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China's Xi Jinping is hardly acting like a confident leader by banning Winnie the Pooh (because it's compared with… Trump dumps asylum seekers back in Mexico, Mexico in turn is moving many of them to its southern border, making… to Guatemala: either pretend your country is “safe” so I can send asylum seekers there or I’ll stop sending t…
The Brazilian government finally makes clear that in tomorrow’s vote for the UN Human Rights Council, all governmen… in the case of Trump's embrace of the Saudi crown prince after the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, a bipartisan major… powerful commentary on Trump’s mendacity from an unlikely source. after the Syrian army took over formerly besieged areas such as northern rural Hama and Eastern Ghouta, UN hum… are some of the atrocities committed by the Syrian Arab allies of Turkish forces whose invasion of northeaste…"A government campaign to disarm Ethiopia's Lower Omo Valley has led to indiscriminate shootings, jailings and beat…’s “strategically brilliant” plan has left the people of northeastern Syria subject to Turkey’s bombardment, S… senior Russian official concedes a widespread effort to cover up Russian athletes’ use of drugs to enhance their… intrepid news site @Rapplerdotcom ignores repeated threats and legal attacks to persist in documenting Philippi… is doing everything in can to pretend that its army's ethnic cleansing of 730,000 Rohingya Muslims never ha… Brazil’s FM @ernestofaraujo going soft on Venezuela’s dictatorship? Has Pres Bolsonaro accepted a pact with the… a press conference in São Paulo today, @KenRoth says @hrw opposes Maduro’s Venezuela’s candidacy to the UN Human…
Retweeted by Kenneth RothTrump is proposing weak rules for coal ash disposal that not only sells out the health of the mostly rural communit… candidates vying for seats on the UN Human Rights Council have problematic rights records. Venezuela’s abus… pervasive use of facial-recognition technology, combined with widespread cameras, puts in jeopardy our right to… with opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s exposure of official corruption, Russian police searched the homes… “the two-state solution is dead” for Israel-Palestine, as seems increasingly apparent, then what kind of single… Syrian Kurd forces withdraw after Trump's abandonment, 70,000 women and children detained in Al Hol camp in Syri… can be risky in Pres Erdogan's Turkey to speak out against his invasion of Syria. In the past week, "at least 12… pressure to convict five Muslims without evidence and impose the death penalty, a Thai judge acquits them and… aged care facilities in Australia routinely and needlessly give dangerous medicines to older people with demen… to see LeBron James prioritize his business interests in China over the right of free speech, let alone the fre… may be a self-proclaimed "stable genius," but his inconsistency is giving Putin an opportunity to sell himsel… says something that we have to rely on John Bolton of all people to uphold the law in US international relations.
We should hardly be surprised that Trump's "gut" feeling turned out to be a recipe for a human rights disaster for… that Giuliani was once known for his “zero tolerance” toward crime. Rica has taken a brave step by risking a global battle for votes so late in the day, @KenRoth writes.
Retweeted by Kenneth RothVenezuela under Nicolás Maduro does not even come close to upholding the highest human rights standards required to… Nobel Prize for Economics recognizes the importance of investing in childhood health and education to combat po…ás Maduro's Venezuela thought it could slip onto the UN Human Rights Council uncontested. To avoid that traves… we're acknowledging the important reforms undertaken by Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed, it's important not to overlo… authorities have been sending people to prison for their posts on social media about politics, corruption,…'s green-light to Turkey's invasion has been a disaster for the people of northeastern Syria who now face the…"All of it was foreseeable: the death and displacement, the atrocities, the flight of jihadists and the return of a… Secretary General @AntonioGuterres "is gravely concerned over the military developments in northeast Syria" but… is under global attack. The European Union recommits itself to a vigorous defense. in Mozambique has forced 60,000 to flee, leaving many unable to vote in today's election.… Russian court just handed this activist a four-year sentence for protesting without the government's permission a… Kavala has spent 710 days in a Turkish prison because Pres Erdogan cannot admit that the Gezi Park protests i… under long-time Pres Museveni is once again targeting media outlets it believes to be critical of the govern… week's top human rights tweets: Turkey's troops in Syria, India's crackdown in Kashmir, China's destruction in… though many African governments have large Muslim populations, the Chinese government is trying to hoodwink th… opponents of Thailand's military-dominated government keep "disappearing." Syrian, Iranian and Russian governments are undoubtedly all grateful to Trump. Then there's the people who live… Rica has announced its candidacy to stop Nicolás Maduro’s tyrannical government from winning a coveted seat a…
Retweeted by Kenneth RothThe head of Philippine Pres Duterte's murderous "drug war" resigns amid allegations that he let police officers pro…
