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Ken.W.o. @KenWo4LiFe Chicago Illinois

I enjoy roof top homers, Vince's Pizza and atomic leg drops. White Sox and nWo 4 LiFe. @fromthe108 fantasy football league champion,regional 108Tourney champion

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I have to go here @KingMac1129 Cuz coach woulda said “oh shit Mac this dude is too good you’ll get a couple ABs tomorrow” lol @KingMac1129 He was just one of many! @KingMac1129 Lol he didn’t feel sorry for me at all when he was pouting on his way back to the dugout after I aced his bum asssss! @KingMac1129 And the cubs went on to draft him instead of me. What a bunch of idiots. @KingMac1129 Are you trying to say you were a better ball player than Antwaan Randle El!? Because he struck out quick vs your boy! Lol @KingMac1129 Wait I remember you... didn’t I strike you out?!Today is a tough day, an absolute legend was laid to rest,smoothest voice I have ever witnessed. “Your Love” played…
Retweeted by Ken.W.o.I’d keep the 3 batter rule and the NL DH. @NWI_Steve He’s no Anthony Santander.This is an ass whopping. Good @WasteOfMind00 If it was 100 maybe I’d go 99-1 lol. I don’t care about football all that much. Just something to wa… @WasteOfMind00 Nah not for me. I’m a raiders fan but if I got to choose who wins 10 they get zero. Lol. Don’t like… hell what a play by turner @Billywires DeathWhite Sox 10 Raiders 0 Bulls 0 @JofpGallagher @SoxMachine Wainwright has been solid the last two years and he’s only a one year guy. I think Tanak… @ChiSoxJoJo Lol. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @RealKevinNash @AirTrafficAJ @SouthsideZo Thanks. @jcook1109 Yeah doesn’t seem like a great idea to me. I’m a fatso so I miss going out to eat. But this isn’t it for me at least. @jlynn43xo I don’t actually watch it but I just figured that would be the first play in any bachelors playbook. Lol @KenWo4LiFe I think you nailed it. 2 studs (I can’t even imagine the damage TA & DJ would do at the top), 2 SP’s, a…
Retweeted by Ken.W.o. @SouthsideZo Hey last year they brought in Grandal even though mccann was good. DJ is the best hitter on the market… @WhiteSoxMando @ChiSoxHaze Lol somebody has to bat last I can’t help it that I brought in 2 studs. @BigDreamin927 @ChiSoxHaze I like Encarnacion and I think if he catches on elsewhere he may have a nice season but… @AndrewNeis Thanks.Bellinger goes yard. And taps feet this time. Lol. @RealArmandoHaHa @SoxMach_pnoles @chorizy @RobHartWBBM @MrDelicious13 Out of the 8 million times you’ve embarrassed… @jlynn43xo They don’t? @YoanMoncada10 Santander and Means for Kopech, Adolfo and Dalquist is what I put down. @ltaylor_22 For sure! All the best to Trey Mancini. Hopefully he will be ready to go for them next year. @shankster714 @TheShanker04 Lol @shankster714 @TheShanker04 My all time greatest hand was I got 2 twos. Split. Another 2 split. Another 2 split. An… @shankster714 @TheShanker04 Did he win twice? LolDoesn’t this seem like it would be pretty germ ridden? Do they clean that shit after every table switch? Air it out… @usblues23 @MailmanJack65 Lol @MailmanJack65 Greg. @cwsdjt @BuzzOnTap @STR0 @SoxOnTap I don’t even dislike him. I said bauer is better. Lol. Go cry, Marcus. @usblues23 Yep. @WasteOfMind00 Not in my plan where I got the best hitting free agent available besides maybe realmuto @WasteOfMind00 I didn’t even trade him. He’s on the bench. @SoxMach_pnoles @chorizy @RobHartWBBM @MrDelicious13 I don’t have any kicked out stories. Except I got kicked out o… SS LeMahieu 2B Abreu 1B Grandal C Eloy LF Yoan 3B Robert CF Santander RF Vaughn DH The lineup is so good… @House_423 @SoxMachine Thanks man. I think he hits enough extra base hits where the on base isn’t a huge issue. But… @usblues23 @MrDelicious13 If I call someone boss that means I like them. I would say pal is the most condescending. I utilize it frequently @DogWalkBarstool Voted Clem. I would’ve liked milk duds tho. Lol @baseball_ref Max MuncyMy plan. Studly. @therealdberks @SoxMachine Great deal. Santander is a star in the making. @Jash99 @SoxMachine @barstoolWSD It’s fantastic.
