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Jess Krause @kessjrause SF Bay Area, CA

she/her. former episode lead writer at Telltale Games. former writer at WB Games for Wizards Unite. currently freelancer.

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@joeynoelle JOEY. How have you never seen National Treasure???
[aggressively wishing the inevitable reboot of Harry Potter is an animated series] @Kaostic Yeah, and they fluctuate with sizing and design, so I’d rather just make my own. I did print making in col… @Kaostic That is actually my current line of thinking — I tried making a stamp out of craft foam at first, but the… week I was sent the wrong color for my lining, so had to wait an extra week for the correct order to show up —…
As video games have taught us, eggs are the true enemy of the world. austen understood that nothing is sexier than standing seven feet away from someone, making brief eye contact, and then going home
Retweeted by Jess Krause @rnoelliams On-site? In this economy?Took this photo at my local park this afternoon. Makes me livid 😠
Retweeted by Jess Krause @rnoelliams My body has fused with my couch.
Retweeted by Jess Krause @JennyENicholson Bunny Day has escaped Animal Crossing because we scorned it so. @GailSimone As someone who frequently dyes her hair and maintains an undercut, I am SUFFERING.I forgot I bought this mug last time I was in New York, and now I have no need for any other wine glasses in the fu… @carolineliddick Yissssss a scale of 1-10 how much do you wish you lived in a Ghibli forest house right now?
Retweeted by Jess Krause @carolineliddick !!! @carolineliddick Aw shiiiit. If you make the white one we can be matchy matchy. (I haven’t bought the white versi…
@carolineliddick THE GUDETAMA SHIRT THO.Happy Quaranstream Fundraiser Day! If you're bored from 12pm-6pm PDT, come hang out at to w…
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@JelaniAlladin @GMA @disneybroadway BEOADWAY RUN????? 👀👀👀
Retweeted by Jess KrauseWILD HEARTS NEVER DIE @simogo
Retweeted by Jess Krause @austin_walker I wish my RNG for cherry blossom recipes/blossoms was even half of what I’m getting for these god da… @JennyENicholson I razed an entire island and after two hours there wasn’t a SINGLE rancho but like 5 water bugs it was the WORST. @carolineliddick Omg 😭😭😭 you’re the best. This will be part of tomorrow’s discussion.This is all my fault because I was a dumbass and didn’t realize you had to talk to animals twice on RNG islands to…’ve been literally running away from Bubbles every time she tries to talk to me, I am trying to maintain a Pastel… swear to god, if I’m forced to buy fucking amiibos to get the villagers I want on my island, I’m gonna be SO PISSED. #ACNH
Retweeted by Jess Krause @mstiefvater Ugh, fine DAD.Patti Lupone making videos in her basement during quarantine may be the best thing??? @Rhodes_Writes (but seriously, barring cost of living, Bay Area life is lovely, it’s just very very expensive) @Rhodes_Writes [jazz hands] welcome to hellllll! @qorquiq Also don’t name your seemingly trustworthy side character “Faust”.
When you need to get out of the house but also need to avoid human contact. @DashMaker_ I’ll donate to your incline!I just... I just want to sell my turnips for 500+ bells, is that so much to ask? 😭 (I’ll donate to any bridge/incl… @Brooklyn_AIA Dodo code?? 🥺 @carolineliddick I can’t take credit for the Caduceus outfit tho — that’s all @katofvalkyrie @Marrlain If you switch to DMing for the code, I’d love to swing by!we did it we won
Retweeted by Jess Krause"do you need something"
Retweeted by Jess Krause @hownottodraw HOW. @carolineliddick @heyemilyann DOCTOR ZIZMOR!!!! @joeynoelle @GameOverGreggy @alex_delany @carolineliddick Holy shit, @carolineliddick is too powerful. @Aster_The_Lion Would love to sell my turnips at your island!
