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One week from today, these streets will be bustling with kids, parents, & school buses. @WalledLkSchools start on…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanToday we officially welcomed 26 educators to the @WalledLkSchools family! #EveryChildEveryDay @kennethgutman
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanWow! It’s two...two...two workshops in one week! So happy to welcome more of our amazing K-2 staff today for Teac…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanBoard President @CasagrandePeggy speaking at New Teacher Orientation week! I can’t wait to see everyone! It’s going to be an awesome year! 💕🐾@GuestElementary @HouseMonica
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanGreat to see you! all the new teachers to the Walled Lake School District! Fire up for back to school! Can’t wait to meet e…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanWhat a great 1st day of our #tcrwp Homegrown Institute @WalledLkSchools! Thank you to all the dedicated Ts for your…
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Hear from @WalledLakeAth Brian Swineheart and the three WLCSD Varsity Football Coaches as they preview the upcoming…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanSuperintendent @kennethgutman taped his back to school message today. We are gearing up for the 2019-20 school year…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanExcited to have this amazing learning opportunity with #TCRWP for our amazing @KeithElementary and @WalledLkSchools
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanExcited for Teacher’s College Homegrown Institute kickoff today at HWE! Thanks to our amazing K-5 staff for their…
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"Our fifth-grade camp is a hallmark program for Walled Lake Schools. It is one of the first things our fifth-grader…
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @PChinn79 @michelleblackk @loriburke53 @kennethgutman @WalledLkSchools Great see think wonder PD opportunity #TCRWP
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We are ready!!!! Can’t wait to have The Mustang Nation rolling at Meadowbrook! @MeadowbrookEle @WalledLkSchools
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@michelleblackk @loriburke53 @kennethgutman @WalledLkSchools Day 3 focus is on non fiction and the ability to vary…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanA big announcement was made today regarding a partnership with MDE-OSE and ⁦@MAISA_ISDs⁩ around the “Path forward”…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanWLCSD PTSA COUNCIL & Principals are ALL IN for Every Child, Every Day! Presidents/Principals breakfast is a great h…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanKnow any incoming freshman? Tell them to visit the Model UN table at registration! @kennethgutman @ahhamka
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Had a great time visiting summer learning at Meadowbrook Elementary today! Thanks ⁦@MeadowbrookEle⁩ for ensuring…
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman⁦@michelleblackk⁩ ⁦@WalledLkSchools⁩ ⁦@kennethgutman⁩ ⁦@PChinn79⁩ ⁦@loriburke53⁩ Getting Ready for Day 2 of Reading…
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You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. – John Wooden
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanFOOTBALL: Perusse takes over Walled Lake Central football program @WLCFB_
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanIf your headed to Kalamzoo, come check out my session on using #plagnets for formative assessment in #physed!…
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @michelleblackk @loriburke53 @kennethgutman @WalledLkSchools @PChinn79 This morning’s first classroom. I’m in awe.…
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @WalledLkSchools @PChinn79 @kennethgutman so true. #tcrwp
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How excited we are to see all your smiling faces soon! Registration is tomorrow so I get a sneak peak! Ms J and Ms…
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@sk8tergirlsmom Just checked and was told Skyward is working. Please try again.Celebrating my talented friend and fellow Walled Lake School's Art Educator Andrea Novak, at her Good Heart Artist…
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Excited to be part of ASCD’s Curriculum Leadership Institute Cohort 13! #wleced
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Reminding our fabulous @WalledLkSchools secretaries about our @LanguageLine interpretation system this morning.…
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Preschool fun at Gilbert Willis today with some awesome families and Preschool Teachers. Thank you for joining us!…
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @BillCwlcsd @kennethgutman Thank you TMP Architecture & Auch Construction and all the contractors who are building…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanWed. thought from @DavidGeurin; “You can change your goals for this school year. But nothing happens unless you als…
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Thank you ⁦⁦@WalledLkSchools⁩ Leadership Team for two great days of planning, teamwork, and building the future tog… communication based team building activities for the @WalledLkSchools leadership team. Did you know we collect…
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @DanDurkinPR They’re interesting in an Oregon kind of way
I’m having fun at camp! I’m just here for a refresher. Meet Winnie. She’s going to the school where Mrs.…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanI’m getting everything I need to be ready for School. I’ve missed everyone so so much! See you soon!💕🐾 #PALS
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanJust waiting for our administrators so we can build the future together #wleced ⁦@WalledLkSchools⁩ for a fun day of learning tomorrow @kennethgutman!
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I interrupt my Twitter vacation to welcome Assistant Superintendent of Learning Services @CatherineKocha1 to…
Taking a July vacation from Twitter
Making good progress on the new Central turf field. ⁦@WalledLkSchools⁩
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanHow wonderful!
