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Award-winning software engineer. Passionate about functional programming, APIs, CSS Grid. I write and speak tech, occasionally.

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It is an incredible privilege to travel and work where you want (territorially). I hope people appreciate it.If you are not demanding, it doesn't mean the product scales well. @IsabelGueixa @linkinpark Try visiting their website, I believe it's a special event promotion :) @_dangora @MeindertsmaJens Approaching things task-by-task and retaining focus is one of the most important skills one should… @giuseppegurgone 🥳Yay! Can close one of the pending issues then. @giuseppegurgone Wish they were supported in Firefox! Afaik, support should land in the next version. @MeindertsmaJens I feel you. One thing that helped me with this was getting rid of any sort of compromises in the c…
@swyx @kentcdodds Seriously speaking, I've got a course laid down about REST API mocking that would cover the basic… @swyx @kentcdodds I’m in, egghead! @kentcdodds In general, I find hooks being a good thing. Even a very good thing, I suppose. I wish they functioned… @kentcdodds It definitely gets harder to explain this to beginners. Once understood, however, I feel like hooks hav… @kentcdodds I've noticed that too. Hooks are still magic, and I can't say I like how specific to React they are, in… @lewisyoul Nice! How does it operate?🤯 Woah, who would've thought that a single most valuable hack for building a successful product is to love and beli… often share technical things they tend to google. Now I want to share mine too, but I can't recall any. I n… @MeindertsmaJens @haysstanford 👆This is crucial. No exaggeration, the inspiring working environment, skilled and de… what you want, but monorepos are still pain in the arse to maintain. @eggheadio A music written by oneself, of course! :D
Great achievement! @_dangora, some of the things you worked on are live now 🎉
@_dangora Programming, just as anything else in the world, is something one should enjoy and like doing 👍
Software engineers are more and more marketing and PR specialists than engineers with each year. @rolle That's "Dracula Pro". Created here: @StasKlymenko Programming is an art of instructing computer what to do.
@robinpokorny @sebsilbermann @OliverJAsh @iamsapegin Correct. The example assumes that all functions are linear and… @freiksenet So it largely depends on the type and the initial complexity of the system which performance we are trying to optimize. @freiksenet I think we may be speaking of different sized systems here :) Most of the applications I've seen, or bu… @mattxcurtis Sometimes it's hard to put the entire though in a single tweet :) @freiksenet Even when I have some metrics that point me to this exact function and this exact chain of methods, I'd… @freiksenet Absolutely! Yet that cost may not be something you should optimize. My point is that this kind of thing… @OliverJAsh @iamsapegin Yes, but usually fixed numbers are omitted in Big O. O(3n) = O(n)Testing-Playground (for @TestingLib) has been updated 🚀 - Added support for scoped queries - Added support for sel…
Retweeted by Artem ZakharchenkoOf course, just as any piece of advice, this may not apply to all the cases. But you are less likely to do a pre-ma…'s why it's important to optimize from top (infrastructure, caching, architecture) to down (exact syntax, mutat… a few things you should evaluate when dealing with performance: ✅Usage of CDN ✅Effectiveness of caching ✅Buil… you are dealing with a huge data, and I mean millions of records, there will be virtually no performance inc… time you "optimize" your code, remember that these two have the same complexity and close-to-same performance… @taktakpeops I'm not sure. Does this imply the downloaded dictionary is treated like an unused app?
I don't know why my iPhone hates me. I've downloaded the same dictionary dozens of times now to get that word defin… @sez I'm amazed how prospering the Finnish IT market is! Something Silicon Valley should take as an inspiration.A function that determines if a number is in a range, and returns a clamped value, is, somehow, one of the most pop…
@flybayer Shouldn't you specify that in the second generic argument? Record<string, string | undefined> Otherwise… @ruhaise I see your point 👌 On the other hand, if you wish for interactive blog posts, then, perhaps, having React at hand is a good thing. @giuseppegurgone That sounds like a good thing! I suppose context matters in this quite a lot. @meijer_s Which is exactly what's happening! Partially... Imagine if you had a native HTML <modal> dialogue. Acces… @meijer_s I agree. It's like we use the web not like it was intended to be used. Well, of course, as the web itself… @iamsapegin I need to practice those more often. So far I see the UI land as a dark and eerie place to work in.I dislike an idea that the modern frontend skills come down to the familiarity and experience with certain frameworks. It just sounds wrong.Can it be that we, developers, have overestimated the original problems we intended to solve? And by that we oursel… create these frameworks, libraries, abstractions, to solve problems and create a different set of problems. - H… times I doubt what's bigger: the amount of complexity UI has, or the amount of complexity we create ourselves trying to manage the UI? @mmatuzo What's even cooler is that your full name sounds quite close to Russian! 😊 Organic translation.
