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Bad enough that Florida finances its criminal justice system by preying upon the poor--the involuntary "users" of t… top aide to the Saudi crown prince's deposed rival fled the country ahead of the prince's purges. Now in retaliat…
Having deported @HRW's researcher, the Israeli government is now trying to block @Amnesty's campaigner.… Israeli PM Netanyahu, his criminal prosecution for corruption isn't justice being done but a "coup attempt." So… the 20 years since the treaty banning child soldiers was adopted, there has been much progress, including demobi… Kong authorities arrest a member of the party of opposition leader Joshua Wong for selling face masks labeled… in Guayaquil, the heart of Ecuador's coronavirus epidemic, used apparent excessive force (beatings) to break… than rescue migrants floundering in the Mediterranean, a Maltese patrol boat buzzes them. Is this how the Eu…! The ICRC virtually never criticizes governments, yet Russia insists there is no need for cross-border aid to n… most viewed @HRW publication of the past week was this one on an outbreak of coronavirus in Qatar's central pri…'s Pres Bolsonaro loves to imitate Trump, including his deadly denialism about the coronavirus threat. Now th… Rakhine Buddhists may have been happy to see the Myanmar army ethnically cleanse 730,000 Rohingya Muslims from… Suriname's Pres Bouterse, his conviction for having ordered the murder of 15 political opponents is just a road… Hong Kong police, doing Beijing's bidding, fire tear gas and water cannons at protesters who just want democracy… the hundreds of protesters killed and thousands wounded by Iraqi forces last fall and winter, 100+ people we…’s new, king-appointed government is using the pandemic as an excuse to avoid showing through a parliamenta… the Saudi government rushes to arrange pardon for its gruesome murder of Jamal Khashoggi, it does nothing to par… Saudi High Court, the country's highest judicial body, has ruled that a murder involving luring the victim to a…"China is home to half the world’s coal-fired power stations....Last year coal-fired generating capacity expanded i… protesters stand for democracy. The police, deploying tear gas and water cannons, stand for Xi Jinping's Commun… Netanyahu's corruption trial starts, worries mount that he'll find a "wag the dog" opportunity to change the sub… the world preoccupied by the coroanvirus, Xi Jinping moves aggressively to: 1. Curb Hong Kong's freedoms. 2. B… Chinese government is using economic pressure to coerce Australian leaders to end their support for an internat…'s health secretary is right to say there are health consequences to poverty and unemployment, so why is Trump…
Dangerously telling that for no other American president in modern history has it been necessary to engage in serio… one church in Germany, which "followed all the rules," 40 parishioners became infected with the coronavirus duri… Brazil's Pres Bolsonaro downplays the coronavirus by pretending only the elderly are at risk, the pandemic is… Pres Bolsonaro's flouting of measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic may be designed in part to change… the Great Depression, FDR created jobs, passed Social Security & started rural electrification. "In this cri… usual Russian lies: the Kremlin claims a coronavirus death rate less than a quarter of Germany's, "but the fata…'s one of those dangerous threats to Beijing's security--one of the reasons that Xi Jinping seeks to destroy Ho… a proposal to prevent the FBI from the warrantless collection of our web browsing and searches failing in the… have put 27 million Americans at risk of losing employer-sponsored health insurance. That shows the need fo… Arabia's "trial" for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi was a "well-rehearsed parody of justice"--the "antithesis…'s protests show that, despite Beijing's threats, the people of Hong Kong still believe in democracy, human ri… to revive the economy and his election prospects regardless of the cost in lives, Trump denies the size of t…, even under probable pressure, Jamal Khashoggi's son would forgive only those who murdered his father, not… you had to rank the world's autocrats who are profiting from the coronavirus pandemic to further entrench their… pretends to be a European Union democracy, but then its state radio removes this rock legend's song from the… looks like the people of Hong Kong aren't going to take sitting down Beijing's plan to destroy the essence of Ho… Burundian government virtually shouts that its elections are a fraud by arresting 200 opposition election obser… voters in 2018 ousted the scandal-stained governing coalition that ran the country for 60 years. But in r…"Just as under colonial rule, the people of Hong Kong can neither choose their own leader nor fully shape how their… idea that Hong Kong would invade mainland China is laughable, so what kind of “threat” does the city pose to Co… already wants churches to be exempt from constitutional laws against discrimination. Now he wants to pretend… has expanded the scope of targeted killings by drones but reduced the oversight and accountability when civil…
