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Run with Fairlands Valley Spartans, ride a bike (n=1) occasionally, love live music and a guitar (n=2) beginner

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@Greg_Kett You have to carry a briefcase to really earn the “loyal” adjective.Enjoying the Sandown pictures with no truck-mounted camera alongside the field and no superfluous superimposed digi… @AlStewartOBE @LewisHamilton @redbullracing Seems like a lot of effort to get so worked up about such a dull sport.Wish I could justify the RUk subscription and never have to hear Matty C.
Done. @LauraKingDXB Hate to see jocks who’ve done nothing wrong kicked off for the big race. Frankie’s great but the obse… Idiot jockeys.I hate seeing jocks kicked off a horse for the big race. Too much obsession with Frankie. @rebeccabutlerm2 Let’s see. The man who misled the nation to justify a war and then re-justified it after the event… and drizzly walk accompanied by John Hiatt tunes.
@itsJeffTiedrich @gretchenpeters Delicious irony. @NannyVeg @Baldockboro Can you imagine what the town centre will be like if rat-arsed clowns are out and milling a… @Greg_Kett Is that tosser forcing his staff to open at 6am? And do they usually open then? @TimSmithCEO Expensive? Not sure of the value it adds. Likely to be vandalised/attract street artists* Delete according to taste. @OliverDowden and @DCMS officials should get their backsides in to some of those venues and talk to them. @OliverDowden @dcms Your silence is deafening. @jhnclrk1 @EnglandAthletic Not sure what they can do given the Government still isn’t allowing groups of bigger the… @chudsy @jamezymaryan I hope they have specifically appealed the suspension. Knowing these clowns they’ll double it… @chudsy “As advised by the EFL .... the Commission ruled that the Club was to be deducted a further two points from… @Baldockboro International Court for Arbitration in Sport? @leader_music Teas and dressing rooms are akin to pub-like conditions I reckon. It’s total bollocks. @leader_music Can we have a return to one of last year’s favourites please Richard. Abigail Lapell’s Leningrad from the Getaway album. @nugsnet Hey guys, it’s 3rd July now, why are you waiting until midnight UK time to release the audio of The Brothers at MSG? @quietloner My running club is operating in pods of 5 + leader to comply with rules. Some bootcamp leaders? Working… your whole music library back to your phone after a re-set and restore......Urgh! Only seems to want to do… @EnglandAthletic Seems slightly weird for people to be liking this post. Be interesting to know how many clubs have… @DIZKO4 @ajcdeane It’s pointless ever complaining to the BBC. They are ALWAYS right, even when they aren’t.
I can accept that my career as a musician might not be sustainable after this pandemic, but everything needs to be…
Retweeted by Ken Jude @Ollie_Bayliss @boroguide The 2 point penalty was the previously suspended sentence wasn’t it? They must be too lat… @theJeremyVine @JuliaHB1 @BBCRadio2 Clearly the complainer has too much time on their hands. Almost everyone knows… @sharp1uk @tvlive @AlStewartOBE @BBCSimonMcCoy Knocked out in the earlier rounds? It’s “The Final”.Had a boss once. Rather than address shortcomings with individuals he would send emails to the whole team of 50 thr… and culture play such a huge role in our society. But the sector is at risk of collapse & needs govt support…
Retweeted by Ken Jude90% of music venues are under threat, impacting massively on performers, jobs, local & national economy We wholehea…
Retweeted by Ken JudeCome on @OliverDowden vague talk about non-existent dates is not good enough. Support these venues now. Cancel the… @BrytynP @AppleSupport @annettelymari I reckon they don’t suggest it because it’s a major embarrassment to have to… @BrytynP @AppleSupport @annettelymari Exactly what I did with my 16gb iPad yesterday. Advice on some sites like rem…
Whoever invented live chat for IT support issues really should have been shot for crimes against humanity. @leader_music I watched two clips of his on Youtube when the story broke. One sounded like Craig David with a count…
@kanyewest Self-proclaimed greatest living rock star awards himself a new, much more credible, title. @HarryHindsightS @neiltonpentre @BHAPressOffice @LeicesterRaces Or maybe he doesn’t. But “few thousand” outside see… @HarryHindsightS @neiltonpentre @BHAPressOffice @LeicesterRaces If you re-read his post, he clearly means public attendance being on hold. @LukasDrinkwater Just about the most crass post of the year with millions out of work post Covid. What a pair of ****s.Drizzly walk accompanied by CMA’s “Homest Life” album. A gem.