@jlynn43xo Poured for a short while out here @KingMac1129 I’m a Tom Jones guy thank you very much @KingMac1129 @MrDelicious13 @SoxMach_pnoles @chorizy Nice! @jacob_shiner I didn’tI’m actually kind of disappointed in my offseason plan too. I made exactly zero radical moves. However the two big… @WhiteSoxMando I should have. @MrDelicious13 @thesikcris27 Yep. Depending on the amount of decks and if they hit on soft 17 or not etc. for the most part same stuff. @KingMac1129 I get annoyed when people are scared to double against a 10. @KingMac1129 100 percent @KingMac1129 Nah. Just messing around on an app and playing for fun. Just wondering what people do in those spots.… @ChiSoxFanMike I think they want to talk to many to get ideas. I don’t think it necessarily means anyone is in or out yet. @PinwheelsIvyPod Max Muncy @Biguns13 I try to double a lot. I’ll double on soft 13-18 with a low card. I’ll double on 10 against anything but… on double down on every 11. I do this. If I see 11 I’m reaching for the chips before she’s done dealing. I se… @_dbrown_23 @fromthe108 @Disone10 Honey lemon and not close @MadrigalTruther @ChiSoxHaze Got that right. I tried to trade Madrigal but nobody bit. So he will start as bench depth. @jonklemke Got one of those right! @MadrigalTruther @ChiSoxHaze But not for Suarez @MadrigalTruther @ChiSoxHaze Only one of them @ChiSoxHaze It’s in the hopper. And you won’t see Marcus stroman or Michael Brantley for the 83,999th time. I will… @SavesTuesday Yeah Uribe is better than that mid card jabronie d lo lol @SavesTuesday @MLB_PLAYERS @Topps @MikeTrout @KLew_5 @MrLapara @GerritCole45 @DJLeMahieu @ShaneBieber19 Jose Abreu wins everythingBo Jackson tells the story about the time he got tossed on purpose
Retweeted by Ken.W.o.And they are all very similar. You disgust meI’m reading your offseason plans and they all stink. @WasteOfMind00 Had a rough year. Still should’ve gotten the playoff at bats @Thatbaseballfan Hopefully you spent big. That’s one thing I won’t be cheap on ever again. LolLolll 50 acting like me when I go to the movie theater. 80 bucks for a movie, two buckets of pop corn and four soda… @KingMac1129 Well they had a nice run but the last three years have to have been pretty annoying. They’ve had the s… @Topps @mlbstorenyc Trevor Bauer and Alex Colome @SavesTuesday @STR0 @SavesTuesday @STR0 Just who’s side of the fence are you on... don’t make me lock your hand in the casket. Lol @soddfather It’s soft because he’s out searching for people that think bauer is better than him? My god. Thin skin. Wtf does he even care? @soddfather Nobody was negative towards him. @SavesTuesday @STR0 Put one out there with Enzo calling him sawft. @soddfather He absolutely was looking for it because he wasn’t tagged in the post. Lol. How else would he have even… @MLB @TheHartford Alex Colome. Easy choice. @BenChiTownKid98 @B_Metz311 @FutureMoncada TA does what? Block me? Good. I have no problem with that. I knew he was… @B_Metz311 @FutureMoncada Gtfo with the poor stroman crap. I didn’t say anything negative about the guy other than… @_dbrown_23 @cwsdjt @BenChiTownKid98 @Moncada4P @whitesox2021 Borderline to catch a block from stroman lol @cronebender The hell it isn’t @_dbrown_23 @cwsdjt @BenChiTownKid98 @Moncada4P @whitesox2021 You better watch out bro. You’re borderline with this. Lol @WhiteSoxLex If they are tagged I guess whatever. I got on keuchel last week. I could see him block me for it. He d… @WhiteSoxLex He never blocked me.