It's time for the Colombian government to stop feigning surprise and blaming a handful of "rotten apples" as milita… Brazil's Pres Bolsonaro doubles down on his murderous denialism, the Brazilian coronavirus death rate skyrockets…'s mangled and ill-prepared announcement of a ban on travel from Europe probably led to a surge in coronavirus… coronavirus “has become a huge American problem. With less than 5% of the world’s population, the United States…"In China, whistle-blowers die or disappear after speaking out on the country’s biological Chernobyl. In Trump’s Un… Jinping's thought bubble: I love this spontaneous applause. Why can't the people of Hong Kong treat me like this… only kind of voting that China's Xi Jinping likes is when the result is entirely predetermined: 100% for his en…"Tank Man" shows the power of one free individual to stop tyranny, which is why Xi Jinping seems so terrified of mi…"The fear-driven Chinese cover-up of the coronavirus and the chaotic denialism of the Trump administration have bee…'s son "lives in Saudi Arabia, raising the possibility that the pardon was coerced. He and his three sibli…, Xi Jinping isn't being "bold" by imposing his narrow vision of "national security" on Hong Kong. He is terrifie… the US coronavirus death toll approaches 100,000 because of Trump's delay, denialism, mismanagement, and incompe…'s not the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” when Xi Jinping requires Hong Kong and the rest of China to… "justify" his new national-security law, Xi Jinping pretends that Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests are foreign… elections approach, Belarus's longtime president, Alexander Lukashenko, intensifies his crackdown on dissent. In… Maltese government is shamefully holding 160 migrants captive on tourist ferries in miserable conditions for we…,000 displaced Yemeni civilians are now at risk, especially during the coroanvirus outbreak, as renewed fighting… the guise of fighting the coronavirus, the Russian government is forcing people to use a deeply invasive app:… Uighur journalist for @RadioFreeAsia, Gulchehra Hoja, is the winner of the International Women’s Media Foundat…'s new national security delivers the most severe blow to rights in Hong Kong since its transfer to China in… approves selling thousands of armored vehicles to the United Arab Emirates despite evidence that it previousl… Kong is a scary proposition for Xi Jinping because it shows that when Chinese people are free to express thems… Pres Bolsonaro's government denies @HRW's report that it has suspended fines for illegal logging and defo…
If you wanted to create an ideal incubator for the coronavirus, you would build a Latin American prison. But overcr… study of 96,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients on six continents found that those who received hydroxychloroqu… that other respiratory disease that kills millions of people prematurely each year? No, not the flu, but a…"This is the end of Hong Kong. This is the end of 'one country, two systems' — make no mistake about it."-- Hong Ko… is the deadline that the International Court of Justice gave the Myanmar government to report the steps it… having the audacity to call for a constitutional monarchy as opposed to the current unfettered dictatorship, th… wants to sell attack helicopters to the Philippines despite its military's record of atrocities without accou… could also be the source of the next pandemic: its farmers' unregulated overuse of antibiotics is fueling ant…'s Khiam prison, run by the Israeli backed, Christian-dominated South Lebanon Army in 1985-2000, was notorio… claims others are too close to China but he refuses to press Xi Jinping to stop crushing Hong Kong's politica… Xi Jinping has his way, Hong Kong as we know it will cease to exist, reduced to Beijing's Pawn.… is not the new Algeria that protesters had been demanding: three activists are jailed for criticizing Presiden…'s censored at the National People's Congress? 1. The disastrous silencing of the Wuhan doctors who tried to w… Saudi crown prince's strategy: press Jamal Khashoggi's son to "forgive" his father's murderers, and then hope w… releases 50 women who never should have been imprisoned. All they did was have an abortion, which is their r… Khashoggi's son could have simply urged the Saudi government not to execute the men it has blamed (scapegoate… green light given by Brazilian Pres Bolsonaro to destroy the Amazon rain forest has had devastating results: a… can only imagine the combination of bribes and threats that led Jamal Khashoggi's son to announce that he "forg… evidence suggests the Greek government is illegally and summarily deporting asylum seekers to Turkey.'s been two months since Tofiq Yagublu, one of Azerbaijan’s top opposition figures, was thrown behind bars for hi… the Hong Kong government (at Beijing's insistence) conveniently having extended the ban on protests to June 5,… rights experts press the Malaysian government to halt its "ongoing crackdown on migrants, journalists and civil… reason Xi Jinping is celebrating the coronavirus pandemic: it changed the subject just when the world was begin…'s latest ploy to curtail Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests is likely to so enrage people because of its tr… is mounting on the US Congress to reject a bill that would grant the FBI sweeping new surveillance powers,…
Suriname's long-time strongman, President Desi Bouterse, is among the happiest leaders to see the arrival of the co… evidence suggests the Greek government is illegally and summarily deporting asylum seekers to Turkey. wonder the State Department inspector general whom Trump fired was investigating Secretary of State Pompeo's dec…'s new oversight board seems to reflect an understanding that international human rights law provides the b… way for "one country, one system" as Beijing threatens to impose on Hong Kong its elastic view of "national se… is in the middle of a pandemic, so what does PM Viktor Orban do with his new self-granted dictatorial power…