I'd love to hear what are the trade-offs of @reactjs Fiber? Anything comes with a cost. What is the cost of Fiber?…'ve bought 2 Skyrim copies and neither of them have the main character actually saying "Fus Ro Da" in the game. Yo… @flybayer Do you happen to notice how the usage of chaining evolves as the codebase progresses? I'm curious if ther… @erikras That's so cool! Well, used to be. @tlakomy Wouldn't call them old ;) @marcosvegaMoro Absolutely agree. It takes time to get used to it, but when you do you begin to appreciate it. Not… @yannbf That API predictability can also be achieved when each individual function in the composition chain has a p… @yannbf I adore the sync manner of handling actions in Cypress. I much more prefer: cy.doA() cy.doB() cy.doC() then cy.doA().doB().doC() @_Tx3 @sauravkhdoolia Let's bring the complexity of human grammar to an already complex programming language gramma… @yannbf Afaik, in Cypress each method, although chained, is still operational standalone. However, sometimes the ne… @yannbf I suppose Cypress got some inspiration from jQuery as well ;) They use it internally the last time I checked. @yannbf Since Cypress uses chaining to establish a sequence of commands, this makes sense to me. I'm not saying tha… @sauravkhdoolia Good point, Saurav. It does bring more "human" intro code readability, but I'm not convinced that's a fair price to pay.As much as I'm against "this is absolutely bad" statements, I cannot justify method chaining. But there may be something I'm missing :)📢 Want to start contributing to Open Source? Love data structures, or would love to improve in them? 💪 Consider "r… these two APIs: Which would scale better in your opinion? is the origin of a trend that schema validation libraries MUST use chained methods syntax? A jQuery reminiscen…
A superb explanation of React Fiber that I've seen, by @aweary! Thank you!
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@Duiker101 @spences10 I find it hard to do certain things in BitBucket. For example: - Open a repo's state at cert…
@sitnikcode @alik0211 This looks interesting! What is the difference in comparison to configuring your building to… superb explanation of React Fiber that I've seen, by @aweary! Thank you!Hey folks, for the first part of my today (starting in about an hour) I'll be helping kicko…
Retweeted by Artem ZakharchenkoWho has ever exported a JPEG image with 60 percent quality? 🤔🔴 @meijer_s It disconnects from the current Wi-Fi spot, but leave the Wi-Fi module enabled. That drains the battery a… fact that one needs to do this to disable Wi-Fi on iPhone is plain stupid: 1. Open "Settings". 2. Go to "Wi-Fi…
@swyx Impressive! What is the topic you've chose?
It's hard to convince my buddy RegExp that this string is not a match for him. @dabit3 TypeScript, React, and if I need to kick off an awesome API mock then MSW of course:
Had a meeting about this morning. I now have a launch date, but I'm not telling you (yet).…
Retweeted by Artem ZakharchenkoHey folks! Did you know that I have a discord community? We're a fun group of folks and you're invited to join us!…
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@meijer_s That's an interesting perspective! I'm somewhat afraid that dual licensing is going to backfire and harm… @TBDictator I believe that not acting is similar to endorsing. As in, if you are fine with it, you are not against… @iamsapegin Junior front-end position now looks like a senior full-stack. There's only half a joke here.Of course, you can probably spot such a company and that would be a good sign to keep away from it. But consider ju… do we so more likely to shame our colleague who knows less then us, than publicly shame a company who puts out… do we, developers, endorse and go by with the absolutely ridiculous requirements during hiring? It's so evide… unimported 🚀 Added: 💥 non-zero exit code (if applicable) 🔗 support for peerDeps ⚙️ support for cfg file c…
Retweeted by Artem ZakharchenkoThat is to the point that having a 100% unit test coverage gives you absolutely no guarantee that your product work… in doubt what to test, it's always a good idea to start testing something that has impact on a user. There's… @meijer_s That looks insanely useful! Thanks for sharing, Stephan!A human is more likely to invest into entertainment and leisure, with a bigger disregard towards the quality of tha…
@onursdev It's vastly inspired by @vercel, I feel bad to left out their mention.Thank you, Onur! It’s one of those rare color themes I don’t want to switch from anymore.
Am I the only one genuinely disliking the Skype's ringtone? I wish it could be turned off. Forever.Proud to finally show off to the world. @argyleink @_developit @jaffathecake @kosamari
Retweeted by Artem ZakharchenkoWe'd write articles and justify such shortcuts in all the possible ways. The worst part is that it creates a false… implementation details is but a sign of how far we, developer, are dedicated to go just to achieve that arg…