@JenniHarris4 @NannyVeg Someone should be dragging him out of the White House with a noose around his neck. @leader_music @peterbruntnell @MeridianFM @gembanz Great song. @renkadima @leader_music @ZZTop @MeridianFM @RolandN Haha, yes indeed. They changed a lot! @leader_music @courtneymamusic @MeridianFM Phew. Cognitive functions still normal then 😀 @leader_music @courtneymamusic @MeridianFM Sorry, completely missed they there was a theme. Straight over my head!… @leader_music @emilyscottrobin @MeridianFM @LesleyHastings Gorgeous. @leader_music @tenilletownes @MeridianFM I do like this track a lot. @AdoptionsUk @JenniHarris4 Bruce is a great name for a dog. My old retriever was a Bruce.Expect traffic down the A6 from Leicester to Market Harborough to be busy for the next couple of weekends. @MartinDaubney I wonder if @SkySports golf presenters are frantically unpicking threads on their company polo shirts. @leader_music hearing reggae, I must be on time. Hope the opener’s a cracker!Well at least she got an animal that featured on the album. Dogs might fly! #tippingpoint classic answers. @MrAlecBowman @Bob_Fischer @josienneclarke They buggered up the internet as well. All those pop ups about consentin… @leader_music @BlackCatMusicPr Haha, I’m glad I’m not the only one with a 🤡 moment. @MrAlecBowman @NorthofDunmail Especially when rapidly exiting an upright position in an uncontrolled manner! @NannyVeg The swans legally belong to the Queen I believe. If that girl is identified she is going to be an enforce… @alphagirl000 @4ndrewJames @MrAlecBowman I’m gobsmacked at this. Their FAQs suggest they never remove music, only t…
@OliverDowden Dear Secretary of State. We don’t need a Festival of Britain in 2022. We DO need our existing music a… Italian foodstuff - sausage! #tippingpoint classic!Can’t believe how low some people have their bike saddles (and I don’t mean the kids on bmx bikes). I predict a lot… @GreenNote @MicheleStodart looking forward to the show starting at 6 tonight x
Retweeted by Ken Jude @MrAlecBowman @Chris_Cleverley 27 miles logged on the bike, now walking 4 miles. Guitar out later this afternoon, G… @MrAlecBowman Definitely @MrAlecBowman “Totally fascinating lyricism; as poetic as it is grounded in 21st Century realism”. I reckon he nailed it! @MrAlecBowman You have a new “quotable quote” for the album from what he said on Facebook. Very apt.
@Saviour54833548 @samzala93 @Telegraph He’s not saying “get it and you die”. He’s saying if you die and you have it… @LydiaHislop @davidjohnsonTF The end of Royal Ascot, and then the Criterion Stakes are the usual trigger points for… @MrJHBright @josienneclarke @smoothopsprod @SpotifyUK Ta. I’d forgotten these are real album releases each year. S… @TimSmithCEO I may have to get both. @kathwilliamsuk Same happens when I go into the local Morrison’s. Now the scientists have been allowed to come clea… @josienneclarke @smoothopsprod @SpotifyUK Does this mean that anyone can add a song from Spotify into a playlist an…
@AlStewartOBE @RollingStones Urgh, put the phones away and make the memories with your ears and eyes! @gretchenpeters @mollytuttle @CaraDillonSings She’s amazing. Fantastic gig by Molly and her band at Bush Hall on her last visit. @JenniHarris4 @Ratman46 @Ogsy_SFC It would be the personal space invasion that would annoy me the most. It’s a wee bit over familiar. @DibsYr5Teach Not in the slightest. @DibsYr5Teach Surely an inspirational teacher will have no problem getting the kids’ attention however they’re sitt… @BBC6Music @foofighters @FooFightersUK @glastonbury I think The Cure at Wembley Arena on the Disintegration tour. H… @Ogsy_SFC The final jackpot counter is like winning the the toss in test match cricket. Nine times out of ten you p… @astralunamusic @bbc5live @KTTunstall We knew it was broken the day Spotify challenged the rate increase. I cancell… @TimSmithCEO @hannahscottuk It’s gorgeous. Just listened three times on S****** so I guess that’s Sheeran a halfpen… @leader_music Can you play “This Time” from “On My Page” by Courtney Marie Andrews please.In its infinite lack of wisdom the BBC seems to have ignored Spiritualized and This Is The Kit in their Glastonbury… have an alternative Road Map to Reopen Every Venue Safely. Please take a look @OliverDowden @BorisJohnson
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@mrgordonburns @AlStewartOBE Weeks? Don’t you mean years? @AlStewartOBE @dmcstimes @thetimes The leader implies that mixing music and audio books had not been done before bu… @SadiqKhan Ah, it seems a head has just been removed from a dark place. About three weeks late. @renkadima Can only assume they had an agenda of "we've spoken to local businesses and they're desperate Mr Starmer… @renkadima They were looking for someone to paint a much worse picture.He was too optimistic about businesses' recovery and they were looking for someone destitute! #notontheiragendaA friend was asked if he would be interviewed by a high profile journo during Starmer's visit today. After a discus… @GuidoFawkes Sacked by Israel in fact! 😂 @Mattm_Williams @simonmayo You’ve given away the ending! @deanos13 Result-based decision-making at its worst. The commission should not consider the consequences the penalt… good news! @deanos13 @EFL what a steaming pile of shite. @renkadima @Stijntsje @MarkRhinosfan71 @rickyaross Nightmare scenario!