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@dumbassidiot4 i love john mayer they wouldn’t get it @dumbassidiot4 yesi wish i could scrub it with a tiny loofa SO badgod i want to wash my brain so badme and my bf took pics of each other and this is how they turned out! very happy with the results 👍🏻
Retweeted by kenzie @geeeeeby yes hehe gonna be there the 23-30th @geeeeeby i’ll be in denver on the 23rd ✍️ @geeeeeby well do u lol @fourthplanetco i think she could slap me i’d say thanks😳
Retweeted by kenzie @drakecIappingif she’s beautifulcursing their entire bloodline for not answering me @almondmilkhunni too long bc emotions scare me @bella_roya thank you!! @friggin_ana love you 💟💟✨ @deathstuds thank you 🤬 <3 @thaliameria_ we can pretend it says that 😌hiii guys 🪂
@yungbernasty I got katara love that for methe shinning by me🪓
Retweeted by kenzie @sarahphan8 @the1banjo I think you should put peanuts in his food when he’s not looking @meme_messiah_ he’s the man in your mirror frank @tylerchewy i love thissometimes people will bring stuff up and i’m like wtf that actually happened? or i forget to text ppl back a lot of… really never know if things actually happened or they happened in my dreamsi’d trade lives with a blobfish in an instantimma go to the bottom of the mariana trench with no submarine just because @firereact zoë kravitz 😌 @divineholysoul @icedoutomnitrix He tried LMAO @yungbernasty AW this is cute @divineholysoul how do u pronounce it correctly @goodbeanaltalt yeah @nowavesjosh cut another one off for me @nawstymike the fact that I’m just now learning that you used to sell cars .. your mind ur brain like no other
Retweeted by kenzie @AshyMalik I followed him on insta so he prob won’t follow back but I want him 😔 @woahtxler yeah you do lolunless he’s like 5’9-6’3 and can grow a mustache and is funny but not funnier than me maybe i haven’t been kidnappedif u ever see me tweeting about how happy a man makes me just know i am have been kidnapped @fourthplanetco you need to stop listening to sza everydaybitches say they’re over their ex’s but then know every word to supermodel by sza @coolkidjacy i wonder this every time mine goes on that setting @almondmilkhunni you guys are so cutewwyd if i posted this low quality video
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here’s me after i cut my hair and forgot how to take selfies 👍
Retweeted by kenziei’m so happy cat balconies exist @dummytiny @whoisaddison woahhhh 😳 @helloitsliz_ wait the way u look so good here 😳i don’t know if anyone else will even understand thisi really gotta work on not judging ppl in my head like i’ll be in the grocery store saying unfathomable shit in my… just believe if a black hole came and swept up the earth id survive @firereact I’m broken rn @firereact why tf did i look @almondmilkhunni i agreethis is the album that made me love cudi @emohilaryduff i don’t think i could even be upset about that i’d be grateful @goodbeanaltalt i thought this was u for a second i saw this irl i’d give the cats my walletcat tree @the1banjo ur lying for what?Anyone who wants to donate for the Lebanese victims. Here is a trustable link:
Retweeted by kenzie @spentthatmoney my mom yelled at me today for having anxiety but also doesn’t let me take medication <3
Star girl by me✨
Retweeted by kenzie @the1banjo you could’ve just sat there and ate your food @Impapiii is why i bake so much and want to make everyone food all the timei be like: caregiver 🤬 @imbusythinking ur my center stage lolll @cassthevirgin heyyyy lol @imbusythinking i need that so bad 😔 @01dodgecaravan happy for youbank robberywhat crime has he committed“you’re so hot” thanks i have not felt happiness since marchI simply exist
Retweeted by kenzie @LiISnack closing my eyes now @OrigamiSwann @whoisgrazie @helloitsliz_ are u the kinda dude who cries after they have sex it’s okay if u are @OrigamiSwann @whoisgrazie @helloitsliz_ is ur name really diane LMAO @COSTCOBACKWOODS do better @relubrication @Barracudabearr nah fr @goodbeanaltalt I’d watch and hype u up @meme_messiah_ the point is we leave twitter forever frankmy only dating advice is to text them all of ur dumbest thoughts in real time @HolyParkamoly Cute :) @RaccoonIsSad neveryeah
cats,,, in flower fields @dxglan doesn’t sound right when you say it @NotKinggRicky @nowavesjosh nah fr @yungbernasty you’re an inch taller than me 💭 @hellobyeidc so cute @yungbernasty how tall are you? @ChillaryC scared me for a sec @icedoutomnitrix it’s actually the hardest twitter merch I’ve seenhaven’t posted a wink in a while
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