After a right-wing Yom Kippur attack on a synagogue, ten thousand in Berlin march against anti-Semitism.…ás Maduro's Venezuela had hoped to sneak onto the UN Human Rights Council uncontested. Now that Costa Rica has… said that a single spark can start a prairie fire, so no comment by a Western company hoping to do business in… efforts to criminalize simply being in a designated terrorist area ignores that ordinary people invariably live… highly repressive Venezuelan government of Nicolás Maduro tried to slip onto the UN Human Rights Council in an…“Trump has said repeatedly that the United States has taken the worst ISIS detainees out of Syria to ensure they wo… remarkable environmental defender, Osvalinda Pereira, faced undisguised death threats because of her efforts t… at Trump for abandoning them, Syrian Kurdish forces have refused to let the US military take any more detai… global #MeToo movement has sparked significant social, cultural, and legal change, but many challenges remain,… opposition's mayoral wins in Budapest and nine other of 23 major cities in Hungary is all the more impressive g… the latest blow to autocratic rule, Hungarian PM Orban's party loses the mayoralty of the capital Budapest to a… Western banks and governments often make it possible for despots worldwide to plunder the funds of their people… reminder that even though Syrian troops are known for torture and execution, they are short-staffed, poorly equip… a new law on domestic violence, Chinese judges are denying women victims the divorces they seek in order to… Turkey's troops advance on the detention facilities for ISIS suspects in Syria, European governments are conside… than address the corruption and repression that sparked the latest protests in Egypt, Pres Sisi's government… European Union went into crisis mode in 2015 when when refugees arrived representing 0.2% of the population. La…’s election in Mozambique risks being the most violent since the civil war ended a quarter century ago.… are Russian and Syrian jets bombing hospitals? It is part of their war-crimes effort to weaponize people's need… Turkey's Pres Erdogan's hope of resettling one million or more Syrian refugees in dangerous northeastern Syr…'s invasive and humiliating, but Indian doctors are still subjecting rape victims to the banned two-finger virgin…“In the Philippines women have taken to social media and the streets to complain about President Rodrigo Duterte’s… @NYTimes investigation shows that Russian pilots deliberately targeted Syrian hospitals in opposition-held Idli…
As Trump abandons them, Syria's Kurds have been forced into a pact with the devil--Syria's Assad, despite his long…“In the five years to 2015 over 40,000 Indian women died in rows over dowries. That is more than the combined death… US military "was unable to carry out a plan to transfer about five dozen 'high value' Islamic State detainees o… Syrian militia execute two Kurdish prisoners in northeastern Syria. As Pres Erdogan deploys these mi… of the Chinese technology firms that the US government just blacklisted have been playing key roles in the int… Turkey's invasion of NE Syria that Trump green-lighted and then said he didn't, "hundreds of relatives of Isl… Pres Macron says he doesn't want French arms sold to Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates used in Yemen.… four hospitals that Russia attacked in just 12 hours in Syria's Idlib province is part of a long pattern of suc… defection of these Eritrean football (soccer) players spotlights the extraordinarily repressive police state th… spotters and radio conversations reveal that Russian bombers attacked four Syrian hospitals (in opposition-he… to the Iraqi government’s violent response, “what began as small rallies by unemployed graduates and unhappy…, the transition from Kurdish to Turkish control was chaotic. Unclear where these families of alleged IS… co-CEO of German-based @ESL e-sports company is the latest to impose China's censorship for it, claiming it is…'s massive new airport had a massive death toll: 55 workers, given poor living and working conditions.… a first courtroom test of whether genocide was committed against the Yazidi, Germany has charged an Iraqi man an… can tell that Ugandan Pres Museveni feels that he's in political trouble when his government reverts to its tra… EU accuses Turkeys Pres Erdogan of "weaponizing" refugees and using them for "blackmail" by threatening to prom…"Virtually all of Turkey’s major allies have expressed fears" that ISIS will reemerge as a result of Turkey's invas… is blocking access to social media near the sites of its invasion into Syria. that the @NBA has rejected the Chinese Communist Party’s censorship on Hong Kong, will it re-examine the traini… seems about to sign an extradition treaty with China. Given China's politicized legal system, no one whom the… world has begun to care about autocrats who rob from their people to pad the bank accounts of themselves and th…
Courts reject Trump's efforts to keep out poor immigrants who might need public benefits. Although my father's fami… Trump's green light (since denied by him), "Turkish airstrikes near a prison in Qamishli [Syria] on Friday al… Prince, founder of Blackwater, the private contractor notorious for its abuses in Iraq and Afghanistan, now wa… highly respected Uighur academic is one of many swept up in China's mass detention campaign, which seems to be… in a hospital in opposition-held parts of Syria under attack by Russian and Syrian bombers is like working… more than 100 dead and 6,000 wounded in almost two weeks of protests in Iraq, armed groups have been stopping…