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I write, do interviews, host podcasts, plot, and sing horribly. There are people who appreciate some of those things. (Author - GO TEAM VENTURE!)

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@tonythaxton @GailSimone All I hear are the sad excuses of a very sick man. @eddieizzard @NeilInnes @AdrianEdmondson @noelfielding11 As discussed in my new #BitOfAChat w/ Phill Jupitus (… @tonythaxton You’re supposed to microwave tea. Just like the Brits do. @GailSimone would be very disappointed in you. Quite.Unfollow.
From the strumming & fret work to the glances down at the banjo & the tapping of his flipper, this Kermit performan… @tonypaulway You just mentioned the mushrooms were undercooked - I assumed because you were disappointed in how they tasted. @DisneyDan Mine still has a fingerprint on it from when I made the mistake of touching the nose while wearing it in the California sun. @tonypaulway Is this you?! Bragg! London! Scotland! Buzzcocks! Reverend Bluejeans! Swimming @eddieizzard! @NeilInnes! Bonzos!…
Retweeted by Ken Plume“There is no escape, Eric. Nowhere to run. The playset of the damned awaits.”
Retweeted by Ken Plume“Welcome, Eric, to Hamburger Hell...”
Retweeted by Ken Plume“There is no escape, Eric. Nowhere to run. The playset of the damned awaits.”“Welcome, Eric, to Hamburger Hell...”! Bragg! London! Scotland! Buzzcocks! Reverend Bluejeans! Swimming @eddieizzard! @NeilInnes! Bonzos!… new #BitOfAChat incoming within the hour..They roasted Bloomberg so hard it could have been a Luau. #DemocraticDebateCheers to the mighty @kellysue for managing the not inconsiderable feat of making me care about Aquaman with her cu… wonder how long it took before Bloomberg began wondering how much it would take to buy himself out of the debate. #DemocraticDebateI will never, in my life, understand why American voters seem to have a fundamental disinterest in anyone with comp… book. This goddamn beautifully bizarre book.
Today’s physical comic purchases. They’re all ace. Even the Zdaredevil. @RobertIger 👋 fans! Howdja like to see Della Duck in the original NES game? Well, now you can, courtesy of a mod by… hasn’t bought a new bottle of soap in 3 years.“Almost Got ‘im”, BATMAN: TAS. Brilliant @Paul_Dini tale. Brilliant use of Batman’s rogues gallery. Brilliant cast:…
Trump’s pardons are like one of those Batman stories where a villain breaks all of the other villains out of Arkham Asylum.
Retweeted by Ken PlumeMcDonald’s, intent on giving new employees their first taste of nightmares to come. you ever seen the completely bizarro pilot for an American version of @JohnCleese & Connie Booth’s FAWLTY TOWE… @GailSimone Evergreen. @DisneyDan Finally, the content I signed up for.MY FELLOW AMERICANS: Get on this. Go see Dara. You will not regret it. (You can thank me later.) @joeyfameli DO YOU SMELL TOAST?Brand new #BitOfAChat coming to your ears very soon - Guests @molly23 Phill Jupitus & @zdarsky. Also? #VentureBros saw the @thedavidcrosby documentary. First off? It’s great. Second? His priceless quote after saying he hat… @79SemiFinalist I’m both insulted and flattered. @79SemiFinalist @Marmel “Lil Tots”.So, @JeffBezos is committing $10billion to defeating the GOP nationwide in the year’s election? Because that’s the…, tho - Are you reading @zdarsky’s DAREDEVIL? Or AFTERLIFT? FANTASTIC FOUR VS X-MEN? That book he does w/…
Despite what you may have heard, maybe even from me, @zdarsky is a brilliant, lovely, down-to-earth fellow and a jo… @BrianStack153 @JasonRitter I don’t know why he keeps insisting to people that he’s far older than he clearly is. I… @kbiegel @robdelaney Don’t... Don’t. You. Dare. DO NOT DO THIS. @kbiegel @robdelaney ... You’ve changed, man. What has this world done to you? @kbiegel @robdelaney Give me your Twitter badge and your gun. You’re off Twitter Force. @kbiegel @robdelaney Almost. ... Almost. @kbiegel @robdelaney I’ve already pinned it to my heart. @YourCanadianGF @thelindsayellis “Storytime” is still over at Magic Kingdom.In EPCOT’s France pavilion, Disney has constructed a “what you didn’t know” narrative that recasts BEAUTY & THE BEA… @thelindsayellis @thelindsayellis Not sure if you had seen a write-up about Disney’s new “Beauty & The Beast Sing-Along” at EPCOT an… the historical list verses of “We Didn’t Star The Fire” in place of the name verses in “Vogue”. You’re welcome. (And I’m sorry.)
