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Kevin Doyle @KevDoyle_Indo Dublin City, Ireland

Group Head of News at INM/@Independent_ie. Political Journalist of the Year & Best Podcast 2019. Offaly bred, Dublin seasoned. Twitter views = personal

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*Two Irish citizens (out of six) who were on board the Diamond Princess in Japan have been confirmed as having Coro… the succesful launch of our digital subscription @Independent_ie with croissants for all the colleagues…
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After six hours the Fine Gael PP has decided Leo Varadkar shouldn’t make any big decisions without coming back to t… on tonight's show: ⭐️ The latest on talks to form a new government in the south with @Paul_UTV who'll be in D…
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleI love @ralphriegel's story of the 'ghost ship' which Storm Dennis washed up in Ballycotton. Pirates, an air rescue… there's a new FAI crisis, it's still Shane Ross making the big calls. Meanwhile Leo Varadkar is likely to be in…
A really poignant tribute to Keelin from her sister-in-law Ciara Ferguson, reveals a side we didn’t see in her prof… Party tries to seize initiative and break coalition-making deadlock - by ⁦@JohnDowning2⁩
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This is a super long read (but in length & quality) from ⁦@fionnansheahan⁩ on how ⁦@EOBroin became SF’s poster boy…
In tomorrow’s @IndoWeekend @bairbrepower meets London-Irish designer Richard Quinn and hears about holidays in Done…
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleHere’s ⁦@EwanMacKenna⁩‘a take on why Sinn Féin became the most popular party in #GE2020 happy story for a Friday evening... interesting on the NUI panel for the Seanad including Ruth Coppinger (who lost her Dáil seat). #GE2020 to our Sunday Independent colleague Brendan O'Connor who is to be the new presenter of weekend radio on R…’s the State not getting the hint from last week’s general election. Five State agencies jacking up rents on yo…
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleOur burning passion for rugby @Independent_ie
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More hiring 👇 #jobfairy that @ellenmcoyne is joining the Independent team. Following on from @kittyf21 & @EavanMurray last week,… happened when Fianna Fáil TD's met to discuss their election failure and future strategy? @Philip_Ryan has the… Grand Coalition between Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael is fast becoming the only show in town. #GE2020 chief wants new law to allow 'back door' access to personal devices
"Fianna Fáil will have civil war about it and we'll sit back laughing our arses off," was one Fine Gael source's en… lovely and well deserved tribute to Keelin. leaders resigned after elections in '14 (Gilmore), '16 (Burton) and '20 (Howlin). All were at the ends of… Howlin is the first leader to fall on his sword after #GE2020. Labour also ruling themselves out of any gov… is increasingly enthusiastic about opposition. And his comments today show what we can expect if it happen… lot of unparliamentary language being tossed around in victory speeches... #GE2020
2020's time... Today @Independent_ie has introduced a paywall, asking readers to give just €2.50p/w (less than the pr… steps... Sinn Féin will seek to get the Green Party and Social Democrats on board before talking to Fianna Fái… than 40 new TDs were elected in #GE2020. Find out who they are and where do they come from:
Waiting back stage to go on with @ClaireByrneLive and @mcculld for the next hour on RTÉ One. Studio set up is very… morning we embark on a new journey on @Independent_ie as we lunch our paywall (€2.50pw). The timing alon…’s all over in the RDS as counting ends for Dublin Bay North: - Chants of ‘Ciano’ as O’Callaghan takes a seat fo… Healy Rae has issued an email to newsrooms apologising for saying “to hell with the planet”. The Kerry TD s… election needs a Lazarus. This time it's People Before Profit's Gino Kenny who more or less declared himself… @Independent_ie team is out in force again today for day two of #GE2020 counts. Follow our live blog here:
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleWell now... Paudie was incredibly pissed off over the handling of the FG ticket in Waterford (which he voluntaril… Angela Merkel could see off her anointed successor...! 1,000 staff told to stay away from Indeed’s office in Dublin city centre amid fears over potential conta… on it with @PatKennyNT and @KevDoyle_Indo on @NewstalkFM #GE2020 #WeGoAgain
Retweeted by Kevin Doyle @EvanMurphyCork @HollyLeahCairns They’ll get their own, well deserved, piece!Some of the more interesting stories from around the country including: ☀️ The Holiday Candidate 👶 The Comeback Kid… pitstop of the day (after a short night). Will be going through the #GE2020 elections and trying to predict w…