Our Creating and Making Music Summer Camps have concluded. Thanks to all the staff and students for your passion an…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanIn between phases, Warrior Family! Can’t wait to see the finished product💪🏼@ahhamka @kennethgutman @WLWWARRIORS
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanI went to my first playground playdate tonight @GuestElementary! I even got to eat Kona Ice! It was fun seeing my…
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Pre-production meeting!! Some really exciting things being planned!! We are off to see the Wizard!! @LLEMrsDoran
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanStudents from all 12 WLCSD Elementary Schools recently participated in a week long Summer Art Camp. Thanks to all o…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanThank you so very much Lakes Area Rotary for your donation to benefit @WalledLkSchools and recognition at the Presi…
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We’d like to say thank you to Chief Molloy as he completes his term as the 2018/2019 President of the MACP. Your kn…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanProud of @sbmwlafayette for representing @WalledLkSchools during her Ed Talk @massp #edcon2019. Sharing the why be…
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @WalledLkSchools very own @sbmwlafayette presenting an EdTalk at the @massp #EDCON19 on Restorative Practices. Grea…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanThank you to everyone who took the time to vote! We have a logo for 2019!! Congratulations to Karina Reynoso - the…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanCongratulations to our WLCSD amazing volunteers who serve our community and impact many individuals! @GlengaryElem
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanCongratulations to Kyle Biel & Kyle Wilkinson the 2019 Outstanding Student Volunteers! @LakesAreaCC @kennethgutman
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanOutstanding Citizen Award @HeatherABurrows Student Volunteers Kyle Biel and Kyle Wilkinson @WalledLkSchools Volunteer of the Year @MrsMichigan the Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce Awards @WalledLkSchools
@WalledLkSchools @michelleblackk @PChinn79 a little takeaway from this afternoon’s Galileo retreat #bookjunkie
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanThank you Mrs. Mazer for supporting the ⁦@FFEWLCSD⁩ ⁦@WalledLkSchools⁩ ⁦@kennethgutman⁩ ⁦@KeithElementary⁩
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanGreat day, great cause! @WalledLkSchools @FFEWLCSD
Jungle tour night 😳🕷
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @LLEWIXOM @WixomEl @WalledLkSchools @kennethgutman @WixomPolice @CathyRussel @AbbieKidder Abbie and Cathy are two i…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanReady to represent #ISTE19 #TeamBlue in the #BattleoftheEdTechStars!! 1:30 Terrace Ballroom today!…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanIf this doesn’t get you in the mood for marching band season, I’m not sure what will!
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Western boys ready to roll in the East v West All-Star Game at SVSU! 1:00pm kick off. @k_brown5678 @kj_jackson17
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanThank you to all who helped make the Wixom TEAMS golf outing such a success! @LLEWIXOM and @WixomEl appreciate the…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanThank you @WalledLakeMI we are out at the Beach Party today selling water! Flipping and stunting we hope to see you…
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Wow! I have a lot of reading to do! Thank you for all the letters! #PALS #TherapyDog @GuestElementary
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Awesome presentation from the @OxfordSD curriculum team on their MTSS journey yesterday at #2019OCEP @AnitaQonja
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanRecent WLW Graduates elected to play at this weekend’s All-Star game at SVSU! 💪🏼 We love our Warriors!…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanPlease come out to support our WLW Football Program in August! Get your foursome together or just come to dinner…
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It is important for us to think about mental well-being instead of “ill-being” for our students. We need to create…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanThe Milford/Huron Valley Lions Club invited me to their meeting tonight! I’m on my way to share more about our Ther…
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Learning at #2019OCEP!!! @OaklandSchools @AndreaZellner @PrincipalMorgan @kennethgutman @WalledLkSchools
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanOn our way ☀️@PrincipalMorgan @kennethgutman
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanEnjoy! to hear @burgessdave this morning at #ocep2019 @LamphereSchools @CyndiNickel @kennethgutman @MarkHess98
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanExcited for OCEP 2019! Thank you for hosting @LamphereSchools @WalledLkSchools @kennethgutman @MarkHess98
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @s_brown55 @ConnorHeyward1 Go Green!
Happy summer warriors!💕 The final two t-shirt options have been narrowed down! Please vote for which design you wan…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanSo much fun at Walled Lake Library today! I met so many people. I can’t wait 2 go back. If U haven’t signed up 4 t…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanI will be at @walledlakelib today from 12 to 2. Stop by to see me and get a library card! Happy summer 💕🐾…
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Have a wonderful summer @KeithElementary Dragons!!! We will miss you more than you know! Enjoy summer; be sure to…
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanBusy morning signing yearbooks. #Celebrity @HouseMonica got a stamp that made it easier! #TherapyDog #PALS
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanHave a fun, safe, and relaxing summer! @WalledLkSchools YOU for a fabulous year, MBE!! Have a wonderful summer! @MeadowbrookEle @WalledLkSchools @kennethgutman
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanLast day excitement @MeadowbrookEle @WalledLkSchools are already lining the halls of @HWE_Hawks for the 5th grade clap out. @WalledLkSchools @WalnutCreekMS after visiting @PrincipalCav on his last day with students. He’s a fantastic leader who will… @KeithElementary. You did it! @WalledLkSchools the superintendent visits on the last day you ask him to join your “photo booth”! #CommerceElem #summertime
Retweeted by Kenneth Gutman @dloveteach and his students still working hard on the last day @CommerceElem @WalledLkSchools
Retweeted by Kenneth GutmanWrapping up the year by reflecting on how well they know their classmates @JenVack @DublinWL @WalledLkSchools Chief! @dloveteach and his students still working hard on the last day @CommerceElem @WalledLkSchools