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@hellograndpa nope @zoobackk LMAO off brand Ryanthis has to be a joke... i refuse to believe they actually sat there and said yeah this will fix everything our cou… is disgusting crazy that twitter allows this on their app dog account doing more than some of ur fav celebrities Lives Matter
Retweeted by kenzie @fxckjuice @almondmilkcunti Agreed 💭 @BeefPriv that’s why it’s fun to have sex with ppl ur comfortable with my ex and I laughed during sex and said shit…
@icedoutomnitrix I’ve watched my friend play this game so many times and that shit still makes no sense to me @triathalonmusic @PhonyPplI think everyone could really use some music right now. Comment your favorite black artist below that you feel hasn…
Retweeted by kenzie @xoey101backup happy birthday:) @OtherKodee 💛this dudes actually disgusting’t u love when blonde white bitches say to shoot people who are protesting to be seen as human beings? health is important right now check in with yourself and others frequently during these timesI was 8 I was 19
allegiance to capitalism is allegiance to white supremacy. some of yall favorites look crazy protecting their wealth
Retweeted by kenziea police officer kneeling is what got us here. so that doesn’t move me.
Retweeted by kenzieRIP to #DavidMcAtee. Shot in the street last night by police and National Guard. They left his body in the street.…
Retweeted by kenzie @thealaynaterra 19how are you gon be on the wrong side of history while its repeating itself???
Retweeted by kenzieLights that usually illuminate the White House have been shut off as regime leader Trump takes shelter inside.…
Retweeted by kenzieThe same buildings they pass laws in, decide the fate of falsely accused minorities in, give unfair treatment to mi… truly don’t think most people know that almost all of America’s beloved government buildings were built by slaves… the white house burns down again then we could have one that wasn’t built by slaves could be a nice change u know @triathalonmusic beautifulhuge reminder that fake links are being sent to get IP addresses right now be careful, do not click is America.
Retweeted by kenziegoing off private to tweet this. help my brothers and sisters that may be taken down tonight.
Retweeted by kenzie @PRADAESQUE 19where are all the pyramid scheme girls that target low income minorities at? did they not get the memo or... ?Free this black man who stole $9 and is serving a life sentence without parole. All these petitions matter. 100,000…
Retweeted by kenzielike maybe if someone calling you names makes u want to hurt people you shouldn’t be a cop? Idk just throwing out ideas herehow interesting is it that majority of these protests are peaceful until the cops show up, start firing rubber bull…
understand your privilege and use it to help people TODAY tomorrow is not promisedsupport this movement TODAY tomorrow is not promisedinform people who don’t know what’s going on TODAY tomorrow is not promisedcall out your racist family members TODAY tomorrow is not promisedend friendships with your racist friends TODAY tomorrow is not promisedThey’d rather arrest hundreds of American citizens then 3 of their own. Very telling.
Retweeted by kenzieif you are not able to attend protests but still want to help these are a few places you can donate“We can disagree and still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of human… by @danjlevy @wethsworld yelling at the ppl today ❤️oh ok cuz i thought ppl who appropriate black culture when it’s convenient but choose to stay silent about the oppr… is this serving? Who is this protecting?
Retweeted by kenzieI’m so tired of the “we should all just love each other and be peaceful instead of fighting” narrative like just sa… YALL GOT ANONYMOUS OUT THE SHADOWS
Retweeted by kenzie @brittany_broski The time has come
Unheard by me [how to help linked below]
Retweeted by kenzieThread for bail funds in various cities:
Retweeted by kenzieAtlanta before the police showed up.
Retweeted by kenzieThe most significant 72 hours in over fifty years. Photo taken at the Atlanta detention center
Retweeted by kenzieread more about this here’s never too early to talk about race @Barracudabearr Well I have about 15k followers and get about 20 million impressions on my page every month so I ca… @fourthplanetco I hate a ‘I don’t wanna break a mutual even though they’re racist bc my fake social media presence…
Retweeted by kenzie @fourthplanetco I hate a ‘I don’t wanna break a mutual even though they’re racist bc my fake social media presence… are literally dying for existing i don’t think people even understand thateveryone staying quiet is a bitch hope you feel a lot of shame right now
please take seven mins. just SEVEN mins out of your day to watch this. please. #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by kenzieReminder this is only the beginning, very happy with people donating, but we have to keep fighting for this everyday we cannot rest @TRINITRINZ you change me baby 🗣💕 @peepeechad I’ve made ppl forget my horny past @icedoutomnitrix hi ike :) @johnnyboykcb_ this one tho @peepeechad His music makes me wanna love and be loved
please read, written by @by_meeka @doyalikebaileys genuinely so shocked and upset at how lightly this is all being takenIf you’re worried about upsetting people and losing followers from tweeting about this situation then you need to re-evaluate your lifeshocked at how many people i see as friends who have said nothing or have made this situation a joke nothing about… @mynameisoldgreg right it’s so grossfuck this racist, corrupt, bull shit of a system we live in that continues to murder innocent black people. and fuc…
Retweeted by kenzie donate if you are able to, I know some people are confused on how they can help, this is a great way. We hav… someone says the N word. Be the bigger person and beat they ass.
Retweeted by kenzie @eyeH8itHere It makes me so mad and people just joke about it like it’s nothing?????black people are MURDERED for simply existing. murdered for running, murdered for wearing hoodies, murdered for rea…
Retweeted by kenzie @_haug_ do u wanna co parent a deer pup with me the song for anyone wonderingwhat a cute dog i lay on my couch and forget i exist until i look on my phone and realize it’s 5am and i haven’t moved in 4 hoursi wanna sit here @NotPlaymobilfan aw you’re so sweet
@NotPlaymobilfan I was gonna be in this but didn’t send my video in would u wanna fight mewe got bored so we remixed the full house intro
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@imbusythinking Me @goodbeanaltalt I don’t like this take @peepeechad I like this song @_haug_ okay i accept @_haug_ Intriguing @lilpeen420 why u so loud @imsofcknhighmen Thank you for this tweethow do i repent for the original sin of being born
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