Figured out the sleeves late last night — minus interfacing to help the cap stand up because fuck that, it’s just a… @itsginnydi @imaginmatrix @_aprilgloria @toughtinkart @JessoLaurus Was that the pet one? Because yeah, that one was great too. @itsginnydi @imaginmatrix @_aprilgloria @toughtinkart @JessoLaurus Also none of my friends believed me that there w… @itsginnydi @imaginmatrix @_aprilgloria @toughtinkart @JessoLaurus Every once in awhile, my brain will just randoml… @polteaghosty oh no! take your time! sending sympathies your way! @polteaghosty *raises hand* only when it cools down though. don't want to drown you in mass amounts of people. @macleodholdfast It’s gonna be a loooong haul! @macleodholdfast I am nothing if not predictable. Lol. (I’m also going to do Jester, but figured I’d start on Moll… for Mollymauk, because apparently I’m a masochist and want to torture myself with extreme embroidery. Thank… @elliejoypanic I just made the mistake of putting everything in the WORST locations so I wanted to be extra cautiou… @SlippersCosplay Sure thing! If you make a fancier version for your campaign, I’d love to see it!
It’s rough, but I also haven’t unlocked terraforming yet, and I’m going to try to maintain the shape of the island… @paulmastroianni That’s Isabelle’s job, isn’t it??? @paulmastroianni I’m not taking chances — I’m trying to pay for moving these houses ONCE and only once.Time to plan out my island re-org! #ACNH #AnimalCrossing Face. 顔なし
Retweeted by Jess Krause @elliejoypanic Welcome welcome welcome! @ohcararara HOW. @ohcararara WHAT.Critical Role binge update: I screamed, I panicked, I drank heavily. @stirpicus @itsginnydi @NWsidhe Absolutely depends on the mead — some of it is WAY too sweet, but here in CA there’s a meadery… friends threw me a surprise Satanic ritual for my birthday!!! 😭😭😭 Truly blessed to have the very best of friends.
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@SamMaggs End-Times, but make it FASHION. last year!
Retweeted by Jess Krause @GeckoTH I thought they patched that out!I spent a shameful amount of time perfectly crafting this joke I’m so sorry.“I was born here...without the cherry orchard my life has no meaning for me.” #ACNH #AnimalCrossing #Chekov @GeckoTH Okay but HOW.a family-friendly game! @kessjrause @paulmastroianni @mandybtweeting @glazedkoala #ACNH
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PEOPLE WHO LIVE WITH SOMEONE: Oh we’re driving each other a little crazy haha but it’s actually been nice to slow d…
Retweeted by Jess Krause @carolineliddick @ElyseWillems @ashly_burch @charlottenicdao @meganganz @MrDavidReed @turlygod @thehumphreyker'VE BEEN ORDERED TO BY THE GOVERNMENT #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Jess Krause @GailSimone I’m circling back to all the one-shots and minis after I catch up with campaign 2 — there’s just so muc… @kessjrause Lost a book deal and 2 con days income and the government isnt helping so anything helps rn
Retweeted by Jess Krause#GameWriterLife has died
Retweeted by Jess KrauseWho says I can’t multi-task? Since quarantine I’ve binged 30 episodes of @CriticalRole while playing… @stirpicus @mandybtweeting @jerfgoldblum on Animal Crossing:
@GailSimone @CriticalRole I started with the first episode of Campaign Two! Began listening as podcasts but switche… @itsginnydi This is so satisfying.
@And_Rayna I was dumb and only bought ten turnips on Sunday, but IM ON MY WAYYYhow i play animal crossing: ok i played for an hour and i guess that is all i can do today i will check in with my…
Retweeted by Jess Krauselook a good tweet's a good tweet
Retweeted by Jess Krause @MissCharmandr @arkadycosplay I could probably send a message as Snow White if that would brighten her day! @annacwebs Dude, the Muses from the SITP performance were INSANE. They brought the house down every time they sang, it was MAGICAL.Please! This production was spectacular and I desperately want to see it again.
Quarantine day 13
Retweeted by Jess Krause @ChuckWendig Considering that CA is still on lockdown until the 7th at the very earliest (and I imagine that might… the reason why men tie themselves to the mast with ropes as they sail past the rocky isle you live on.
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