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she • her • hers loud Black lesbian who makes quiet photographs. some digital, mainly film. i got here by running my mouth. @tothefrontdiy co-founder 🤘🏾

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@girlsgutsgiallo you are correctI wish I had something clever or insightful to say about Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation. All I have to offer is…
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfaJOB ALERT: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR PHOTOGRAPHY-EXPERIMENTAL MEDIA - University of Iowa
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfaAbsolutely. I am so tired of being asked for interns from my classes, only to find out they won't be paid. I love w…
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfaclearly it's 2013 because i shared three (3) things to my instafeed instead of spacing everything out
@dawnzdrea @thesneakydees OHMYGOD THAT IS SO CHEAP!!!!!!! @drewberinger @ToucheAmore @pianosband ONE ZILLION PERCENT, YES @anarcho_slut i have no idea what today’s fresh hell is, but i agree: you are hot @MathewBarletta @WSJ thank you!! 💖Y’all being surprised that the moon is wet when she is a lesbian.........
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfanew work for @WSJ 🥰✨ here are some polaroids made these photos today so yes, i currently look this hot. thank you for askingi'd work for them
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfawe (@tothefrontdiy) still have shirts for sale & they look amazing with fishnets and white docs 😘… @TheGayChingy wow hello yes, this cardigan is wonderful and proof that you are 20 years old 😍if you chose option c: all of the above, you are correct 20th I’ll be releasing a new single featuring @Bartees_Strange and @k_itesmusic I’m very excited for this new p…
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfaprobably my most favorite thing i’ve made with @ybmichaelpaul fucked up part is how virtually no one is taking this pandemic serious so who knows when we’ll all be able to b… the pup livestream and lmao i miss live music. i took a shot of jameson just to feel as though i’m at a show for realsies 😇
are you shadowbanned or is the algorithm prioritizing ~*voting content*~ over your non-voting related photographs? @maddiejayy goalsthe feel-good part is the revenge massacre actually
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfa @nicolejstephens you’ve been on this journey with me foreverrrrr!!! thank you :’]good morning to everyone who knew me back in my tumblr years ✨hi!!!! PLEASE buy these enormous poster prints from me. i'm moving next month and i don't want to take them with me…
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfa @byericalauren i use @Brevitedesign 🥰
@laura_luna it’s the “fuck around and you’ll be MY future ex wife” that has me 🥵🥵 @karasmarsh just keep all your money in a fire safe box in your home @thatgrlaudrey @Daehnkalicious ohhhhhmyyyygooooodddddd @TheeAnnaMaria mmmm same 😈timeline asleep? okay, sweet because i’m here to say i have a new interview up on @StrangeFireCol and my bio makes…
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfagood morning, we’re on kcrw 😌
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Trump every time he gets a question he doesn't like
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfaMaybe the place that sucks ass is really the friends we made along the way.
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfa @mikaelajpalermo i love this @lostbeforefate 1. death cab for cutie - transatlanticism 2. paramore - after laughter 3. interpol - el pintor 4. l… @lostbeforefate oh god, i truthfully don’t think i have a top 5 of all time list because as i get older albums move… @TheGayChingy 😈✨ @Dm0n3yz we have the exact same taste in music, holy shit @laura_luna your skin 😍if there’s one thing you should know about me it’s that i’m an album personme vs. my on repeat @britt_hues thank you!! 🥰 @mandrs we see how beautiful everything is in the states, i gotta explore all my options @mandrs what if i moved there and opened my own shop. hahahha jk unless 👀 @KevinGetsRad @ChainReactionCA fuuuuuuuuuuck 😭 @brockwilbur this is all vh1’s fault for not continuing their “i love the _________” series @onelastsunrise get theeeeese!!!let me log off before i spit my coffee out all over the placeyou’re probably wondering where lorde is and for the record, i was going for artists whose work i don’t already hav… believe every music lover should have coasters of their favorite albums @existentialtee he needs to fix that ~*mistake*~ as of yesterday, wtf!!! i’m *so* sorry 💔 @Ellis_Good what a good pup!! thank you 🥰 (these are actually lyrics from a new song by the wonder years, “brakeless”. i’m honestly fine 💖) @existentialtee tell them to drop a pin, i just wanna talk 🔪 @southandthesea i think i’m gonna wear a crop top and sweatsi heard a song on the radio try to tell me i’m not alone, but i feel like it today @mikaelajpalermo @puptheband hell yeah hell yeah! @dr_cosmo you too, bub ✨ @mikaelajpalermo @puptheband hahahha 🙃 i can bring the whiskey instead? you cool with jameson? @mikaelajpalermo @puptheband black cherry 🥰okay friends: tonight’s the night. ready to rage? @mikaelajpalermo @puptheband i’m down to pregame! @dr_cosmo SAME! this year was going to be my year (previous years i was drowning in school & also was too nervous t… @dr_cosmo not to mention all the play parties that were supposed to happen? this is bullshit 😇 @dr_cosmo c*vid straight up messing up everyone’s plans"describe your ideal man" me, a gay:
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfa“oooh, who are you subtweeting?” it can be applied to anything.the discourse can go fuck itself @mikaelajpalermo @puptheband that sounds like every single all ages venue in portland (sans glass) @mikaelajpalermo @puptheband ahhh hahah, beer jail?!see you all in the virtual mezzanine because we’re all old and can’t handle standing like we used to @stefanbabcock “this band sucks live ass” OH?! 👀
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfa @maryinjune that can ALSO be true since only, like, four people engage with my tweets hahahahawhen i get new glasses and can finally see out of my left eye, it’s over 4 all of u
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfaThe first photographer to win this prize. ✨ Deana Lawson Wins Guggenheim’s Hugo Boss Prize - The New York Times
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfaPhotographed these great people for their new song Cat’s Cradle ✨ I heard TJ for the first time on a mix CD in my h…
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfa @mariahphotog 🥰🥰god inventing coffee
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfai love this for me ✨ @kolbybrianne if it helps: it’ll always be there!!! (and hell yeah!) @kolbybrianne (but the virgo *is* whispering: but if you can space it out then that’s also an option) @kolbybrianne but you deserve all the treats! my virgo sun & taurus moon both agree with the leo rising that’s shou… my work made it onto a billboard guys 😭😭🎉🎉
Retweeted by courtney coles, mfatimeline awake? cool 👇🏾 @kolbybrianne fuck it up, baybeeeee @upscalebutchill means a lot coming from you, fellow coolest person!!!in a coupla weeks i’m adding uc santa barbara to my list of schools i’ve shared my work with students. can’t believ… asleep? okay, sweet because i’m here to say i have a new interview up on @StrangeFireCol and my bio makes… @mannarisms i love this so much!!! @TheGayChingy i love this song 😌🥰💖
@blakkcupcake 👏🏾💖 @LauraSupnik oooh, these are beautiful 😍 @sampolonsky @puptheband your daytime pajamas or your “i’m about to go to bed” pajamas? @BASEMENTGHOST “mowed my face” hahaha ohmygod @byericalauren @puptheband oh h*ck yeah!