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@RandPaul As an MD, your stand here is ignorant and irrelevant. As a senator, it's irresponsible. Dude, I'M an actu… @KenStringfellow @konnectclub More shows!! ✨ Great news, So happy to read & put on my calendar asap!! Thank u @KenStringfellow 🎶🌼
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowJUST ANNOUNCED! Sept. 5, one month from today I will do an ONLINE show with Mimi Schell, like the in-person show we…
@KenStringfellow has some rad shows coming up both online and in person! Details and links can be found at:…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowHappy birthday to my brother and friend, @BarackObama! Serving alongside you for eight years was the greatest honor…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow"Armchair polymath" is a @KenStringfellow lyric waiting to be written.
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowKafka except every morning I wake up to discover my country has been transformed into a bug
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @BuucketHe4d I told the drummer he has to learn to do lobster rollsJust a reminder that my ONLY public live show with a live audience for 2020 will be in Hamburg Sept. 4, a month fro… show!..I'm so happy to be able to watch even if not live for me, I am thrilled to enjoy a bit later!☕ Tha…
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I know I said my Aug 30 online show is “for” viewers in Asia, Australia/NZ etc but it’s perfectly accessible to eve… dreading NYT lifestyle articles on micro schools rich people form with their friends: Wilson renovated a ha…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow2 died of Ebola: They said Obama should resign. 4 died in Benghazi: They had Hillary testify for 11 hours, held 33…
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@KenStringfellow Exciting!☆ Your last livestream was excellent & I can't wait to watch you perform another on Augus…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @blinkerthestars @KenStringfellow @BobWilcoxmusic @FilippoGaetani I absolutely adore this track! Wow. It’s haunting…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowJUST ANNOUNCED I will do another online show August 30 -- this time optimized time zone wise for my friends in Ja… @blinkerthestars @KenStringfellow Hey @aaronyonda - check it out! New Blinker tune with Ken Stringfellow of the Posies. 👏
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowNew music! New music time. With a little help from my amigos @KenStringfellow @BobWilcoxmusic @FilippoGaetani
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowCheck out the brand-new video for “This Is It” from the new Hawk album “Fly” premiering in @ventsmagazine! (…
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Dropped this new episode w/ @KenStringfellow today - so many great stories - REM's creative process, playing in fro…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @sex_lies_tape it's certainly on Spotify, hence my post.
@_c_h_a_s_o_n_ @theposies @KenStringfellow Solar Sister is a perfect song. I’ve had it on repeat so many times toda…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowWith @KenStringfellow 10.16. 2018 after his solo gig here in Pori, Finland. Signed my og copy of Amazing Disgrace l…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @andy_goldenberg you catch on quick!Man, fatalistic and whiny people really get me down. Why is it always me stuck with them? There's nothing I can do… @KenStringfellow ✔ ☆☆☆adding to the count🙂♥️
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowHas anyone tried that new car service in NYC where you're thrown into a van and it speeds off to an unknown destina…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowAmazing Disgrace was the first Posies album I heard and I fell in love with that band. Seen them 4-5 times and One…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowThe last recording of the late, great #DominicSonic #RestInPunk Backed by French band Salt @StudiosFerber Paris,…
@GabiElenaDohm enough to buy half the glue on the back of a postage stamp @ASilvidi68 I do believe every time you play the track...The Posies "Dream All Day" and Neuman/Ken Stringfellow "Bye Fear Hi Love" are each gettin close to a million Spotif… @KenStringfellow I LOVE this song! Great vocals! Highly recommended. Was It Really You? (feat. Ken Stringfellow)
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The first time I saw @KenStringfellow play Ooh Child was at a house party in Ellensburg WA after @theposies played…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowIn France that Peaches song is called Fuck The Bread Away
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowJUST ANNOUNCED I am doing an actual live show! Sept 4 in Hamburg, with Mimi Schell we will give a socially distan…
BTW if you buy a ticket to stream last night's live show, which you can watch for the next...3.5 hours :) 50% of… Last night's live online show was GREAT! thank you all! So, the show is still up -- and will be until 11am… had the pleasure of being part of the audience this morning and wow! What a show!! Thank you💕 @KenStringfellow &…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @KenStringfellow Yes fun! Thanks, KS! Especially for "Oslo." OMG!
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @KenStringfellow That was Fantastic!! Great to see you, Thank you!!
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow.@KenStringfellow ended the show by covering @remhq’s “(don’t go back to) rockville” and then the five stairsteps’…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellowfor the first song of the encore @KenStringfellow’s daughter aden is playing one of her original songs! very cool
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowOh my god, this @KenStringfellow concert has been A-MA-ZING! Especially seeing names like @taylr and others in the…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellowand now @KenStringfellow playing this beautiful new @theposies song from the forthcoming record 🔥❤️
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellowomg @KenStringfellow is playing a @thedisciplines song on his first online concert ❤️
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowWatching @KenStringfellow perform LIVE and enjoying @OakHighlands Black Is Beautiful! Pretty great little day!
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowMULTITASKING! Watching @KenStringfellow live streaming concert, while watching a virtual workshop about archives.…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow
@KenStringfellow amazing, Ken - thank you 🙏❤🔥
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @KenStringfellow Perfect Saturday morning!
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @KenStringfellow Thanks, enjoyed it!
