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I look forward to another year of not making any "Best of" lists Season @epilepticbear I didn't building materials @nicolebyer Hair pieces? @amandadeibert @CatStaggs Awww @leaffan16 Because you have great taste @locations131 Thank you @epilepticbear Fear of commitment @Timbits73 Thank youIf following doodle accounts on Instagram were TV credits I'd be the most famous person in America @MollyJongFast The fake forced laughingLooking For: More than a blanket fort, slightly less than a Fallout shelter @epilepticbear I need something more than a blanket fort but slightly less than a fallout shelter @charliesboots I'm so sorry for your loss. My sister also died by suicide but thankfully she didn't have children @Jim_Jordan How many Ukranians died during those 55 days because the aid was held up? More or less than the number… 18th @AndrewWK'm a rare combination of poor impulse control AND not very fun to hang out withIt doesn't matter if you're a University Wrestler or President of the United States, if you're hoping @Jim_Jordan w… @mrrin213 Ha. Thank you. I'll be on handsome overdose in 2020Haha. Dumb Dumb Devin spent his day moooing on television @raycruddas I'm so very sorry for your loss
A few more shots from Reno Pop Culture Con last weekend. @jewelstaite and Summer Glau look lovely, I look like a ch… last ten years of Louis' career was all on time borrowed from women (and a few men) that he jerked off on in a… is an interesting read. My mother killed herself in my house four years ago and even though we had a strained… watch it but do you SEE it?!? @DanCrohn You watch it but do you SEE it? @firefire100 All day?!?Not sure what's up with today but anyone else feeling a bit "What's the point?" A mixture of "we're all doomed so d… missed me one sign up for me @PressSec @realDonaldTrump You're not very bright are you Ms. DUI?I have to post this whenever Stephen Miller is trending - it is known.
Retweeted by Ken ReidDACK RAMBO! @OphiraE Liberal social media censoring conservative voices!Oh no! We’re down to a booth???!!
Retweeted by Ken ReidHere's a fun thought experiment: Listen to "Love Lift Us Up" but pretend Joe Cocker is Lemmy from Motorhead. Enjoy + (?) = $$$ @MrJonCryer Someday she'll encounter a fire brawl and swoon beyond all hope of recovery @duffynyc Good thing you have a spare @biloon I love her @Timbits73 All this and more (and 35% off for the next four hours) satisfied customer @JaneIsANaomi Awwwwsome!! Looks great! @mollieschmollie God now I wish I had that skill set and actually feel like I need this tooJust wanted to fact check: are our U.S. taxpayer dollars paying for Stephen Miller to NOT be dragged into the stree… @ColleenDoran So glad it went well!I'm thinking of rebranding myself as a "cool down Comic"
@KeeKeeSage_1 @courtlen Great photos!Yes! looking for what to get me for Xmas this custom Batmobile is only $125k Cousins with Rotting Teeth flew in from Reno and boy is my soul tired, but to uplift it again my guest on TV Guidance Counselor this week… Larry is way too cute today had the cardboard, then Ted took the cardboard and now Larry is mad. guy is a legend 😂🍦
Retweeted by Ken Reid @lilliandevane I don't doubt that and I am totally taking you up on that @imcorinnemec @SovereignSyre The world 100% needs more Sade vibes every daySwap out Hulk for anyone else and this is literally every single episode of The A Team @lilliandevane How dare you!Back home and back to business as usual years ago yesterday Joan Ganz Cooney & Lloyd Morrisett’s creation SESAME STREET began. They looked at this mediu…
Retweeted by Ken ReidThis filthy dimestore Joe Spinell really is trying to be more vile than the original Maniac isn't he? So. Hard. @LPizzle Even I'm excited about thisA true artistic genius and a profound influence on my taste in comics and beyond. #PresidentCarter a full and speedy recovery.
Retweeted by Ken Reid @hellolanemoore I hate this. I will ask for a fancy mocktail, something fruity and fun. None times out of ten the b… @ghoulieschool I'm sorry. @SelenaCoppock Wow. It's Debra Messing?!? @susaneisenberg1 Aww @66Betty Yikes
Made it to Denver. Leg one down, leg two to go. Five hours in the air and I'm back home. I'm tired and feel like ga… @epilepticbear That was the show's original title @NatTowsen Is this a new Red Hot Chilli Peppers album review? @gabydunn It's a perfect illustration of Hitchcock's theories on suspenseThis supports my theory that no matter WHAT TSA flags and pulls you out of line for always tell them it's a "sex th… in the U.S. I won't be able to see this but just knowing it exists is enough @blumhouse I want a check!! learn something new every day.
Retweeted by Ken ReidDespite having no name recognition, connections or really and track record, HOW WAS I NOT ASKED TO BE INVOLVED WITH… @valerie_tosi @goddammitsarah I never have and now thanks to this information I know I never will @svm_sarah Of COURSE he isHaha. I hate this clown @SovereignSyre Very Marlene Deitricht @svm_sarah Aside from the week long multi-million dollar parties @SovereignSyre @GillianA Haha @RobSchneider You know you can move right? It's not like you're working regularly in CaliforniaYes! @tarastrong This breaks my heartAvail "Over the James" Smoking Popes "Born to Quit" Swinging Utters "Streets of San Francisco" @kwyattdowne I feel like anything that is currently raspberry could and should be swapped for cherryP.S. it's the desert, it's dry already AND so much cigarette smoking by everyone everywhere my eyes and sinuses may… Reno. I'm off to the airport. It's been interesting. I don't know if I'll ever visit again but I'm glad I c… @Elizabeth_Crane True @WhosyourDadaist Yay!Is Trump hitting on a 96 year old veteran? Gave him a lizard tongue and a "looking good""the German turned red and got every angry"No better tribute to our veterans than Donald Trump making a self serving, fist pumping, sausage stubby finger poin… on) The term Cancel Culture is a bad faith fallacy. There's only Consequence Culture, it's long overdue and mo…
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