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Today's "Adventures in Out of Context Texts from my Vet" @gordster2001 He's a labradoodle @Lexialex I still cannot believe anyone falls for Gorka's tough guy Grift.One of the principles of Western Civilization has always been punching the Stephen Millers of the world @goddammitsarah There are no men under 6'
@fluffychef Ahhh! @OhNoSheTwitnt Awww. Love herThis dog is being so freaking cute right now I thought missing all the panels and con exclusives was the worst part about never getting to go to #SDCC NEEEEED this @ShawnRobare Oh my God! Where where???Featuring notable Italian America Montell Jordan @tedlieu I have mine in Kenpo as well! Congratulations to your son!Declaring my Winona love in a stylish and glamorous fashion thanks to @pippatoole's cool and all but call me once we get the El Dorado up there @GreyDeLisle @phillamarr 😍😍"I don't want to retire. I never want to retire. What's the point of it?" Born Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg, in Donca…
Retweeted by Ken ReidNew Green Owl to add to my green owl collection. I think this one is particularly cute.'ve literally never heard of the dead rap guy you're all mad was mentioned in a joke.FYI - Providence has great street art
Hey PizzaGate Dopes, Trump sure does know a lot of pedophiles and other general child sex traffickers. Funny that isn't it?You can still buy a t-shirt, poster or whatever you like with this design over at @TeePublic congratulations to friend, designer of this TVGC art and former @TVGuidance Counselor guest @boxbrown on hi… Adams is right at the top of my "to punch" list. I welcome his return to social media, it will help us track h… great seeing @OliviadAbo pop up @joshdobbin They are cool. I keep waiting to find one for under $100 @JaneError Amazon! @svm_sarah So great. Thank youImagine being Antonio Sabato Jr and being totally unaware that literally everyone who isn't you is better than you. jealous, I am now the keeper of the world's greatest keychain
@bakingboyz Absolutely, Stoneham area? Taste of Siam is great. I'm a big fan of their larb @tarastrong @GreyDeLisle Good god women! You're going to kill somebodyDid Disney just announce a Wuzzles reboot on the sly in this DuckTails poster? This is ButterBear right?? @rejectedjokes this Butter Bear from the Wuzzles???'m not crying, you're crying is a rapist partially through the Goblin Pond expansion project but it's so hot today I seriously considered trying to swi… even the first Trump associate to be indicted on child porn and sex transportation charges this week.
Retweeted by Ken Reid @whitneymatheson This is outstandingThis is appalling. There is no low ICEis will not stoop to., who looks a little bit like me, has been watching way too much @Stranger_Things 3 of this please
Retweeted by Ken Reid @svm_sarah good god woman, you have an empireThe biggest mistake was trying to update the story by including the character"Rum Tug Tugger Carlson" @svm_sarah New Zealand? @robsmentek Thank you for giving! Honestly it means the world to me @LydiaCornell I'm sorry
Yup the @Stranger_Things 3 scene with Steve and Robin having their Hughes/Career Opportunities heart to heart se… yes to this. I stopped losing money on my podcast but I certainly don't make money wasted like 2 hours of my friend’s time last night trying to find this clip from COPS TOO HOT FOR TV! to no avail…
Retweeted by Ken ReidCongratulations Susan, well earned. this by me again, how is criticism of the Israeli Government and actions "Anti-American"?Remember when ANYTHING was fun? I don't neighbor gave me this photo of my house taken in the early 70s! Two years ago today @curtisisbooger Armstrong himself guested on @TVGuidance Counselor. Why not revisit?… it's only a frankenstein's monster if the mad scientist lives in the Frankenstein region of france
Retweeted by Ken ReidCan The United States excommunicate every bumpkin at President Grandma's rally last night that chanted "send her back"? @RepMarkWalker Get a spineNot America's type the Baby Ball Bag that is Trump back to his grifter condo farm call this "Realizing the Vet Appointment is for You" a short play in three acts. @svm_sarah Very glamThis made my day @Chaotic_Redhead Good godFun with PhotoLab @realjaxtaylor Deal @realjaxtaylor I like you and I wouldn't want you to be President either @realjaxtaylor Absolutely
FYI Rand Paul is a Cousin Larry Appleton style dickhead "Rand Paul blocks Senate vote on extending the 9/11 victi… @demonrock All of itThese women were paid to come to Mar-A-Taxshelter to party with Trump and Epstein. Trump is grabbing and ass slappi…'s going with me to see @tiffanytunes on November 4th here in Boston? @svm_sarah Paper Plate Princess @svm_sarah Lord Zilch HoboThere are also court documents describing how Trump raped a preteen procured by Epstein's handler. Those documents…
Retweeted by Ken Reid @svm_sarah If I'm ever diagnosed with a terminal illness I think I'd sell all my possessions and travel the world k… Trump retakes the mantle of "Dumbest Trump" @svm_sarah They tend to stick together @svm_sarah It's always Steve Wynn @svm_sarah Steve Wynn, his face looks like a Catchers mitt @svm_sarah Trump routinely surrounds himself with some of the vile looking, ugly dudes in CreationWhat the Hell is the Rapist saying to his fellow rapist here? @svm_sarah Tongue in earI haven't seen a single old person on social media sharing any 'Young" FaceApp photos @svm_sarah What in the name of fuck did he say to him??? @JR_Watson19 @TomArnold Sorry for your loss, when did your father pass away?Dana Hersey don't knock @PANERASMAN69 @nickortolani My work here is done. I can now return to my home planet. @whatdidyoudoray YESI thought this was a photo of Kellyanne Conway's ethnicity Eighth Seal Mitch saves a young girl and discovers she is possessed by a demon who then possesses him. Mitch m… episode stars Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's and is basically a remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space. I'm not ki… of Death Mitch and Ryan investigate the disappearance of Teague with the help of a man who claims to have b… A wolf is attacking and killing teenage runaways living in an abandoned building. Mitch and Ryan investigat…  Teague asks Mitch and Ryan for help of the Knights Templar when they are faced with torture devices whi… classic "Frozen out of Time" Mitch, Ryan and Griff investigate strange incidents in which two frozen 900-year…"The Cabin" Investigating strange events at a nearby campsite, Mitch and Ryan enter a cabin and find themselves tra…