Your chief takeaway from this, besides what a normal chap he is, should be that @IncredibleCulk is a #VentureBros f… #VentureBrothers Pilot air date! Here’s the real boys behind the show I did originally in 2006 and refreshed…
Retweeted by Ken PlumeIt’s been 17(!) years since the debut of the #VentureBros pilot. You know what’s a real swell way to celebrate the… @dansinker @LindseyKelk @dccomics, @collectdst, or whoever - Please make this a statue, a PVC diorama, whatever. Just go ahead and do…
A little thing I cut together with the footage from my first visit to @StarWars #GalaxysEdge’m here for scruffy, middle-aged Ronald McDonald and his Lovecraftian LandBurgers. @kwmurphy Nope! It’s HOW TO STUFF A WILD BIKINI. @GuyHutchinson And where was the vodka tasting room located? @TopherDL 👍 @NosTheTwit Nope! @The_Davenporter Nope! @paulandstorm ...#GuessTheMovie to the Spider-Man game after almost a year away only to find that it knew exactly what it needed to do to… @hodgman was watching DUNE. Almost decided to watch DUNE, as well. I quickly reconsidered, and may watch VIBES…
2020 @PopeyesChicken I have a concern about a local franchisee. What’s the best point of contact to talk to someone at your home office about it? @PeteTheRetailer @HeyItsMeggan @NathanHamill And this is why you lose. @PeteTheRetailer @HeyItsMeggan @NathanHamill Big words. Care to put your Kart where your mouth is? @HeyItsMeggan @NathanHamill Nathan is scared of losing. @kellysue @kitcox @PancakeLady ...Framed and ready for hangin’. @NathanHamill GAUNTLET THROWN.My current Hero's Path is a bit busy... #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch @NathanHamill I’m seeing 10hours, Bucky... @NathanHamill I ALREADY OWNED MYSELF.I Am Legend. @NathanHamill You’re my Switch friend - Go look at my play history. DO NOT MAKE ME SHAME MYSELF.My inventory quest continues... #BreathoftheWild #NintendoSwitch @Caissie I think this makes you a gastronomical influencer.The more important question - What are its voting intentions?
@starbex @robdelaney @starbex @robdelaney I’m dealing with thousands of dollars for cancer testing, finding out the cost of which was an… @starbex @robdelaney Of course they did. They always will. They have no incentive not to. @starbex @robdelaney Absofucking insane.Activism and debate on twitter is basically just slamming the airplane seat in front of you over and over and over again.
Retweeted by Ken PlumeBelieve me, as an IRL conflict averse person who basically would prefer to stay home these days, it pains me to say…
Retweeted by Ken PlumeWhen you stop violating the rights and liberties of all New Yorkers, we will stand down. Until then, we have a du…
Retweeted by Ken PlumeHe knew.
Retweeted by Ken PlumeHe knew. what? THERE WILL BE NEW #BitOfAChat EPISODES. Already recorded? BRAND NEW CHATS with Phill Jupitus and…’m not sure why THE ROCKETEER is suddenly popping back up in merchandise, like this snazzy new PVC diorama from fr… @paulandstorm folks at @CollectDST have also just kicked off their new line of AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER figures. Here’s hop… am totally here for @CollectDST’s new line of TRON figures... @DanSlott It is one of the premiere theme park rides, period.A signed Michael Palin - Secured.
I imagine I’ll wake up one morning to hear that Joe Biden’s campaign slipped away in the night after a sudden reality attack. @dansinker You got a luck pigeon!