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @KenStringfellow Privilege to watch that. Ta for Ooh Child. Fantastic song to end on - with the state of everything…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowWOW that was fun! thanks to everyone who tuned in! The show will be up as a video for the next 22 hrs (24 hrs after… (Sat) 11am Seattle/2pm NY/7pm London/8pm Paris My first ever, online LIVE solo concert. 2 hours of l…
Everyone have their tix for tomoro's live online concert? 11am Seattle/2pm NYC/7pm London/8pm Paris/9pm Helsinki… percussion by Joey Waronker here as well as pleading harmonies by @ScottMcMinus5 @KenStringfellow
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Fun! I really like the Change of Seasons song, it sounds like the Byrds.... love that fuzzed out guitar solo... Sou…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowI just found out our own Sun identifies as non-binary
@REMLyrics1 @m_millsey The Eagle coaches bands used BITD looked like Greyhound buses, w a destination sign slot ove… this album I produced with Finnish artist Jonna T is ... wow. Dense, rich, adventurous, emotional. Tackles… @REMLyrics1 @m_millsey this is a common decoration on the front of tour buses for many artists.
sometimes, you connect with a brilliant spirit and you set something on fire. Like this album. I went deep and and… is no more a useful source of truth than Myst was a useful source of directions. QAnon serves the only pizz… @davidh1892 @remhq Qanon is no more a useful source of truth than Myst was a useful source of directions. Qanon ser… who can, do Those who can't think, Q @davidh1892 @gregmcCU85 @allsun4 @m_millsey Rather than swallow every distraction thrown your way by forces unseen… @davidh1892 @gregmcCU85 @allsun4 @m_millsey A neutral venue? LOL. Flight logs from Epstein's plane w Trump on board… @davidh1892 @gregmcCU85 @allsun4 @m_millsey Your entire sense of politics is photoshopped. Cut and pasted from bog… are you @remhq ? Maybe I’m late? The view from “the stage” at Loch Lomond country park, Balloch, Scotland…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂People who respond with anger and shock when a member of @remhq -- a band they claim to be a fan of… @davidh1892 @m_millsey If Mike is your hero, you sure haven't been paying attention to his politics for the last 30… would like to remind you that this Saturday (July 25th) @kenstringfellow will be doing his first live full onl…
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Paris sees your drive-in movies and raises you a floating outdoor cinema on the Seine
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowNoooooo
Every time I don't get to see Neowise at least it puts @KenStringfellow 's "SUPERWISE" in my head. #time
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@The_Quigstir78 to protest e.g. the most mundane COVID mandates (public health mandates having clear legal preceden… @The_Quigstir78 I think the courts will be a source of much skepticism on whether the action of many protestors det… it's weird it's almost as if I didn't see any of those 2A militia types standing up to the posse comitatus act…
Hey kids and squids. If you HAD to choose your favorite album of all time what would it be? For me it would have to…
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@wkproducer @Rob_Oost @BigStarBand @theposies @TeenageFanclub @Tim_Burgess Correction: the late great David Bianco… @AmericanaHiways @morgan_fisher Thanks @Americana @AmericanaHiways @KenStringfellow #petethomas
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowHappy birthday @MarkyRamone (@RamonesOfficial). Give da drummer some. Read @KenStringfellow (@theposies) in MAGNET…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow
@KenStringfellow has a few tickets left for his first ever online show. Details and tickets here:…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @MAGNETMagazine @KenStringfellow @theposies @remhq @BigStarBand @NeilYoungNYA I caught the 2004 tour 5x. You didn’t…
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Nice review of "Was It Really You?" by @janglepophub. Btw, @KenStringfellow did more than the vocals; he also perfo…
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow#MAGNETtelevison! Q&A with @KenStringfellow (@theposies,  @remhq, @BigStarBand). On 7/25, #KenStringfellow will do…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowI'm cool but I'm not Charlie Watts cool IMHO. Evidently, Facebook disagrees
I’d have liked my sister’s chances a lot more if a guy shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay was using m…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowGreat hearing @KenStringfellow rock out today. I was harmonizing with you on Solar Sister 🎤 So awesome to see @RootstockMusic
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @KenStringfellow making publicity for #JonnaTervomaa & @ScottMGagner twice while performing at #Rootstock
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @KenStringfellow @RootstockMusic That was a fabulous set @KenStringfellow..! Great mix! 👏👏Cheers🎸 🎶 🍷
Retweeted by Ken Stringfellow @hamletmax I will unblock when the clocks fall back, until the next offense :)If you use "PST" or "EST" trying to look clever while not realizing we are in Daylight saving time (i.e. PDT/EDT etc) you will be blocked.TODAY/TONITE (Sunday) I will play a short set as part of @RootstockMusic a celebration of music and wine, online fo…
I've watched this three times this morning. It makes me so happy.
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowFun review of the new song. To be clear, though, I don't play a thing on the recording. It's all @KenStringfellow,…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowNew performance by @KenStringfellow of @theposies: "Was It Really You?" by Mangled Grapes. It's a song I wrote arou…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowDid anyone else here grow up with a parent who made you help clean the house because "the housecleaner is coming tomoro" 😂😂😂😂July 12th, watch @kenstringfellow in the Rootstock Music Festival at noon NYC/18h CET. There will be a charity wine…
Retweeted by Ken StringfellowMaria McKee – You Gotta Sin To Get Saved (Geffen) 1993 @realmariamckee Maria McKee – piano, rhythm guitar, vocals…
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