There’s Mary Lou McDonald on the front of the Financial Times! #GE2020 Mitchell O’Connor gone in Dun Laoighaire is a bad one for Fine Gael. It’s not so long ago they had 3 TDs, now… are still flat out in the @Independent_ie newsroom as we edge towards deadline for the first edition of Mond… video wrap on the key events from the day so far #GE2020 Coveney suggesting on @rtenews that Fine Gael will not be engaging in any type of Confidence & Supply arrangm… Skehan, the Tipperary candidate who died last week, got 180 votes. #GE2020"I certaintly will NOT be elected," says Transport Minister Shane Ross. "It's not altogether a surprise... Dublin… Gael have their first poll-topper (maybe their only one?): Michael Ring is Number 1 in Mayo which has also ele…"A force marraige would not make a good government," says Leo Varadkar when asked if he'd go into a coalition with Sinn Féin. #GE2020🚨🚨Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin is no longer saying that there are no circumstances under which he would enter… a media scrum for Mary Lou McDonald.... #GE2020 dear colleagues from ⁦@Independent_ie⁩ working at counting hall RDS. #ge2020
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleJohn McGuinness saying that Fianna Fáil will have to talk to Sinn Féin & Independents about forming a coalition. “T… Rock has made a name for himself over the past four years. The redraw of the constituency has cost him his sea… panel will have the latest on #GE2020 shortly on #VMNews 🔴@Independent_ie's @KevDoyle_Indo 🔴@AmnestyIreland'…
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleBack on air on VM One at 1pm with @KevDoyle_Indo @leeofthemail @Colmogorman and @Mickcliff . They’ll be giving thei…
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleA left-wing TD falling victim of the Sinn Féin surge. Have to say Gino was not your conventional politician - but h…‘Come Out Ye Black & Tans’ in full chorus at the RDS. #GE2020 ‘tweet’ too quickly - third sitting minister is Regina Doherty. #GE202011am prediction - Three sitting Cabinet ministers & a former Tánaiste will NOT be back in the next Dáil: Katherine…"I think Shane Ross is gone!" @KevDoyle_Indo on @NewstalkFM with Ivan now #GE2020
Retweeted by Kevin Doyle"Its going to be a sad end to a very long career" @KevDoyle_Indo speaking about @joanburton with @IvanYatesNT on @NewstalkFM #GE2020
Retweeted by Kevin Doyle"Politics is a bloodsport and today is going to be particularly bloody for @FineGael & @fiannafailparty"…
Retweeted by Kevin Doyle“Always beware of countries where the leading political party poll % is lower than the VAT rate" - @TheDefaultLine
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleSinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty says Mary Lou McDonald will be contacting other party leaders this morning to talk about… of big names will be nervous as the boxes are opened: Regina Doherty/Helen McEntee, Lisa Chambers, Eoghan Mu… @morningireland Fianna Fáil's Jack Chambers continuing to rule out Sinn Féin as a 'compatible' working partner when… Heather Humphreys not budging from the Fine Gael party line on @morningireland. She insists FG still won… is wild out there. #StormCiara #GE2020 Be careful. Exit Polls - 'The people have spoken, but we really don't know what they've said'
It seems #GE2020 has brought us more questions than answers. Some analysis.... of the parties: Fine Gael 🤨 Sinn Féin 🥳 Fianna Fáil 😕 Green 😋 Labour 😩 Others. 🤷‍♂️ #GE2020"Courage is the ability to put worry, ego and fear to one side and push forward to try and bring about change." - K… is so incredibly sad for her young family, colleagues & journalism. Keelin was the nicest, most encouraging pe… in Kerry... #GE2020 long as it’s not within 50 metres of a polling station, it’s allowed. #GE2020 voting has no modern precedent which changes the narrative: 🤷‍♂️Is the infamous “tea time rush” a story f…
Delighted that ⁦@kittyf21⁩ is joining us. She’ll be a super addition to the ⁦@Independent_ie⁩ team as we enter som… FF TD’s work on legal case for Gerry Adams
@SeanDefoe No such thing for print, digital & social media. You’re living in the dark ages man! It *never* ends.... 😫On the back of @Independent_ie’s Floating Voter podcast with Micheál Martin, the man who led the EU charge on…ál Martin talking up ⁦@lichamber⁩‘s credentials and down ⁦@HMcEntee⁩‘s role in #Brexit negotiations has caused… episode of 'Floating Voter' is online now. Micheál Martin claimed FG has overhyped EU Minister Helen McEntee… Fáil has long stood accused of facilitating light-touch regulation in the build up to the crash - but Micheá…
Twitter has been full of bots all day claiming journalists have taken advantage of the Quinn family. We’ve covered… Féin has voted against the Special Criminal Court’s existence in the Dáil every year. This is a massive u-turn… Martin joined us on the Floating Voter this afternoon. Full podcast up in the morning.
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleFull transcript of Breege Quinn's interview with @TodaySOR is harrowing... "The only place he goes, every day is…👇Full 'Floating Voter' podcast is here - Noonan does indeed praise Varadkar and say he wouldn't have run the… after so many denials from Sinn Féin, here's the video showing: Conor Murphy: "Paul Quinn was involved in fuel… up in the second hour on @BreakfastNT from 8am: - Who won last night's #LeadersDebate? @ellenmcoyne
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleLooking well Dublin... #Wednesday joint interview with Michael Noonan & Paschal Donohoe where they discuss the FG campaign - but I wonder…
Strong Fianna Fáil retweet response to this - thankfully they embraced the importance of these matters by making Ke…
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleGreat work by our correspondents yet again as they live fact-checked claims by the party leaders. Prime Time leade…
Retweeted by Kevin DoyleAn good debate tonight. Stand-out moments: -McDonald finally forced to admit Conor Murphy linked Paul Quinn to cr…