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Brian St. Pierre @Kephrii Washington, D.C.

Professional Gamer | @Twitch Streamer | Fueled by @GFuelEnergy | Army Veteran | @PlayVALORANT 👀 | @PlayOverwatch 4748 DPS | Business: |

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@Jardio97 @Twitch @TwitchSupport @HolyMan @Dunkus 😭 @Jardio97 @Twitch I've seen this Authy/Phone 2FA issue locking people out a lot. Surely we can come up with a bette… @nintendva @lvysaurus Just ask nicely and I'll do it. @emonggtv I bet @Jay3OW can vouch. @elgato keylights will have you looking like a pro. @seeson Wtf yeahFinally felt like doing my job.
@OnlyFans_Ella Oh no. I was just kidding. Sorry!!!This is beans. :) Biden vs Donald Trump debate would be HILARIOUS to watch. Please don't make it a reality.
Retweeted by Brian St. PierreThis debate is a shit show. KEKWWhy watch the debate when you could watch our little show instead? #WarriorNun
Retweeted by Brian St. PierreIf you see me queueing DPS soon... mind your business.
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@ComboedOW @netflix NordVPN, pick US, then boot up chrome and netflix hahaUncensored feet on my OnlyFans KappaJust woke up like this. know. #WarriorNun @Twitch
Retweeted by Brian St. Pierre @Envidia_OW @netflix They did us dirtyyyyyyyOkay, hear me out... but Warrior Nun on @netflix is absolutely fucking awesome. You NEED to watch this.
Cutiepatootie need to stop buying things when I'm hungry lolOkay so I bought myself... 36 kit kats... 36 hershey's cookies and cream bars... & 36 twix bars. I like being an ad… @KatContii Shit. Im not giving them away. These are for me! LolIdk if I need 36 kit kats and 36 hershey bars... but ima pop off. These exist & are delicious.
@TheKristenRae @Bowie_OW I ordered instacart to his doorstep. Within 2 hour delivery. Bread and Peanut butter.If your homie doesn't eat peanut butter toast with you... is he really your homie? @Bowie_OW @Bo_Hoogland No problem! I don't even feel marginally bad about it either. You can't catch hackers by not reporting… @Dracu__ Sometimes it is. I never report someone off one shot or kill cam. Sometimes it is just luck. I also don't… @Dracu__ It's almost like you wouldn't pay for shit that is blatantly obvious. That'd defeat the purpose wouldn't it? @AssaultCL @netflix I was malding at the end. Like bruh.. go finddd thatt shitt you failed to find the first timeeeeBroooo TheOldGuard on @Netflix was fuckingggg awesomeeee. Holy shit.About an hour after I finished playing/streaming with Gale I logged back in & saw these two pretty little screens w… you need to think outside the box. HD: with @Gale_Adelade
@Zedd @LuluLuvely Just wanted to say thanks again for letting me borrow your Lamborghini while you were busy volunt… who cheat in video games should get jail time🙂
Retweeted by Brian St. Pierre @WildCam_ @ROCCAT Turtle Beach actually acquired ROCCAT back in mid 2019.Oohhhhkayyy I see you @ROCCAT. Let me see what these are all about. @maxy_alves Galaxy Z Fold2 5GDaily Dose of Ahri 🥰's getting sooooooo long. @uguubear @lu_cid_sky @TheArtGun Pog! @Easyy_peasy V1.27 is the only one that feels right. Idk why. @dotzOW @iswearimshort This is a perfect example actually. This individual clearly has strong opinions against me.… @AverageAden It's a new day. Assuming you're not just now leaving the club.. LOL @Nobaris_here @craig2835 Additionally no one is encouraging mass reporting. Only you individually reporting people… @Nobaris_here Yeah I don't buy this bullshit. I have seen people get appeals and unbans when a false ban occurs. If… @Vyolent lmaooo @EndieQueen_OW If you staged and self timered these I would be genuinely impressed.My #FaZe5 submission video. RT's & likes appreciated. @EndieQueen_OW Okay, who is the dope photographer? @EndieQueen_OW LMFAO @Slushuuu @Digital_Nex Mans is underrated. Nice and funny dude low keyMandatory massive @Fasffy shirt., shower, exfoliate, pummice stone, shower wash & deep condition hair day, leave in conditioner, eye cream,… @Anhdough Abusive Chat is sometimes automatic to be fair. Which honestly? I am okay with that. If 50 random people… @DISTANTSTALK3R They will convince you that being wrong will get people falsely banned. They will say anything to s… @craig2835 I hope they do! If we want our game to survive we have to do our part. People are willing to sacrifice t… anyone who tells you not to report your honest suspicions. We NEED to normalize reporting. If they continue to… are going to fix this dogshit community together you all. Fuck the gaslighters & fuck the hackers. EVERY player… @JoystickOW I got you homie.1 RT & ill go Live!
