD have come down there and told them how to do their jobs! @EbeneezerGoode1 you’re not famous, stay out of my replies
Ruin a list of shortest number one singles by removing The Letter
Retweeted by Ken Jennings @poniewozik Ev[glitch]body clap your hands! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏I got an email from my dentist’s office saying that they’re reopening but hygienists will no longer be allowed to t… @DesiJed change one letter and ruin Twitter @Rallory my book Brainiac has a few pages on the Jeopardy gender gap
Hey "Kennections" family: we've heard your feedback, and we listened. Today's trivia puzzle has ZERO Cole Porter c… episode of #MasterMinds at 4p! Find out if today's contestants can defeat @KenJennings, @muffymarracco, and…
Retweeted by Ken Jenningson reflection, this is still a pretty good band name @lydorito in this economy???? @apelad It’s pretty good.Butthole Suffers’ve voted in two states, one liberal and one super-conservative, and they both LOVE their robust vote-by-mail. Onc…
I’ll say it: Harrison Ford has good bloodlines.Today's new entry in @OmnibusProject: the joy of The Joy of Cooking. already tweeted about this tomorrow.
The friscalating dusklight. yeah it’s pea vine season, 2020 is finally looking up. Sound off in the comments #peavine crew.