Retweeted by Brian St. Pierre @sinatraa My mannnn. It's a gorgeous piece of technology. The self driving is absolutely unbelievable too. Make sur… @AthenaMelrose @EnchantedK_ I only have one 😅 the other isn't identical.
@justahole4marx Massive Brain kekw @Georgelion661 People hate on PF but like.. with any workout you get what you put into it. I work hard and I see re… @_Kenpls Most of it I explained here! @dakotaz You're too kind LOL. I wishhh @spoodieOW Jabra Elite Sports @Dyrus I don't set a time on it anymore tbh. Now it is just until I am done. I pick my muscle groups, hit em, do ca…'s not too late to squeeze a workout in! One draw in Volskaya or changing your life entirely? The decision is you…
Two people & their friends won't be very happy today. w/ @Gale_Adelade & later w/ @iRemiix_OW! @sllllater @m2ro_ERA Oh of course! Hell I don't personally give a shit if they did or didn't lol. I just report if… @Shafulyn @EeveeA_ I suppose but at the same time I feel it may be best to work on breaking this habit to prevent a… @EeveeA_ I definitely need to be more conscious of my word choices at times. Even when duoing with Kris I am guilty… @sllllater @m2ro_ERA Surprisingly everyone I reported back then was associated with one another: Oulid, C2llum, Emu… @sllllater The "good" cheaters are the ones I tend to not call out on stream. They know they're doing it. I know th… @sllllater @m2ro_ERA I can see that actually. I find a lot of these individuals say my opinion is irrelevant, I'm w… @m2ro_ERA I have heard many describe it as an addiction as well.I wonder if all the script kiddies in Overwatch can tell other players are doing it too.. or if they're all equally… @greymusic I love behind the scenes footage like this. This is awesome haha.Find you somebody who looks at you the way Ahri looks at @Kephrii🥺♥
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We won this game. @CherryColaOW You were kiilinggggggg it that game too! That last round you were insane!Did someone order a Widow?
Retweeted by Brian St. Pierre @reiviia 100%. He is built different. @samsamXL My apologies for not being more considerate and thoughtful in my categorization of players in the game. M… @afellowkid_OW @Mickylup Just because you haven't come across hackers (or likely failed to identify one) does not mean there aren't any. @NateOW4 Thank you for contributing your personal experiences; I appreciate the added insight/thoughts. @NateOW4 That is not what is happening here in the slightest. I'm aware of packet loss & how that would work. I use… @jollyradtime I don't blame you at all! This is the most common reaction & they prey on it. They take advantage of… @jollyradtime No. They will try and sell that excuse though to create doubt & get away with it. This doubt in conju… how the kill feed began populating before the shot was taken. Notice how the individual gained ult charge be… @phyerx The best part is when they come in your chat seeking your approval. The part where they think you're a dumb… @TSAthirtyOW I've stopped playing many times for many reasons. Just kind of happens when you play a game for like 4+ years.One third of the Overwatch playerbase is dog shit, another third of it uses hacks, & the final third of it is actua… gooooo
@Remy_OW You were poppinnn. Always nice to have a reliable teammate. >.<